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Will 50,000 New Hotel Rooms and a Citywide ‘Living Wage’ Really End Poverty and Revive the LA Economy?

The real City Hall boss — union leader Maria Elena Durazo — stood in support of a “living wage impact study” defined in a motion that had been dormant for five months until it suddenly was waived through two committees and brought before the full City Council on Tuesday.

She called for a comprehensive training program along with extension of the living wage ordinance citywide for the benefit of hotel workers. The living wage — adding 40 to 50 percent to employee costs and largely paid for out of tax subsidies and rebates and inflated contract costs — already is required of LAX area hotels and businesses that get city contracts or other city benefits.

Durazo’s favorite partner, AEG, Anschutz Entertainment Group — owner of Staples Center, LA Live and soon Farmers Field and the LA Convention Center — then backed her call for the “living wage impact study” to the hilt as necessary to making LA a mecca for tourism despite what the Council motion says is a shortage of 50,000 hotel rooms and the poor condition of so many existing ones.

None of this costly meddling in private business dealings, virtually requiring workers to join a union and sticking taxpayers with the bill sat well with the business community.

The hotel association denounced the “living wage impact study” and so did the Central City Association which never objected to taxpayer susbsidies before. The LA Chamber of Commerce and the Valley Industry and Commerce Association joined in the chorus of criticism.

Labor, AEG and the business community got it all wrong.

Led by the ever deft Herb Wesson, one Council member after another got up and swore nothing in the motion was about the living wage. It was about building hotels, putting people to work, making LA the nation’s top tourist destination — and incidentally maybe finding hundreds of millions of dollars somewhere to subsidize salary costs

Even supposedly more conservative members like the West Valley’s Mitch Englander and Dennis Zine — the man who would be the city’s fiscal watchdog as Controller — saluted Durazo’s effort, one after another, all lined up and unanimous.

When all else fails because of the bumbling inarticulateness of Council members, they turn to the eloquent Paul Krekorian who praised how “eloquently” Durazo had spoken to the “partnership between labor and business to try and create a more vibrant tourist industry.”

It was as if the business community had not clearly and sharply criticized this effort just minutes before.

Even Krekorian, driven by ambition for higher office to kowtow to Durazo and the power structure, mumbled at times as he selectively read from the motion, leaving out all words that went to the point of why labor and business were as one in seeing this as a “living wage impact study” for the purposes of extending the artificially-inflated wages of hotel workers citywide.

Here, in bold face type, are the parts he didn’t want to mention:

In Los Angeles County, tourism is a thriving industry, having surpassed trade as the number one employer with over a half million jobs. Tourism, international trade and entertainment are  expected to be the primary economic drivers leading Los Angeles out of the recession.
But the City of Los Angeles is lagging behind where it can be and where it needs to be as a
Mecca for domestic and international tourism. By national standards, a city with an economy the size of Los Angeles’s should have 50,000 more hotel rooms. Our existing hotel inventory is aging, and falling behind in energy efficiency standards. Meanwhile, hotel workers remain largely underpaid and overworked.
More should be done to provide support to the hotel industry in Los Angeles to encourage
investment in these hotels and lift their workers out of poverty. We must ensure that our hotels meet the needs of visitors and in the process create good jobs that improve our economy and benefit the residents of the City.
The City of Los Angeles, the tourism industry, and the regional economy would benefit from a program that incentivizes hotel modernization, energy efficiency, better pay for hotel workers, increased job training programs, and equal benefits.
The time is now to create a stronger, greener tourism industry that attracts high-end tourists and business travelers. A stronger tourism industry is a win-win for the city, the industry and thousands of working families in Los Angeles.
I THEREFORE MOVE that the City Administrative Officer in consultation with the Office of Finance, the Community Development Department and the Chief Legislative Analyst be directed to report with recommendations for creating economic incentives, including public benefits, to help strengthen the tourism industry in Los Angeles by investing in both workforce as well as facilities including providing existing hotels with funds to renovate their facilities, identifying sources of funds for this purpose, and mechanisms for accessing such incentives.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Will 50,000 new hotel rooms
    and a citywide”living wage”
    really end poverty and revive the LA economy?

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a first–Density Queen Schatz & Labor Queen Durazo on opposite sides.

  3. Teddy says:

    Attn: Paul Krekorian, OPEN LETTER

    Surely you understand that everytime more money is paid out
    or taken for an identical product or task, it is inflationery. When prices
    keeps rising, customers are lost who might have been able to afford it.

    It is a lose, lose situation. The only way to get Los Angeles on the mend
    is to stop raising wages (city workers), stop raising taxes on everyone
    and perhaps soon we all can afford to live and work here. People on fixed
    incomes (retirees) are also getting poorer each day, and the people who had
    to close their doors because of no cutomers are hurting. Where do you think
    you can raise the taxes? IDEAS: the Mayor, City Council, Department
    Heads, the agencies taking a cut in pay? And no improvements in methods or
    great new ideas not tried yet?

    I am 91 and am proud that I lived within my means and still do. I don’t get to do
    everything I would enjoy. But I am OK. Be aware, when you raise our taxes, we
    cannot do or have something we would enjoy. I hope you will take these suggetions seriously. Thank you.

  4. Noel Weiss says:


    I will say right off that I favor a living wage ordinance. . . . . . What was done with the airport hotels (where the cost of entry is very large. . . giving rise to an oligopoly. . . the living wage ordinance was needed to prevent a ‘race to the (wage cost) bottom’) should be done with major hotels Citywide. The hotel operators at the airport originally opposed the law, now they support it. . . For obvious reasons. . . It creates a wage cost floor which they know their competitors must meet. . . The competition is therefore based on service and other quality factors. . . . not on who can cut wage costs the most. . .

    Frankly, the City Council and the Mayor lack the ‘balls’ to enact a living wage ordinance. . . This is something no other City Council in the nation has done. . . except what was done with the living wage ordinance at the airport hotels back in November, 2007 (a special circumstance where Janice Hahn outmaneuvered her colleagues on the Council to get the law passed). However, Garcetti and the Mayor nearly succeeded in screwing it up. . . The hotels quickly organized a petition campaign to get a ratification vote on the ballot. Rather than demonstrating leadership and really fighting for the hospitality workers, Garcetti and the Mayor orchaestrated the law’s repeal and the passage of a substitute measure which was purposely susceptible to being overturned in Court. They nearly succeeded when the Superior Court voided the law. The Court of Appeal reversed and reinstated the law. . . . . This enabled Garcetti and the Mayor to have it both ways. . . They could tell their insider special interest business friends that they got the law stopped. . . . all the while pretending to be for the hotel workers (by passing a replacement law that they knew was likely legally deficient. . but turned out not to be the case). . Then when the Court of Appeal reversed the Superior Court judgment striking down the law, they had the perfect out (excuse). . . . “We tried”. . . Said with a ‘wink-wink’ to labor. . . . . Meanwhile the workers lost 18 months of extra wages because of the ‘games’ played. When the recession hit, the hospitality workers were able to benefit because they had a wage cushion. . . The hotels did not go out of business. . . . They survived. . . But for the living wage law, the recession would have cost those workers at least $2 Million. . . money needed to pay rent and put food on the table.

    The fact that AEG supports a living wage law demonstrates some progressive thinking. . . . Greater economic activity downtown in the form of higher wage workers will accrue to the benefit of all. Like with the hotels at the airport, the large downtown hotels will not just survive, they will thrive. In addition, helping boost the middle and lower middle class is good public policy. . . Again, when we are talking about downtown hotels, we are talking about an industry where the cost of entry is so large, it amounts to another little oligopoly (like with the airport hotels). . . . This allows a more ‘controlled’ competition which, along with tax subsidies, further reflects the fact that ‘pure’ capitalism does not exist. . . What we have is a ‘crony-corporate’ capitalism. . . In this case (and application) if we are going to ‘socialize’ the (supposed) business losses via a tax subsidy to the hotels, we might as well ‘socialize’ some of the profits in the form of a forced ‘subsidy’ to allow for higher worker’s wages. . . (at least at a ‘living wage’ scale). Of course, any discussion of economic ‘incentives’ requires a thorough evaluation of the economics of what it takes to operate a hotel. Do we really believe the hotel industry is going to be so forthcoming as to engage in a public discussion of such matters?

    For the past couple of years, I have been pushing for speculators on SB 1818 projects to justify the economic necessity for the higher density they seek. The state law requires such an analysis (I contend). . . . Yet, there has been no discussion in C0uncil of this proposal. . . nor even a ‘study’ of the costs of providing affordable housing. A motion was introduced by Paul Koretz and Paul Krekorian back in 2010 on this subject, but both have abandoned their motion. . . allowing Ed Reyes to keep it locked in committee. . . . So given Mr. Koretz’s ongoing political duplicity, I would not expect much to come from this ‘study’ unless it translates into what Mr. Koretz appears to do best. . . Give away valuable land use entitlement rights contrary to what the law permits (while the City Attorney remains completely silent, along with the rest of the Council. . . a complete abdication of the City Attorney’s responsibility to act as a ‘check and balance’ on unlawful council action (the City Attorney is supposed to protect the integrity of the legal process and represent the broader public interest, not the political interests of a given council member or his or her political friends).

    That said, Ron, your article is ‘spot on’ in that it reflects the application of Cardinal Rule No. 1 when evaluating anything the City Council does. . . The rule is: “Always (and I mean always) look for the head fake. . . .” Cardinal Rule No. 2 is: “When in doubt, commission a ‘study’. . . The best way to pander and patronize. ”

    With elections coming up, the council members have to pretend to be concerned about the little guy. . . . . while giving solace and comfort to their business contributors. As such, we get the ‘head-pat’ to the Unions in the form of this ‘study’ motion. . . . . Meanwhile, it is best to read into the words ‘economic incentives’, more tax breaks for business. . . To pay for the living wage. . . . . The economic studies will demonstrate how to develop this trade-off. . . . Meanwhile, the politicians can use the uncertainty of the ‘study’ to take campaign contributions from both sides. . . . ‘Ching-Ching’. . .

    For their part, the CCA and the Hotel operators organizations can use the threat of a living wage law to raise money for their organizations. . . Money which, of course, will find its way into the campaign coffers of the politicians. . . . All without our political leaders having to take a stand one way or the other. . . at this moment in time (By the way, Garcetti was absent for the vote. . . Typical for Garcetti. . . Someone should count the number of important policy votes where Garcetti simply took a powder. . .(i.e. failed to show). I can think of 6-7 easy ones right off the top. . . . This is not someone who should come anywhere near the Mayor’s office. . .He lacks both the temperament, character, and competence to occupy the Mayor’s office (or hold any other executive position).

    Note how insular the motion is (how poorly it is written). . . There is no time deadline. . . It is one bureaucrat (Office of Finance) being asked to speak with two other bureaucrats (the Community Development Dept (think City backed bonds)) and the Chief Legislative Analyst), all under the supervision of a third bureaucrat (Chief Administrative Officer – i.e. the Mayor) to ‘discuss amongst themselves’ these various economic ‘incentives’. . . .

    Nor does the Council impose upon itself the discipline of undertaking an evaluation by a date certain. . . . Based on what occurred during the fight over the living wage for the airport hotel hospitality workers (where a few million dollars were put up so that within 6 weeks, a sufficient number of signatures were gathered to require a vote of the people to ratify the ordinance passed to require a living wage for the hospitality workers at the airport hotels), it is likely the Council will be threatened with another referendum. . . This time, however, since a scheduled election is coming up for next March, look for the possibility of (at least the threat) of some Council action by early November (the deadline for the Council to put a matter on the ballot). As it ‘gins’ up its fundraising apparatus, look for the hotel industry to do what it did before. . . . Find a way to get any ordinance it does like on the ballot and use the threat to do so as a way to blunt or completely block any council action. . . .

    Let’s see if any of the ‘wanna-be’ politicians (Greuel, Garcetti, Perry (Mayor), or Zine (Controller)) take a firm stand evidencing anything approaching leadership skills. . . something all completely lack. . .The day Wendy Greuel (or any other of the ‘wanna-be’ politicians running for higher office) comes out in favor of a living wage for downtown hotel hospitality employees will be the day that the Chicago Cubs win the World Series. . . . . . . None of these individuals have the political courage to come out square in favor of a living wage for the downtown hotel hospitality workers.

    Therefore, it we are really interested in seriously exploring the issue, wouldn’t this be a good opportunity to include Neighborhood Councils in the discussion? Under the Charter, the City Council can appoint and direct the N/C’s to hold hearings, take testimony, and write one or more reports to the City Council advising of the various alternatives. . . Give the N/C’s a definitive time table. . . . Provide the facts. . . . Why not do this? Because the Councilpeople want to keep the discussion in house and behind closed doors. . . . Truly empower the people? Don’t be silly. . . . .

    Why not direct the hearings (or these insider meetings) to be public? Nope. . . This is the way the Council gets around the Brown Act. . . They have surrogates attend these meetings. . . not directly, necessarily, but through aides or the special interest insiders. . . . The politicians can weigh in by phone. . . . . Then reports are written so that the public gets the report on the day of the hearing. . . No real chance to prepare a meaningful response. . . unless, that is, you are a favored insider (particularly one possessed of a decent level of campaign cash or contacts).

    Why didn’t anyone on the Council insist on bringing in these bureaucrats for any discussion on the matter before the vote? This shows both the Councilmembers’ lack of preparation; and the fact that they really are just pandering . . . Expressing an interest without having to make a commitment. Nor is there any criteria or definition of what is to be ‘studied’ in terms of ‘economic incentives’ . . I’m sure from the vantage point of the hotel owners, they would like the additional incentive of being able to have more billboards and graphics posted on their buildings. . .Lots of money to be made there. . . . . What about the economic incentives that would be created were just a few new ‘zoning’ laws were passed which promote greater density (even though the political and physical infrastructure is sorely lacking. . . When will the time arrive to fill the potholes on Wilshire Blvd.?). . . . Just think how much money we could put in the land use entitlement speculator’s profit by upzoning just the right properties (or, as Paul Koretz has done. . . just giving away unlawful zoning variances to his favored constituents?). . . Tons of ‘value’ and ‘incentive’ there. . . . .

    If our political leaders were truly thoughtful and thorough, they would push for the needed updates to the General Plan, and the Community Plans so that business could invest in a way which is predictable. . . . . (and I mean really push). For years, I have asked the Council to undertake a serious debate about what the City’s housing policy (including affordable housing policy) should be. . . . Not even a peep. . . . . No effort whatsoever. . . (not even one of these patronizing ‘studies’). Meanwhile, and it has been over five years, the City still has no idea what the residential vacancy rate is; nor has a serious attempt been undertaken to find out (the Water & Power meter useage is employed as a substitute. . . . It is not a sufficient substitute).

    The point of all of this is that this City Council panders; it patronizes; it pretends. . . It does not do any serious investigation (although it has subpoena power. . . see Charter Section 217) of any of the myriad of issues facing this City. . . . . The committee work is beyond a ‘joke’. . . Those council members that show, inevitably show up late. We need to know how many councilpeople really show up for committee meetings. . . Someone needs to do a study of that because the City Staff simply does not keep track of when Committee Members show up and leave. . . It is the same (to a lesser extent) with the full council. . .members leave the chamber, yet they are still listed as being present. . . with their buttons set on permanent ‘yes’. . . The official record thus shows they voted when they were not actually present in the Chamber.

    The City Attorney (who should represent the people, not the politicians) needs to enforce the Council Rules. . . . But fails to do so

    So until we get by the pander and the pretense, I would not expect anything much to come of this ‘study’. . . . . It is just another crude, cunning, and (for those who believe in the social contract) cruel effort by the Council to appear to be doing something. . . while continuing to do absolutely nothing in terms of providing the legal, political, economic, and physical infrastructure needed to accomplish the goal of getting LA moving forward.

    Noel Weiss

  5. LA Moderator says:

    Bwah ha ha haaah!
    “tourism is a thriving industry, having surpassed trade…and entertainment are expected to be the primary economic drivers leading Los Angeles out of the recession”
    Surpassed, as in not having failed as much?
    Good thing all those bustling industrial facilities, such as the aerospace manufacturing centers adjoining the underutilized freight rails flowing through the San Fernando Valley (which the Port and trade folks aren’t eyeballing per their outreach at LANCC last month) have become home to more ‘Entertainment’ entrepreneurs…forget medical marijuana and Amazon, try taxing porn!
    Councilman Krekorian is a bright guy…you’re astute in sensing further ambitions – besides Sacramento, how about the 5th District seat from which your lionized Antonivich will be termed in 2016? I’m sure Paul will be ready change his commute a couple blocks, as opposed to exploring his third-and-a half term.
    So, one could see how he would try to avoid by eliding over the glaring contradictions which you’ve highlighted…
    I won’t bother to re-paste the oxymoronic sentences…it all comes down to the glaring innate contradiction between spurring private business investment (particularly in a poor business environment) and artificially fixing wages for ongoing operations.
    The only way the government can incentivize this is with tax breaks, or outright subsidies…either way, representing a higher tax burden on the populace.
    Can’t we strive for a ‘purer’ market…where competition would be fostered by superior service provided by those better trained and incentivized employees?
    That being said…Go Cubs!

  6. Anonymous says:

    “The fact that AEG supports a living wage law demonstrates some progressive thinking. . . .” Mr. Weiss, you’ve touched on so many issues, some of which are correct & some not. I’ll focus on the highlighted one above. AEG couldn’t care less about living wage or progressive thinking. I recall reading an article in the Wall Street Journal about how this company has managed to expand in different cities. They study the cities & their politicians to gauge the weaknesses which will provide them an inroad to do whatever they want to. In LA, they correctly understood that the Mayor and Councilmembers are controlled by labor whose support they need for dumb projects like the Farmer’s Field, which is being rammed down against citizen protests. Just attend the forthcoming AEG stadium discussion at the City Planning Commission in September and it’ll be jammed by Durazo’s army and Schatz’ business recruits in support of this unneeded taxpayer financially draining stadium/convention center. So, AEG did not suddenly turn into a progressive entity. It is a small price to pay for labor support for their money maker–the stadium.

    • Vote blindly, then complain says:

      Also, wait until you see what happens to LA streets which are already the worse in the nation. Mayor wannabe Garcetti would spend all street repair money near and about AEG, so if you’re not taking a direct link to the AEG, forget about any street improvement.

      Again, I suggest that a Federal Grand Jury should be convened now — not after we’ve lost every single dime.

  7. ex valley says:

    Other cities attract good paying high-tech and manufacturing jobs. LA on the other hand will have more jobs for hotel maids and janitors.

  8. While LA cozies up to the unions to attract more hotel and restaurant jobs, the City of Reno, NV attracted Apple. The computer giant will invest $1 billion in a technology park in the city.

    In both gross dollars and per capita investment, it puts LA to shame.

  9. Wayne from Corruptopia says I'll have to just sell the family farm. says:

    I want to find a way to stay here. But with the cheats, liars, communists, and thieves that run this City, it just isn’t big enough for both of us! A living wage? COME ON YOU DOWNTOWN BASTARDS! ENOUGH WITH YOUR DAMN TAXES AND SOCIALISM!
    ENOUGH ALREADY! Most people who read this blog are 110% screwed as they are stuck in L.A. with no way out. A living wage is simply a pass-through TAX which businesses and tourists will ignore and go out of L.A. to AVOID. The homeowners and the 3 or so small businesses who are left here will be stuck paying higher “fees” and taxes to pay for the bankrupt City and its pensions.
    No less than 12 homes that I looked at as possible homesites in Ventura Co. ARE IN ESCROW IN JUST THE LAST 5 DAYS!!! People are FLEEING this god for saken Liberal Hellhole like its no tomorrow. Isn’t that why these TOLL LANES are the next TAX-scam OF OUR STUPID INEPT L.A. CORRUPTOPIA POLITICIANS to keep generating ill gotten $$$ for their corrupt paradise? The only thing left is to literally tax those who flee L.A. coming and going in or past this hellhole on the damn freeways! Drive the 10 and 110 freeway lately? See the signs telling you of the next financial rip-off?
    What pisses me off the most is having to bear the cost of fleeing this stupid ran City. I should get paid DAMAGES for having to do it! Thus to move out is ANOTHER TAX or to stay here is to BE TAXED TO DEATH!
    What kind of civilization is that Mr. Trotsky?
    Just wait till we get the new taxes out of Sacramento after this week’s budget. How about a fee for each matress purchase? How about tripling of boat registration to “fight the Ukranian muscles?”
    The rest of California doesn’t do that. But they all have to suffer substantially for just breathing air here in California AND THAT’S WHAT’S SO UNFAIR AND WRONG.

  10. Wayne says 9pm-12am LEO TERRELL ON KABC ALL THIS WEEK says:

    Almost Forgot—one week only—something interesting to listen to. (Next week the dumbed down host returns and I’ll have the radio turned off.) This week, I’ll be listening. Who knows who will call in????

  11. MissAnthrope says:

    Really? Basing L.A.’s economic future on tourism?

    Now there’s a flimsy foundation to build on. One word: Earthquake!

  12. Add to this the farce at the Energy and Environment Committee on Wednesday where they essentially approved the Exclusive Trash Franchise, sending the loud and clear message that LA is business UNfriendly. Not only will the service be poorer, it will cost businesses an estimated $150 million once it is up and running. And just wait until there is a work stoppage. That will really stink up the City.

    • Vote blindly, then complain says:

      Yep, it’s an old trick and Angelenos have fallen for it for years and years.

      Place unions in control of vital services and when they want money, the mayor and council President save the city by agreeing to all demands. Everyone is soooooo pleased that there was no strike.

      Then the City fails to fund the benefits which it just promised, and when time comes to pay the pensions, then the mayor’s lap dogs complain about the greedy unions and how much money they want.

      So what do we Angelenos do? We slash $200 Million from the LAFD! But how many ask CIM Group return any of its gelt or remind billionaire Eli Broad that he cannot take it within him.

      Oh Yes, lets have a few trillion dollars more subways — so we can have another transit strike. When you vote for a subway, you are voting for more Unions. So stop being such dumb asses and realize that when you demand something, it comes with a cost.

  13. ex valley says:

    “In Los Angeles County, tourism is a thriving industry, having surpassed trade as the number one employer with over a half million jobs.”

    Becoming Mexico in many ways than one.

    • Vote blindly, then complain says:

      Racism will not improve anything.

      This is AMERICAN Corruption and AMERICAN incompetence.

      Blaming Mexicans only causes in-fighting among people who need to band together.

      • anonymous says:

        fail to see “racism” or “blaming” in comment…
        tourism-service industry is fourth largest
        sector of mexican economy…
        merely stating fact…
        by the way, agree with statement on
        Corruption and Incompetence…both
        hallmarks of inquisition cultures…
        so you see, LA really does parallel
        latin america in many dimensions…

  14. A headline in today’s LA Times says it all: “L.A.-area hotels set a record for occupancy in July”. Tourism in Los Angeles is thriving. No more hotel tax breaks! They simply are not needed, and they continue to drain the City treasury of funds for much-needed public services, as I have repeatedly pointed out.

  15. dntn observer says:

    Ron, when are we going to accept it as a fact? We don`t have a City government but a Labor government. Antonio is boozing for the last 8 years all over the country. Council members are kissing labor`s ass looking for their support to the next goverment job. LA is doomed . Let`s accept it

  16. Anonymous says:

    “A coalition of environmental activists and community advocates has mounted the first major legal challenge to a planned downtown Los Angeles NFL stadium, filing a suit Thursday that says a state law intended to assist the project is unconstitutional. Maria Elena Durazo, head of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, defended AEG’s expedited environmental review process, noting many jobs are at stake.

    “Anyone can find a legal trip-up in any proposal, but in this case I think it’s irresponsible,” said Durazo, who helped get SB 292 passed”. La Times.

    Durazo controls every branch of government in CA. Time to get rid of unions. They are anti-community.

    • ex valley says:

      It’s worth pointing out again that the only jobs durazo and her cronies care about are construction, hotel, stadium etc. the jobs that require low skills, minimum education but will send union dues into the coffers of dem party.
      Plus people employed in these types of jobs typically have larger families and rent instead of own. More bonanza for the teachers union, developers, social services etc.

      • LA Moderator says:

        Flags at half mast today…once in a blue moon, do we commemorate the life of a true American hero, like Neil Armstrong.

        Stick with me nere, I’ll relate this to the topic…

        I was reading up on aerospace last night: As Neil’s family asks us to give the moon a wink, I’ve been thinking of my Dad since his Memorial last year, as I walked out into the evening to consider the accomplishment of reaching the moon…I look up and think about my Dad, a Grumman engineer, who helped Neil’s golden chariot ascend, leaving that famous bit of hardware on the lunar surface.

        We moved back to California just in time to watch the landing on TV…we’d been watching the previous Apollo’s too, since the LEM was being put through the paces before attempting the landing in ’69. (As a reward for your sticking through this, I’ll post a link to a nice pictorial below)

        But in reading about its development, I kept on seeing mention all the aerospace companies that used to dot our landscape. I drove by Pratt & Whitney last night, and there’s still some other companies around, but nothing compared to the critical mass of what was the economic engine for Los Angeles. Not just a home to the industry, a hub for countless aviation pioneers…just talk a walk around Valhalla, next to Bob Hope Intl, and check out the Shrine of the Folded Wing…

        I stumbled on a pdf of press release, “NASA Apollo Lunar Module News Reference” and made note of the Contractors, including those listed in Southern California…

        TRW, Inc.,TRW systems Group – Redondo Beach
        WhittakerCorp – Chatsworth
        Fairchild Hiller Corp, Stratos Div. – Manhattan Beach
        Stainless Steel Products – Burbank
        Mectron Industries – South El Monte
        Sargent Industries, Airite Div. – El Segundo
        North American Rockwell, Rocketdyne Div. – Canoga Park
        Aerojet General Corp. – Downey
        ITT Cannon Electric Co. – Los Angeles
        Parker Hannifin Corp., Systems Div. – Los Angeles
        The Deutsch Co, Electronic Component Div. – Banning
        Quantatron Inc. – Santa Monica
        J. C. Carter Co – Costa Mesa
        Schulz Tool and Mfg. Co. – San Gabriel
        Leach Corp., Controls Div. – Azusa
        Ramtec Division, Emerson electri Company – Calabasas
        Seaton-Wilson Co. – Burbank
        Space Ordnance Systems – El Segundo
        The Garrett Corp, Airesearch Mfg. Co. – Los Angeles
        Parker Aircraft corp. – Los Angeles
        Calmec Mfg. Corp – Los Angeles
        Purolator, Inc. – Aerospace Div. – Newbury Park
        Technology Instrument Corp – Newbury Park
        Electro-Optical systems, subsidiary of Zerox Corp. – Pasadena
        the Marquardt Corp – Van Nuys
        Fairchild Stratos, Western Branch – Manhattan Beach
        Parker Hannifin Corp. Systems Div. – Los Angeles
        Seaton-Wilson – Burbank
        Hy-Cal Engineering corp. – Santa Fe Springs
        Bournes, Inc. – Riverside

        We live in the city built by the people who pitched in on great ventures such as this. There were things no other region…no other country could do, that they did, because they had the infrastructure, the concentration of sympathetic industry, and a landing pad for the best and the brightest.

        Will we reach the moon again? Will we recreate this city?

        After looking up, and thinking of our heroes, let’s try to see tomorrow’s amonst us, and wish them God’s Speed!

        Dave Uebersax

    • Vote blindly, then complain says:

      People who attack the Unions are myopic and easily deceived. That’s like attacking the City Firemen’s Union because Tony V and Garcetti stole the LAFD money.

      Of course, the thieves want Angelenos to fight among themselves — that way we’ll have no time to focus on the real villains. The people who pull the strings of puppets like the sleazy mayor and rapacious ex City Council president who wants to destroy Los Angeles like he did to Hollywood, know there re only so many hours in the day and we have only so much money. Thus, they’d rather have us fight for the dregs than attack the castle.

      If YOU do not like the Union benefits, remember YOU voted for these Union benefits. We voted “Yes” by ignoring what Tony V and Eric G were doing. Not only were they making deals which were absurd, then they cheated the Unions by giving the contributions which should have gone into the Union funds to their Crony Capitalist buddies.

      We voters foolishly have turned city government over to the terminally corrupt and insanely incompetent for years and years.

      Now we are doing something else really dumb. We are cutting Union benefits and 10 years from now when the City has most incompetent workers because the competent ones were hired by private enterprises, we will start calling for better Union benefits to attract more qualified workers.

      “Vote blindly, then complain” has given us this mess. The time has arrived for a comprehensive investigation into Corrupt City Hall. Let’s face it, the LAPD worked much better after its was on Federal Parole for ten years.

      I think we should put the councilmembers in federal prison and then place the City under a consent degree with the US Justice Department. Put the current crooks in prison and then have the US dept of justice monitor honesty in government for the next 10 years, then things will improve.

  17. dntn observer says:

    What`s the charlatan doing in Charlotte?
    If he were in front of me right now, I would punch him in the face. I`m livid that he has destroyed our city. Why I say this ? Here is why. Called 311 to get info where I can dispose paint cans. Message ” 311 is out of operation because of heavy volume” B. S. I then called my Councilman`s office. After a long conversation someone finally told me I have to go to Sun Valley. Drove there from Woodland Hills on Fri to find out it was closed. There was a scotch tape over the hours of operation on Mon -Fri . . Open only on Sat and Sun. I can`t go on because my blood is boiling. I`m sure while I was crossing the SFV at 105 degree temp , my Mayor was having foit gras and $500 bottle of wine with some Washington bimbo, claiming he is promoting LA. My ass.

    • Vote blindly, then complain says:

      May I suggest that you look at the danger caused by the downgrading of the emergency services. For whom does Chief Cummings work? for you? Of course not? for the rank and file firemen and paramedics? Nope! he works for The Sleaze Ball and Garcetti.

      Talk about Welfare Queens!! What does one need to qualify for The sleaze ball and Garcetti? Be a millionaire or a billionaire, preferable a non-Angeleno.

      CityWatchLA has an article this Friday about why LA needs a Federal Grand jury. It’s the only entity that has the power and resources to investigate the wide-ranging corruption in City Hall.

    • anonymous says:

      you get the “comment of the day award”…
      even with SFV 100+ degree oven temps
      you still think clearly…priceless…

  18. Wayne from corrupt L.A. says DNTN OBSERVER has it right! says:

    That about sums it up!

  19. Vote blindly, then complain says:

    The part of council motion 12-0493 which should strike the greatest fear into Angelenos are:

    “. . . as well as facilities including providing existing hotels with funds to renovate their facilities, …”

    This is nothing except the revival of the abolished CRA’s which left Los Angeles with a $11 Billion burden when they were abolished on 2-1-2012.

    This scamming of the public treasury to give the money to developers to fix up their own property is the reason Garcetti and Villaraigosa used the falsified LAFD response data to justify taking $ 200 Million from the LAFD knowing that the result would be more needless deaths.

    It has progressed beyond the point of terrible roads and closed libraries and has advanced to depriving Angelenos of the life savings services of firemen and paramedics so that Garcetti can continue to shovel tons of tax dollars to his political cronies.

    When City lies cause needless deaths, then the line into criminality has been crossed.

  20. Wayne from the most corrupt-run city in America subbing in for Ron (9/2/12) says:

    Ron’s currently on special assignment. He’s trying to figure out why he didn’t sell his house at the top of the Housing Bubble and then move away from L.A. Now America will see and hear the Dummy Mayor of L.A. and maybe these damn comatose voters in the so-called “swing-states” will vote in Romney and vote in a whole new Senate and Congress in Nov. We Californians are just too damn fucking dumb to do this, so the other States where the electorate isn’t made up of welfare cheats/pets/deceased/out of staters, and the double-voters will have to carry the heavy load AND UNLOAD AS MANY OF THESE DUMB ASS DUMBO-CRATS AS CAN BE HUMANLY DONE!

  21. Anonymous says:

    “It’s worth pointing out again that the only jobs durazo and her cronies care about are construction, hotel, stadium etc. the jobs that require low skills, minimum education—-” . As such, developments and unneeded density must continue in LA. Durazo and the unions need that to survive at the peril of existing residents. There is no way out other than to leave LA cause all labor-puppets LA politicians have to support this density agenda with pseudonyms like “elegant density’, “mixed use” etc. The Hollywood Community Plan is an example of what is in store for the rest of the city. Read the article “LA violates your due process rights” in LA Weekly to get an idea of how City Hall colludes in robbing residents of even their basic due process rights. And, there are no consequences. The same wretches will be elected again and again.

  22. Anonymous says:

    There are several comments here that have also been posted on LA Weekly’s article “LA violates your due process rights” by Jill Stewart. Her response shows that no compaint has been filed with the DA. Once the corruption has been unearthed, the logical step is to follow-up with the pertinent authorities. We can’t expect Ron to file the charges.

    “Thanks for the comments everyone. At this time, there is no investigation of those at City Hall who illegally violated the due process rights of Hollywood residents. It’s my understanding that DA Steve Cooley’s office looks into political corruption mostly based on formal complaints by citizens and others. At this point, I am not aware of any formal complaint being made to Cooley on this violation by the city and City Council but we will keep our ears open! — Jill Stewart”

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