2JobBob Blumenfield Meets His Constituents Who Want to Know Why He’s Running for Two Offices Simultaneously

This unedited video speaks for itself.

The participants are me, Assemblyman Bob Blumenfield,  and Elizabeth Badger and Steve Presberg – two of the citizen candidates challenging 2JobBob for City Council District 3 in the Valley. Behind the Flip camera is retired NBC4 reporter Doug Kriegel, who is considering joining the race to succeed Dennis Zine.

All you need to know to make up your own minds about whether this video means anything or not is the where and the when of it.

It took place in an alley behind Romantix Adult Boutique on Sherman Way just east of Owensmouth in Canoga Park, a location several hundred yards south of where the Assembly Budget Chairman had announced in emails and in a taxpayer-paid snail-mailing that he would  conduct “sidewalk office hours.”

He says these are quarterly one-on-ones with constituents, in this case occurring six weeks before he will win re-election to a third and final term in the Legislature — a 100 percent certainty even in the very unlikely case that he were to be exposed as the culprit in a despicable scandal and decide to flee to Brazil to avoid extradition.

Bob and his staff chose this location because it was the biggest night of the year in terms of what City Hall does for Canoga Park to enrich its cultural, artistic and communal life – Canoga Park ArtRageous Art Walk, 6-10 p.m., no street closures.

We waited in line for half an hour as about a dozen people held private meetings with Bob, people like an elderly immigrant from England, a US citizen, who wanted affordable housing for people like her so she wouldn’t be so dependent on her daughter.

Only one person was waiting behind us when Elizabeth Badger, a founder of a non-profit service organization, greeted Blumenfield as a friend from their previous contacts.

Like Badger, Steve Presberg – a labor relations expert in the city’s Personnel Department – was reluctant to confront Bob with the question that was on our minds.

That was my job. I’m retired. I don’t want even one job.

FOOTNOTE: I was amazed to see two CHP officers hanging around and arranging a parking place in a no-parking area for the Assemblyman. Even more incredibly, as far as I was concerned, I learned that it is standard operating procedure for California Highway Patrol officers to act as bodyguards whenever the 120 state legislators are in public, even for all I know when they are in private. At a time when teachers are being fired, the neediest denied basic care, the middle class squeezed from every direction, and the richest facing massive tax increases, the State of California and local police agencies instituted massive security protections for public officials at every level in the wake of the shooting of Gabby Giffords, the Arizona Congresswoman.

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  1. Now, Bob made it quite clear that his “appearance” was as an Assembly person meeting with his constituents. To be sure he is approached at just the right time, might I suggest he have three hats? 1) Not campaigning (yeah, right) and just meeting with “the people.” 2) Campaigning for his State seat 3) Campaigning for City Council

    That way we can be absolutely sure we are not intruding on the wrong Bob, ’cause, you know, we wouldn’t want to do that now, would we?

    1. I’m with you except I think I was redistricted out of CD3. Why they took one narrow north/south strip of the far-west West Valley and attached it to Chatsworth is beyond me.

  2. Thank you for letting us know what occurred last night in Canoga Park.

    You write: “Only one person was waiting behind us when Elizabeth Badger, a founder of a non-profit service organization, greeted Blumenfield as a friend from their previous contacts.
    Like Badger, Steve Presberg – a labor relations expert in the city’s Personnel Department – was reluctant to confront Bob with the question that was on our minds.
    That was my job. I’m retired. I don’t want even one job”

    Ron, “it ain’t over ’til it is over” . Holdiing office is a responsibility not a right to get
    your own way”. Today’s Mayor and City Council as well as Governor and Legislature
    appear to have forgotten . Some of us know better. That is our job. Shining the
    light on infractions.

  3. Ron thank you for confronting Bob on this obvious arrogant abuse of power. The L.A times stated , a few weeks ago, that 3 other assemblymen have filed papers to run to city council. This is true, however for Blumenfeld, is the only one who has just been awarded a guaranteed 2 years in CA Assembly. Blumenfeld is not in the middle of his last term or terming out as the other assemblymen running for City Council, he has, in essence, just won the primary.

    Not only is this an arrogant move, it is tantamount to giving the “finger” to the citizens who trusted and voted for him a few weeks back in the June primary. Citizens who were expecting him to serve them another two years . . How many of us have a guaranteed 2 year job awaiting us?

    This is not, as his strategist calls “a way for Bob to continue to serve..”. If service is his goal…why not serve the 2 years that the electorate just gave him in June, and will be ratified in the general election in November.

    This is an act of selfishness, entitlement and greed, and “serving” the citizens of San Fernando Valley has nothing to do with it! This is a way of guaranteeing himself a 12 year job….a pure act of act of greed, entitlement and arrogance!

    Thank you, Ron, for placing a “spotlight” on this level of abuse.


  4. Thank you Ron for covering this. We are featuring a link to your site on our home page, so our visitors can follow what you are doing. Your video report here will be remembered as as milestone in how campaigns are covered from now on. We were shocked to learn how many former California Legislators are elected and serving on the L A City Council and with those who are running for election in 2013 get elected that would make ten out of fifteen City Council members would be former Legislators who are double dipping the taxpayers for more salaries, perks and pensions. 2 job Bob did not answer your question as to who was going to pay the million dollars for a special election if he wins both seats.
    Maybe his buddies in the Legislature will pass a special law, so that he can serve in both capacities. They have the power to do that and anything they want…. public be damned.

    1. and remember Tony Cardenas…
      announced he is running for Congress
      in new 29th “Latino” district BEFORE he was
      sworn into his third term on LA city council…
      sin verguenza…
      so you know what you will get…
      more hubris…more corruption…

  5. I don’t know Bob Blumenthal and would probably be revolted by his record if I did know. I am also disgusted with the direction that the Mayor and his cohorts have lead the city of LA–I wish they would concentrate on fixing sidewalks, not football stadiums.

    At the same time, I think it is unfair to pillory Bluementhal for doing EXACTLY the same thing that Paul Ryan and Joe Biden do and have done: namely run for 2 offices at the same time. One is not “anointed” to the position of Vice President; one runs for it.

    If the issue is where Blumenthal gets his support, then we need to be promting Proposition 32, not condemning someone for running for office. I expect that forthwith Ron will castigate anyone who runs for 2 offices simultaneously regardless of their political ideology.

    1. and remember Tony Cardenas…
      announced he is running for Congress in new
      29th “Latino” district BEFORE he was
      sworn into his third term on LA city council…
      sin verguenza…
      so you know what you will get…
      more hubris…more corruption…

  6. hey wait, are we talking about Bob Blumenfield? Blumenfeld? or Blumenthal? or Broomfield? How many of them are there? Are you certain he is only running for two elective offices, it may be more.

  7. You are right, of course, and I am sorry I misspelled his name. And, now tell me, how do you differiate between what Blumenfield is doing and what Paul Ryan is doing on the National level now and Joe Biden did in 2008?

  8. This is silly. The Paul Ryan example was a perfect fit and a valid comment by Blumenfield. Both were approached by people and asked to run for other offices. Ryan did and Blumenfield may. If one is wrong, then they both clearly are wrong.

    1. For one, the election is at the same time…like Biden 2008, one would presume he would only be taking one office.

      Granted, it would be cleaner if he stepped out of WICD1, but circumstances are much more unique for a legislator running for an executive office.

      But are people really so supportive of BB, or just trying to get their licks in on bashing Obamaalternatives? Maybe we can start up Ronkayeusa for that?

      1. You make an interesting point that one difference is that the election is on the same day. Does that make it better or worse? Clearly, people voting for Ryan as VP may also wish it that he rep them in Congress. But if he does win as VP, the people’s representative will be appointed to fill out a full term. And, that bothers me as it did when Biden did the same thing.

        In the case of BB, voters will know if he has retained the Assembly seat and can assume that he values the city councill seat more. That still feels pretty tacky particularly for those who voted to retain him as their assemblyman.

        What I resent and take offense to is the notion that my posting was a) supportive of BB or b) bashing Obama alternatives. This is exactly the kind of discourteous projection that stops discussion and thinking . I delibrately included both Biden and Ryan to keep my comments bipartisan.

        BB could be the biggest jerk on earth or a walking miracle and it doesn’t matter to me as I don’t live in his district. But, I am concerned about fair play and I wanted to know if different standards were being applied here.

        For the love of god, take off your partisan hat sometimes. It might blow some fresh air into discussions.

        1. This response, to someone else, was answering yet again the differences between BB and other examples…with attempts to be non-partisan and on-topic.

          Nobody is surprised to see pol’s run for multiple offices, simultaneously or otherwise.

          So, then, your point (and a few others) is to challenge Ron’s attempts to intimidate BB out of the race disengeneously?

          Fair enough…but please don’t take offense.

      2. Ryan is running for reelection to Congress this year and he had the option of pulling his name off the ballot and letting the Republican state central committee pick his endorsement or have a September special election and instead he chose to keep his name on the ballot. Blumenfield is not definitely running, he is simply considering it and if he chooses to run, he will have to convince voters he can do the job just like everyone else.

  9. Only watched half of the video. Bob comes across as a slimy worthless pos that he is.
    So he claims he worked for a movie producer and a non profit and this gives him understanding of real life???
    And he is proud of serving the valley. Sure the toilet that the valley has become the last 10 years or so. I remember the stretch of Sherman way in canoga park. Would you even want to be there? Filth, poverty, does not even look like the United States.

  10. I’m proud of you Ron for asking the questions which the gutless constituents the weazel Bob Blumenfield keeps alluding to never ask. The man needs to be kicked out of both offices and find a real private sector job. He is disgusting and anyone who votes for him has no idea of the crap they keep electing. As for the CHP troopers to protect the weasel, I’m no longer willing to pay for cops/CHP pay and benefits who make more than I can ever dream of. No more tax increases till their numbers and benefits are cutback drastically. It is government employees and their pensions that will finally implode California but weasels will survive.

  11. I’ve only DECLARED my INTENTION to run for the CD3 cesspool. I’ve got so many campaign donators and other sponsors from China that I don’t need to campaign. I just put my name on the ballot and I get automatically elected! This while the CHP clears you the dirt under my fingernails (the taxpayers) from my parking spaces and my freedom of movement. I’m earning MILLIONS of bucks doing this too! What are all of you doing? Huh? You all are too fat, lazy, and busy feeding your faces with your EBT cards while collecting SSI or SS to vote for anyone else other than me, the Saintly Democrat from the Valley. Can any of you name me WHO is running against me for my Assembly Seat? Of course not. Don’t worry, Just let me run your lives and tax you while you pay me to live like a Royal, okay?
    Oh, I have to run to a fundraiser (the ones in Alleys.)

    1. See, this is what I don’t understand. We vote for anyone but him, yet he wins.
      Can someone please explain this? Is it a clerk counting thing?

    2. One can not receive Food Stamps in CA while receiving SSI(which is Supplemental Security Income and not Social Security) cause an argument between the USDA/SSA and the State of CA, anyone who says this is not true does not know what they are talking about at all, I could even go so far as to call some a LIAR. I get SSI since I’m severely disabled, so I would know and do know.

  12. To 2-Job:

    I would say you are a very cynical human being. I see what you mean when you say: “even if I do not win the election, I win” because you are collecting campaign
    funds in the millions. Now the other side of the coin, they support you because you will be in a position to make deals (like City Council and the AEG), if you win.

    I know I don’t like you. Why don’t you retire now, take your millions, get a new name and leave? I do not think a crook named Al Capone could have done it.

  13. I agree with the quote above by anonymous 9/22—I realize that I never get enough votes to win, yet I STILL WIN. I asked my campaign manager last night in the alley where we had our “fundraiser.” She said that she has the key to the vote computer and just adds enough votes to squeak me out a win. As for Al Capone, I think of him as a God! He should of, however, lived long enough to steal like I do along with my fellow Democrats without firing a shot. I had a copy of the Constitution on my kitchen table this morning. The cat got up on the table and urinated all over it. I thought that was really neat! I wish my cat could vote for me. But my neighbors’ dogs all get absentee ballots, but I don’t know how to do that. Maybe Ron knows?

  14. The reality that activists are unwilling to face is that Americans idealize white collar crime.

    City Hall will be infested with criminals like Garcetti and LaBonge and Wesson forever because Americans love criminals. That’s why American delude themselves that there is no significant White Collar crime. The entire mortgage crash of 2008 was due to criminal frauds from Countrywide right here in Southern California up to the largest Wall Street firms. There was no betting, not risk taking, or over leveraging — it was planned criminal fraud which judges in West District promoted so that the massive criminal enterprise of the fraudulently bundled mortgages and Credit Default Swaps could grow so large that criminal enterprise brought down the world economy. [Let’s remember judges are only lawyers dressed all in black.]


    For years, L.A. City Council has funneled over $1.5 BILLION dollars to their developer buddies, while cutting services to citizens. The most outrageous crime was the fraudulent Jan 12, 2011 LAFD report which Garcetti used to steal an additional $200 Million from the LAFD budget so that he would have enough money to continuing giving to his best buds like CIM Group. Criminologists recognize these recurrent criminal enterprises for what they are — “criminal enterprises.”

    The pattern is simple, (1) Lie about how well you are doing like saying the emergency response time are fine, (2) use the lie to steal money like saying we can cut the LAFD budget by $200 M because we’re doing so well. In this way citizens’ deaths pay for the corrupt payments to the developers. [And, the Voters looked upon this and called it “Good.”]

    Angelenos close their eyes to what is happening because they love making money by hook or crook. That’s why most Americans call for the government to end all regulations outlawing white collar crime.

    When LaBonge involved the Hollywood school children in his criminal Bait and Switch scam with the SAVE the PEAK scam to swindle people of out $12.5 Million to buy Cahuenga Peak for 1o times its value, the parents looked upon their children being taught that “it’s okay to cheat if you really want the money,” and they called it “good.”

    We have a crimogenic City hall because we are a crimogenic society.

    1. Thanks for the link…fascinating!

      I kept following cites from Gresham’s law, and Aristophanes:

      “The course our city runs is the same towards men and money.

      She has true and worthy sons.

      She has fine new gold and ancient silver,

      Coins untouched with alloys, gold or silver,

      Each well minted, tested each and ringing clear.

      Yet we never use them!

      Others pass from hand to hand,

      Sorry brass just struck last week and branded with a wretched brand.

      So with men we know for upright, blameless lives and noble names.

      These we spurn for men of brass…”

      1. Very well said, but too few understand Gresham’s law. It works for councilmen also. Corrupt councilmen drive out honest ones although the mechanism is somewhat different.

        we are not hording the good gyys somewhere, but crime pays and the more a councilman will let his buddies loot the city hall, the more cash they give him to run for office.

        Crimes does pay, and whoever said otherwise was a propagandist for criminals trying to cut down on the competition.

  15. This is outrageous. Who will pay for the special election when 2job bob gets elected to the council. Vote for anyone but him and save the state $1-million

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