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2JobBob Will Stick the Poor, Sick and Kids with $3 Million Special Election Bill if He Wins Assembly and Council Races

For 2JobBob Blumenfield, two jobs won’t be enough.

Surely even someone as politically powerful as the two-term Chairman of the California Budget Committee — where his “budgets usually turn into red ink the moment they’re signed,” according to LA Times columnist George Skelton — would face a big challenge raising the $3 million it will cost for a special election to succeed him in the Legislature.

See Bob’s ambition so exceeds his capacity that he is simultaneously running for a third term in the Assembly and a first term on the LA City Council where he would double his salary and dramatically increase his perks if elected.

He has stated that if he wins both elections, it is his intention to avoid missing a single day’s pay by serving in Legislature through June when he intends to resign and be sworn in the next day as the Councilman for the Southwest San Fernando Valley in the CD3 seat now held by the leading contender for City Controller (heaven help us) Dennis Zine.

At that point the nearly half million people 2JobBob has so ineptly served in his Assembly District will be without representation for many months what with the time it takes to schedule a special election, allow adequate time for fund-raising and campaigning, hold a primary and runoff election for the top two finishers.

Talyssa Gonzales in the County Registrar-Recorder is getting calls about just how costly this special election process is and here’s what she says:

“The cost of a special election for the Assembly here is estimated to be between $1.3 and $1.5 million, that’s just for the primary. “If none of the candidates receives a majority in the primary, then there will be a runoff  between the top two finishers and that is expected to cost about the same amount, between $1.3- million and $1.5-million.”

That’s a lot of money just to flatter 2JobBob’s ego needs and to get yet another failed legislator from Sacramento on the City Council. We’ve already got five legislative retreads — Herb Wesson, Paul Krekorian, Paul Koretz, Tony Cardenas (running to Congress) and Richard Alarcon (running to avoid prison) — plus a mayor named Antonio Villaraigosa with four more legislators hoping to hit the jackpot in city elections in March.

Think about it for a minute: These are all people who failed so miserably at their jobs that they virtually bankrupted the state, so over-regulated everything that businesses have fled and left California with among the highest unemployment and poverty rates in the nation and lowest funding for public education while allowing the infrastructure to age beyond repair and creating a $500 billion unfunded liability for public employee pensions that will perpetuate their failure for decades.

And then there’s 2JobBob who wrote four phony budgets and approved closing state parks because he never bothered to look at the bank accounts and see there was $52 million just sitting there to keep them all running for a good while.

We can be sure 2JobBob has done right well financially even without ever having worked in private sector as an adult although he thinks non-profits and government-created agencies are in the private sector which may actually explain a lot.

It’s safe to assume that 2JobBob won’t write a check to cover the $3 million and it’s unlikely he could raise that kind of money for the special election from the Indian gaming interests, unions, insurers and other special interests who fund his campaigns.

So if you run into 2JobBob before the November election for the Assembly or the March election for the Council, be sure to ask him who he wants to pay his bill: Schoolkids, the poor, the sick, the homeless or you and me?

Come on, 2JobBob, do the right thing, make a decision. Which job, Bob? 

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32 Responses to 2JobBob Will Stick the Poor, Sick and Kids with $3 Million Special Election Bill if He Wins Assembly and Council Races

  1. Sierra says:

    I’m stating the obvious and I am preaching to the choir but this guy doesn’t deserve either seat and calling it “just the nature of politics” should be blasted out to all likely voters in both the congressional and council districts.

  2. anonymous says:

    thank you for the unrelenting exposure of low-life-politicos…
    Cardenas’ ascent to political power is unmerited….even the
    Daily News acknowledged “disappointment with Cardenas’ record”…
    yet, cowardly, lying “leaders”still support the unworthy…and sadly,
    gerrymandering and public ignorance have enabled his political career…
    Cardenas has proven his mediocrity, hubris and corrupt nature…
    and we will vote “anybody but”…

  3. teddy says:

    Ron, well it is official. I told Chris Kolski that I am supporting his
    election for the 45th Assembly District on Noivember 6th. This
    2-JobBob guy needs to return to his paternal home, we simply do not
    appreciate smart alecks in California. We are also smarter than he is.

    Mr. Kolski is honest, God fearing and wants America to be a first-
    class country that you do not find elsewhere very often with their
    leaders wanting each of us to do what they want us to do. We are
    the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Thank you, Chris Kolski.

  4. ex valley says:

    Ron, when you write:
    “Think about it for a minute: These are all people who failed so miserably at their jobs that they virtually bankrupted the state, so over-regulated everything that businesses have fled and left California with among the highest unemployment and poverty rates in the nation and lowest funding for public education while allowing the infrastructure to age beyond repair and creating a $500 billion unfunded liability for public employee pensions that will perpetuate their failure for decades.” is not it contradictory to your Sunday column where you said “… Democrats will maintain dominance in both houses of the state Legislature. ”

    Are both statements true? Does it make any sense??

  5. cyrus.lee says:

    Where does it say what he is doing is illegal or unethical?
    He makes an excellent point, if he waited until after Nov you would still blow a gasket, because that’s what you do. By filing papers for CD3 he is being honest.
    It’s not illegal, it’s not unethical.

    You don’t like it? Don’t vote for him. How hard is that. But to throw a temper tantrum when someone is breaking any rules is ridiculous.

    There are bigger issues than this.

    • ex valley says:

      Of course bob b’s course of action is legal. Plus the council job pays more so it is understandable. The problem is that he is a public servant and the city is broke (broke like there is not enough money) and the public needs these millions. If this is not a big issue for you, it should be. Just wait and more productive tax payers will bail out of the city and more city employees will retire – you don’t think these couple of millions would be useful?

      • cyrus.lee says:

        Bascially, you’re also saying you are against recalls.

        Let me hear you, Ron, and all of the others, say you are against recalls.

        You’re saying extra elections are a waste of tax payer dollars, then recalls must not be something you and Ron approve.

        screw it… lets save money and not have elections at all since regular elections cost money too.

  6. Bob "Mitt" Blumenstuff says:

    Special Elections in my opinion create jobs and stimulate the economy. For Example, look at your political ad mail and other mailings. See that little tiny UNION emblem on it? THOSE ARE UNION PRINT SHOPS EMPLOYING LOW PAYING SLOBS LIKE YOU! Yes, I will win my 2 jobs and I will one day be President! As for going back to Israel, they told me to stay in California (for some reason?)
    What’s wrong with 2 jobs? Think of all of you with 2 or 3 part time jobs? Why can’t I run for 2 jobs? Hope you enjoyed my 5 minute talk with you in Winnetka. Jesus what a Valley rat hole, but you know, duty calls…

    • LA Moderator says:

      That was no 5 minutes…seemed like 10 or 15 alone, lauding Rep. Berman before he had to take off with his driver to find a gas station on the way to his next event.

      Thanks for your Assemply Declarations swag, and for sticking aournd to share your thoughful, far ranging comments, and answers to even the colorful questions from some of our folks….guess I unwittingly opened the door by asking how your work on SB292 (after reminding you that the number, as listed on your accomplishments piece in the packet passed out, was related to the reduced judicial review on Farmer’s Field’s EIR) jived with the spirit of CEQA. Good to know that you feel it wasn’t weakening the important environmental bureaucracy, just speeding a few things up, and how you wished they wouldn’t have skipped this helpful suggestion when they just waived throught the City of Industry stadium over your objection previously.

      ps…I have the cutest picture of you, and Elizabeth Badger as she sat rapt….almost as interesting as when you added, at the end of your comments, that you’d be seeing us more since you were…or are…or would be running for CD3…to think, some people didn’t even know that yet, or know that there’s somebody else running!

  7. Bob "Mitt" Blumenstuff says:

    (Thanks Mr. Wesson for that Ethics Commission redo last year!)

  8. teddy says:

    My comment is to all supporters of 2Job-BOB – WHY ARE YOU SO GREEDY?

    Democrat Dominance????? I think many Democrats are more reasonable
    than to vote for this man for both positions, expecting to win.

    The “Winner takes all” vote is insane. Think, before you vote. Do you want more
    of the TAX, TAX, TAX government?

  9. anonymous says:

    the point is: 2 job bob is a big bungler…
    why give the schmuck more opportunity to muck-up?
    career-pols are the plague…and we will vote “anybody but”….

  10. cyrus.lee says:

    Blumenfield has been a model elected official.
    He’s in the community, he makes himself accessible, he doesn’t think anything is owed to him, and he’s smart. That’s a lot more than any other local official.
    On some of these elected officials, Ron has a point, they are not qualified and are corrupt. I haven’t seen anything to say Bob is corrupt. I haven’t seen anything to say Bob has not done a good job.
    The reason why people want him for CD3 is because he’s the only candidate ready for the job, and has an understanding of how to be an elected official.
    Ron and Presberg showed up and tried hard to make a scene a Blumenfield event and he kept his cool. He didn’t have his staff pull a Mike Gatto.
    Ron gets upset to be upset. It’s why no one takes him seriously anymore. You had a good run there 2010-2011. But your stuff doesn’t fly anymore.
    You would be doing the same thing if Blumenfield announced he was running after the Nov election.

    • anonymous says:

      thank you for your comment…very enlightening…
      naturally, career-pols, like career-criminals, have
      lackeys do their dirty work….we understand…
      and we will vote “anybody but”…

    • LA Moderator says:

      There are a bunch of good candidates for CD3…and I expect we’ll be hearing more from them.

    • LA Moderator says:

      Oh, and if you mean the Blumenfield event, you mean the Canoga Park Artrageous Art Walk, at which some folks expressed some cynicism that he happened to stage his once quarterly one-on-ones with constituents, then you can further see why some folks are not, amused (talk about a Freudian slip!).

  11. LA Moderator says:

    Well, some folks are kinda focused on November, before plowing into March…the problem with situations like Bob’s is when the war chest is assembled for a State race, where the challenger (Chris Kolski ) can’t get the time of day in most discussions (kind of like the L.A. City races when the well funded insider/incumbent doesn’t deem to debate the grass roots folks not yet tainted by outside special interests). The concern is if that bankroll is then either set aside, morphed into other colleagues’ or collateral campaigns, or rolled over into the next race When you’ve got the kind of multi-tasked campaigning (please don’t waste our time by trotting out another Paul Ryan comparison) then you have to understand that others are going to express their opinion as to the disambiguated disingenuousness displayed in this race and others.

    But, for a quick preview, please find the list currently from the LA City Ethics Commission, and note that there are some seasoned community leaders represented, including at least three which have been very active in leadership of local Neighborhood Councils.

    When the Assemblyman follows through with his statement that he IS running, whether Mr. Kolski is able to pull an upset or not, he’s going to have some stiff competition asking some tough questions.

    Elizabeth Badger
    Bob Blumenfield
    Cris Canchola
    Julian J. Chavez
    Cary T. Iaccino
    Joseph Anthony Mauro II
    Joyce J. Pearson
    Steven Presberg
    Scott Silverstein

  12. Bob Mitt Blumenstuff says:

    See People, guys like Cyrus.Lee have thrown in with me! Join Me! Join the Forces of Big Money Donors! And Vote YES on measures HH and MM so Big Joe Edmiston will shove those big donations to my CD3 warchest! You’re my tax paying Food! Feed me! Feed me more power!

    • LA Moderator says:

      Oh yeah, I forgot to get clarification…

      The balanced budgets you put forward…this one now, depends on Prop 30 passing, or else draconian cuts would come into play to keep it balanced.

      I heard a For Prop 38 ad today, talking about how the money from 30 wouldn’t go quite as precisely to Education, but its paying down of debt now is the same thing, since more future debt service obligations would be relieved, to provide for Education. But the retroactive sales tax increase at the state level (to go with the extension of our R/J ‘investment’ into MetroCalTranSouth) would get the schools money sooner?

      I’m trying to remember the word you used…oh yeah, “money is fungible”! As in, it doesn’t matter which additional source of revenue is levied…if there are funds via 38 that only can only go to K-12, then other K-12 money will just be ‘reallocated’ elsewhere to keep the budget balanced.

      In all seriousness, I really, truly appreciate the frank (if unintentional) comments from the real Assemplyman, knowing that he’s doing his best to play along with the system; enacting what he believes is good for his current/future constituents. But that bit about Propisition 13 didn’t play too well with some of our seasoned stakeholders, who still are in their homes since before 1979…backpeddling that it was the institutional deed holders that are problematic, and that you’re more patient with homeowners who are either moving out or dying off? I kind of winced, but maybe they didn’t take it personally…..

      • LA Moderator says:

        sorry…you did correct the slip that it was the Income tax that was ‘retroactive’, not the sales tax…(for those who have bought energy-efficient/green washing machines)

  13. Anonymous says:

    “Ron and Presberg showed up and tried hard to make a scene a Blumenfield event and he kept his cool”. So asking pertinent questions is in your opinion creating a scene? As for this career pol keeping his cool–LOL. He was more nervous than a bitch in heat.

  14. Bob "Mitt" Blumenstuff says:

    I’ve just finished writing an IOU for the Special Election next Nov. 2013 to fill my upcoming vacant Assembly seat. (Of course I wrote an IOU for the State Budget in 2011, and 2012 and it bounced!) Imagine: My IOU bounced! But I’ll work hard to pay off that special election, Ron. Did you see that nasty Sherman mailer of my Godfather Howard “The Passport” Berman as a cartoon character traveling the world on the taxpayers and lobbyists dime? Hey Sherman: Where all Devilcrats, remember? WTF?
    How can you tell the truth on a fellow Devilcrat? Shame, Shame on you Brad Sherman!
    Howard had to run in the West Valley because our party carved out a new Latino Valley Slumlord District for Tony Cardinas, remember? We drove out all the whites and Jews out of the SFV into just 2 places, West of the 405, South of Victory. Remember? So Howey had to run in your old district Brad! There aren’t enough Jews and old whites to fill 2 Congress districts anymore. So come on guys, lay off
    Congressman Berman. We are winning the war in California, soon we’ll have the 2/3 supermajority in Sacramento in BOTH houses so we can get rid of Prop 13 and get those nasty rotten homeowners to pay three times more property taxes!
    Next time, we’ll have SAME DAY VOTER REGISTRATION. We’ll be able to bus in extra voters whenever we need to “swing” elections.
    Then there’s my “pet” bill: the Pet Bill of Rights, we’ll be the first State in the Nation to recognize Cats and Dogs are not PROPERTY but “citizens.” Then we’ll be able to get out there and register them as new Democrat Voters. California will be the paradise I’ve always dreamed of! I’m so excited, aren’t you?

  15. El Quixotian says:

    (Envisioning a library card a dog’s collar…)

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