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Heads Up LA: 2JobBob Blumenfield Is a Cheater — Say No to the Measure J Slush Fund — Riordan’s Real Pension Reform

Here’s a few items you should pay attention to today:

2JobBob Blumenfield: Unethical & Illegal

2JobBob Blumenfield is the subject today of a formal complaint to the city Ethics Commission about using his huge war chest for his Assembly re-election campaign to support his meager war chest for his simultaneous campaign for the LA City Council in the West San Fernando Valley’s CD3.

The complaint came in a letter (Presberg–ethics letter) from one of his eight opponents, Steve Presberg, who wrote in part:

As you know, I am a candidate for the City Council, 3rd District.  You may recall my testimony at your August meeting in which I urged you to audit and investigate the fundraising and expenditures of another candidate in this race, Bob Blumenfield.  I said then that Mr. Blumenfield’s running for two offices at the same time (re-election to the State Assembly and election to the City Council) raised very serious questions as to whether our City’s laws and your Department’s regulations were being flouted.

While your Honorable Board and Department certainly cannot regulate a state campaign, I believe you must act to prevent a complete mockery being made of your own regulations.  If you do not act, then Mr. Blumenfield will have established the blueprint for how to run for City office while ignoring our regulations: simply set up a committee as a candidate for state office and collect much larger contributions, and make expenditures, that would be impermissible in a City election.

As an example, Mr. Blumenfield’s filing with your office indicates that he has spent only $1,302 in his City Council race.  However, in his State Assembly filing, running against an opponent who has spent almost nothing, he has spent over $450,000 – and please note: these expenditures are being made in virtually the same precincts that are contained in both districts.  An obvious question is whether his state committee is pre-paying consultants and vendors for services to benefit his City Council race.

In his State filing as well, note that he has received numerous contributions in amounts that far exceed the City contribution limits.  Note also his numerous “gifts” to a long list of other campaign committees and candidates, in the amounts of $3,900 each, something that our City rules forbid.

Don’t Trust MTA with $90 Billion More


“Would it be a good idea to see how Metro handles the first $40 billion of sales tax revenue before we give them an additional $90 billion?”

You bet it is.

This is reason enough to vote NO on Measure J, the November ballot measure that proposes to extend the life of the “one-half cent traffic relief sales tax” for an additional thirty years to 2069.

If passed by two-thirds of the voters, this extension would provide the politically controlled Metropolitan Transit Authority (“Metro”) with an additional $90 billion, resulting in a 60 year total of $130 billion.

While we have questioned Metro’s management capability and organizational resources to control so many complex, capital intensive highway and mass transit construction projects that will burden our grandchildren with tens and tens of billions in debt and interest payments, we have not focused on …


Riordan to Put Real Pension Reform on Ballot


Long sounding the alarm for city employee pension reform, former LA Mayor Richard Riordan is no longer waiting for the City Council and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to come up with the big fix.

On Friday morning, Riordan will file papers with the City Clerk so he can start a signature-gathering campaign and ultimately place a pension reform initiative on the May 2013 ballot. The former mayor says that if voters approve the measure, the city will save “hundreds of millions of dollars” every year by 2017 and an upwards of a billion dollars by 2020.

In an exclusive interview with L.A. Weekly, Riordan explains that his dramatic move, which will pit his campaign against powerful city employee unions and City Hall politicians, is to “prevent the city of Los Angeles from going bankrupt, and preventing the closing of our parks and severe damages to services. In short, it’s to stop us from becoming a third-world city.”

Riordan calls his plan the “Fair Share Pension Reform Act of 2013.” Friend and billionaire Eli Broad and attorney David Fleming are helping with the effort.

Riordan’s plan will have current city employees contribute a “small and fair amount” to their pension benefits and will enroll new workers in a 401k system with a maximum 10 percent contribution from the city. It also promises to end employee “double-dipping.”


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23 Responses to Heads Up LA: 2JobBob Blumenfield Is a Cheater — Say No to the Measure J Slush Fund — Riordan’s Real Pension Reform

  1. Anonymous says:

    Add Humphreville’s charter amendment that requires the City to “Live Within its Means” to Riordan’s Pension Reform measure. Both will pass overwhelmingly.

  2. Teddy says:

    Right on! These guys are not too bright – we need to encouradge
    them as you suggest. T

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Julie Butcher, an organizer with the Coalition of L.A. City Unions, said employee groups from every city agency would band together to fight the proposal, by having members standing outside supermarket to persuade voters not to sign the petitions”.

    Are we going to let the city unions rip us off.

    • MissAnthrope says:

      Where’s that petition. I’ll sign right now. No way to discourage me.

      It’s about time we went on strike against the unions!

  4. anonymous says:

    The following is from the LA Times: ‘Councilman Paul Koretz, a close ally of the city’s civilian unions, said the Riordan measure could cost the city money if approved. Once new employees are moved into a 401(k) plan, they would no longer contribute revenue needed to cover benefits of existing workers, he said.

    “I think the idea is absolute idiocy,” he said. “Because then we have no way to fund our current pensions. It actually winds up costing us more and is very counterproductive.”‘

    So, this is what I’m trying to understand. Does Koretz’s approach equate to borrowing from Peter to pay Paul? Shouldn’t an employee’s payment be specifically for that employee and not someone else? What guarantee does employee A have for receiving his benefits if his payment is paying employee B? Can someone explain this please?

    • L.A. "Corruption is thy name" says:

      The corrupt council makes promises where they are obligated to make constant contributions to pension plans so that when the employees retire, there will be adequate cash to pay their pensions.

      Being lying, thieving crooks, the city council does not make the pension contributions but instead it diverts that money to their political cronies, usually real estate developers. The # Job of the LA City Council is to give as much money to their political cronies as possible.

      Then, when the workers retire and ask for their pensions, they are attacked as greedy evil people. The city is billions of dollars short and cannot be expected to pay these “outrageous” pensions. The reason they city cannot pay is that people like Riordan, Garcetti, Villababosa have already looted the city.

      We’ve seen similar scams in private business. People pay premiums for years and when they need the insurance, the insurance company is broke because the owners have been stealing the premiums for years. That is why insurance companies are regulated, but no one regulates the corruption at city hall.

      Thus, when we “catch” the fraud because the city is broke, the crooks blame the workers for asking for the pensions which they were promised. No one even thinks of calling the cops and sending the thieves to prison! Oh, No! We could not do that. We villainize the victims. That’s the LA way.

      • LA Moderator says:

        Well, I was going to mention that with the CRA, the money diverted to real estate developers comes right off the top, but you cover that below.

        But I’d hasten to add that the Mayor & Council have other darlings, non core-services programming benefitting the actual voters for whom the developer’s and unions’ contributions provide campaign swag. Most ‘creative, is the ‘contract services’ line item which helped obscure the budget bump from the Mayor’s predecessors, in its support of Reverred Carr and his ex-gang piecekeeping force.

        But there are other layers, social services and housing for example. Who could be against that? Things like creating jobs for stadium construction and solar is one thing, but why settle for the typical unemployment office (EDD). This is Los Angeles, so our WorkSource/One-Stop Centers boggle the mind with an array of programs, from LA City’s own Workforce Investment Board, County CSS inking sub-leases with ArborE&T,LLC, and all kinds of additional employees doing the same searches of the standard job boards…

  5. Bob "Mitt" Blumenstuff's rebuttal to Ron's newest attack says:

    Again, I have the right to run for 2 jobs, I’m not trying to do 2 jobs but seek two jobs. Thus, where’s the harm? When I wrote my thesis at Harvard, I defended the right of elected officials to switch jobs at multiple times. I tried to get a diagnosis for split personality disorder—so that I could hold my Assembly seat and CD3 at the same time (and marry an Asian woman, like Todd Zink, so that my 2nd personality could have a 2nd family,kinda like a Mormon.”) But It didn’t work, I was diagnosed with Narcissistic Narcolepsy and was prescribed medication (but I was too self-serving to take it.)
    As for those evil new City Ballot Measures—HELL NO! You can’t take away Union control of City Hall: How the hell do you expect me to get campaign donations? How do you expect me and Berman to get free trips? I mean, come on Ron and Humphreville! I can’t get a real job (there are none.) Even if I could get a real job, would you want me to live like you schmucks? I mean, come on. I’m ROYALTY. I’m Super-Bob, the man with two lives and 2 races to run!

  6. You ought to pay the pols for all the material they are giving you.

    And the upcoming pension war will involve all the City unions: the cops, the firemen, the SEIU, and even the IBEW, campaign funding Union Bo$$ d’Arcy’s fiefdom.

    It will have huge national exposure.

    And most interestingly, the Riordan plan will force Garcetti, Greuel, Perry, and James to make a choice between fiscal solvency and their union supporters.

  7. Sierra says:

    Why doesn’t Riordan give a bunch of his and his friends loot to a PAC to support Kevin James for Mayor? — Because Riordan was part of the problem and is a typical “queen of hypocrisy” Californian Republican who talks about free market competition while seeking government funds for the rich.

    Riordan should get off his butt and support James and else he should be booed wherever he is seen in public by all Angelenos for being part of the problem, not the solution.

    • anonymous says:

      What government funds for the rich did Riordan seek and obtain? I don’t know of any. ‘Not saying he didn’t. I just don’t know of any. I know he gives away millions to education, particularly inner city school kids. That includes computer equipment and programs.

      Even if he was part of the problem, at least he’s trying to solve it now. I think his share (pension formula) contributed 15 million to the billion dollar pension fiasco (and growing) and he admits he was wrong. But, really, this goes back before Riordan when Villar was in the Assembly.

      I agree on your point of who to back. So far, his choice bowed out and I don’t believe I know who he is backing. I agree, we need someone who will solve this.

      I have already seen union leaders going against him. It’s sad to see the younger employees buy their spin because it’s those younger ones who are paying the soon to retire employees and they (the younger ones) might be left with nothing.

      Please know I don’t always agree with him, but, in this case, I do. I have seen some of the good he does (along with some of the bad).

      • LA Moderator says:

        I think Sierra is conflating Dick with Eli and his parking garage, as an example…

        Wouldn’t surprize me if there’s more, though.

    • L.A. "Corruption is thy name" says:

      Riordan is the grand daddy of today’s criminal folly. He has no intention of doing anything to benefit any person other than his corrupt cronies. With the CRA gone, he has to destroy the public work force so he and his ilk can steal more tax dollars to give to billionaire’s living in multi-millionaire mansions, while driving firemen, paramedics, and cops into foreclosure.

      And here’s what comes next — abolish Prop 13. so they can raise property taxes and the R-1 homes and drive more and more elderly into bankruptcy. That was their modus operandi before Prop 13 and then they turned to the Corrupt Redevelopment Agency [CRA] to steal public funds. Now that the CRA has been abolished, Riordan, Garcetti, etc are pushing the repeal of Prop 13.

  8. anonymous says:

    Please show me proof of Riordan wanting to abolish Prop 13. The last conversation I had with Kris of Howard Jarvis (one year ago), I aksed him who wanted to repeal it. He said Riordan still supported prop 13.

    • LA Moderator says:

      Assemblyman Blumenfield was in the fortunate position, while stumping/interacting with constituents (for both offices) last week, of agreeing with a concerned teacher regarding Prop 13, prompting some seasoned citizens to point out that they’re quite happy to still be in their homes of 40-50 years. He backpeddled that it was the institutional deed-holders that were more problematic, and that the invidivual primary residents would eventually move away or die off. He didn’t say it quite as dismissively as that, but didn’t realized how bad it sounded.

    • L.A. "Corruption is thy name" says:

      There is a mathematical imperative. Just as Equity Funding ended up writing completely bogus insurance policies and mortgage lenders ended up writing fictitious mortgages to sell the Wall Street, Prop 13 has to be abolished to keep up the real estate scam.

      Without the CRA’s (and Brown just vetoed the Come Back legislation), the money to pay for these White Elephants has to come from somewhere. If the crooks stopped their endless Accounting Control Frauds and returned to sensibly financing housing which people want, then Prop 13 would no be in danger.

      However, they are not going to give up as long as their is a penny left for them to steal. Prop 13 stands between the corrupt developers and corrupt councilmembers lavishing billionaires of dollars on them.

      Mathematically, they have to either stop being thieves or abolish Prop 13. Just watch as more and more editorials appear bashing Prop 13.

  9. Bob "Mitt" Blumenstuff's rebuttal to Riordan's attack says:

    Riordan is no longer invited to my annual Jerry’s Deli Christmas Party!!!!! All of us corrupt and vicious attack dog insiders will UNITE to fight for our pensions! As for the old people—Damn Prop 13! I would have had a slum-lord district to run in (instead of these pesky caring homeowner/occupants!)

  10. Poppy says:

    I do not know enough about Riordan’s pension prop/hidden agenda to have an opinion. What I do Know:
    a) An insider told me the story: when Riordan was ensconced in Mayor’s office one day City had $15 Million bucks on bottom line that ‘poofed’ overnight –for 24-hours, then magically reappeared. Don’t know How he did it -why, only that he did; never forgot: Would NEVER trust A thing connected to Riordan for any reason what-so-ever.

    b) Would be hard to find a more self-serving devious camera-face-time-loving power-swiping odious person than prince Eric Garcetti.

    c) I’ve come up with a revenue stream–Permanent–that would reduce state deficit + fund cities, state; requires no investment/cost; harmless –would not impact environment -companies or individuals; not modest, but so good would probably be copied by all states, but:
    1) don’t know How to reach Gov. (I’ve tried 7 times since he was elected) and
    2) after reading above Comments, not sure if I should keep trying… corruption is worse than thugs who promised the sky to unions and aren’t around to deliver the bad news –or suffer consequences of their incompetence. Advice?

  11. anonymous says:

    It’s interesting what you say about the 15 million because I remember Alex Rubacava saying that Riordan’s contribution to the multi-billion pension fiasco cost a total of 15 million dollars. He mentioned a pension formula that accounted for his contribution to the deficit.

    Are you willing to share your permanent revenue stream idea with us Poppy?

    • Poppy says:

      LOL, I sure wanna Share, with Somebody (sorry, but it’s good, one of my Best), but not my goal.
      I Want: way to Reach da Guv –and If I do: deal with getting this idea Into the ‘works’ –I mean: even right-wing Repubs will be gaga for it (it’s a Why-didn’t-I-think-of-that head-banger) that will make All look ‘ genius’ to all kinds of constituents, but they First gotta Know about it.
      It’s also sorta painful I can’t reach him: he would NOT have needed to put tax/school thing on ballot. oh well.
      But silver-lining: he/others have done some Very Nice ‘clean up on aisle 5′ stuff (–something I wanted to see before I help; this is one large, messy state) while I twist over here….
      But I’m not amused at: $2 mil campaign ‘donation’ = dead-broke state: Prison Guards salary juicy bump –more “worthy” than those who teach 8-yr olds all day –than street cops??
      (And Anyone Know WHY he doesn’t go after Indian gambling compacts: say ‘not legally negotiated/No legislature’ and rip up, start over??)
      But I don’t have experience -or Clue One Getting Something Done with Legislature, only with City Council. –They’re easy: I call -network -state my goal -don’t quit (usu.) till I get it, but the staffs are a pleasure –smart, quick, responsive, Knowledgeable, Truly helpful (except for two offices) + bonus: Actually give a damn/Care, and fun.
      I know squat getting Guv-Order, state bill passed. My thots, so far:
      a) see if I can network to reach a pal/ex legislator who knows the Guv, would intro me??
      b) try My rep (3rd again) –get around his lions-at-the-gate, convince him to help me; hasn’t worked so far; the other rep: blows smoke; hasn’t done thing One said he would do.
      WHY is it So Hard to get to govt?? Recently Guv said:
      “you got a better way/idea contact me” ya, right. I even: tried to reach via one of his Tweets to me! I’m one of his Followers = zero response. He auto-e-mails me, weekly, and ignores my replies to those also!
      HOW to get this going/make it Happen??

      [If reply not good enough/evasive: I would not put my idea on the web --to annon's --in an open forum, and expect to retain it; haven't Any idea who's reading --& I ain't goofy]

  12. anonymous says:

    Oh, okay Poppy, I understand. I wonder if contacting your local rep (Assembly person) is the way to go. The problem is, they all have their special interests linked to their donor base. Perhaps another way is to write an editorial for a newspaper.

  13. John Noguez says:

    I’m going to have to wait till next month for my bond! Why am I in jail? I was just doing what any elected official is supposed to do?

  14. Marco says:

    Yeah, Riordan has made plenty of money off City contracts from companies he has invested in – after leaving office I’m sure. I am sure his stake in those companies had nothing to do with the fair bid/proposal system the City has in place…especially since Riordan put for a Charter Amendment so that the Mayor can replace General Managers of Departments (who by the way have a major influence on who gets contracts). Very cute scam.

    Also, the “civilian” public pensions (LACERS) is not in jeopardy at all. It has been doing quite well for many years. It took a hit during the downturn, but still billions in the bank. Riordan and Villar want to rob the bank. So they are using the 401k heist. I wonder if Riordan has invested in many 401k companies who will profit greatly off of this. By the way, look at the actuarial tables of LACERS. Most City employees die within 1 year of retirement. So, after working 33.5 years in a crappy job where you paid less than private consultants, you can die and not collect your BIG CHEESE (average City pension for civilians is 24k). Why do you think they did the early retirement a few years ago? They found out they hardly had anyone on the retirement doles.

    Yes, believe the hype against unions. I am not a big fan, but they are a necessary evil for the declining middle class. Hope you folks don’t own small businesses because they will become smaller if the assault on the middle class by rich old crooks continues.

    The rich are great at dividing the middle/working classes against themselves. It’s actually really sad to see how easily fooled people can be when they listen to propaganda and not do actual research. No wonder LA is a cesspool. Republicans call this language class warfare. Well my friends, the class war began long ago, it was a war of attrition, and the working class is cutting their own throats.

    Oh well, on another note, Sworn pensions have issues, but that is an issue for another day…

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