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If This Doesn’t Make You Mad Enough to Fight, Nothing Will

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28 Responses to If This Doesn’t Make You Mad Enough to Fight, Nothing Will

  1. David says:

    Dictator Mr. President.

  2. anonymous says:

    So glad you posted that Ron. I was furious when I heard that. Wesson was absolutely rude and his treatment of this public commenter changed my opinion of him forever.

    Former Mayor Riordan should have retorted back something like “never mind what was; what are you doing about it now.”

  3. Anonymous says:

    As Riordan said on radio “Wesson has no class”. That goes for the entire City Council-an embarrasment to the City.

  4. Herb has the potential what Prince Eric set out to do: bankrupt the City.

  5. anonymous says:

    Evil Herb does not seem to know what the definition of “our house” is.

  6. dntn observer says:

    A two bit punk. No wonder City is headed to bankruptcy.
    btw; Ron, you have missed the big story about the Prez of the Public Works board. The story has huge legs……………

  7. Wayne the Independent-Liberal says:

    I told you—King Herb I. wasn’t just council president—BUT ROYALTY! Ron forgot to mention right after this incident, Riordan (A COWARD) backed away from all of us taxpayers and dropped his well drafted City Pension Reform Ballot Measure! His Royal Highess Herb scared the multi-millionaire COWARD right out of City Hall on his ass into the cold rainy streets of Downtown L.A.. GONE was the preferred parking space; GONE was the adulation and invitation to sit within the Horseshoe and take 10 minutes to make his pitch. Yes, Old Tired and Worn Out Dummy Mayor Riordan sat with the losers (like me) in the PUBLIC AREA of the Clown-chambre, filled out his 2 minute comment card, and got his head handed to him! When King Herb tried the same shit with me, I gave it right back—and I took another minute to argue with his Majesty who had the armed guards threaten to arrest me for responding to his Brown-Act VIOLATIONS of attacking public speakers AFTER they make their comments after their time ends! His Majesty does this tactic–it is not only cheap, rotten, and rude—which is what His Majesty is, but it is a clear violation of STATE AND FEDERAL LAW to harass, threaten, and intimidate taxpayers who are making public comments on City Business.
    King Herb’s reign will be short-lived–like his height! BUT…He proved he has the balls to run the City and the rest of us have ZERO power over this tyranny. The City will go into Chapter 9 proceedings next year, THEN we’ll see how funny and full of piss and vinegar this latest fool/Emperor has. We don’t have any power to vote out this crooks. We don’t have a savior who can get ballot measures passed to curb their stupidity. Thus, we shall suffer TOGETHER and we will.

  8. dntn observer says:

    Ron, the reason I asked how you could had missed the Alarcon story is because, whereas the Napoleon of the Council behaved impolitely and rudely, the other Napoleon acted irresponsibly and wrecklessly with financial implications for the impoverished City.. Just on the surface, Zahniser will get to the bottom of it, how could Antonio appoint a 33yr inexperienced , unqualified person as President of the Board (the only Commission where its members are paid $130,000, withcar and benefits)which oversees the design and construction of the City`s multibillion dollar infrastructure? What did he or is he getting in return? Let`s wait for Zahniser`s findings. Or do you think I place too much trust on the LA Slimes?

    • ex valley says:

      So what’s the scoop here? Inquiring minds want to know. Was alarcon’s daughter one of Villar’s ladies? And the plum appointment was a payoff for services rendered? But why her? Did he reward any others? Or Was it a bone thrown her daddy’s way? But AlarCon is on his way out, even Villar’s sister judge could not prevent him going on trial?

      Lets see if la slimes investigates anything.

  9. anonymous says:

    Wayne the Independent-Liberal, do you think Riordan could have acquired another 200 thousand signatures by the end of December when he only got 100 thousand to date? Did you sign it? Did you try to get signatures? If so, what sort of response did you get?

    I’m saddened that the measure will not be on the ballot. However, judging from the last election, do you think it would have passed?

    I think the only answer at this point is for the City to hit rock bottom, much like addicts do before getting help. Only then will something happen. Until that time, all the doom and gloom messengers will be ignored or demonized while those charged with the distribution of our tax dollars and fees will cater to their donors.

  10. MissAnthrope says:

    Riordan’s a wuss…always has been. Even he caved to the unions when he was mayor. Like all pols, the only times he spoke his mind was when he was out of office, and you’re surprised he withdrew his signature gathering? Someone put pressure on him from somewhere, but what could the pressure have been? One of those skeleton in the closet things???

  11. Gadfly says:


    I am just as angered that arrogant prick Wesson didn’t even introduce Dick Riordan with any of the honor that he and his prick colleagues bestow upon all other officials? He didn’t say Riordan was the former mayor, or his honor. Just Richard Riordan.

    Wesson’s contempt ONLY for this particular esteemed visitor is evidence of his arrogance. Christ, would I like to see Wesson’s offshore holdings.

  12. KSS says:

    Alarcon was with her godfather, the mayor. Everyone knows this by now.

    PS – Wesson is a d**k, and I don’t mean ‘richard’.

  13. KSS says:

    PPS –

    Someone put Dakota on this… anyone we know around here? :-)

    • ex valley says:

      So alarcon’s daughter was partying with Villar’s admin in a hotel room that the admin took not to drive late from the party. You want to bet that the city (or more precisely you the suckers) paid for this room? You also want to bet that the city pays for hotel rooms whenever Villar or any of his cronies feel like partying? There is probably a credit line open in certain downtown hotels for this purpose. If only you had a real investigative press and real journalists.

  14. teddy says:

    My personal reaction: I repeat – S E C E S S I O N -


    Who needs it except the present rulers. Vote them all out on March 5, 2013.

    The old laws that give them all this power to lie, chear and steal must be repealed
    and declared illegal. Please circulate this column by Ron Kaye and ask that it
    is shared. We must help ourselves!

    • Sierra says:

      Secession will never pass since it is a rigged game. Those in the Valley are footing a greater portion of the tax bill than others in the rest of the City. Why other parts of Los Angeles vote to “let the Valley go” and kill the goose that lays the golden egg when they can kick back and let the Valley pay the bills while they hit some rounds of golf.

      You should give up on succession and on voting out the crooks in LA because you don’t have the votes – Your opponents don’t play fair and will always win.

  15. Marion says:

    The President of our City Council is a “little dick” in more ways than one. How dare he speak with such disrespect to a former Mayor of the City. The man is a know-nothing “little dick”.

  16. cynic says:

    Yeah ex valley. How about Alarcon`s cell bill.? If it is paid by the City, and probably is, it would place it in the public domain. Let`s see if any journo has any brains to make a PR request. Ooh what we would read…………

    • ex valley says:

      Yeah just imagine some poor joe blow gives his company paid cell that he is supposed to use only for job related stuff to his kid. Sure he will keep his job, yeah. Plus he already got a DUI while driving a company car.

      But of course when somebody is named alarcon and/ or works for the government – then it is an entirely different story.

  17. anonymous says:

    LA power-structure has morphed into a monster…
    the new year will not be merry and bright….

  18. anonymous says:

    I think it was incredible that Riordan took the citizen public comment route. Call him what you will, I’m impressed with his humility. He should have been acknowledged, yet he never seemed to indicate such an expectation.

  19. Sierra says:

    I bet that Riordan will back Jan Perry and not Kevin James because he is beholden to Developers and the big downtown law firms.

    After his developer buddy, Rick Caruso and Rickey’s Billionaire Boys Club Boy Wonder, Austin Beutner dropped out, Riordan kept quiet about endorsements.

    Kevin James was the ONLY candidate to back Riordan’s plan.

    So why can’t Riordan redirect his money to a PAC to support Kevin James?

    And why did Billionaire Rick Caruso lie to Riordan about not having money to give to Riordan’s ballot campaign for Pensions? – Caruso said he was going to spend money on a Radio advertising campaign which never materialized – John Walsh called that one.

    Riordan deserves the trashing he received from Wesson. He brought it upon himself.

    • anonymous says:

      Wesson is an abuser…
      this was yet another example of his sadistic tendencies…
      neither Perry during redistricting nor Riordan now “deserved”
      maltreatment by an unprincipled underling such as Wesson…

  20. anonymous says:

    It doesn’t matter who the public commenter is, Wesson was out of line. As for his allegation, Riordan’s contribution to the pension fiasco was a spit in the bucket compared to Wesson’s votes. Go study the pension formulas and you will see. Unlike Wesson, Riordan admits to his part. Wesson just points fingers while voting for 15 year ERIP pay backs, rate hikes and putting tax increases on the table ( to name a few), not to mention his State Assembly voting record and his little legislative lock down stunt.

    I appreciate Riordan’s efforts and I’m sorry he didn’t get the required signatures for that ballot measure. Then again, would it have passed? If that unions bussing the voters to the polls story is true (can anyone confirm that), it would have lost–the same way prop 32 did and prop 30 didn’t.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Whom does this sleazyball represent. There aren’t enough sleazy people in LA to form his base. Who is electing these sleazes in Council?

  22. Wayne the Independent-Liberal says:

    Re: Riordan’s petition: He could of gotten the necessary signatures for the ballot reform by Dec. 31rst. First, He had KFI John and Ken willing for FREE to gather 10,000 or more signatures by staging live sign-petition events. Then he has PAID SIGNATURE GATHERERS who do this for a living. But when King Herb I. handed the old BAFOON his ass and it got all this coverage—Riordan and his family (who grabbed all their money from being City Hall Insiders) decided to run away and hide.
    The rest of the comments are 100% on point—L.A. needs to be broken up into 3 new cities: The Valley, The Central L.A. City, and West L.A. Then we need a few weeks of public trials for all the elected officials and their staffers since 1990 who have bankrupted, corrupted, and stole from the homeowners and businesses in this City!
    It would have to be a Nuremberg-Style EMERGENCY TRIBUNAL. We don’t have 10 or 20 years to bring these bastards to justice—we need to know how much has been stolen, WHERE IT IS NOW LOCATED (Switzerland, Cayman Islands, etc.) and how much to buy out the Pensions and settle the City’s budget.
    Otherwise, L.A. City goes into Federal Bankruptcy proceedings. Think Richard Riordan’s LAW FIRM will get FEES for this? BET YOUR ASS ON IT!
    RIORDAN IS A PIECE OF SHIT! I hope he tries to take his money to his grave one day (because you never can take it with you.)

  23. anonymous says:

    Wayne–Richard Riordan does not have a law firm. His family is not insiders that grabbed money from City Hall. Where the heck are you getting your info?

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