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LA’s Way: Steal Billions, Rip Off Millions, Give away Thousands

We get mail, lots and lots of email — LA’s Best today:



Los Angeles – Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will join President and CEO of LA’s BEST Carla Sanger in accepting a $135,000 grant from JPMorgan Chase executives for the after-school enrichment program, LA’s BEST and announce the program’s addition of three new sites at Euclid Elementary School in Boyle Heights, 806 Euclid Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90023 at 10 a.m.

The expansion of LA’s BEST brings the total number of sites to 189. Sixty new sites have been opened during the Mayor’s tenure.

This is the fourth year Chase has made a sizable donation to LA’s BEST, bringing their total giving since 2009 to over a half a million dollars.

Steve Lopez: Trutanich delivers cash; what about ‘I’m a liar’ ad?

Remember L.A. City Atty. Carmen Trutanich’s pledge to raise $100,000 for L.A.’s Best After School Enrichment Program, and the wormy way he tried to wriggle out of the commitment?

I do, and just when I was about to take batting practice on him again, it seems he’s come up with the money, or at least some of it.

“I want to express my personal appreciation to you for making good on your promise…” Carla Sanger, L.A’s Best president and CEO, wrote to Trutanich this week.

Actually, Trutanich has delivered $30,000 so far and hopes to make good on the rest of it in the next 30 days or so, said spokesman John Schwada. Schwada said the names of at least some of the donors will be released over that same time span, though some may wish to remain anonymous.

A Simple Google search of city of LA sues JP Morgan produces these hits in recent months about lawsuits filed against JP Morgan and its parent, Chase, over their anti-social practices:

Pacoima couple accuses JPMorgan Chase of illegally foreclosing…/

Pacoima couple accuses JPMorgan Chase of illegally foreclosing ……/Pacoima_couple_accuses_JPMorgan_Chase_of_ille…

Jul 8, 2011 –  07/07/2011 04:19:16 PM PDT LOS ANGELES - A Pacoima couple issuing the financial  ”RePower LA” Town Hall Pacoima CA Nov 2011 

Los Angeles Homeowners Sue JP Morgan Chase for Illegal … 

JPMorgan faces another lawsuit in Kansas City over fund’s practices 

Peralta college district sues JP Morgan on financing deal – San 

JPMorgan Allegedly Forecloses On Home Two Months After Its 

JPMorganCiti Units Sued by FDIC Over Colonial Sales 

Jul 17, 2012 – California college district sues JP Morgan over financing deal 

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10 Responses to LA’s Way: Steal Billions, Rip Off Millions, Give away Thousands

  1. anonymous says:

    you know…
    have no empathy for global- financial- corporations…
    but really…
    the most destructive “anti-social practices” are entrenched
    within the LA bureaucratic power-structure…
    our self-serving-corrupt-unethical LA power-elites
    are primarily responsible for the hell they have created…

  2. anonymous says:

    What is worse: being eaten by a shark or a bear? What possible difference does it make that the bureaucratic power structure is”worse” than ” (some, I imagine) corporations? I don’t like leeches or flies and don’t want to pick my least favorite of the two. More importantly, it doesn’t move the conversation forward unlike Ron’s column.

    • anonymous says:

      both are undesirable but the difference is…
      LA political power structure is elected…
      they appoint the consultant-decision-making bureaucrat aides…
      manipulate agencies & departments to their benefit,
      establish policies, create regulations, codify everything…
      on and on …and…
      not only do we vote for this caca but pay for it too…

      • MissAnthrope says:

        …and…whether we voted for them or not, we’re stuck with the government that was voted in…

        whereas with a corporation, we can choose to not patronize them and/or hope they get caught doing something illegal and get fined or the c.e.o.s go to the slam…

  3. Ricardo says:

    I can’t seem to stomach watching city council any more. However, Friday a friend said they would be there to speak out at public comment. I was watching and couldn’t believe the TIME WASTED. These incompetent fools all grand stand and are wind bags loving to hear themselves speak. NOTHING was accomplished. To think the village clown LaBoggle wants the Olympics to come to LA is the biggest joke of all. They have ruined Los Angeles and embarrass us. I’m glad the national media is finally picking up all the negative stories on these fools.

  4. Ricardo says:

    Forgot to add this
    City Attorney Carmen Trutanich files papers for re-election

  5. anonymous says:

    this reminds me of Ron’s great May 4th, 2011 post
    “Trutanich sues LA’s Worst Slumlord-Deutsche Bank”…
    inquiring Feds…
    need solve B & S puzzle…
    we can connect dots…

  6. Wayne from Corruptopia says Trutanich IS WASTING HIS TIME! says:

    Carmen the Clown ISN’T running for re-election: HIS 7 2 RICHEST CAMPAIGN DONORS ARE THE ONES RUNNING FOR ANOTHER 4 YEAR TERM! All those OUTSIDE LEGAL CONTRACTS, HANDOUTS, AND other PERKS are what drive these PHONY L.A. CITY ELECTIONS. The name of the Clown on the ballot is JUST THE FRONT MAN for the faceless, nameless, and basically unknown benefactors that steal away all the City can give away to them.
    Trutanich’s legacy will be that HE WAS THE LAST, BEST HOPE FOR A BANKRUPT AND CORRUPT City in dire need of a semblance of a “watchdog.” No matter what Clown wins these pre-fabricated City of Los Angeles elections, you’ll be certain of 2 things: YOU’LL PAY HIGHER FEES AND TAXES and YOU’LL WANT OUT OF L.A. MORE!
    Just ONE HONEST person on the Horseshoe WOULD shut the whole scam down—they need UNANIMOUS CONSENT to run the machine. One day it will happen—the 72 largest campaign donors will strike out one time and let a real live human slip onto the Council. Most likely it will happen when one of their Clowns TURNS AGAINST THEM and for THE CITY’S TAXPAYERS. Or perhaps one of their Clowns drops out and leaves the election without time to replace their chosen HACK with another failed hapless one.
    BUT FEAR NOT—the “GANG OF 72″ is getting SCARED about the PENSIONS sending the City INTO FORMAL BANKRUPTCY! They forgot to mind the store.

  7. Transparency says:

    Are The Government And The Big Banks Quietly Preparing For An Imminent Financial Collapse?

    • LA Moderator says:

      Nahhh, you mean stress tests, or Basel 3?

      I think it’s more about the Fed and/or administration trying to look like they’re doing something…and in the process, compelling the G SIFI’s to do due dilligence for whatever (preferred) Private Equity crony will be gifted the undervalued remnants to pick up the pieces (i.e. Soros>Indy Mac>One West).

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