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See You Soon in Machu Picchu: On Vacation

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29 Responses to See You Soon in Machu Picchu: On Vacation

  1. Teddy says:


  2. Bob "Mitt" Blumenstuff says:

    Which lobbyist or Gov’t grant paid for that vacation Ron? Me and Berman would like to take that free trip.
    Can all of you say a prayer for Assessor Noguez? He got that pesky arrest today on those Steve Cooley/Jackie Lacey trumped up charges! Now all my campaign donors will have to buy a new strawman in the Assessor’s office AND have to pay the same property taxes you schmucks pay too! Dammit!

  3. Teddy says:

    Is Peru as lovely as that photo? I think that you
    deserve a wonderful trip like this one. And you
    have always been a traveler. God Bless. Teddy

  4. John Noguez says:

    Mr. Kaye, I was wondering how one may obtain Peruvian citizenship and whether there’s an extradition treaty with the U.S? Thank you. I hope you got your prop 13 reductions for this year.

  5. MissAnthrope says:

    Poor Bruno. When you get home he’ll need a fresh supply of doggie downers to quell his Kennel Konniption fits and separation anxiety.

  6. Who paid you to leave? Did you double dip?

  7. Los Angeles will eventually go the way of Machu Picchu. Archaelogists will sift through our ruins and find so many images of Tony V that they will conclude he must have been a god. They might also speculate that Greuel was the high priestess of the Vestal Virgins, so pure and righteous. Trutanich might be viewed as an honorable nobleman persecuted for daring to attain more power (like Brutus). And bloggers like Ron and me will be lumped in with the petulant masses of the unwashed. God only knows what they will make of Jack.

    • LA Moderator says:

      Yeah, but human sacrifices were practiced by the Incas only on important occasions…anthropoligists will rightly surmise that that our hearts were left intact, but it was the daily practice of excising wallets from Angelinos and sacrificuing them to special interests that caused the exodus….

  8. Teddy says:

    Isn’t it SOON by now? I think you have a lot of us just waiting
    for you and yours to come home.

  9. John Noguez says:

    Hey Ron, can you get me the name of a good private charter jet going to Peru? When I get bailed out next month, I’ll have to take a “quick” vacation, like you! Before I leave the U.S. could anyone out there get Mr. Caruso’s property taxes down to $1.00 a year? I don’t have access to my office right now, as you can imagine…

  10. Ricardo says:

    Thanks a lot Ron for reminding all of us what a shit hole of a City we live in with corrupt politicians. What a nice place to visit in Machu Picchu. Better enjoy it while you can because when you get back the same crap will still be here in LA.

  11. John Noguez says:

    If Ron were smart, he’d stay in South America and sell all his L.A. stuff and live the good life. But he’ll return to L.A. to keep getting taxed to death while the City around him crumbles. If I get my bail, I’m getting the hell out of the U.S!

    • El Quixotian says:

      Since Bob said “money if fungible” in the context of Prop 30 vs Prop 38, doesn’t that just mean that the Governor can shine a moonbeam of hope your way, and cover your bail?

      After all, if you’re un-extraditable, maybe they’ll not have to pay your pension(s), and so the money can be used for pet projects that would otherwise have to be funded by extortative cuts to Education….

  12. John Noguez says:

    Good point—I have to make sure I collect my Taxpayer-paid pension after I flee the country when that nice Judge grants me bail! I’ll need a mail drop for the checks possibly in Hawaiian Gardens or some other L.A. County shithole that nobody dare come into past 9pm. I bought some knock-off Guicci luggage on ebay for a great deal (using of course my L.A. County credit card which is, would you believe, still active!) I couldn’t buy the plane ticket, because I’ll need a private plane or jet to avoid ICE and that pesky FAA flight plan thing. Yes, It’s either 10 years of being “Bubba’s Bitch” or lying on the shiny sands of some tropical paradise.
    I filled out my 2 absentee ballots (I have 2 names.) I voted for Obama and all the tax increases. PLEASE–VOTE YES ON PROP 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, and 40. Help guys like me eek out a fair and honest living.

    • El Quixotian says:

      You’re voting Yes on 32? Boy, you really have given up campaigning for People’s…er, Public Office in the future!

  13. John Noguez says:

    Yes, I’ve stolen from the rich and corrupt County and given back to the Rich! Now its time to become a “reformer” as I begin my soon to be new life of “international traveller.” Hey, when Congressman Berman gets kicked out of Congress in 2 weeks, maybe he can be my travel agent? He sure knows how to travel in style FOR FREE!

    • El Quixotian says:

      If we play our cards right, Sherman can be termin’ out…and Berman may need tore tire before 2 years are up…which is why 3JobBob is squirmin’ for the job.

      He doesn’t want The younger Brad to choke up the queue…

  14. Wayne from the corrupt and illegally Occupied-Koretz Encino says:

    Ron has finally done it—he’s left L.A. for good! CONGRATULATIONS, RON! You’ve become the new messiah, the new Moses! YOU, and only YOU can show the rest of us slaves and valley dwellers that it must be done—sell your L.A. City shithole, lose the money, and MOVE THE FUCK ON! I’ve taken your lead Ron, I went up to Ventura today and made a list of 5 houses I like. I can do it Ron, I CAN SELL MY HOUSE AND MOVE OUT OF HERE! I have the courage and contempt for this City that I need. Thanks Ron! I can’t leave the Country like you, but I can LEAVE THE COUNTY.

  15. Teddy says:

    Just got SFVRC meeting notice – and you are OK!!!!

    I am going to see if I can get a ride on November 13
    so I can see both you and Kevin James!!!! I cannot
    quit blogging until after the March election.

    Most exciting election I have ever experienced and
    I have been at it since I was 21 years old. My candidate
    in the Fifth Ward in Chicago back then won – and would
    you believe this: the loser delievered a bottle of wine to my
    Mother!!! I think that was 1942.

  16. Teddy says:

    No, my dear, I am an old woman of 91 (ninety-one) and I have always
    expressed how I felt about every issue. Who are you? M or

    Sorry, Ron, I did not start this. Teddy

    • MissAnthrope says:

      I’m a female, who you can see by my “handle” trusts very few people, and absolutely believes that no woman should ever reveal her true age. Lie up or down; it doesn’t matter, but once you tell people how old you are you’ve put yourself in an “age box” from which there is no escape.

      I don’t know why you apologized to Ron. I meant my comment as a compliment. There are so many — including politicians — who are so much younger who are already daft, unlike you who is always thinking logically and reasonably.

      • LA Moderator says:

        Thanks Ms., for confirming you intended goodwill!

        (We’ll artfully release the optimistist inside, with the likes of our lovely Teddy!)

  17. Wayne from the corrupt and illegally Occupied-Koretz Encino says:

    VOTER’S GUIDE for November 2012 election.
    This is the OFFICIAL “I hate to live in L.A. because I’m taxed to death and have scumbags in elected office” BALLOT;
    PROPOSITION 30, 31, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39,—NO NO NO!!!!
    PROPOSITION: 32, 40—YES!—32 cuts out union dues without consent and 40 screws up the State Senate boundaries for the lobbyists.
    MEASURE J—FUCK NO!! (I’m sorry I’m so emphatic, but this 30 year sales tax extension belongs with the fucking dinosaurs.)
    MEASURE HH AND MEASURE MM—2 communist led park taxes for the Barbara Streisand properties (now called the SMMC–the Santa Monica Mountains Observancy)–NO NO NO NO!!!
    All the Bond, school, college, and other BOND issues—NO NO NO!
    State Senate: TODD ZINK and anyone other than the incumbent dirtbags
    State Assemby: None of the incumbents, please.
    Congress: SHERMAN OR BERMAN? CANCER OR INSTANT STROKE? This is the choice of dispair—you see now how fucked you are living in the SFV for years to come. VOTE FOR REED–He can’t win, but you’ll show your IQ is above 101.
    President: ROSEANNE BAR OR MITT ROMNEY! No to 4 more years of James Earl Obama-Carter.
    We’ll there you have it. The simplest ballot to cast.
    Ron is staying out of the Country till the election is over. He probably believes they’ll be a major problem. Truth is: L.A. will be the same shithole it was when he left for his trip. It always will be (but those of us who stay like to dwell in Liberal shitholes or something like that.)
    This completes my latest message. Now back to your regular scheduled programming…

  18. Wayne from the corrupt and illegally Occupied-Koretz Encino says:

    ITEM #10 on the City Council’s Wed. 10/31/12 agenda had $3,700,000 of OUTSIDE COUNSEL CONTRACTS for a certain CARMEN “GAGA” DUMBTANICH’s CITY ATTORNEY OFFICE!!! Carmen was there personally at the Clowncil to oversee this mighty giveaway. Public Comment was denied on this item by King Herb I. of Wesson-Oil. Remember how Carmen ran on this issue of waste and fraud in these boondoggles? Boy, what a TURNCOAT, Liar, Sell-out, and worse—A backstabber as the Clowncil in the same meeting proposed 4 new TAXES for the ballot in March 2013. ANYONE BUT CARMEN 2013!!!!! Time to send this TURNCOAT to Machu-Pichu for a permanent political RETIREMENT! He can run for D.A. of Lima, Peru. Just don’t hold elected office on the North American Continent.
    Also, Downtown L.A. property owners are soon-to-be screwed for $85,000,000 for a stupid Cable-Cars project on Broadway from 1rst to Staples Center/L.A. Live. See Downtown News Oct. 24th issue. Get this–the property owners CAN’T VOTE ON IT—only Condo and apartment dwellers on the Broadway St!!!

  19. Teddy says:

    Wayne – today, try a smile, laugh a laugh.

    You are not in the Bronx.

  20. Kristin says:

    Ron – come home! We need you!

  21. Wayne from the corrupt and illegally Occupied-Koretz Encino says:

    Mike Bonin—-Who is he? He’s Bill Rosendumb’s handpicked successor for CD11, that’s who! Bill wont be running for a 3rd term, thus like Greg Smith, he’s been ordered to give his seat to his staffer. He’s already got the blessing (and campaign cash guarantees) of King Herb I of Wesson-Oil (formerly known as Councilman Wesson);
    Midget Englander (the first Dwarf elected to public office in L.A. City History); Rosendumb himself, and lots of other insiders.
    Thus–if you live in Playa Del Rey, Venice, Playa Vista, Mar Vista, Westchester, and Pacific Palasades, Bel Air, Brentwood—YOU ALREADY HAVE HAD YOUR COUNCILCLOWN ANNOINTED FOR THE NEXT 12 YEARS—UNLESS YOU FIND CHALLENGERS AND TAKE EVASIVE ACTION!!!!!!
    Don’t suffer the fate of Encino—Don’t become Occupied by a City Hall-Handpicked useless HACK—find LEADERSHIP, find INDEPENDENCE, or find more of the same Downtown garbage and games to come.
    As for Ron—He will be flipping a coin on Sunday Nite this week. HEADS—he stays in South America and leaves a free and happy life. TAILS—he returns to this Liberal Hellhole to dwell here and suffer with the rest of us. Good luck Ron! MAKE IT HEADS ON THAT COIN FLIP!!!!

  22. President-Elect Romney says:

    Hey I really enjoy this blog-site. Too bad Mr. Kaye fled the country. Hopefully he’ll decide to return to the U.S. and help me get all these free-loaders off Food Stamps, SSI, and Section 8 housing. Hopefully, then, these welfare cases will “self-deport” themselves to Canada, Mexico, or Western Europe. Remember, Vote on Tuesday if you agree with me. Otherwise, remember the election was postponed to the 13th. God Bless.

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