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Blumenfield’s Dirty Double Play: A Failed Politician Shows His Contempt for Voters by Running for Two Offices at Once

EDITOR’S NOTE: Shortly after I posted my views on Bob Blumenfield running for two offices simultaneously, challenger Steve Presberg issued a press release (PRESBERG) denouncing the Assemblyman’s “double-dipping” and in a letter to Blumenfield accusing him of a “cynical violation of the public trust.” Hopefully, the other candidates will join in this demand for Blumenfield to man up and decide which office he wants to serve the public in, rather than holding two offices in which he intends to continue doing what he has done in the past, to serve special interests.

Mr. Blumenfield, have you no shame?

What kind of arrogant jerk are you to dare to seek re-election to a third term in the state Assembly and at the same time to run for election to the Los Angeles City Council in CD 3 in the Southwest San Fernando Valley?

Of course, you can’t serve in both offices simultaneously so you are showing your utter contempt for voters and democracy by intending to resign from the Legislature in June, forcing a costly special election and leaving your constituents without representation for many months.

But what do you care?

You get paid twice as much, get 20 staffers to boss around, 12 more years toward a lucrative public employee pension and the chance to be one of 15 voting unanimously without even knowing what they’re doing instead of one of 80 gridlocked in the Assembly.

It’s not like you are just one of the 80. You are one of the most important Assembly members, the architect of the state’s enduring financial crisis as chairman of the Budget Committee where you have succeeded in putting together a spending plan based on phony revenue and phony cuts year after year.

You couldn’t even find the $52 million sitting in accounts for state parks, preferring instead just to shut them down and forcing the public to reach into their pockets to key vital open spaces and recreational areas in operation.

Have you ever gone back and looked at where the hundreds of thousands you raised for the Assembly race came from?

Indian casinos, labor unions, doctors and lawyers and numerous other special interests, all of them confident you will cater to their needs. Look a little deeper and you will see you raised barely one percent of your campaign war chest in your Assembly or Council districts.

Have you looked at how you spent $373.047.14 in the June primary when you faced no Democratic opposition and only a last-minute Republican entrant who reported he didn’t raise or spend a single cent.

It’s not like you spent the money campaigning for the hearts and minds of your constituents.

What the records show is that you spent nearly $100,000 in support of the Democratic Party and other party causes and candidates, including a Compton City Council candidate.

The rest of the money could easily be seen as pre-payment to various campaign consultants and operatives for the dual campaign you launched on Friday when you finally came clean and filed for the City Council, which was your intention all along.

What was left you used to buy friends with other people’s money by doling various community groups, many actually in the Southwest Valley, checks usually of $100.

You were far most generous with the Liberty Hill Foundation, which got $1,000 in your political money. But then more than friendship was involved, since your wife Kafi Blumenfield is the president and CEO of Liberty Hill, a non-profit that describes itself as “one of the nation’s most admired social change foundations.”

I guess that the nexus point at which we meet: Change. We need social, economic and political change and that can’t happen as long as people like you think they can fail in their responsibilities to the public and then run for two offices as if voters are too dumb to notice.

You are on notice, Mr. Blumenthal, drop out of one of the races by Labor Day or you will be the poster child for fighting the political corruption that you and all the other legislators will escalate at City Hall if you win the city elections next year as is likely.There already are eight citizen candidates in the CD 3 race and there likely will be more if you don’t back out. I support them all and will do whatever it takes to deny you success in this double play you are running, surely one of the most cynical political acts in recent memory.

There is nothing honorable, decent, moral, or virtuous in what you are doing. You are not the political progressive you like to think of yourself as. You are nothing but tool of failed politics of the past with a record of public service that is indefensible.

Have you no shame, Mr. Blumenfield?

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18 Responses to Blumenfield’s Dirty Double Play: A Failed Politician Shows His Contempt for Voters by Running for Two Offices at Once

  1. David says:

    And like the old PRI in Mexico, LA’s one-party democracy returns the very people responsible for its precipitous decline to office, over and over again. Hacks like Blumenfeld, who’s never pulled down a salary that wasn’t paid for by taxpayers in his adult life.

  2. Wayne from Corruptopia says I have to tone it down says:

    Seems that my comments are not passing some “filter” or some type of thing. So I’ll have to modify my posts. I’ll start posting more intelligent and enlightening comments for now on. Here’s today’s thought:
    UM, DUH, UM, UM, UM, DUH!

  3. Wayne from Corruptopia says I have to tone it down says:

    Oh, I forgot one more thing I wanted to say:
    Um, uhh, huh, duh.

  4. In Eagle Rock says:

    First of all, Ron, Politicians have no shame. Had they any such capacity, that sort of thing would change the face of local politics as an effectively motivating factor to do right. Imagine- What would Antonio Villaraigosa have been doing differently over the last two terms as mayor and even earlier? How about John Perez or even Fabian Nunez? Obviously Arnold is not affected by shame as his maid might tell you and remember cutting the sentence of Esteban Nunez in half via his power as governor and based on being pals with dad and former assembly speaker, Fabian Nunez. No shame– and worse, no justice served.

    But back to reality- or a better outcome for us, maybe not any reality: How about no one can be eligible to run for office who currently HOLDS an office? That would save us lots of cash for special elections to fill the terms left open by our politicians who leap-frog from one office to another as they keep that chain of employment from breaking. That would not be good for any career politician, lest they be forced to get a regular job unrelated to collected taxes.

    And note that any career politician is not necessarily “good,” either, solely because they continue to maintain public employment; they are just persistent, opportunistic and more frequently and more importantly, well-connected politically. The Villaraigosa & Friends Mutual Poltical Aid Society shows us that aspect very well, and disturbingly so by any connecting of “the dots” that represent their membership.

    I think the overriding concern that voter vigilance demands as we move closer to City of Los Angeles elections is that NO MORE SACRAMENTO political alumni be elected to City Council. Consider how well tuned their talents at running the state (into the ground) have provided us with a preview of how much more versatile they can be for us in L.A. at doing the same.

    Already with the City Council that we have now, it’s like the city residents and businesses are the figurative targets of Council members in a tax-collecting shooting gallery that has new events continuously created for the simple purpose of separating those still in L.A. from their remaining cash.

    In the spirit of trying to be positive about the whole picture I think I should end here and save the rest for another day.

    • MissAnthrope says:

      How about this?: One six-year term and they can’t run for office for five years nor can they go to work for a lobbying firm or any firm that does business with their town, city, county, district or state.

      Any left over campaign funds must go a charity pre-committed to when running for office.

      My list is longer, but this will suffice for a starter.

      • anonymous says:

        and how about this too…
        all elected politicos & appointed official bureaucrats
        must submit to random drug testing…

  5. In Eagle Rock says:

    One slight correction in my “wish list” that needs correction- Where it says that part about not being able to run for office if you now “HOLD” office:

    That would eliminate dealing with incumbents. It’s not what I meant, but a nice thought for some situations.

    The idea is to bar running for “another” office when you already occupy an elected position. Special elections are pretty costly and happen too frequently.

    The operation of the eligibility scheme as first described above still might not be all that bad.

  6. Anonymous says:

    One thing seems certain: while the rest of the people are over taxed and losing what we tried to hold onto, the politicians will have a guaranteed income. They will stay in office. If they cannot make ends meet on their inflated salaries, they will vote themselves a raise. The table has long since turned. We exist to serve them.

    On that note, I believe our votes do not count. I cannot believe voters are that lame. Are they? I’ll continue to vote; but it just seems like there’s something fishy going when they tally the score.

  7. cynic says:

    Ron, we know they are all crooks, liars, cheats , incompetents looking for a job. Thus, cities go bankrupt, LA are you listening?, and soon the State, because the senile old man ain`t going to get his tax hike even with his conspirators campaign money.

  8. Tyndon Clusters says:

    Crooked LA politics, doesn’t this ring a Bell?

    The only difference is LA doesn’t have the excuse of being made up of “illiterate, uninformed immigrants”….we have by God Brentwood and Hollywood and the westside and the Valley with all those white people…they couldn’t possibly be as stupid and ignorant and corrupt as those Bell voters could they?

  9. ex valley says:

    Well blumenfeld had some baggage in 2008 but of course was elected since his party told you so…-a0179751583

    And surprise, surprise – he comes from berman’s political machine.
    There is an easy way of getting rid of blumenfeld. Just vote for his opponent in November. Couldn’t be easier. But wait !! His opponent is a republican.
    What a choice-a proven scumbag on one hand and a republican on the other. Hmmm

  10. ex valley says:

    It looks like blumenfield loves your taxes

    And he does an opponent this November.
    So get rid of him.

  11. anonymous says:

    we already know his track-record…
    our recommendation…
    he should drop out of both races..

  12. MissAnthrope says:

    The Daily News picked up on this and published two paragraphs in their online editorial page edition today 8/7 and ended with:

    “Blumenfield is not the first politician to do something like this, especially in the era of term limits. But Kaye’s criticism is not likely to be the last Blumenfield faces as he campaigns for re-election to the Assembly in a race against Republican Chris Kolski.

    – Opinion page staff”

    Let’s hope this happens and their #1 political reporter, Rick Orlov (I’ll-write-anything-you-say-and-put-positive-spin-on-it and one-man booster club for the mayor and council), becomes a ‘real’ reporter and reports on this dirtbag and his unethical and immoral bid for two offices at one time.

    If Blumenfield doesn’t drop out of one race, it would be the most beautiful total irony if he lost both races!

  13. Shmerder Deshpachten says:

    Wow, this moron Bob Blumenfield actually thinks the west valley is dumb enough to perpetuate the failed politics of Sacramento by bringing him into our backyard… Bob Blumenfield is chair of the budget and finance committee and sits on the Recreational Parks Committee, yet he and his other elected committee officials missed 54 MILLION DOLLARS in the Parks & Recreation coffers, instead opting to close down numerous parks and fire hundreds of park employees.. Great job!!! HAHAHA… The only thing wrong with this “Shameful situation,” is that we have politicians like you actually being elected. You actually expect to win a city council seat after that??? PATHETIC!

    No thanks BOBBY, keep your day job come November because you have no chance being elected to city council. I also hear there is another Jewish candidate from district 3 filing this month. lol, good luck

  14. Billy Sarkisian says:

    Shermerder, please check your remarks for facts before you post. Assemblymember Blumenfield is not on the Recreation and Parks Commission. Btw, there is no State Commission by that name. Also, there is no committee called Budget and Finance, so your comments lose credibility an ended up being discounted since you end up not knowing the proper titles. All you have to do is read the California Legislature Handbook and you’ll gain some, not all, credibility back. Just trying to help you sound more educated, but it’s hard to apply rational thinking to irrational behavior.

  15. shmerder says:

    THESE ARE THE FACTS and not even you, “Mr. Sarkisian,” can change them by attempting to put into question the percise terminology attributed to the inept committees that Mr. Blumenfield CHAIRS!! However, to clarify and satiate Mr. Sarkisian’s curiosity, according to and quoted from Blumenfield’s Official Assembly website:
    Bobby Blumenfield’s “serves as CHAIR of the Assembly Budget Committee, and was the first, first-term Democratic Assemblymember,” to hold that position. Well it is clearly obvious why he was the first “first-term” assemblymember to hold that position because his inability to properly perform his duties as the CHAIR of that Committe have clearly established that he can’t even find 54 MILLION dollars right infront of his face!!!!
    BOBBY BLUMENFIELD “also serves on the Governmental Organization, Transportation, and Water, PARKS and WILDLIFE committees.” OMG, Blumenfield sits on the “PARKS and WILDLIFE committees,” yet, he didn’t even know about the 54 MILLION stashed in his committee’s mattress?? Hard to believe!! He was either TOO STUPID TO DO HIS JOB or HE MUST HAVE KNOW ABOUT IT AND TURNED A BLIND EYE… Either way, we need to kick him out of office!

  16. Jean Fleming says:


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