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Who Killed Patrick Caruthers? Them — or Us?

The video above will give you the gist of a story, the teaser to make you pay attention to the full 15-minute movie about the senseless killing of 19-year-old Patrick Caruthers last week  as he sat on a bench in South LA’s Jackie Tatum-Harvard Park.

It was broad daylight, 3:15 p.m. and his assailant shot him repeatedly in the back and then fled in a small dark sedan.

For Caruthers, who had special needs because of a learning disability, the park was his home away from home since he was six years old. He was a park volunteer who recently graduated from Manual Arts High and was attending a vocational education program to learn a job skill.

The park has been under control of the 62 Brims gang for decades. At the urging of the LAPD and Councilman Bernard Parks, the city has spent more than $8 million in the last three years for a swimming pool, tennis courts, lights and a soon-to-open skate park as well as stepping up patrols.

But officials dropped the ball on the $200,000 for video cameras that might have deterred the murder or at least provided clues to who was responsible.

More later about why funding for the cameras was approved by the City Council last Valentine’s Day at Parks’ request yet it took six months before the issue came back to the Council and was buried in the Public Safety Committee chaired by Mitch Englander until the day after Caruthers was killed.

Here’s the full movie with a complete commentary to come after you’ve had a chance to watch it:

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10 Responses to Who Killed Patrick Caruthers? Them — or Us?

  1. Teddy says:

    This is an incredible crime and a senseless one. I do not
    understand this kind of human society. I was taught to
    love thy neighbor. Don’t we have Law Enforcement anymore?
    Of course if we lived in a decent, caring society, this kind of thing
    would not happen.
    Care to join with me in prayer for all of us?

  2. Bob "Mitt" Blumenstuff says:

    3 words—MORE POLICE DOGS!

  3. anonymous says:

    Last time I heard discussions on installing cameras at City facilities, the union objected because they didn’t want to be watched.

  4. anonymous says:

    Okay, now that I listened to the video, this doesn’t seem like a union issue but a distribution of funds and resources one.

    I know of two instances where cameras exist and something happened that was in those cameras’ visual field. The city claimed there was no one available to review the cameras and the footage is deleted after so many days.

    • El Quixotian says:

      Garcetti interrupts Parks…and Zine misses the point of care and maintenance by bulldogging the subject matter expert to haggle more with the vendor, because some cars have better warranties?

      Oh, I see maybe he has a BMW, where instead of the warranty being voidable by not doing standard maintenance, the oil changes are thrown in!

  5. Mr. Tough Choices says:

    Hey, here’s an idea how to fund more security cameras and sidewalk fixes. Don’t bother trying to fix a road that nature has already swallowed whole. I can’t believe the City is going to spend $8-10 million to fix Paseo Del Mar when it is obvious it is a lost cause. This is why our City is falling apart. We put our money in all the dumb places.

  6. Tyndon Clusters says:

    How can a park be dominated by street thugs for decades? Why didn’t’ Bratton send the hundreds of cops needed for months at a time to “liberate” Normand… south central?

    Cameras, pools, skate parks are useless if there is no attempt to rid the park of the vermin gang members infesting the grounds.

    Senseless tragedy. We all let this kid down.

  7. anonymous says:

    pay attention to enablers of organized crime
    Villaraigosa & lapdog LAPD Charlie Beck…
    and the gangster mentoring-intervention programs…
    funded by taxpayers and marketed as
    “homeland security”…in other words…
    we pay for ephemeral peace & the criminals prosper…
    guess who is in control….?…the bad guys….

  8. transparency says:

    Things we all need to know: The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder – Trailer

    “The world is a dangerous place to live, not because the people who are evil, but because the people who don’t do anything about it”. Albert Einstein

  9. Ricardo says:

    I say take the $25 million Villar gives to gangsters and put that into getting those cameras up and running. When Bratton was Chief we didn’t have this bullshit. Beck is taking LAPD down the toliet and being the lapdog for the Failure Mayor Villar. He’s made enemies with his own troops. He’s a clown to them and now they’re really pissed at him stating yesterday he won’t follow Federal Law and hold illegals. Time to get rid of both Villar and Beck along with the corrupt City Council and Trutanich, Greuel. What a bunch of incompetent reps we have in our City.

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