Controller Zine? Doesn’t the City’s Chief Accountant/Auditor Need to Pass 2nd Grade Arithmetic and Count to 10?

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever paid any attention to the mad rush to approve the massive investment of public resources and land in a football stadium and white elephant Convention Center that the process of public scrutiny and review got chopped again Tuesday.

CEQA — the cornerstone of California Democrats claim to more superiority on the environment — was gutted and its timelines for comment and judicial reviewof the 10,000-page EIR sharply limited by the governor and the Legislature.

The whole process has been a mockery to give Denver billionaire Phil Anschutz and his LA enforcer Tim Leiweke whatever they want without asking any hard questions or getting anything in return for the public.

On Tuesday, they even crimped the 24-day period for review of the development agreement to 10 days — something that left the man who would be City Controller supervising dozens of accountants and auditors, the man responsible for the city’s money, babbling incoherently and as usual without an ounce of integrity.

He was troubled about it being calendar days and not work days and couldn’t get the numbers straight about the difference and what means. The expressions on the faces of Chief Legislative Analyst Gerry Miller and Council President Herb Wesson and the audience laughing at Zine tell you what a fool he is.

You heard it for yourself: Zine, the retired traffic cop drawing $300,000 a year in pension and salary and hoping to get even more for the rest of his life if he wins the Controller’s race, will have to borrow other people’s toes and fingers to do the counting in his financially responsible role.

Despite his blathering protests of utterly no consequence as usual, Zine went along with the unanimous approval to make it impossible for an intelligent discussion on whether this is a deal that has any real benefits to the people of Los Angeles.

Advocates for the poor and minority communities of Pico-Union, South LA and downtown have already sued with the help of the ACLU and will no doubt come away with a better deal than the rest of the city which will continue paying $50 million or more a year to subsidize the failure of the rebuilt Convention Center just as they have during its two previous stillborn reincarnations.

LA Times columnist Jim Newton, hardly a harsh critic of City Hall’s failures, had this to say Monday:

AEG, the developer, has so successfully courted influence over the years that it’s hard to trust city and state officials to drive a hard bargain. The proposal cruised through the City Council (the mayor was tossing around a football before negotiations had even begun), and the company called on its friends in labor and the environmental movement to bring Sacramento on board.

At this point, the project has essentially come down to two votes. This week, the city Planning Commission will consider AEG’s environmental impact report. And by the end of the month, the City Council will have done the same. If they grant final approval, then all power over the project will be in the hands of AEG, so if there are concessions left to get, now’s the time to get them.

Most potential critics of the deal have melted away or been ground down by AEG’s connections…

The council, however, needs to understand something it seems not to have fully grasped: The public is deeply skeptical that its elected officials are negotiating the best possible deal here because those officials are supported by AEG and its labor allies. There’s a way to address that skepticism. It’s to drive a hard bargain that brings maximum benefit to the city and still allows this project to proceed.

C’mon Jim, you knew when you wrote that this will be over in the blink of an eye by the end of the month thanks to Tuesday’s thoughtless action so you will not see City Hall “protect the public treasury” as you suggested or to seek out experts who can show this whole deal is nothing but monkey business.

Football stadiums don’t make money. Convention Centers don’t make money. LA doesn’t make money; AEG does.

Nothing wrong with that except when the greed of Phil Anchutz and his lackeys is so great that they push one of the greatest entertainers of all-time in Michael Jackson over the edge and kill him.

Then, they shamelessly then sue the insurer they lied to about his condition, Lloyds of London, for the $17.5 million policy they wrote even though they made $250 million exploiting rehearsals for his aborted concert tour and the theater of his funeral.

“This Is It,” they called it without a hint of irony.

Lloyd’s of London is no one to fool with. They found a way to leak the incriminating emails written by AEG executives who knew the fragile Michael Jackson was over the edge and didn’t care because money was on the table.

The LA Times printed them but so what? The council didn’t care that Phil Anschutz is by their definitions an anti-gay, racist, hate-monger who represents everything they abhor.

In the dead of night Monday with nobody but CNN, TMZ and the London Daily Mail watching, AEG drops its lawsuit against Lloyd’s of London — nothing to do with the emails they said in direct contradiction of everything they had said before.

Ask yourself: What kind of leadership is there at City Hall if no one there gives a damn  about who they do business with and whether it’s in the public interest?

Watch this video and see how Ed Reyes and Paul Krekorian treat you like idiots and have not a single concern about surrendering to AEG and the unions they have cut a despicable deal with that you will have to pay for:

You will note Paul Krekorian didn’t know if the development agreement with AEG was publicly available and clearly pointed out that Council members didn’t even have copies of it.

I looked at the Planning Department website and eventually found the agenda for Thursday’s meeting  when it will be rubber-stamped — surrendering all authority to AEG — and found a document that may or may not be the development agreement on the agenda.

This is your LA — love it or leave it.

9 thoughts on “Controller Zine? Doesn’t the City’s Chief Accountant/Auditor Need to Pass 2nd Grade Arithmetic and Count to 10?”

  1. Zine who can’t count wants to be Controller; Jan Perry in bed with AEG wants to deprive the public of the full 24 days, but wants to be Mayor; Garcetti is silent, but wants to be Mayor; and Gruel is silent but wants to be Mayor. Even as the CAO is reporting that the cost to build the Conevention Center is much greater than what AEG reported last year, the stadium is being steamrolled with inadequate public scrutiny so AEG can make more money and impoverish the taxpayers even more. All the major dailies are rooting for the stadium and the bulk of the LA population is clueless as usual. City Hall will continue to be populated with rotating scum who will fleece the dumb and disinterested voters. The increasingly good choice is the one offered by Mayor Riordan a while back–leave LA.

  2. Angelenos get the shaft because they’re weenies. It is patently illegal under the Brown Act not to deliberate in public and with an in unison voting rate exceeding 99%, the decisions are not being made in public, but everyone too afraid to do anything.

    Well, not everyone. HUNC just called for a Federal Grand Jury over City Hall corruption. Their focus was the falsified LAFD response data and the deceptions over the 75% downsizing their 2 acre Regional Fire Station.

    Yes, death stalks the Hills, but the likes of Garcetti, Zine, LaBonge, and Villababosa never thought that anyone would actually take action.

    Let’s face it, the same corrupt city hall that thought raiding the LAFD budget to give away loot to their buddies is the city hall that kowtows to AEG. Why? Not because, AEG is that powerful, but because Angelenos, except of HUNC, are that intimidated.

    Only a Federal Grand jury can ferret out the behind the scenes political machinations to slashing the LAFD, and only a Federal Grand Jury will subpoena the records of councilmembers to see who’s been promising what to whom.

    AEG & LAFD falsified data — it’s the same puppet masters pulling the strings. It’s time to call the Marines — er, the Feds.

  3. You have an opportunity to “put up or shutup” if you are a LA resident:

    1. Make sure you are still registered to vote in LA.
    2. Vote for Kevin James for Mayor.
    3. Vote for “anybody but” Zine for City Controller – My choice is Cary Brazeman.

    Donate to the above two candidates early and make sure all your LA contacts are encouraged to vote for the above candidates.

    You can thank Mr. John Walsh of Hollywood for the proving the success of “anybody but” campaign against Michael Woo for Mayor, way back when.

  4. Dennis Zine is a pathetic City Councilmember and he would be even less than that as the City’s Controller. It is time for Dennis to retire. Any bets where he will live? ( It will not be within the limits of Los Angeles.) Yes, Cary Brazeman, a local activist and experience communicator, is the man to bring needed change to the Controller’s office.

    And did anyone notice that no press releases on the accomplishments of Wendy Greuel, City Controller, went out to you until after she declared she was running for Mayor? I thought so…………….

  5. These incompetent clowns just proved to the entire Nation what many have been saying for years that they are the most corrupt group of politicians this City has seen. To help a developer because of a deadline instead of the Public who pay taxes and their salaries and who they represent is OUTRAGEOUS!!! This story should be blasted out on all your email groups to alert the public who are fed up with City Council. AT the next Mayoral Debate every single candidate should be asked about this issue especially Perry and Garcetti.

  6. The Planning Department spent a fortune to send
    me a notice of the meeting?????? Wierd, isn’t it? I do not go
    to their meetings. I used to go, but no longer capable. I suppose they will
    tell each other I agree with whatever they decide.

    I am referring to: “I looked at the Planning Department website and eventually found the agenda for Thursday’s meeting when it will be rubber-stamped — surrendering all authority to AEG — and found a document that may or may not be the development agreement on the agenda.”

  7. In Zine’s valley field office, they are putting up a new sign that tells anyone who enters that they ARE SUBJECT TO ARREST IF FOUND “DISRUPTING” his staff from sleeping, surfing, and blabbing on their cellphones while on City time! HA HA HA!!! What a SCHMUCK we have in CD3. And AEG has to buy this clown 8 years as the controller? Isn’t 12 years enough for this useless clown. No wonder he bought that house in West Hollywood, maybe he can become a clownmember on their dime?

  8. Unilateral Disarmament in the face of continued aggression has become the hallmark of the tea party folks. They believe that Americans should remain defenseless in the face of incessant raids on their lives, pocketbooks, homes, etc.

    When some crook like AEG wants to steal a few more billion from Angelenos, the public accommodates them by passing new laws that eviscerate the CEQA regulations — CEQA is a regulation on developers, and as all the faithful know, any and all regulations are bad. Just ask Paul Ryan and Mitty “I criticize Americans trying to stay alive in the Egyptian Embassy” Romney. Harkening back to earlier days of American history, “The only good regulation is a dead regulation.” All praise to Grover Norquist, god’s emissary on earth.

    Only by getting rid of all consumer protection statutes and ending all environment controls that thwart developers like AEG can America return to the pristine good old days where might made right.

    Americans who believe in fighting for their homes, families well being and lives are few and far between. AEG will create a nightmare and suck about $ 2 Billion from the tax base, while the tea party cheers them on, “End regulations, end regulations, end regulations. Down with CEQA, down with CEQA.”

    Oh Yes and let’s not forget that other tea party complaint, “Firemen and paramedics are bad.”

    Yes, Americans firmly believe in unilateral disarmament in face of 3 decades of attacks. The wealthy steal more and more leaving the poor and middle class to literally die without health care, without firemen, without paramedics, but Americans continue to demand more unilateral disarmament to combat the corruption.

    One contrarian group, HUNC, called for a Federal Grand Jury into the downsizing of the LAFD and the resulting deaths. The tea baggers object. We cannot let the evil firemen and paramedics have the tax dollars which must go to the real estate developers — developers are free enterprise; firemen have unions. Let’s cut the bad firemen and give the LAFD money to developers. It’s the American way.

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