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Hope Springs Eternal Around the World — Happy New Year!


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4 Responses to Hope Springs Eternal Around the World — Happy New Year!

  1. Wayne from Koretz-Occupied Vichy Encino, whose post awaits moderation like Bruno's says:

    Happy Fiscal Cliff!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Debt Ceiling Max-Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy 2013 Economic Collapse to all you Obama Voters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy 2013 Gun Confiscation for all you Romney Voters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    At least the Aussies STILL put on a great party in Sydney in 2013.
    Happy 2013 to the only qualified leader we have in L.A.===BRUNO!

  2. anonymous says:

    It won’t be too happy when I tell one of my full time employee that she’s being laid off. I really feel bad, but I cannot afford the taxes, water bill, property tax and her. My other employee will have to take every holiday listed on the dept of labor site (unpaid) and I might have to cut him to part time. Christmas bonuses will not happen at all. Of course, that won’t make much of a dent so I’ll have to be sure my non-profit donations are half of what they used to be. That, then, will make a little dent, but still not much. It won’t be a very charitable decade on my end.

    Of course, given that Obama just ordered raises for Biden, Congress and all Federal workers I don’t see their taking my money making much of a difference.

    BTW….Wayne from the Republic of Koretz, I didn’t vote for them. ‘Looks like Bruno approved your post. Good doggie.

  3. Teddy says:

    Fiscal Cliff relief is almost there!

    Happy New Year, Wayne.

  4. All the major cities in the world have lavish fireworks displays for New Year. We get gunshots fired in the air. Heard a few off in the distance last night.

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