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2JobBob: A Parting Shot at Shameless Assemblyman Blumenfield Who Doesn’t Want the Job He’s Seeking

Before you mindlessly cast your ballot Tuesday and re-elect Bob Blumenfield in the heavily   Democratic Southwest San Fernando Valley, consider that he’s also running for the City Council to double his pay and double his destructive ways.

With access to unlimited dirty special interest money, 2JobBob — who as Budget Chair is the legislator responsible as much as anyone for California’s endless cycle of phony budgets and massive deficits –plans to resign by June, leaving you without representation for six months and costing you $3 million for a special election.

That is totally public service, not self-service.

Here’s a guy who can’t even tell the simplest truth about why he is supporting Howard Berman in what now appears to be his hopeless challenge of Brad Sherman in what has become the ugliest and costliest general election for Congress between two members of the same party with virtually identical voting records.

Talk about self-destruction, here is absolute proof that professional politicians and the special interests who buy them do not give a damn about you or your interests. It’s all lip service and manipulation.

That’s where 2JobBob couldn’t help but put his two cents in during the campaign’s closing weeks since he faces only a token challenge from Republican Chris Kolski, a political novice with little money and no hope beyond his own optimistic and cheerful nature.

Using lawn signs that double up as ads for Berman, Blumenfield has gone so far in the closing days of the veteran Congressman to send out email blasts touting the tepid support his man got from President Obama (to match Sherman’s tepid support from Bill Clinton) and what he calls, beneath the American flag and the log Election 2012:

Top ten reasons why I am supporting Howard Berman

And so Blumentfield’s missive to thousands of constituents — who don’t have a clue who 2JobBob is despite his two terms of serving his party, labor unions, Indian gaming syndicates, and various medical organizations that rip you off — begins with a deceit:

“I am writing to ask you to do something I believe is extremely important for our community and our Nation:   If you live in the San Fernando Valley’s 30th Congressional District – please vote for Congressman Howard L. Berman.

“I’ve personally known and worked with both Howard Berman and his opponent (Brad Sherman) for many years and the choice couldn’t be more clear.”

Notice how 2JobBob “worked with” Berman and Sherman but no mention that he “worked for” only Berman and found in the Valley’s long-lost Congressman a mentor who launched his disciple’s political career.

He then lists three reasons to choose Berman over Sherman — all of them are praise for Howard from obscure magazines none of you have ever read and probably only heard of one, Foreign Policy Magazine.

From there, the brains of the state budget gets lost in six-lettered reasons and five bullet points before concluding with reason No. 10: “Howard Berman is one of the most ethical and good hearted people I know … ‘

If it’s good enough for 2JobBob, it ought to be good enough for you — isn’t that the way Democracy in America works?

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12 Responses to 2JobBob: A Parting Shot at Shameless Assemblyman Blumenfield Who Doesn’t Want the Job He’s Seeking

  1. Teddy says:

    Today is the day we need to remember to vote. It isn’t always easy.
    But just remember this is your country, too, and today is your opportunity

    to add your voice to the USA you want your chuildren and grand children
    and their children to live in peace and freedom. God Bless America.

  2. Transparency says:

    Elections were created to make you think you have a say so, but you don’t. It has already been decided who the winner will be either a republican or a democrat that ultimately will continue the same agenda. Obama with all his promises of Change and Hope not only continued but extended the same policies that Bush implemented and if Romney becomes president he will just be doing the same job his predecessors have. Parties maintain the herd divided and distracted while the masters at the top do whatever they want.

    Most Americans are arrogant thinking that their government is superior to any other in the world and that arrogance blinds them to the reality of what is happening around them. Their world is falling apart and all they do is blame each others party. Americans have become slaves of their government because of their blind faith to it.

    Divided we fall.

  3. El Quixotian says:

    So…if Berman would win one more term (partial or otherwise…) Sherman would be out of the way, while Bob would quit CD3 and aim at D.C.?

  4. Willard Mitt Romney says:

    FYI: My concession speech:
    Thank you, thank you. America today is a Socialist Nation. Today I feel secure that my wealth is safely overseas in the Cayman Islands and that I will always be super-rich. As for all of you, I gave you a chance…But, most of you, the 53% were just too dumb to get it, thus 4 more years of Obama.
    Well, I’ve said what I want to say. Thank you to all the Jews who voted to save Israel and get me in to do it. Thank you to all the Mormons. Thank you to all the self-employed small business men and woman who knew who to vote for (me.)
    As for you, the 53% of the lax and lazy, well, what can I say.
    I will win the popular vote! I will thus lose a Presidency with getting the most votes! How the hell does that happen? I’m not a mechanical engineer, I’m just a very lucky and very rich businessman who ran an honest campaign and got beat.
    Thank you again, God Bless and hope in 2014 my Party regains the Senate.

  5. Teddy says:

    According to the Daily News this AM, too many did not know that 2-Job is
    running for City Council and Assembly. He cannot accept both seats tto be honest and fair. (why not asks 2-j0) But I wish that we could share your messages with
    the Democrats who have turned out to be a majority of know-nothings.

  6. ex valley says:

    Quiet on this site after the elections?
    So did bob with a job and another one in the can won his re-election? I’m sure he did. ! For an incumbent to lose in LA? That’s unheard of. Hell will freeze over sooner.
    You, good boys and girls, passed prop 30. This is good. Wouldn’t want my new state bail you out. But with prop 30 you gave crusty and clown and his insane posse of unions a few more years. Good.
    Saw news items about layoffs yesterday. No problem – I’m sure your just re-elected senator Diane fienstein is already working hard to being more jobs. After 20 yrs in the senate she should know.
    Life is good.

    • MissAnthrope says:

      Yes he did. Rick Orlov story in today’s daily news…

      I guess people don’t mind double runners…double runners should only be on training ice skates or sleds…Paul Ryan had an insurance run, v.p. and house of reps…he retained his house seat…

    • LA Moderator says:

      You forgot Prop 32 failing….

      I suspect it’s wasn’t defeated just those Union Members who may already have safeguards to prevent them from unwillingly contribute to PAC’s…I know you have to ‘opt-in’ for some of the the UTLA ‘activism’. But knowing how such funds are segregated would require review of any available open books…after all, as Bog says: “Money is Fungible!” (Note: non-liberal teachers have pointed out there’s an alternative to CTA out there, too)

      Ironically, the anti-union campaign forges ahead; including their being undermined in some cases by the same elected Recipients who are doubling their major donor class to billionaire’s and alleged education reformers. (ooh, we’ve already seen ‘green’ applied to adding a phony veneer over boondoggles, let’s bring it back to ‘whiteboard washing’).

      To be honest, I’m not sure how much of the included limits on Corporate payroll>PAC was a problem: That may just have been thrown in as window dressing so as to appear fair and balanced.

      But what killed it is the lack of an agile defense of the opponents accusations that this was just a front for investment bankers, Carl Rove, and others, so as to ‘vote themselves tax cuts’.

      So, what is fair, if you can’t combat these special interests without excluding those deep pocketed protaginists who may just care to level the playing field, not tilt it in their favor?

      It’s an image and an optics problem. Truth certainly isn’t enough…when Big Lies have relentless money behind them.

  7. Willard Mitt Romney says:

    Damn, now I’ll just live my life counting my hundreds of millions! What a fucking bore! How about a 2nd vote? Anyone? Anyone?

  8. Willard Mitt Romney says:

    You can see my good friend Assemblyman Blooomenfool at his Veteran’s Day Parade this Sunday. Check out his website, he’s been emailing people again as a State Lawmaker (really campaigning for the City Council.) He’s a creep. That’s why I decided to move to San Diego County to spend my $4,000,000 on my new house.

    • LA Moderator says:

      Just got a franked mailer reacing out to garner 1st job constituents’ feelings regarding some softball issue he’ll fix for us between now and March…

      Vote Cary Iaccino for CD3!

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