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City Hall’s Double Standard: Special Treatment for Special Folks like Andrea Alarcon, Herb Wesson and Jose Huizar

NEWS FLASH: City Attorney Carmen Trutanich announced he had charged two former Memorial Coliseum employees – a warehouse worker and a payroll clerk – with misdemeanor embezzlement and conspiracy involved $3,800 early this year. “This kind of criminal activity should not be tolerated, especially in a public agency,” said City Attorney Carmen Trutanich.

Wait a minute – didn’t Coliseum General Manager Patrick Lynch, the kingpin of the vast conspiracy that wrecked our beloved historical landmark and looted its treasury under the supervision of city, county and state officials, cut a deal with District Attorney Steve Cooley to plead guilty to a single measly charge of “conflict of interest” involving $385,000 in kickbacks instead of facing 15 ½ years behind bars on 10 counts that included embezzlement and conspiracy just like the warehouse and payroll guys?. Didn’t our illustrious political leaders led the Coliseum deteriorate to the point they could justify gifting to our fabulously wealthy private University of Southern California.

I bring this up as just one of a thousand available examples of the double standard of treatment provided to the populace by our officials and to their friends and family.

Take the case of the lovely Andrea Alarcon, daughter of the indicted perjurer Councilman Richard Alarcon, who despite the lack of any serious credentials was handed a $130,000 a year job as one of the fivemember of the Board of Public Works approving billions of dollars in contracts.

Like so many others who have held this sinecure over the years, Andrea Alarcon counts as “friend and family” like current board members Capri Maddox, wife of political operative  Kerman Maddox; Valerie Lynne Shaw, former Council aide and daughter of prominent black civic leaders; Steve Nutter, well-connected labor union lawyer, and Jerilyn Lopez Mendoza, well-connected environmental lawyer.

Alarcon is a special case given her history of putting the life of her daughter Cheyenne, now 11, at risk in recent years with penchant for alcohol and who knows what else.

Olympian in its detachment from the city, the LA Times, institutionally, thinks it would wrong to fire Alarcon because she suffers from addiction so is not responsible for driving drunk with her daughter or abandoning her at City Hall until late at night while she partied down the street in Little Tokyo.

The Times could be right. Alarcon shouldn’t be fired. She never should have been hired in the first place any more than the four other “pols pals” who are paid and perked similarly to channel taxpayer money in ways that benefit the unions, contractors, consultants and other special interests who fund the political hacks – the pols – who keep their own spectacular pay and benefits thanks to the generosity of their pals.

What makes Alarcon’s case so disturbing is how she was treated when she finally showed up cockeyed at the police station at 2 a.m. to claim her daughter. No problem, Children’s Services let her take her daughter home instead of taking her into protective custody like they would treat anyone else.

Did the cops test her for intoxication? Did the Police Chief, mayor or other officials intervene? We’ll probably never know what with child endangerment charges likely to disappear once she completes rehab at public expense.

No, don’t fire Andrea, lock her up for her own and her daughter’s safety. Fire Herb Wesson.

That’s right, the president of the City Council of the City of Los Angeles has disgraced the city and done something so unspeakable that no one in a position of authority or influence has the courage or independence to speak about it.

I, for one, do not want to live in a city where honorable people are treated by high officials the way Herb Wesson treated Richard Riordan before one and all in what should be a temple of democracy as Eric Garcetti likes to call it  – not a star chamber where citizens rich and poor are treated like scum unless they bring bags of money in tribute.

Double standard: Wesson’s colleagues didn’t call for his removal as president, didn’t submit a motion of censure, didn’t even mumble a public apology to a distinguished civic leader.

Then, there is the latest case, the little accident Councilman Jose Huizar had near City Hall with his city-owned Highlander SUV two weeks ago when he rear-ended retired Huntington Park cop David Ceja, who does some freelance investigative work for the City Attorney.

Ceja didn’t take no for an answer when Huizar refused to call LAPD to take a police report so he called himself and then watched for 2 1/2 hours as the Councilman sat in the police car sobering up before a breathalyzer was administered.

Double standard: You bet but we may get the truth since Ceja has filed a $500,000 claim against the city over what he believes in the spinal injury he suffered from the crash.

Scott Johnson at Mayor Sam’s blog has the complete story if you want to know more.

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25 Responses to City Hall’s Double Standard: Special Treatment for Special Folks like Andrea Alarcon, Herb Wesson and Jose Huizar

  1. anonymous says:

    please add papa Ricardo Alarcon to the “special” list…

  2. ex valley says:

    So the pope is catholic. Shocking news.

    Ron and many of you facilitated making LA into a one-party city. Hence no checks and balances. Plus since now Ca is a one-party state, you think the ruling party would care to investigate why special people like huizar, alarcon’s daughter etc get special treatment? They are all part of the ruling elite and they are like super rich (Kennedys for example) — the laws do not apply to them. They don’t need to obey the laws like you, the peasants.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ed Reyes, the dumbest of them all, who had the billboard companies write the city’s ordinance, which they just lost in court endorsed Garcetti for Mayor. It should result in 20% less votes for Garcetti.

  4. Wayne the Independent-Liberal says watch your mail for the property tax notice says:

    NEXT TO KAREEM’S STAPLES CENTER STATUE SHOULD BE ONE OF RICARDO ALARCON! He’s done more SCORING in his “career” than Mr. Alcindor did in his 20 NBA seasons and NCAA years COMBINED! The guy lives off the public dole, commits felonies, never spends a second in jail, and even gets his drunken, unfit whore daughter a six figure salary WITH the slimy disgusting L.A. Slimes as their family’s bully pulpit? We’re the fuckups here—they are the ones with all the brains!
    I’ve learned so much from watching them and their pilfering ways too. If I ever decide to have kids, I’ll put them in office to plunder and steal (I promise!) It’s too late for me to live the good life of City Hall, but the kids in school should take a course (in English and Spanish) entitled: HOW TO BE A FUCKING PIG AND LIVE LIKE A KING (Como vaya a un pinche puerco y vivir como un rey.)
    Don’t miss Andrea’s new upcoming best seller: “L.A. Parenting Guide for Drunken Latinas (Un Guia Para Madres Latinas que Bebe Demasiada.)
    We don’t have any newspapers, magazines, t.v. stations, or a single am talk radio show that says 2 words about this, thus we have only here to parody, comment, and opine.
    Someday, thousands of years from now, explorers from other planets will unearth these posts and then can learn why all the humans cease to exist on Planet Earth!

    • El Quixotian says:

      (feverishly looking for corroborating links to last night’s knbc film at eleven of Alarcon and wife, passangers in another little fender bender…good thing Figueras wasn’t driving!)

  5. anonymous says:

    Well, AFL-CIO did not endorse in Mayor`s race. But, Wendy has high hopes for Antonio`s and D`Arcy`s endorsements. That will secure her a lot of votes in the Valley…………

  6. anonymous says:

    How could the two major newspapers miss the fact that Alarcon`s child was found by the City Security in the garage, and not wandering in the Building!!!!!!!!!!

  7. anonymous says:

    Excellent post Ron on all counts. I couldn’t agree with you more. ‘Bless you!!

  8. anonymous says:

    So let’s set the double standard aside for a moment and talk about addiction. Never mind the result of an addiction. If you are addicted you seem to be forgiven and given a pass. One could forgive the addiction, I suppose; but does that make the results of the addiction forgivable? Case in point: Ka Pasasouk had prior records–assault and drug possession due to his addiction. The DA’s office said that under the newly passed Prop 36 (no ex post facto here) Mr Pasasouk should not be imprisoned. We know the nature of his addiction (ie type of drug) predisposes him to violent behavior and he has proven he is violent. He is, nonetheless, set free. What happens? He proceeds to shoot and kill four people.

    There is justifiable cause and concern that Alarcon is a potentially unfit mother. But wait, it’s an addiction and a dangerous result of that addiction. Rather than hold the child until the outcome of these trials (if there even will be one for her City Hall incident),they give her a pass.

    In today’s world of the Model Penal Code and forgiving the criminal, it seems we have lost sight of the victim. Those charged with the legal authority to protect the child have committed a grave disservice. Screw addictions, political correctness and double standards—what about the victims and potential victims? Who are they protecting?

  9. KS says:

    Right on, Ron!

  10. Teddy says:

    Ron, I am speechless. This is a very sick city, isn’t it?

    Noone ever reported any of this before you started in April
    2008. I hope all who have your report before them will
    make sure to share it with their families and friends and
    neighbors. Repect is not a word to use at City Hall. There
    is no self-respect.

  11. Wayne the Independent-Liberal says Alarcon family needs chauffeur says:

    With all the CD7 staff/family “fender-benders” maybe the taxpayers should foot the bill for limousine service for Alarcon, the Unfit Mother Alarcon, and the wife who owns all that real estate in her name! Might as well. King Herb I. should introduce that at the next Star Chambre Meeting…

  12. Teddy says:

    March 5 is our opportunity to make the necessary changes
    in our lives and city. We must vote for new people.

    I hope you will givc serious consideration to Kevin James
    to be our Mayor. He lives here too and decided to see
    if he can help make a differece. Another candidate
    I am supporting is Cary Brazeman – he also has a life
    but decided to run for Controller to try and make
    a difference. If either or both of these men
    are elected I think their caapabilities will giveus the change we need.

    Both havc a successful life they are intending to go back to once
    they break up the gang we now are having to tolerate – Cary is
    a business man and Kevin is a lawyer. In District 3, I would
    suggest Joy Pearson. She is also excellent. None of these are career
    politicians. They are trying to help cure a sick situation.

  13. And do not forget some of the children of our Elected Elite and their cronies.

  14. Wayne the Independent-Liberal says:

    re: Humphreyville: Do you mean limos for some of the kids of our Elected Elite and their cronies, or throwing them all out of office?
    If anyone votes against James for Mayor, I think that’s grounds for a 5150 lockup! (Show this post to Kevin, he’ll get a big laugh.)
    Notice how quiet that fat, bumbling, double-dipper Zine has been lately? He doesn’t appear on Tilden’s show. Is that because I started calling in? Hmmm????? Give me 10 minutes live on the air and I’d make a 110% case to never elect that stupid Clown to anymore freeloader offices. That’s why I get 30 t0 60 seconds tops on any call! Don’t blame KABC or the host—they don’t want to take an Elder or McInterd 2 or 3 year “Sabatical” from work…

  15. ex valley says:

    It looks like children in the alarcon family are used to wander through the city hall

    She was a frequent commissioner, getting on the commissioner trail at 27

  16. anonymous says:

    yeh yeh yeh, you guys. The city is screwed . Accept it!! Ron is trying, but there is no hope.

  17. Wayne the Independent-Liberal on how to file your County Property Tax No vote says:

    1/ Check your mail for the “Hearing Notice” for “Water Run Off” or “Storm Water Shed.” It has on the inside the little paper to check the box, write your name and sign.
    2/ Mail it to the Kenneth Hahn Building Address on the form, Room 3—? It’s on there.
    3/ Go to the Kenneth Hahn Building Downtown to the 3rd floor “Board of Supervisor’s Office” and drop off the form in the Black Lock Box. Then be sure to have the clerk’s CONFORM your copy (stamp it). They will REFUSE TO at first. Be sure to ask for a SUPERVISOR and DEMAND they STAMP YOUR COPY!!!
    I did this today on 3 properties. Many People NEVER GOT their BALLOT.
    If you didn’t get your ballot, then you’ll have to write a letter, with YOUR NAME, ADDRESS AND PARCEL # OF YOUR ADDRESS (find this number on your property tax bill from this year). Then sign it. It should say you PROTEST the Tax LEVY proposed for January 2013.
    50% +1 of the property owners MUST SEND THIS FORM OR LETTER IN to DEFEAT this rotten, evil, misuse of tax dollars. If this thing passes, it will cost you
    $50 to $65 bucks a year EXTRA, but COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES will pay MANY TIMES MORE!!! Get the word out!!
    4/ Because of the way this thing is going, we will LOSE for sure. But let’s see if we can get 20% or more opposition filed on this thing. Maybe that will be large enough to scare them off this BAD IDEA….

  18. Teddy says:

    Shame on you ANON

    What are you thinking? We are alive and kicking and where there is life
    there is hope. Another good saying is “The Lord helps those who help themselves”

    We will never give up.

  19. Wayne the Independent-Liberal on the CT. Shooting... says:

    Here come the Liberal idiots and their new anti-gun ownership attempts! Idiot Peter Tilden on his KABC show “Dumb-ass with Tilden” was wondering what the 20 year shooters mom was doing owning all the guns the kid used for the killings. If KABC had a computer and internet access (or they listen to the show before theirs) they would know that persons under 21 in CT. CANNOT OWN A FIREARM! Thus the parent purchased the guns FOR HER DEFECTIVE SON so he could feel like a big man. That’s why she owned “so many guns.” I couldn’t even listen to KFI with the other liberal fool
    from 7-10pm on “The Lack of Talent Show with Tim Conway Sr.’s moron son.” Jesus, all I heard all day was “Why all the guns…why all the violence.” Finally, give Coast to Coast some credit–at least they said some intelligent words.
    First thing President Wayne the Independent-Liberal is going to do if elected: REINTRODUCE THE DRAFT!
    Second thing: BRING CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS BACK TO PUBLIC PROPERTY STARTING WITH THE COMMUNISTS IN SANTA MONICA: I met the left wing fanatic lawyers that got Christmas banned. Boy, what a bunch of useless hacks!
    Third Thing: Place a copy of the 10 commandments in every public building and put the cross back on the L.A. County Seal
    Fourth Thing: Teach the recital of the Pledge of Allegiance and start each day at school and public hearings with it
    Fifth: Ban all meds for kids under the age of 18 (so they can grow up drug free to see if they want to stay that way.)
    As for the 2nd Amendment—I say we keep it.

  20. Rita-of-Sunland says:

    Well, Wayne—Ya just KNEW this incident would stir up all the anti-gun rhetoric, first and foremost. “We MUST take guns out of the hands of children bla bla bla….” Reminds me of a certain Grimm fairy tale–”Sleeping Beauty” (aka “Briar Rose.”) As you might recall, at the time of Princess Aurora’s birth an evil fairy predicted that on her 16th b’day she would prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die. What did the king do? Had all the spinning wheels in the kingdom destroyed. Didn’t work. Wa-wa-waaaaaa… The reinstatement of The Draft is a good idea, and for kids that are just TOO nuts, I say we reinstate the LOBOTOMY.

  21. Wayne the Independent-Liberal on the Lobotomy says:

    Great idea—we’ll lobotomize the idiot-anti social kids like the shooter, then fly them up to Northern Canada and leave them there so the social elites can pay for their problems! Great comments today by Elder on KABC–he “stuck to his guns.” Then the best one going—Mike Savage (which no L.A. station will carry, despite being #3 biggest radio audience) claims violent movies and games should be banned by Obama, but leave the 2nd Amendment alone.
    Poor Doug McInterd today—he called Cumulus co-owner/Big Bossman Mike StoopidBee an idiot for his remarks that God taken out of the classroom caused the tragedy. Doug will have to live off his wife’s royalties (again) if he keeps this rebellion up! Penny won’t like that…

  22. Will Los Angeles get the Economic and Political Revolution that it so desperately needs?
    Only time will tell. What’s certain for now is that only when the machine and its masters no longer dictate and control L.A.’s fate can this diverse and dynamic region recover and resume its ascent toward greatness.
    We as voters are getting exactly what we have reaped because we fail to elect any leaders that actually know whom we are, and what we think. Our salvation can only come from our votes, and we should vote the man, not the party! Vote for the person that has proven his way from a humble beginning, and succeeded…oh yeah!
    That’s right! You won’t find any such person because unless they sell out to a special interest group with money, fat chance they will be able to afford to compete in the arena of the privileged elite! Money actually buys our leaders even before they are elected!
    The current job down turn was badly handles from the beginning and the government’s response to the crisis has, in some instances, made matters worse.

    “Los Angeles government by the people for the people” Let us take back our city from the corrupt politicians.”
    We can do it, if we all vote.
    We can overcome the special interests vote and take back our city. We outnumber them by a least 8-2.
    Remember, every vote counts, so do not let yours go to waste.
    YJ Draiman for Mayor

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