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VIDEO REPORT: Sales Tax Hike Is Nothing But a Blank Check to Perpetuate Failure and Corruption

If you took Herb Wesson and Paul Krekorian at their word — which would be foolish given these failed state legislators bald-faced lying and deceit — you would think that giving City Hall $215 million a year more would solve the never-ending budget crisis, pave sidewalks and streets, trim trees, restore full service at our libraries.

Wesson and Krekorian led the hard sell campaign for a one-half percent sales tax hike as if it were solely for “public safety,” to avoid the 500 layoffs Chief Charlie Beck threatens to carry out on cops without the money.

It’s all a fiction, a phony narrative scripted in the back rooms to claim it is a “general tax” increase requiring a simple majority to pass on the March ballot instead of the “specific tax” for public safety that they are promising to use the money for.

It’s all a lie, a big lie. The revenue will merely cover the next round of scheduled employee pay hikes that are coming due.

Watch these videos and see through the lies yourselves, and be sure to note that the normally loquacious Dennis Zine who wants to be Controller and the always pious Eric Garcetti who wants to be mayor voted against the tax hike without having the courage to speak during the debate.

They were joined by the mealy-mouthed Mitch Englander who represents the city’s only Republican district and Jan Perry who strengthened her mayoral campaign by speaking out sharply against this fraud on the public.

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32 Responses to VIDEO REPORT: Sales Tax Hike Is Nothing But a Blank Check to Perpetuate Failure and Corruption

  1. Anonymous says:

    Only 1/2%! Angelenos will support 2% to ensure our Mayor, Council and the bloated LA employees don’t lose their lifestyles. Go for it.

  2. anonymous says:

    an appropriate expression would be…
    “the straw that broke the camel’s back”

  3. Teddy says:

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained”

    Come March 5, 2013, let us go for the change we need. Vote for
    Kevin James, Cary Brazeman and the new names on our ballots.

    This is the time to vote and make it for new people for one term.
    It does not have to be a career. If you have the time and want to
    help, now is the time to collect signatures in order to qualify for
    being on the ballot. You pick your own office you think you can
    help c hange for the better.

    And the issues need your input – yea or nay.

    We need to help ourselves instead of rehiring pollitical careerists, who look
    out for themselves.

  4. anonymous says:

    Hey-At least it’s across the board and not just those evil wealthy people who caused this.

  5. Wayne the Independent-Liberal says:

    We are all Socialists now in California. I tried for years to stop it, but you all sneak into the ballot box or mail your ballot voting for crap like this, thus:
    YES ON THE SALES TAX INCREASE!!! Since Garslutti, Perry the Dog, and Zine the CD3 2 time pensioner voted NO, I can’t (as a Independent-Liberal) vote for them! In fact, there appears to be no Mayoral candidate that has supported this tax? Why? I can’t understand it.
    By the way, I addressed the Clowncil a few weeks back that their CAMPAIGN DONORS DON’T WANT A PARCEL TAX OR A TRANSFER TAX and that they were VIOLATING THEIR MASTERS. Guess what? RIGHT AGAIN WAYNE? Yes, they realized their campaign donor-masters won’t go for it.
    As an Independent-Liberal, I’m SHOCKED it is ONLY FOR 1/2 cent! In fact, I’M MORALLY OUTRAGED! I DEMAND the Council put a 2nd ballot measure for a 2 CENT increase in the already-outlandishly high sales tax. Since I’m so fucking STOOPID (and anyone else eligible to vote in March 2013 for City of L.A. Elections) We should pay the NATION’S HIGHEST SALES TAX so that one day we all can just wake up one day, move out of L.A. City, and RENT OUT our residences to WELFARE MOOCHES and live off the fat of the land, as they say.
    And I’m OUTRAGED again, that Garslutti and Perry the Dog wouldn’t tell the truth and LIED as they voted NO when in reality, they are even more to the Left than I (or the late Mao Tse Tung.)
    Finally, perhaps Kevin James should just SUPPORT the sales tax, re-register as an INDEPENDENT and GO FOR IT! He now would be the only leading contender for the Mayor’s office who oppenly SUPPORTS the tax. There’s enough morons to get a win on just running FOR the tax. Hold rallies for union members and EBT card holders–there’s 49% of the vote right there.
    Then there’s the other “hold-outs.” The old, tired, decades-old responsible homeowners who pay their bills on time, play by the rules, and keep their homes clean.
    Then there’s MY NUMEROUS NEIGHBORS—with their home-modification approvals, free EBT cards, free SSI medicare cards, free and reduced DWP bills, and under the table contractor businesses and day-care businesses sending the CASH back out of the country.
    Who should you be? Who is the stoopid ones above? It’s obvious, isn’t it?
    My one neighbor is selling his welfare-paid house! My house I’ve just let it go to hell (which is what L.A. City is all about.) This FUCKING neighbor had the nerve to get his listing agent to DEMAND I cut my tree and fix my fence so SHE COULD MARKET THE welfare-paid for house for A BETTER PRICE.
    I told them EXACTLY what I felt about that request—it’s pretty obvious what the response was: “Gee, this White Valley Trash is far too smart for our dumb-asses—I guess we’ll have to PAY to fix what we want or SHOW THE HOUSE LOOKING LIKE THE PIECE OF GARBAGE IT IS.
    I even offered to BUY the crap hole—but you see–they DON’T WANT TO SELL IT to me, only to a WELFARE MOOCH like the prior owners! They know I could rent it out as a CRAP HOLE and get that mailbox money. THEY FINALLY TOLD ME THAT I SHOULD LIST MY HOUSE FOR SALE!!! (The Agent a Latina, of course!)
    She’s right, by the way! TOTALLY, 119% right. Give her credit for being an HONEST racist and knowing the Valley doesn’t need white people anymore.
    I’ll keep you posted to see what garbage moves in next door….

  6. Ron, and commenters, I’m with you all the way. I’m running in the 3rd Council District and have come out for the Riordan Pension Reform, saying no to the sales tax increase, criticizing our “Silly” Council for being wholly in the pocket of the public employee unions, opposing and filing formal Ethics Commission complaints against “2-job Bob” Blumenfield, opposing the ban on the dispensaries, and suggesting other reforms of City government. Take a look at my website and send me a contact from my website if you live in the 3rd District and are willing to sign my nominating petition and/or obtain other voter signatures:

    This election does give us a chance to start to make some changes.

    • L.A. "Corruption is thy name" says:

      If you support Riordan’s plan, then you’re either a crook or a fool.

      Riordan is the grand daddy of the Crimogenic city hall and he wants to privatize social security.

      That’s all LA needs — another wall street stooge on the city council to give tax money to NYC crooks.

      Go EAST young man, GO EAST

  7. cynic says:

    What a turncoat has Krekorian turned out to be. And now I read he is also a liar. As far as the Napoleon, his mantra has always been tax and spend , along with the other Napoleon, who is working hard to get also ” a gift ” from Obama. Work to them is for us the suckers, supporting their opulent life style, whose only qualification is that they are members of the minorities……….

  8. Teddy says:

    I just re-read and heard the pathetic messagesd of why we need more taxes.
    These people, Wesson, Kerkorian, Perry, Greuel and Zine,as well as the rest of them
    are the reason we have to increase taxes. Ron has reported on the hugh raises these people get every year to their largest in the Nation’s pay and retirement checks.

    Right at this moment I am outraged and it is my opinion that these people
    are theives who plan on raiding our budgets for as long as we let them. We do
    have a right to run our own city. We need to fire everyone including cohorts
    like Beck and sue them all – purpose? – to cancel all their personal benefits – now
    and forever. We need to rehire police and fire department personnel

    They will take us to court, but we have a history that proves our case.

    Anyone think I am out of my mind? Tell me.

  9. dntn observer says:

    Perry has the cojones to stand up to D`Arcy and Durazo. If either, the weakling Garcetti or the double faced Greuel, D`Arcy`s lap dog, is elected, we should kiss this City good bye . Unfortunately, nothing will be left anyway after “FAILURE ” Mayor`s reign.

    • anonymous says:

      si, Perry tiene cajones como un toro…
      si, Garcetti y Greuel son chihuahuas temerosos…
      Perry demonstrated her courage to confront
      corruption during sham redistricting…
      elite powers & organized crime fear/hate her…

  10. dntn observer says:

    btw where the LA Chamber and Central City Association are hiding? Schatz must be in her usual mo. Let`s make a deal! As far as Toebben , well , nobody will accuse him of having cohones. He is waiting for the wind to blow………

  11. Wayne the Independent-Liberal says:

    Who has a higher IQ: Mr. Potato Head or Paul “Mr. Potato Head” Koretz?
    Also, I volunteer to write the ballot argument IN SUPPORT of the Sales Tax Increase in March 2013. I’ll just write a bunch of B.S. and lies like Wesson and the rest like to do.
    What we need is a City-Wide “Throw your money away day.” Each of us at exactly 3:15 pm (pick a day like Sunday or Saturday) (Ides of March in honor of the Clowncil backstabbers and Judas who rule this City Government) will go to the nearest freeway overpass or major street (like Ventura Blvd.) and THROW PENNIES, DIMES, AND NICKLES into the streets!!! (No quarters or higher because they aren’t worth it.)
    Then the streets will be filled with FREE MONEY so the scumbags at City Hall can sweep it up and use it to balance the budget.
    WE NEED MAJOR PROTESTS TO BEGIN AT ONCE! It’s time to tell them to GO TO HELL, then maybe one or two get voted out come March 2013. It would be a major step forward and would if successful begin a nationwide HOUSECLEANING.
    It’s that simple. Give it time, and an idea like mine will happen.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Madeliene Janis has an article opposing Riordan’s pension reform measure in “Citywatch” with the following excerpt:

    “As for Riordan’s record with the city’s redevelopment agency, I saw firsthand when I was appointed to the CRA Board of Commissioners in 2002, the dangerous culture of secrecy and backroom deals that the Riordan administration had created. In project after project, key records were missing, major contracts were unsigned and “deals” had been negotiated in ways that clearly favored developer interests over the interests of the taxpayers funding the projects. While there were clearly well-meaning people who served in the Riordan administration and who worked hard to achieve results for the City’s taxpayers, the culture of insider dealing and lack of standards and accountability seemed to come from Riordan himself.———
    Richard Riordan got a lot of things wrong when he was mayor. Current elected officials should be wary about taking the former mayor’s advice today”.

    Two issues: Did things change under Villaraigosa? And, what did Janis do when she was part of these backroom deals. Nothing. Why would anyone pay heed to such a person. Vote for Riordan’s pension reform. Our last hope to save the city from insolvency.

    • More foolishness says:

      Janis needs to hustle herself down the the US Attorney Office — maybe they won’t give her immunity. Que Triste!

  13. insider says:

    The socialist`s , otherwise known as M. Janis , response is expected. She is part of Obama`s takers . Her groupie are the ” gift” receivers. But, we have to thank ” FAILURE ‘ Mayor for appointing her to the CRA, another ” gift ” giver. The blackmailer has the balls to talk of backroom deals.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The City needs to get its act together before it asks for anything else from its citizens. Stop playing divide and conquer with the unions by promising different deals and demanding different concessions based on politics. Ask for true shared sacrifice from all City workers. Most of us are not unreasonable and we understand that cuts need to be made. We are just tired of some departments and classifications being exempt, especially when they’re the majority of the general fund like LAPD sworn. I’m also not saying that public safety should not remain the highest priority. But I am saying stop giving raises that you can’t afford. Don’t layoff lower paid civilians when you know it’s just going to result in higher paid civilian classifications or sworn being pulled to do their work. They should also deploy smarter. Get every able-bodied sworn employee out of their cubicle and put them where they are actually needed. It also doesn’t make sense to threaten sworn layoffs when LAPD is still hiring. If things are really that bad, stop hiring and let attrition take care of the rest to avoid layoffs. Lastly, get rid of non-essential programs, huge fleets of cars that they no longer have the staff to maintain because of ERIP, millions of dollars in council member’s special funds, and giveaways to developers.

  15. Ricardo says:

    Jeff Koons sculpture valued at $100 million is in Eli Broad’s personal art collection. It was Eli Broad’s former company AIG that help create the mortgage crisis which led to recession. ELI BROAD NOW BANKROLLING RICHARD RIORDAN PENSION PLAN. WAKE UP PEOPLE

    Billionaire Eli Broad’s $130 Million Museum With $52 Million More, Before Governor Brown Can Have at It

    Billionaire Eli Broad Wants More of Your Cash to Build Shrine to Himself

    Eli Broad’s Grand Illusion. While real L.A. goes begging, City Hall pours millions into a plastic promenade

  16. Anonymous says:

    @–L.A. “Corruption is thy name” says:

    November 16, 2012 at 1:52 pm

    If you support Riordan’s plan, then you’re either a crook or a fool”.

    Either you are a complete idiot or a city employee who would lose feeding at the public trough with Riordan’s plan. What are your reasons for opposing it?

  17. Sierra says:

    Jan Perry has been exposed as a double-talker when after the Mayoral’s debate, she would not support Riordan’s plan.

    Perry is the billboard queen and gives away taxpayer monies in forms of tax waivers and preferential treatment.

  18. Toot Toot says:

    I will toot my own horn — over two years ago, I recall writing that after draining the city treasury to give away tax dollars to developers, the council would then say we have to increase taxes to pay for parks, police, and fire.

    By the time the State ended the corrupt CRA/LA, Angelenos were carrying an $11 Billion burden. The exact amount is hard to calculate since the City engages in lies, deceit and fraudulent accounting.

    I was not the only person who made the prediction. While corruption allows the city council to siphon off billions of tax dollars, they cannot repeal the laws of economics. They run out of money and have to raise taxes. Accounting Control Fraud has become the new rage for city governments and LA is well into it to the tune of billions of dollars.

    Accounting Control Fraud is simple for businesses and cities. Whoever is in Control uses Fraudulent Accounting to deceive others about the city’s financial stability. Ken Lay had Enron report fictitious income and not report losses. This accounting system made Enron appear wildly successful. The stock went up which was great for the executives who had been given free stock options. The executives sold the fraudulently inflated stock and made millions upon millions even as the company was headed for financial disaster.

    Corrupt judges threw out lawsuits that would have stopped the Enron fraudulent accounting so that when the disaster hit is was total.

    By systematically funneling billions of tax dollars to corrupt developers, the city council and mayors starting with Riordan turned LA into a two decades long Accounting Control Fraud. As the LA Times has reported, we used Accounting Control Fraud in Jan 2011 to lie about how great the response times were for fire men and paramedics — when in reality, the response times were terrible. That Accounting Fraud allowed Garcetti and Villababosa to take an additional $200 M from the LAFD thereby making responses times even longer and increasing deaths.

    When this fraud was first uncovered in early 2012, did the theft of public funds stop? No. They gave $67 M in tax relief for a downtown hotel and then in April 2012 passed a motion to pay for the rehabbing of the other downtown hotels — with a blank check. Then, there is the issue of the fraudulent Hollywood plan, but that requires its own chapter.

    And the City’s Accounting Fraud with Goldman Sachs will require a team of forensic accountants to unravel and another three chapters to detail.

    I am not talking about a bribe here or there like the petty County Assessor. Accounting Control Fraud is a criminal enterprise second in size only to the 2008 Mortgage meltdown, which began in Crimogenic LA thanks to the help of the LA Courts who covered up the frauds at Countrywide until the international market for home mortgages crashed.

    While Garcetti was Council President, the entire city council was criminally buying and selling votes thousands of times. With 2 years prison term for each violation of Penal Code 86, some council members merit over 4,000 years in prison.

    The vast scope of the habitual crimes is one of the reasons that people have trouble conceptualizing the crime. So, do not believe me. Read Penal Code 86 and then check the city hall voting records. The city council voted unanimously over 99% of the time. That rate cannot be the result of individual public deliberation on each matter, but instead was the product of a prior agreement to Vote Yes. In fact, the council’s vote tabulating machine was set to an automatic Yes Vote and voted even when a councilmember was in the bathroom! Again, do not believe me — you can see the facts for yourselves. Such voting agreements are criminal.

    The Crimogenic nature of city hall is highlighted by the fact that on the last session of December 2011 Council President Garcetti bragged about his criminal enterprise. Yet, no law enforcement official did anything. Again, do not believe me. Get the tapes from Channel 35 and you can hear Garcetti brag about the 99% plus unanimous voting. That’s how you loot billions of dollars from city hall — incriminate every council member into a criminal conspiracy. Even Al Capone didn’t have the nerve to pull off such public criminality and now the crooks want you to pay for the money which they stole!

  19. Wayne the Independent-Liberal says:

    Jan Perry was born and raised from Dogs! A pathetic waste!

    • Canis Major Bruno says:

      Canis Major Bruno growls:
      now and then I may drink water from a toilet bowl…
      however, I do not have a potty mouth like Wayne…grrr

  20. anonymous says:

    ‘Interesting that the SEIU opposes the hike. My guess is it’s a PR move and nothing more.

  21. AA says:

    SEIU opposes the hike because they were not in on it, pure and simple. If they had been given their payback, they would have played ball.

  22. Wayne the Independent-Liberal says:

    Jan Perry looks like a DOG, sounds like a DOG, and votes like a DOG, therefore Jan Perry must be a DOG! Her NO vote on the sales tax for the City (named officially the “City of Los Angeles 2013 Death to Businesses Initiative”) is a FARCE! She’s a WELFARE BITCH from the Ghetto of South Central who got the campaign donors to feed her fat ass all these 12 years as a Clowncilwoman. Notice how Ron’s buddy Krookorian voted YES for the Tax? Any comment Ron? How about those Koretz voters in CD5? How about all those Persian Square businesses in Westwood that told me 4 years ago that David Vahedi wasn’t “Persian Enough” to vote for? IS KORETZ ANTI-BUSINESS ENOUGH FOR YA’ ALL? How about the Huizar-man? How about the San Pedro Business District’s champion–the newly annointed Buscaino? See him vote YES for less jobs and more bankruptcy?
    Oh—look at your new DWP bill lately? See the new 100% ELECTRICITY SURCHARGES? Yes, all your stupid voting patterns and Liberal thinking have now brought us to this dark day, hasn’t it?
    I’ll have to keep paying for all these mistakes. WUF WUF! The Dog Days of L.A. are here to stay….

    • Canis Major Bruno says:

      Canis Major Bruno growls:
      now and then I may drink water from a toilet bowl…
      however, I do no have a potty mouth like Wayne…grrr…

  23. Anonymous says:

    @Toot Toot–Why not report Madeleine Janis to the Attorney General. Her article is proof enough about her, the CRA & the Mayor’s corruption.

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