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Here’s a Question to Ask TwoJobBob at his ‘Sidewalk Office’ Hours Thursday: Which Job, Bob — Council or Assembly?


At taxpayer expense, TwoJobBob Blumenfield — author of four consecutive phony budgets  that have played havoc with our schools, punished the neediest people and jeopardized California’s future for everyone — sent out a mass mailing through the US Postal Service announcing he will hold “Sidewalk Office” Hours at 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, 7248 Owensmouth Ave., at the Canoga Park ArtRageous Art Walk.

The free community event at Sherman Way between Canoga and Topanga is sponsored by the City Department of Cultural Affairs, Canoga Park Improvement Association and Canoga Park Centennial Celebration is intended to bring people together for family fun with musicians, artists, vendors and food trucks.

And, of course, a politician properly named TwoJobBob who will be there to boost his candidacy for the two public offices he is running for simultaneously — re-election in November to the Assembly where he is Budget Commitee Chairman and election in the March primary to the City Council for the seat now held by termed-out Dennis Zine.

In his mailer with its giant American flag on the cover and the words “bringing government to the people,” TwoJobBob puts it differently, saying it is part of his “ongoing effort to be available to speak one-on-one with constituents” and to “offer you the chance to ask questions, offer your views and get information about state issues.”

So let’s take TwoJobBob up on his offer and ask him some questions like:

How can he justify the public paying for a blatantly self-serving mailer political mailer?

How can he justify using a community cultural event for self-serving political purposes that have nothing to do with Art Walk??

Which job, Bob — the one that pays $180,000 a year with lifetime pension, free car and other perks and 20 staffers to wait on you hand and foot or the one that pays half that with no pension and fewer perks, the one you could serve in for 12 years or the one you are termed-out of in two years?

If you win both jobs, Bob, and resign from the Assembly, won’t that leave your beloved constituents without legislative representation for many months and cost more than $1 million for a special election?

Will you pay for the special election or stick the bill to the taxpayers like all those other bills you stuck the public with in the last four years?

Hopefully, a lot of your constituents will show up and put these and other questions to you and demand you choose: Which job Bob?

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3 Responses to Here’s a Question to Ask TwoJobBob at his ‘Sidewalk Office’ Hours Thursday: Which Job, Bob — Council or Assembly?

  1. Teddy says:

    I will ask, why vote for him at all? He is good at one thing only. No, not holding
    office. He is GOOD at taking advantage of our election laws and the fact that the voters don’t “bother” to vote!

    Thank you, Ron, for pointing out to us how he uses us.

  2. Wayne from the most corrupt city in history (Chicago is #2 again) whose post awaits moderation says:

    Bob “Mitt” Blumenfield, aka 2JOBBOB, proves one thing to me:

  3. LA Moderator says:

    The interesting thing about his winning both races, is that in the Special Election to fill his seat, he’d be in the position of using his machine to foster a like-minded replacement, while his current (Republican) challanger would be back to square one….

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