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Library Cards as ‘Universal’ ID for Illegals Is Crazy — A Symptom of the Cowardice and Incompetence at City Hall

The LA Public Library website explains the requirement you must meet to be issued a card that allows a person to take out books and other materials

Library Cards are free to residents of California. You must, however, have photo identification with your name and current address. Identification can be a California driver’s license or an ID card issued by the DMV. ID cards issued by the Mexican, Argentinian and Korean consulates can be used as the sole ID requirement for obtaining a library card.

If you don’t have a driver’s license or ID card, then present two of the following, one of which must be a photo ID and one of which must have your current address: Passport, school ID card, other government issued photo ID, employee ID card, printed personal check, credit card statement, rental or property tax receipt, or business mail with current postmark.

Got none of the above because you are part of the underworld of illegal immigrants living without an identity and surviving in an underground economy, no problem.

We’ll accept almost anything that looks remotely like ID because keeping the doors of our libraries open — no small feat since it took a vote of the people to override the mayor and City Council’s to close them a third of time — and encouraging everyone to use the books, the computers, the access to knowledge in our libraries, that’s something we overwhelmingly support.

It is just a library card, not valid identification for anything else. But Richard Alarcon, the accused felon still being paid $15,000 and building credit for  full lifetime pension and Herb Wesson, the smiling face of the ruthless use of power in LA, have proposed in the name of what they call “citizen literacy” to make the library card a “Universal City Services Card.”

If they have their way, they “would combine the use of a library card with a debit card and Work Source Center function . . . In the future, the Card can be expanded to add functionalities of additional Departments, and in the short term the card can be used as a tangible focus to begin coordinating financial literacy offerings at our Libraries and harnessing new technology to improve services.”

No such thing as a free lunch in the fantasies of Alarcon and Wesson, no sirree, they would make the poorest among us pay maybe 50 bucks for this library cards and even $2.99 a month more because they believe libraries should provide the “full spectrum of skills needed to fulfill the role of citizenship in the 21St century. These include reading and writing, but numeracy, financial literacy , and even as centers for ‘citizen literacy,’ with citizenship classes and voter registration, for example.”

It’s one thing to loan books to people whose identities are in question or let them use the computers in our libraries. If they abuse the privilege, they will soon be cut off but how many people steal from the libraries? OK, more than they should but it’s a cost of doing business.

But if you give someone identification with a photo and official government agency seal of approval, you ought to have a fair chance of knowing who the person is and how to find them.

That’s why in the absence of immigration reform that recognizes the reality of 15 or 20 illegal immigrants on the ground, sorts out the law-abiding, hard-working from the riffraff and criminal is the only sane answer to a national problem.

Barring that, the state — even a city like Los Angeles — could issue driver’s licenses, even “Universal City Services Cards” to anyone without regard to their status.

But we got to know who they really are.

Think about what the system knows about you, what it could know whenever it wants about whatever it wants about you and me. Every purchase on credit card. Everything you bought on Ralph’s Card. Every phone call. If you mattered enough, they could record every  cell call, every sound in your home from a microphone far away, even a bee-sized drone overhead watch you.

And they wouldn’t need a search warrant.

Don’t you think we ought to have a picture and a thumb print, a birth certificate and some reasonably verifiable way to track you down before we give you a license to be a human being despite your immigration status. We could require the whole family to step forward  and be identified, even require classes in rights and responsibilities

Guys like Alarcon and Wesson — professional politicians incapable of doing anything else to earn a living, certainly not do the work the poor people they pretend to speak for are doing — will say and do anything to please their benefactors.

Read the motion they put forward yourself — it goes on and on about literacy — but it is a dishonest and wrongheaded way to deal with a real problem.

Quite simply, they are liars — and cowards, for that matter.

If I had the power Herb Wesson has these days, I would set up the Department of Driver Licenses of Illegal Immigrants and we would do what we should do for all of what are roughly 10 percent of the population of Los Angeles:

We would demand to know who they are, photos, fingerprints, records and we would give them and their families identification and a big warm welcome.

Citizens of Los Angeles. We would free them from exploitation and require them to make their way through life as well as they can, obeying, the law, paying taxes, bringing their culture and values into the mix, raising their kids with hope instead of driving them into gangs — and biding their time until the day comes when we judge people for who they are as individuals and hold them to standards at least as high as most of the rest of us.

Reporter Catherine Saillant at the LA Times just discovered this radical proposal a month after the Alarcon-Wesson cabal proposed it (that’s because if you read the motion it does somersaults and contortions to conceal its purpose):

“Los Angeles officials are considering a plan to turn the library card into a form of identification that the city’s large illegal immigrant population could use to open bank accounts and access an array of city services. The City Council last month voted unanimously to study the plan … “

For the “estimated 300,000 residents who don’t have bank accounts or debit cards,” she reports, the ID card would include a user’s name, address and a photograph, and would be issued through the city’s libraries. The city would partner with a private vendor to set up bank accounts for those who want to use the library ID as a debit card.”

Who would be eligible: “Anyone able to provide proof of L.A. residency would be eligible for the library card.”

Like a bill or a piece of mail to an address in the city – anything at all because these are people who are being ripped off by payday lenders and others because they don’t have direct deposit, international and domestic money transfers and the debit function like the rest of us at banks.

That’s the view of the leading proponent of this shot into the hearts of all those who are legal, who are taxpaying, who are law-abiding and caring – none other than Councilman Richard Alarcon, the accused perjurer and felon whose position has allowed him to stall his trial endlessly while he runs for another public office and put his ambitious daughter into a city commission paying her a six-figure income looking for a chance to run for the Council herself.

“They can be scammed and taken advantage of,” Alarcon said. “This will help end that.”

Alarcon said it would help promote “financial literacy” among immigrants. “We test students all the time on academic ability,” he said. “But we don’t determine if they are capable of handling their financial affairs. The foreclosure crisis demonstrated that there are a lot of people who are not.”

Really? A lot of illegal immigrants bought houses at the height of the housing boom and are being hard hit by foreclosures by banks who lent them hundreds of thousands of dollars without identification of any sort?

“The cards would not be a substitute for driver’s licenses and would not provide any protection from deportation by federal immigration authorities,” the Times reassures readers.

No a driver’s license would make sense, this proposal does not. These people are out of their minds in proposing this even if they don’t really mean it.

There is such a thing as right and wrong and you can be sure 99 percent of illegal immigrants know difference that Alarcon, Wesson and the people who want this don’t.

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29 Responses to Library Cards as ‘Universal’ ID for Illegals Is Crazy — A Symptom of the Cowardice and Incompetence at City Hall

  1. Sierra says:

    I’ll repeat myself:

    You have an opportunity to “put up or shutup” if you are a LA resident:

    1. Make sure you are still registered to vote in LA.
    2. Vote for Kevin James for Mayor.
    3. Vote for “anybody but” Zine for City Controller – My choice is Cary Brazeman.

    Donate to the above two candidates early and make sure all your LA contacts are encouraged to vote for the above candidates.

    Also don’t forget the success of “No on Measure 8″

  2. Wayne from the 2nd most corrupt city in history (Chicago is #1) says nothing can stop these bastards says:

    Like watching a tsunami comming to shore to wipe out a city or island in its path, I can only watch Wesson and Alarcon and the 13 other thugs wipe out this 2nd largest city in America. AEG, Magic scumbag Johnson, Burkle, Lieweekly, Caruso, and the 70 or so major campaign donors will not cut these 15 idiots loose and step aside to allow fair and free elections in this City come March 2013! They have to pile on millions of dollars and BUY ALL THE SEATS OF POWER in L.A. so no one can but them gets anything. The whole corrupt system allows for this. Now we have lunacy like this library card scam. Who do you think will be the “vendor” for the banking? YOU’LL BET IT WILL A MAJOR CAMPAIGN DONOR! The NFL will never allow one of its franchises to set up shop in a City ran like this.
    L.A. is dying from a lack of leadership. Like a tree—you have to prune the dead branches and trim the good ones back and allow it to grow back and fill in the gaps.
    L.A. needs to have the 75 major campaign donors TAKE A FRIGGIN HIKE for a long while AND LET ELECTIONS be fair, free, and honest SO A NEW BREED OF LEADER EMERGES AND FIXES THIS GOD DAMNED MESS! In the short term, the 75 biggest donors will lose alot of clout and projects, but in the long term THE CITY WOULD AVOID BANKRUPTCY, AND CLEAN HOUSE! Then the NFL for one would come to L.A. and others would gladly return IF they had assurances that the City isn’t run by thugs, crooks, liars, cheats, and A-holes. Right now, the City is just too toxic for outsiders to come in and set up shop. Those of us who can, WILL LEAVE IF HUMANLY POSSIBLE. This sums up the problem and the only solution to it.

  3. Teddy says:

    Sierra – you have it right!

    United we stand, divided we fall. Let us clean house. Think, “How can I help
    to free us of their nonsense?” Are you able to run for office (time, want to
    free Los Angeles of these leeches, not necessarily interested in a career) .

    Thank you!!!

  4. Ricardo says:

    What everyone should be concerned with is the high identity theft in Los Angeles. The illegals immigrants are using fake documents and social security numbers now to get free services and welfare. Why can’t they use their Matricular Cards they have from their consulate? These is beyond outrageous. These library cards will allow them to start voting. Illegal immigrants already have bank accounts. They buy fake documents from MacArthur park and other areas. I can’t remember the last time these incompetent idiots did something positive for the LEGAL RESIDENTS of LA. By the way the media doesn’t report the fact that 1,000′s of Mexican Americans in this City oppose the Dream Act, support strong immigration reform. Huizar is allowing illegal vendors to use LAUSD school grounds on Saturdays to profit selling their goods and making tax free cash not pay taxes. Who is liable if someone gets hurt on those grounds? Where is the health dept. Huizar wants this citywide.

  5. Teddy says:

    Yes, Ricardo. Why are they successful?
    Incredible! Our city government is actually
    scheming for this kind of city. But we are
    not in Mexico. And almost all money
    earned here is sent to famiies in Mexico.
    They have socialism in Mexico.

  6. Kent Ried says:

    Calling this card a “library card” is an error. My understanding is that the “City Services” card would be issued by library staff, but would not be a library card, per se. Admittedly, The City Services card, once acquired, could be used to obtain a library card – but the reality is that this would be an additional, new service provided by the library – and would put the library in the business of issuing IDs (for a fee;) an entirely new and separate function. The picture ID card would not replace the present borrowers card for library patrons.

  7. MissAnthrope says:

    Yes, Teddy and Ricardo, they are trying to make this Mexico Norte with all its poor and corrupted. Even that idiot NYC Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday that we should encourage them to come so they can join our work force. We don’t have enough jobs for our own people and he wants us to import labor???

    Remember this is the same idiot who just got N.Y.’s city council to pass a law banning super-sized beverages from certain establishments.

    I wonder how many Waynes there are in NYC who can’t wait to get out of that shitty city.

  8. anonymous says:

    “they are liars – and cowards”…
    very good…truth speaks volumes…
    papeles, no…
    revolucion, si…

  9. Tyndon Clusters says:

    Ron, it must be pointed out that we could have the state issue drivers licenses to illegals which would require a picture and fingerprints so that at least law enforcement would have these tools available to help them catch the crooks.

    But thanks to the republican nutjobs who see this as the first step to Aztlan, we are left with the clueless and corrupt city officials to fill the vacuum with their own brand of liberal stupidity.

    So when you wingnuts complain about the idiot Alarcon, look in the mirror since its the lunacy of the tea party that has caused this loon to get nvolved.

    My solution to the immigration problem combines both the liberal and conservative positions.

    First, we must seal tight the borders.

    Second, we are not gong to mass deport those already here. 15 million illegals would take 200,000 bus trips to get them all back.

    The illegals would then have to apply for citizenship and pass a criminal check. If clean, they are on probation for 3 years and allowed to resume their life. If criminal offenses appear on their record, bye-bye.

    A processing fee of $5000 per family would be implemented, payable over a 5 year period.

    Lets drop the BS on both sides which have led us to the abyss of insanity, Lets constructively deal with this problem like adults.

    • Golem says:

      Please blame the Republicans. When the Democrats outnumber Republicans 2 to 1 in this State, it’s great that you have given the real minority such importance. Ijit…

    • Who's Who? says:

      I agree with most of what you say, except for sealing the borders. It is too expensive and not effective.

      The best way to get rid of the illegals is to destroy the economy so they will have no work. We seem to be trying that and I hear that about 1 million left.

      On the other hand we could use our brains and think — I know there is a GOP plank in the Texas platform which says we should not teach critical thinking skills in schools. Outlawing thinking is one goal we seem to have achieved.

      But, if we did think, we would realize that labor comes to where it can find work. If America is productive, it attracts workers. If business needs workers and there are none, then the economy suffers, which in time will reduce the magnet for illegal workers and maybe another 1 Million will leave.

      We had an informal system where the workers were illegal but we looked the other way because they did jobs Americans will not do. Until America shifted the drug import route from Panama to Mexico, Mexican illegals had a very, very low arrest rate. Their crime rate was much lower than for Anglos and the statistics showed that Mexicans had far fewer drunks than Anglos, but who wants to let facts get in the way of the prejudices? They came here to work and often returned home seasonally. Also, when it is hard and expensive to get back into the US to work, once they get here, they are more likely to stay here. Thus, trying to seal the border increases the number of illegals. If Americans were chess players, we’d lose our King on the third move.

      This informal system was a classic example of free enterprise where the government was wise to mostly stay out. The government had to make certain the workers were paid so it would not allow farmers and other employers to call la migra to take away the workers before they were paid.

      That practice was bad for a couple reasons. (1) it gave an unfair economic advantage over other farmers who paid their workers, and (2) illegals would avoid areas where they weren’t paid and that harmed the economy of that entire region.

      If tea baggers weren’t ignorant KnowNothings, they would realize that illegal workers epitomize the free enterprise system about which they speak so much but know so little. The role of government was limited to protecting the Price System but other than that the employers and the employees made their own deals and the nation was more prosperous.

      The shifting of the drug trade through Mexico has been horrible for Mexico and has changed the make-up of those coming north. Once again, the real problem is the ignorance of Americans who insist on Prohibition. Get rid of Prohibition, and the illegal drug trade will disappear along with all the drug gangs.

      We Americans really are an ignorant lot of dumb asses.

  10. El Quixotian says:

    Let’s not settle for dealing with problems ‘like’ adults…let us act AS adults, and skip the name calling….

  11. Teresa Marquez says:

    Is election year, and candidates will promise, do and say what ever to get a vote. Are Americans that stupid to read and listen to this and to not be able to analyse that many of this suggestion and laws implemented really do not benefit anyone, except legislators that believe they can write a law and get credit for doing so, which we have all seen the work. Just like the Marijuana Law in LA, it was stupid to begin with.
    This library card is useless, if you are an American Citizen and hopefully you have a High School diploma or equivalent certification you understand:
    1. A person cannot open a bank account in the USA unless they have a social security number that is valid, it is Federal Law. If a bank has to pay a beneficiary that is not a legal residents and does not have a valid Social Security number, the bank will withhold 30% of the money for Federal Taxes, and in some states they will also withhold state tax of 10%. The only way they can get that money back is by proven there is not tax due in the USA on that money. Everyone that is selling IDs to open a Bank account without a valid social security is lying, they are just collecting money for a services that will not work.
    2. Public Libraries, anyone can walk into a library and read a book, they do not need to identify themselves, unless they need to use the computer or check out a book out of the library.
    3. Public School children have a student ID, whether legal residence or not, they can use their school ID to get a Library Card.
    4. If all this politicians want to generate more cost to the government, yes a library card would be in order, since they only know how to spend our money for no purpose.
    5. However, they are so much into helping undocumented, which they should, but their priority should be the government services to American Citizens first, which we pay for.
    6. It is obsolutely insane, that politicians in corrupt cities fight again Voter ID, We American Citizens are proud to be and identify ourselves as American Citizens.
    7. I do believe everyone that drives in California should have a driver licenses issued, and the your will have a foreigner with a driver licenses that can be identify, and could also by auto insurance. two different licenses coded differently. what is the big deal.
    what else can you do with a driver’s licenses besides be able to drive legally and must have liability insurance in California.
    It is scary that so many of our politicians do not understand the laws, and have no idea how to proceed even if they have a law degree, why i s it that the city of LA does not have the experties on legislation in order to write the laws, instead of just putting a few words on a paper and call it SB911. Who makes sure this laws can stand?
    If they are going to allow a Liabrary Card to be produce, they must allow Voter ID Card.

  12. Ricardo says:

    I for one am sick and tired of the dumb argument that illegals pay taxes. Really? Go to Boyle Heights, MacArthur Park, Pacoima, definitely Jan Perry’s area on 6th & Central and you would think you were in a 3rd world country. Illegals making $1,000′s selling food not paying taxes. And how much do we tax payers spend for their free healthcare, free school breakfast & lunches, free services? BILLIONS! Don’t believe the bs liberals saying they pay into the economy. They send their money back to Mexico. All those Dream Act students should go back to Mexico and help their own country out. I’m sick of seeing Mexico flags in LA and not American flags

    • Who's Who? says:

      While there is a cash economy where it is assumed people do not pay taxes on their income, they pay taxes when they buy their supplies. They pay taxes when they buy another in a store. They indirectly pay property taxes when they rent any place as a portion of their rent is used by the landlord to pay his property taxes.

      When they work for regular businesses they pay all the same taxes as US Citizens except they never get to collect society security. Thus, when illegals work as if they were legal, they subsidize social security.

      The income taxes on US citizens earned income with the same income as most illegals are so low that it is often Zero.

      It is bigotry and ignorance, which often found together, to say illegals don’t pay taxes.

      • Anon says:

        Talk about ignorant. The tax ITIN holders pay is minimal. How much tax does the tamalera down the street from me pay for her supplies? None, masa, chiles, carne, etc. are not taxed. How about my gardener, does he pay social security tax or income tax, or LA city business tax? Nope. The day laborers at my neighborhood HD, do they pay income tax or FICA? Nope. Everybody, including visitors, pays 9.25% sales tax on taxable items, but low income people don’t have much money to spend on taxable items. ITIN holders are eligible for all the same benefits as SSN holders including EIC and millions of dollars has been paid out as “refunds” while IRS employees are told to ignore the fraud. It’s not bigotry to speak the truth.

  13. Wayne from the 2nd most corrupt city in history (Chicago is #1) subbing in for Ron (9/13/12) whose post awaits moderation says:

    GREAT POSTS ON THIS ONE!!!! One subject that doesn’t get discussed in all this de facto amnesty is exactly WHY do the politicians WANT THIS? It has to do with 2 factors: 22 TRILLION IN NATIONAL DEBT and 50 TRILLION MORE IN UNFUNDED MANDATES AND STATE AND LOCAL PENSION DEBTS.
    We all assume none of this will ever be paid. But IT WILL BE PAID IN FULL AND WITH INTEREST! Now you know why today the Fed guaranteed 1% interest rates to you the savers! That gives the Gov’t a borrowing rate of UNDER 1%.
    Now with all the baby boomers going on to Social Security and Medicare, if they were to DIE OFF EARLIER THAN EXPECTED (If life expectancy falls) then that would generate TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF SAVINGS.
    A second way to pay off this massive debt: BANKRUPT THE MIDDLE CLASS AND DEVALUE THE DOLLAR. DONE! That’s the “housing crisis” at work. The houses will be SOLD at smaller values to FOREIGN BACKED INTERESTS (who are flush with cash) and UBER-WEALTHY AMERICANS.
    Now we need a CHEAPER THAN SHIT WORK FORCE to work for lesser and lesser wages and pay taxes WITHOUT CLAIMING BENEFITS–AHHH!!! Now we have the illegals here to fill that gap.
    The value of the American dollar will CONTINUE TO FALL HARD ON BUYING POWER. That’s why THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE MONEY AND LIVE RIGHT IS TO OWN REAL ESTATE AND PAY OFF THE MORTGAGE. For TENS OF MILLIONS of American Citizens they got hit with the real estate balloon and will live forever as renters and be too afraid to buy homes again.
    Then comes the STUDENT LOAN balloon—those are due yet UNPAYABLE for tens of millions more Americans.
    We’ll wind up with PRESIDENT VILLARAIGOSA one day who will announce ALL DEBTS ARE TO BE FORGIVEN!!! Then a Big Mac will cost $10 bucks (fries and soda $4.95 extra plus tax) and a gallon of gas $10 bucks. Rents will be $2,000 a month for a bachelor pad, etc. etc.
    It’s all a funny-money game from here on. America will become a class-based society on the order of 1800′s England. You’ll have the “landed classes” who own all the real estate and gold, and EVERYONE ELSE in sub-classes.
    The world has BILLIONS of WORKERS who will most gladly come here and work for $5 bucks a day!
    See, Richard Alarcon and King Herb I. of Wesson-Oil AREN’T SO DUMB AFTER ALL, ARE THEY?
    Question of the day—With this new Library ID card, could a person get a DWP account, then not pay the bill for a year? Hmmmm……..

  14. I don’t know if this proposed card is just part of a larger process to prove that someone has been a resident in the US in order to facilitate citizenship under some future amnesty program. I wouldn’t rule it out. Regardless, it’s the last thing we should be dumping on the libraries.
    Maybe we can use baseball cards as IDs. I have a 1962 Mickey Mantle…damn, just remembered someone tossed my collection in the trash after I went away to college.

  15. Who's Who? says:

    A wise society always wants to know who is living in it. Ignorance, while very fashionable in the the United States due to our very low educational achievement, is not sound public policy.

    However, ID’s need to obtain information from the person and not just give ID’s to anyone indiscriminately. ID’s for illegal aliens is a good public policy. It is perfectly legal to pass a law to provide ID’s for illegals since the only reason that they are “illegal” is to to our passing a law that makes them illegal. We could change the law tomorrow and they’d no longer be illegal.

    Jews in particular should be sensitive to how easily one can become “illegal” with a few strokes of a pen and then you’re pariah. It used to be illegal to be Jewish and outside the Jew Gates after sun down (hence the term Ghetto). Did we really become societal menaces like vampires just because the sun set? Are Mexicans menaces just because they cross an imaginary line in the sand?

    Creo que no.

    • ex valley says:

      Dont worry – wealthy liberal Jews fully support Mexicans illegally crossing the US borders. After all they need all these maids, gardeners, nannies on the cheap. Wayne’s favorite politician koretz compared the Arizona law with the Jews being rounded up in nazi Germany.

  16. Ricardo says:

    Los Angeles politicans = UN AMERICAN There were no American flags to honor the 9/11 in City Council. Instead they decided to bring this issue up to help foreigners on a day everyone was having a moment of silence. There are no American flags or celebrations in Los Angeles to honor our Veterans. There are more celebrations in City Council and around the City for foreigners. They welcome with open arms the President of Mexico who continues to allow drug cartels to overtake and kill people. LA politicians are classless clowns. They have no morals, ethics, standards and continue to show the entire nation they are UN AMERICAN

  17. JOHN WALSH says:


  18. Rita-of-Sunland says:

    How ironic that Alarcon sees an L.A. County LIBRARY CARD as the gateway to legitimacy for illegal aliens, cuz gawd knows they’ll never use it to actually check out a book! I remember Councilman Ed Reyes once waxing rhapsodic about the library he used to hang out at as a kid—–simply because it had AIR CONDITIONING.

  19. union says:

    i believe those who were raise out of the state of california shouldn’t talk. You do not see Mexicans as Human beings, they are people that feel and bleed, not animals. You are talking about peoples lives here, move them to mexico so they can be homeless there? there home is here. I do not see a big cry to remove illegal canadians, africans, europeans in california? Mexicans are not the only illegal race in california.

    • ex valley says:

      Mexico is a country not a race.
      There are white skinned Mexicans and darker skinned.

      Your rant is hysterical.

  20. Bob "Mitt" Blumenstuff says:

    I want all non-citizens to vote for ME! REMINDER—register your Cats and Dogs to vote for those absentee ballots. Did you know if all the deceased, illegals, felons on parole voters, and Dog votes were discounted, that I might actually LOSE my assembly seat! We can’t have that! Now I might have to bus in homeless to vote for me from out of State like we did back in the 70′s and 80′s! Damn these Valley homeowners!

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