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Up in Smoke, Wendy’s $160 Million in Waste, Fraud & Abuse Claim — Video Ad for Kevin James Goes Viral with 105,000 Hits

With under five weeks to go, the lackluster race for mayor of L.A. is starting to get some luster.

This afternoon, writer James Rainey at the LA Times tore the heart and lungs out of the the campaign strategy devised by Wendy Greuel’s tax dodging consultant John Shallman, the guy with 13 state and federal liens against him in the last six years.

Here’s how Rainey started the story, which is rich in details and a spokeswoman’s denials:

At virtually every campaign stop, Los Angeles mayoral candidate and City Controller Wendy Greuel points to eliminating $160 million in “waste, fraud and abuse” she’s found at City Hall as a solution to the city’s fiscal troubles and evidence she would be a tough fiscal manager as mayor.

But most of the dollar total in Greuel’s claim, now featured in television ads, relies on two audits that depend on an accounting maneuver and a large revenue projection that the controller’s office itself said was unrealistic from the start.

Say it ain’t so, Tinkerbell, you of all people should know better than to claim credit for things that are not due to you. But then when most of your audits as controller are pale rewrites of what Laura Chick did, what can we expect.

Greuel, like other City Hall insiders running for mayor — Eric Garcetti and Jan Perry — get some pretty rough treatment from a Kevin James for Mayor video that was produced without his involvement by and independent expenditure political action committee, Better Way LA.

It’s called the “Fox in the Henhouse” and has an astonishing 105,400 views, according to You Tube’s counter, though it’s hard to believe that many believe actually are paying attention to the mayor’s race.


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42 Responses to Up in Smoke, Wendy’s $160 Million in Waste, Fraud & Abuse Claim — Video Ad for Kevin James Goes Viral with 105,000 Hits

  1. Wendy’s Pixie Dust and Prince Eric’s Voodoo Economics are the real deal. Just ask them.

  2. Fox in the Henhouse now has 140,000 unique views. If you have seen it twice, you still only count once unless you are using a different computer.

  3. Wayne the economic hostage of City Hall whose comment awaits moderation says:

    Kevin’s Big $$$$ Republicrat DONORS are the FOXES trying to watch the henhouse! I’m going to vote for Prince Eric and Noel Weiss (for City Atty) so in 2013 we can all send Kevin and his buddy Carmen BACK INTO THE PRIVATE SECTOR! Then we can see the new law firm “TRUTANICH AND JAMES” become one of those lobbyist firms getting the “insider consultant contracts” from their buddies at City Hall. Either way,
    James will PROFIT greatly from this flip-flop run for mayor. If he would of run AGAINST the Carmen the Clown regime for City Attorney, he would of won by 10 points! Might of made a difference, but most likely not. Anyone who goes into City Hall comes out of there a pile of rubbish. There’s too much $$$$, dope, cars, gifts, and prostitutes to keep the most humble person from staying honest.

    • Rita-of-Sunland says:

      Wayne, I can’t believe you’re actually going to support Eric Garcetti–he’s the biggest crook of all!! He’s the WORST of both worlds: a Socialist elitist. And what’s the hell’s wrong with Kevin James getting donations?? At least he’s not in bed w/ the union thugs like Eric and Wendy. At least he’s not campaigning on the taxpayers’ dime like the 3 city hall insiders. At least he never drove drunk in a city-issued vehicle, hit a kid on a bike and then paid “hush” money to the family under the table so the story wouldn’t hit the press– like Eric Garcetti did, according to one story I heard….

  4. Sierra says:

    Wayne: You are right on the money. The only person who could make a difference is Noel Weiss – He has the guts to do it.

    As much as I like Kevin James, I don’t think he would turn in any Crooked Councilmembers or Department heads. I am confident that Noel Weiss could turn in corrupt dealings in City Hall.

    Dennis Zine doesn’t deserve to be Controller – he is a crook.

    City Attorney: Noel Weiss
    City Controller: Cary Brazeman or Anybody but Zine.
    Mayor: Anybody but Garcetti

    • Rita-of-Sunland says:

      But remember– Noel Weiss IDOLIZES Janice Hahn–How smart can he be?

      • anonymous says:

        Oh, Rita, thank you…
        yes, we do remember Noel Weiss’ infatuation
        with gangster patroness Janice Hahn…
        his rambling-emotional-irrational commentaries…
        it made us question his judgement…very troubling…
        ethical, intelligent and sane people in office…no?

    • anonymous says:

      after listening to Zine’s mindless prattle for some twelve years,
      our opinion of the man: a talented BS artist…not a CPA….
      would not entrust him with our lunch money…
      but foolish LA voters would give him the responsibility of
      oversight and controller power of LA’s $7.3 billion budget…!!!

  5. anonymous says:

    Even the pro Greuel LAT exposed Wendy for what she is , LIAR , DISHONEST , a FRAUD, period. The whole premise of her b. s. campaign has been demolished. And that`s a start . Los Cerritos newspaper is working on some beauties. Not even Boss D`Arcy can save her ass now.

  6. anonymous says:

    WASTE; Taxpayers money in paying Wendy`s salary while she is campaigning from the hour she was sworn in.(Source; Los Cerritos newspaper)
    FRAUD; Wendy`s campaign ( Source; LAT)
    ABUSE; Using her staff for campaign purposes. (Source; Los Cerritos newspaper)
    That`s why she is so fixated on “waste, fraud, and abuse” It`s her second nature!
    btw If there is fraud, did the ” fraud” refer it to the DA?

    • Katie says:

      If Wendy Gruel is using the controller’s staff for campaigning, then that’s going to get her in trouble.

      As it is now, Gruel, Perry, and Garcetti are all in office–who is minding the city when they are campaigning?

  7. anonymous says:

    Wendy must be a compulsive liar , if she can state with a straight face in every forum these outrageous claims.

  8. Jeeeez, I’ve been saying the $160 million was unsubtantiated in my blog over the past several months. Nice to see someone in the mainstream media has picked up on it.

  9. anonymous says:

    Katie, D`Arcy the DWP`s and Wendy`s Boss is minding the City. In case you don`t know who D`Arcy is , he is the DWP union leader who is going to spend millions to get his lap dog, Wendy, elected Mayor.

  10. anonymous says:

    Paul, LAT is concerned now that a little community paper, Los Cerritos Weekly, continues to outscoop them. Therefore, today`s story.

  11. anonymous says:

    The pothole Queen has no clothes. Finally LAT found out what we knew all along. I`m curious what will be her next trick. Can anyone guess?

    • Rita-of-Sunland says:

      I’ll take a stab at Wendy’s next move: She’ll SAY because she now has the backing of the unions, SHE and SHE ALONE is now uniquely poised to re-negotiate pensions, future salaries, raises, etc. etc. In fact, I wouldn’t put it PAST this “smart, fiscal watchdog” (cough cough) to announce that she HAS finagled a tentative agreement w/ D’arcy JUST to GET ELECTED.

  12. anonymous says:

    Rita you are right. She`ll try, but the press is now in her game. She has no credibility.
    I`d like her to explain how she can manage a whole administration, root out ” waste, fraud and abuse”, when her chief strategist is a fraud and tax cheat.

  13. Van de Kamps Coaltion says:

    As a “tough watchdog” Wendy Greuel was invited/hired by the Board of the Los Angeles Community College District to investigate whether or not the procurement of a $3.25 million Inspector General contract was corrupted. Greuel’s “investigation” drew heavily from the evidence already established by State Controller John Chiang’s August 2011 report that concluded that officials at LACCD were likely guilty of criminal malfeasance in office.

    When Kelly Candaele huffily asked Chaing’s auditor who should be brought in to investigate the Inspector General contract, the auditor elicited a gasp in the Board room when he said: “Bring in the Attorney General or the District Attorney.” Did the LACCD Board, including Candaele, invite these criminal prosecutors in to investigate? No. They brought in Wendy Greuel because she is lap dog to Mayor Villaraigosa.

    Wendy’s investigation concluded that there was a failure to procure the Inspector General’s contract in accordance with the District’s procurement regulations. Then Greuel incredibly concluded with a weak knee and lame conclusion that she hoped the District would change its procedures. So the completely unqualified Christine Marez, the LACCD’s laughably unqualified sex pot Inspector General, continues to hold onto her ill-begotten $3.5 million contract.

    A BOLD LEADER…. A REAL FISCAL WATCHDOG…. would have called for the Inspector General contract to be cancelled and re-bid with a lawful process. Not Wendy. She’s too busy with her nose up Antonio Villaraigosa’s ass to stand up for some integrity in this City.

    And as a post script. Kelly Candaele did NOT file papers to seek another term on the LACCD Board. Most of the incumbents are not running for re-election because they know what a sad farce they have been overseeing hundreds of millions of financial waste and fraud at LACCD.

  14. Ron Johnson says:

    Look at all these comments. When you add it all up and think about it…kinda like arguing over WWE wrestlers. One would think some organizational effort and action would slip into all of this brilliant banter.

  15. Ron Johnson says:

    Regarding the statistics on the video. Here they are as of this post:

    Key discovery events


    Jan 27, 2013 – 145 views

    First embedded on:

    Jan 27, 2013 – 245 views


    First embedded on:

    Jan 27, 2013 – 324 views

    First view from a mobile device

    Jan 27, 2013 – 3,636 views

    First view from ad

    Jan 28, 2013 – 426 views

    First referral from YouTube: /subscribe_widget

    Jan 28, 2013 – 778 views

    First embedded on:

    Jan 28, 2013 – 884 views

    First view from ad

    Jan 28, 2013 – 1,530 views

    First view from ad

    Jan 28, 2013 – 28,626 views

    First view from ad

    Jan 28, 2013 – 103,368 views

    Much of the clicks, whether the person watched past the first two seconds, or not, are from the paid ads that say, “L.A. City Hall is corrupt,” with the still frame of the cute fox animal prop. So those people most likely weren’t looking because of an election and then factor the number of viewers who are actual registered L.A. voters, who are going to vote.

    Most of the rest of the traffic are from sites where the readers are well aware of the situation, the players, and know who they like and don’t like.

    But, there will be some people who vote as a result of the ad, maybe.

    Very nice production value. A lot of time spent telling what could have been told in about 9 seconds. And, the rest of the time could have been used to make sure viewers knew about the preferred candidate. Because, you also have to consider how many people sat through the entire set up and didn’t just click away, in already engrained frustration.

    If I need to produce a documentary or music video, I’m going to hire this guy.

    Much of the other traffi

  16. Anonymous says:

    So when will they start going after Garcetti?
    Or is it HIS mega funded campaign that’s going after Wendy, his strongest opponent to blow her out of the water.?
    No one who sits or has sat on that Corrupt City Council can be Mayor.
    Appreciate Cerritos News, but will they move onto the Little Prince/Dictator at some point? Won’t someone..Please??
    Why does he get a pass.. He is the worst of the bunch of them.
    He is at the Core of the Corruption on that City Council..
    They all are his accomplices and enablers..
    No one says NO to Lieing Prince Eric.
    Someone needs to blow the lid off of all that he has been up to..
    So all of L.A. will say NO to Eric.

    • anonymous says:

      Interesting thought. Garcetti could be banking on James to do the attacks. Eric, then, comes out the good guy-free of criticism, controlled and diplomatic.

  17. anonymous says:

    Have you noticed Greuel won`t defend her numbers on camera? She has the tax dodger Shallman b. s. the press. And she wants to be Mayor? She so clueless. it is pathetic. I hope the press and eventually the voters wake up and retire this snake oil saleswoman.

  18. ex valley says:

    Just watched the video — 181,000 hits. Not too shabby. A well made video with some good points emphasized though I’d argue that things were already going in the wrong direction in 2003. And 10.7% unemployment is a joke, your real un and under employment is probably 20-25%. Plus hundreds of thousands on disability

    But are you and yours going to vote for a republican after demonizes the Republican Party ? Ha!
    Say hello to mayor Garrcetti.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Yeah! Let’s beat up on Wendy Gruel who is no better or worse than Garcetti, who’ll face her in the run-off. Forgotten in these petty arguments are far more crucial issues that were raised by Riordan and dropped by his cowardice & the idiot business community who are supporting a tax hike in LA. The biggest issue that should be at the forefront of the Mayoral debate are unsustainable LA City employees pay, pension and their numbers. The average compensation for Fire & Police is about $200,000 a year. The average pay for a city employee other than fire & police is over $100,ooo. If you account for the actual number of work hours than double all the compensation for the minimal productivity. Compensation accounts for 85% of the 7 billion+ budget. Less than 15% is left for infrastructure such as street or sidewalk repairs that residents have been taxed for.

    Are people who make far less than the over 50,000 city employees who eat up almost 7 billion of their hard earned money aware that they work for these employees that include the Mayor and the 15 Councilmembers. Why would anyone with half a brain tax themselves as the crook Wesson wants to keep this gang in gravy? Why is LA Times or anyone responsible not asking the hard questions that affect our quality of life.
    Instead, we have Madeline Janis, a labor advocate and former CRA Commissioner, who has admitted to Commissioners’ corruption and who should be questioned by the legal authorities, if we have any about her CRA dealings is free to write another BS article in Citywatch, where not only does she trivialize the pension issue but wants to densify every neighborhood in support of the temporary jobs her labor buddies will have to the detriment of all residents. An excerpt as follows:

    “The argument that framed the debate – that Los Angeles could go bankrupt – is ridiculous. L.A. is one of the richest cities in the world. Yes, we face some budget challenges, but the solution is not to gut the modest retirement benefits of hard-working people. We need to focus on creating good jobs, which will increase our tax base, and making sure that we are generating the revenues we should from our incredible city-owned assets.

    There are a number of issues facing the city that are going to require tough leadership and an ability to put out a bold vision – bold meaning that we are going to create good jobs. We are building the biggest transportation infrastructure expansion in our history – how are we going to make sure people from South LA get those jobs, that the equipment is going to be built here in Los Angeles, that we are building out transit-oriented development that will create thousands of jobs.”

    BS, BS & BS to Madeliene Janis and her labor buddies. Find someone else to rip-off.

  20. Miguel says:

    Great job, Ron. Keep it up.

    Greuel would be a disastrous mayor. With the charismatic leadership ability of James Hahn, this “schoolgirl from the valley” is busy running a popularity contest, not a city office. She is ill-equipped to run anything of any importance. Just look at her tenure as Controller by comparing her to Laura Chick. Chick had innovative ideas about how to tackle problems. Greuel’s simply following the lead of Chick without anything new to combat the increasingly rampant waste of taxpayer money…. which is one reason it’s become so out of control. She has proven she’s not equipped to think creatively outside the well-trodden path, which, given the current state of the city, is a skill that is critical for the new mayor to have.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Wendy is any day better than Garcetti. She needs to hire good staff and not the useless left-over Villaraigosa crap and she’ll be fine.

    • If you gave Wendy the nost intelligent staff, it would not be enough to offset her ignorance. When the controller cannot provide an answer about a $50,000,000 issue, it means she is relying on notes, not knowledge.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Alas! Paul, you are correct. Our choice is between two evils, as it always seems to be in LA (Kevin James doesn’t have a prayer). It is never about who is better but who is less worse. A reality check tells us that the choice is between Garcetti, part of the cabal who has near bankrupted the city or Gruel who did nothing about it. I think she wins by a sliver.

  23. anonymous says:

    5:10pm, why is Wendy better than Garcetti ? Because she is the most corrupt, unethical, hypocrite , ass kisser ,lying incompetent , evil in City Hall? Don`t take my word for it. Just stay tuned as the media digs into her shenanigans.

  24. devra says:

    I have personally witnessed Wendy Greuel favor her buddies to help them use LA city administrative offices to harass neighbors who her buddies wanted to kick out of a neighborhood illegally by using felonious acts and false reports to various LA agencies.

    Wendy Greuel likes interacting with sexy young business folk and helping them harass an adjoining property OWNER to be kicked out of their 40 year family homestead by illegal and questionable bullying techniques, effected by grown unethical bullying land owners adjoining who wanted a chance to expand their lots by buying up the adjoining property at a song after illegal harassing the single occupant who was an innocent and harmless Jewish senior citizen reportedly disabled and on a fixed income.

    Even after Wendy had repeated personal contacts with the aggrieved single-living senior Jewish citizen with all her assets tied up in the “golden dirt” where her lovely unique family homestead was located, Wendy G preceded to guide and overview the administrative harassment by LAPD, LA City District Attorney Office and other agencies until the overwhelmed senior was forced to move out to leased properties and find renters to occupy her “golden dirt” home, to finance her living away from her ONLY asset for her retirement years.

    LA City Council member Wendy G at the time could have stopped the HORROR being visited on this fixed-income cash-strapped senior citizen with “golden dirt” in San Fernando Valley, in her council district, I understand, and she had personal contact by phone and in person at neighborhood meet&greet affairs and refused to help her.

    Wendy G is bottom line cruel and dangerous in public office. I shudder to think what she would do as a public official in charge of the huge budget with complex administrative problems such as one finds in the office of Mayor of Los Angeles.

    Wendy G is not made of the finer stuff. She celebrates personal power and gives herself Christmas presents of ridiculous power over innocent Jews that nobody knows (in circles of power).

    Wendy G is a “snake” at heart, I hear. ANYONE would be better than Wendy G for Mayor.

    Her expensive TV ads are an attempt to frame a message of smart and effective supposedly Mayoral candidate.

    I never heard about LA City Council member of Controller Wendy Greuel FIXING Anything after her supposed fraud and waste treasure hunt was supposedly completed.

    NEVER WENDY G. ANYBODY BUT HER: No Wendy G for MAYOR, it has been said.

    She is a non-Jew married to a Jewish man never at her side to gain political influence with Jewish and Democratic power-players in LA City and County. Wendy G exhibits the worst traits of goyim in American political power-bashing rough play. I have never seen Wendy Greuel do ANYTHING JEWISH in nature in her public life or personal life.

    Wendy Greuel is a waster of public funds and lives not the life of any devout Jewish mensch. Wendy Greuel is not a Jewish convert (in appearance) or person capable of raising ONE son or daughter Jewish in Action and Truth. Wendy Greuel is an EMPTY pant-suit and a politician without a heart or soul. Please do not give her a higher OFFICE in LA City or County. Please vote her out of office.

    Please heed this personal plea, I beg you all.

  25. ex valley says:

    Well the la slimes made it clear–Your choice is between gruel and garcetti,0,1370548.story

    All of you day dreaming of Kevin James are delusional.

  26. anonymous says:

    Just heard Liar Greuel is also Mexican-ish.

  27. anonymous says:

    love all the posts…an it seems to be quite obvious…
    none of the establishment creeps should get your votes…
    and if after all of this you are still foolish enough to vote for one…
    well…masochists…enjoy the abuse, pain, self-degradation…and corruption….

  28. anonymous says:

    We can add another adjective to Liar Greuel. Hypocrite. According to LA Weekly “Greuel walks back debate remarks about moving LAX runway” I`m sure as the race develops there will be many many more.

  29. anonymous says:

    really…love all the posts…
    because after all the ganze geschrei
    many of you will still vote for one of the low-lifes…
    as if one of them is less vile than the other…
    you know…a more nuanced creep…

  30. Anonymous says:


    “During her appearance, City Controller Wendy Greuel promised to be a “champion” for members of the powerful Service Employees International Union, the host of the candidate interviews, regardless of whether they work in city government.

    Greuel took swipes at her chief rival, City Councilman Eric Garcetti, on his votes to impose worker furlough days and other cost-cutting measures during the recent budget crisis. And she accused city leaders of failing to follow collective bargaining procedures when cutting retirement benefits for future city employees — a complaint being voiced loudly by the SEIU.

    “I want you to think about: When the decisions were made to lay off, who voted for layoffs?” Greuel told the union audience of about 200 at SEIU’s headquarters west of downtown. “When the decisions were made for furloughs, who voted for them? When the decisions were made to not allow collective bargaining … where were [the other candidates]? Now it’s important again not to just talk the talk, but to walk the walk.”

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