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A Good Time Was Had By All Teetering on the Fiscal Cliff: 77.1 Percent of Taxpayers Will Pay More in 2013

Trust me on this — while our leader Antonio the Magnificent was partying with the ambisexual Charlie Sheen in Cabo San Lucas, the pleasure of his holiday was nothing compared to the good time that was had by all in Washington.

If you have ever spent an all-night session with filibustering and philandering politicians under great duress — with the world teetering on the edge of a fiscal cliff that could take us all down — you know what goes on.

The sex, the booze, the bags of money and favors that exchange hands — it’s a party like nothing the likes of most of us ever get to experience. Thrilling to the point it makes it all worthwhile to have to come back to Washington and be unable to ring in the New Year with the irrelevant rubes back home.

It’s not so easy for a Senator or a Congressman to really party down among the local folks but in the nation’s capital, who’s to see, who’s to say, who’s to judge a politician spending a lot of time with a girl friend or a boy friend.

You know these people weren’t really working. Their enormous staffs do the work. They were kibbitzing and drinking and figuring out all the angles so they the Republicans can still maintain they are fighting tax increases and willing to go to hell and back to gut Social Security and Medicare to stop the deficit from going any higher.

For their part, the President and the Democrats can boast they saved the nation from tumbling into the fiscal abyss by raising the income tax rate on the new rich and even a few of the old rich.

But the truth is very different: More than three of every four taxpayers will pay more in federal taxes in 2013 than in 2012.

The non-partisan Tax Policy Institute reports the main reason is workers’ share of the Social Security — the payroll tax — will jump from 4.5 to 6.5 percent where it was before the recession. And take note the affluent stop paying the payroll tax at $110,000 so it is as regressive a tax as there is.

“More than 80 percent of households with incomes between $50,000 and $200,000 would pay higher taxes. Among the households facing higher taxes, the average increase would be $1,635,” according to Bloomberg News.

The heaviest new burdens in 2013, compared with 2012, would fall on top earners, who would face higher rates on income, capital gains, dividends and estates. The top 1 percent of taxpayers, or those with incomes over $506,210, would pay an average of $73,633 more in taxes.”

For the average person, the Obamacare taxes — five different taxes that include cutting the flexible spending account limit from $5,000 to $2,500 a year — will cost just about everybody more money.

It certainly doesn’t end there. With estimates of the federal deficit — at its legal maximum now — expected to soar by $4 trillion in the decade, a 25 percent leap, and the issue put off for two months, you can bet your bottom dollar that the war of words without meaning and principles without courage on both sides of the aisle will intensify again soon.

Trust me once more: Rational discussion and debate will have no place in the crisis atmosphere they will create as a smokescreen for what is really going on behind the scenes.

Party on, Washington, party on!

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29 Responses to A Good Time Was Had By All Teetering on the Fiscal Cliff: 77.1 Percent of Taxpayers Will Pay More in 2013

  1. anonymous says:

    Don’t forget about the exemptions–film makers and high paid athletes. It’s Hollywood that put these folks in office, so of course, they will be exempt.
    Oh, and also, don’t forget about Obama ordering raises for Biden, Congress and Federal workers.

    Here’s a link to a conservative blog on the Hollywood exemption. I hope it’s okay to post it.

    • Tyndon Clusters says:

      So what you are really saying is that the Hollywood elite is just as corrupt and worthless as the republican party.

      Yes, I totally agree that a few thousand dunces in Hollywood, are in fact as delusional as the 40 million idiots we call republicans, for while a few thousand in Hollywood believe that taxes are for the little man, the WHOLE dysfunctional wingnut cohort called the GOP believes the SAME thing.

      Only a dolt would make that comparison, hoping to win a cookie for being “ironic”, only to be outing as “moronic”.

  2. Teddy says:

    After listening to Michael Medved who talked about this legislation today,
    I know I am not the onkly one who felt that our taxes would not be increased.

    Then I checked Ron Kaye, and he wasn’t so enthusiastic. I called him just now and found him home. We may not have to pay an increased tax rate, but we still will have to pay income tax and social security, and sales, and state taxes, etc.. We are not home free..

    Our big job is to get our government to stop putting us on the hook for many expenses government takes on. Pensions locally and federally of the people who work in government are now being paid by those people do not get pensions automatically increased every year, or any pensions at all.

  3. Teddy says:

    PS Ron, please ose the last message and delete the first one. Thank you.

  4. ex valley says:

    Villar partying with Charlie Sheen? This is priceless. How were you able to get this one?
    Of course Villar is “winning”. You suckers put him there.
    You get the government you deserve.

  5. ex valley says:

    Speaking of partying

    How sweet is this. Joining the family for a holiday break.

    How long is Christmas vacation for government employees?

    • Tyndon Clusters says:

      Yeah, its not like the President of the US doesn’t have a stressful job or ages 20 years in eight years because of the pressures and weight of the office. Why does that slacker need to go to Hawaii anyway. It isn’t even part of the US, is it?

      Perhaps “Obummer” could emulate your vacation choices and spend a 3 day weekend in Bakersfield since that is a big extravagance for you.

      • ex valley says:

        Never been to Bakersfield, perhaps you can fill us in on its attractions.

        Sorry for my grievous mistake of questioning our glorious leaders decisions for vacation spots. Of course both Obama and Villar deserve their tropical vacations no matter how much it’d cost. Flying Air Force 1 back and forth is peanuts and we, lowly peons, should not question this. Actually we should feel privileged to pay for these vacations because our wise and all known leaders work so hard for us, so we and our children will live in the shining future. I would never again question our leaders and their actions.

  6. funlover says:

    Charlie and Antonio, birds of a feather.

  7. Wayne from Vichy Kontrolled Kommunist Koretz Encino says:

    The Fat Fuck Dummy Zine has been on every local talk radio show and all these local jackoff hosts: Tilden, McInterd, and the Canadian of KFI all pay homage to this two pensioned dirtbag. While drunk most likely, he admitted he has collected ONE MILLION BUCKS for his paid off job as Kontroller for the next 8 years. No wonder we get the mafia Kontrol of Amerika from L.A. to D.C!
    Over in Vichy Encino, the weather at least broke a hot 69 degrees! In D.C. we all got to see how the media went on “holiday” and let the criminals pass this foolish spending bill FOR THE RICH.
    THE BIG TAX INCREASE IS THE SOCIAL SECURITY HIKE. Small Business OWNERS pay BOTH sides of this tax—Now a whopping 2.2% increase off the top of net earnings BEFORE the businessman pays the 25-33% income tax rate on THE SAME INCOME!
    I was going to re-register as a Republicrat UNTIL this week. NEVER, NEVER will I cast a ballot for a phony with a (D) or (R) next to it’s name. It’s time to do away with these two corrupt and incompetent parties, and replace them with the Kommuist Party and the Chamberlain Party. I’ll write in BRUNO unless an independent is on the ballot and I can be convinced they lie only 40% of the time.
    The Republicrats will face the exact same doom as Kalifornia’s Republicrats–EXTINCTION! Why support a sell-out to the Left Party vs. a Left Party?
    The ONLY REASON FOR AN ELECTED REPUBLICAN IS TO VOTE NO ON ALL TAX INCREASES—THAT’S THE SOLE REASON. The tax on social security was not cut back down—thus not a single Republicrat could support that budget bill. But they did and now they’ll get it clear when the T Party breaks away completely and lets Nancy Pelosi regain the speakership in 2014.
    A defeat of that bill would of guaranteed total Republicrat control in 2014 of the Senate and House. But Obama fooled them with Geithner’s made up “Fiscal Cliff” nonsense. Watch the debt ceiling war next—you’ll see some fun adding up your 401 k losses (I don’t have one, like Bruno.) Yes, now DOGS are SMARTER THAN MOST HUMANS!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why the paucity of comments about the biggest asshole of a Mayor this city has ever had or likely to have in the future?

    • ex valley says:

      And you are SURPRised???

      This is LA. People just don’t care about such triviality as the mayor. If on the other hand Lindsey lohan or Kim kardashian does something, wow that is important stuff.
      If people cared, they’d storm poll places in 2009 to kick Villar out. Instead only 12-13% bothered to vote.

      As I said before – LA got the government it deserves.

    • anonymous says:

      just an educated, informed reply to explain
      the lack of commentary on el Jefe…perhaps…
      many of those who participate on this blog
      voted for V….not only once…but twice…
      they may consider V a visionary leader…even now…
      and given the opportunity…
      they would vote for V again…quite frightening…no?

      • G. Shepherd says:

        Grrrrrrrr! If you think most of the people on this blog voted for “V” even once, you’re drinking your Kool-Ade out of the toilet bowl, something even Bruno and I aren’t dumb enough to do!

        You and some of the other commertors to this blog always say that we either “voted for these people” or “we got the government we deserve.” Neither is true. We didn’t vote for them and we’re not getting the fair representative government we voted for and that we deserve.

        The pols play the game of screw the pooch and so far they’re winning because there just aren’t enough of us old dogs around to be heard over the din of those in control.

        Bruno’s Pal, G.

        • ex valley says:

          So you all voted for Walter Moore in 2009? How come Villar is the mayor then??

          Come on you voted for them all: Villar, clowncil, Sherman, boxer, brown, etc. you got them all deservingly.

        • anonymous says:

          G. Shepherd:
          never suggested most on this blog voted for V…
          merely said…”perhaps… many…who participate…”
          so, let me say…some for sure voted for V…
          OK?…feel better?
          remember, both DN & LAT editorial endorsements
          for V in 2005 & 2009… go read…
          V “represents the future…living embodiment of the
          LA dream…LA needs V…vote for him…”
          and…they either ignored or ridiculed the contender…
          dare we speak his name…. you-know-who….
          G.S….I am not “other commentators” so…
          do not attribute to me what others opine…
          finally, dogs never-ever go near kool-aid…disgusting…
          but… on a hot summer’s day…cool water from a clean
          porcelain bowl is like Evian….delicious…
          grrrrrrumpy dogs need a nice walk and nap….
          licks and wags…anon

  9. Kevin says:


    Poll 100 citizens and a minimum of 80-85 will either not know what the bill resulted in or will be convinced by MSM, their taxes went down.

    Republics work, Democracies do not.

  10. anonymous says:

    The crooks want bond money now to fix the streets, while Antonio is boozing in Cabo.
    Yeah, good luck.

  11. anonymous says:

    Are Villar`s 3 body guards also boozing in Cabo?
    Does anybody know? LA Slimes apparently does not and besides does not give a jack shit

  12. Ralph says:

    I certainly hope that this picture of Charlie Sheen and Tony Villar are published on flyers and ads urging Los Angeles voters to defeat the $3 billion “gold-plated pensions for City Council and employees” errr, I mean “street paving” bond. Does anyone doubt that this asshole will not use the General Fund money currently used for street repair to pay for pension? This is a bait and switch just like the massive trash fee this asshole sold to the public as a bill of goods.

    This asshole fiddles while the City literally falls apart. He is an absolute disgrace of a human being.

  13. transparency says:

    All these people the mayor, the Hollywood movie industry, Obama, Congress, the Senate, the Media are just the puppets of a Cabal that has the control of the strings that moves them. All we are allowed to see is the drama that they have manufactured for us. Many in the government know what is happening but on their own they cannot do anything to make changes, the cabal would eliminate them publicly or physically.
    We have a brainwashed society that believes in the kool-aid the media feeds them. Many think of themselves as educated, because of their degrees but they know no more than the bum in the street when it comes to the reality of our world. They hold onto the domestication they have been subjected to throughout their lives and go on to repeat it.

  14. transparency says:

    ….Very few are free thinkers, the kind that are not afraid to stand alone, they question and they challenge the status quo. Most people follow the group thinking that most of the time is flawed.
    Open your eyes about politics, voting is a gimmick. Both parties are control by your masters, both of parties will deliver the same agenda. Republican and Democratic parties are just there to divide you. Democracy does not exist if it did the citizens would be the masters and the politicians the servants.

    Education is about domestication, teaching you to follow rules and not question authority. History books have been written by the winners so their views are bias.

    Religion has been the taboo of all ages it has been used to control people Humanity has been threatened with eternal damnation if question its validity. People have been sacrificed, wars fought and innocent people killed in the name of religion. The roots of control were born from religion and they are still controling us.

  15. transparency says:

    The Federal Reserve Cartel: Part I: The Eight Families

    These are the true controllers of your world the ones that you are allow to
    see are their puppets.

  16. steve says:

    Villar is the same party guy he was when he was in high-school, only that now he knows how to fool 95% of the people into believing that he actually is the hardest working mayor in America. If you where to ask him what he was doing in Cabo, he would reply that he was on a trade mission to encourage more relations between Cabo and Los Angeles, and that all those shots and other things he was doing with “Winning” Sheen help the City of Los Angeles get exposure all over the world.

    I have never seen a bigger sack of horse fecal matter come out of a politician over the years than from Villar’s mouth. You would think that that his face is the tail end of a horse.

  17. Anonymous says:

    “Former Assemblyman Mike Feuer might be adding L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to his endorsements list in his quest to unseat City Atty. Carmen Trutanich”.

    Please don’t vote for anyone endorsed by sleazy Antonio.

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