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VIDEO REPORT: The Public Story on $3 Billion Street Repair Scheme That Has Nothing to Do with the Real Story

Listen closely to the hot air and cold-blooded lies that rookie Councilmen Joe Buscaino and Mitch Englander spewed out at Wednesday’s meeting to win support for the largest bond issue in the LA history — a $3 billion property tax increase.

Their argument in favor of putting the bond issue on the May ballot to fix the city’s potholed and crumbling streets — 31 percent in poor or failed condition, few in good condition — amounts to an indictment of six decades of City Hall leadership and its neglect of this most basic responsibility.

As you have heard if you took the trouble to listen, they gloss over the truth and rewrite the history of the last 20 years by claiming City Hall is doing a great job in infrastructure repair even though they have to admit we have long had the worst streets in America — proof if any were needed that we have the worst city government in America.

They were followed on the Council stage by the bureaucrat in charge of street maintenance, Nazario Sauceda, who has trouble reading his PowerPoint presentation as if it were written by someone else, even getting confused about whether 8,700 miles or 87,000 miles of streets are in desperate need of repair. Streets

He claims without any evidence that 30,000 jobs will be created, that project labor agreements with unions and contractors will help train thousands of workers, that safeguards like “independent audits” and “citizen oversight” will prevent the money from being ripped off as usual — measures that have proven totally inadequate to prevent scandalous abuses over school, community college and city bond issues in the past.

What followed was a parade of ordinary citizens, each given just one minute to comment. Most of them were cyclists who demanded bike lanes everywhere as the price of their support and a few pedestrians who want $1 billion more to fix the treacherous sidewalks. No one noted it has been 30 years since the city has even has a policy on who is responsible for broken sidewalks, the city or property owners.

There also were a couple of community activists who spoke including civic leader Jack Humphreville who wanted to know whether they even had a detailed study to back up this proposal and how they could have the audacity to propose it with fixing the pension crisis, the budget crisis or any of the other failures of the city to serve the citizenry.

A majority of the Council signed onto this proposal when it was introduced, waived through all committees and brought to the full Council within a week.

The outrageous haste to slurry cover their failure for decades prompted the Neighborhood Council Budget Advocates and NC Coalition to demand a 60-day delay so the proposal could be examined by the nearly 100 NCs in the city.

Council President Herb Wesson, the dictator with a smiley face, recognized their importance and delayed a vote for six days until next Tuesday so the masters of manipulation at City Hall can figure out a way to get around them before the Jan. 30 deadline to put it on the ballot.

All I can say is if we let them get away with this as we have for 60 years of failed leadership, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Know full well that if they get away with this, they will be able to get away with anything they want whenever they want.

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18 Responses to VIDEO REPORT: The Public Story on $3 Billion Street Repair Scheme That Has Nothing to Do with the Real Story

  1. anonymous says:

    30 thousand more union jobs = a 30 thousand times worse pension crises

    What worries me is those that claimed they’ll support it IF. That means there are folks out there that will vote for it. How scary.

    • anonymous says:

      No, not 30 thousand more jobs. ‘More like money into the deficit and protection of 30 thousand existing jobs.

      • anonymous says:

        I forgot to add, this bond would only be a temporary “fix” on those 30 thousand existing jobs. That money will be drained and they’ll have to come up with something else-some other can kicking bond or tax.

  2. anonymous says:

    Remember when Antonio filled some of the potholes with loose tar/gravel? It just took a few weeks for that to scatter out of the holes. It was a joke.

    I wonder how much it cost for such a three week fix.

  3. Anonymous says:

    When did we sign on to support union jobs with our property taxes. It is due to the union jobs with their unsustainable wages and pensions that our streets have been neglected. Wages and pensions swallow a $7 billion budget each year with little left for infrastructure. Eliminate a few departments including Public Works and their overpaid Commission with the absent Andrea Alarcon as President. Enough savings will be realized and even more when the useless 200+ Mayor’s staff and another 500 Council staff are axed. No need for a Bond.

  4. anonymous says:

    8,000 miles or 80 miles…30,000 jobs or 300 jobs…all poppycock…
    another example of costly nonsense…
    ever wonder about those useless”SYNC” signs
    that appeared on light post along major streets….
    how many busy-busy union-workers were laboring and
    how much $$$ was allocated to fund that “infrastructure project”…
    did it make LA a “world-class-city”, a more desirable, lovely place to live….

  5. Ricardo says:

    Every NC should have one representative attend City Council next week to raise hell on this issue. They are suppose to be representing the people and all they’ve done is complain. They can really show their voice and power next Tuesday and tell these council members NO NO NO NO

  6. MissAnthrope says:

    I heard Englander spew that line of b.s. on Doug McIntyre’s show at the beginning of the week, only he went back farther and blamed it on the mayors going back to Tom Bradley.

    So that’s the property owners fault? That’s why they want us to pay for the entire thing with higher property taxes going into infinity?

    How about toll gates for everyone entering the city and driving through it? Why not a pedestrian toll/tax for everytime someone crosses the street? How about fining the City for using a slurry of water and tar which washed out immediately, which went into the storm drains that the board of supes wants us to choke up more money to fix?

    BTW, all these proposed measures are the fault of the idiots who voted for and passed Prop. 30. Because that passed, these idiots on the council, the board of supes and even the numbnuts on the school board think we’re all stupid and will vote to tax ourselves over and over again just because they ask and threaten all kinds of hell and damnation if we don’t.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t figure out a way to tell us we’ll all be raped and murdered in our beds if we don’t approve robbing ourselves to keep the union employees on the dole.

  7. LA Moderator says:

    Well, at least they got to speak to power for a minute!
    In between my updates to Winnetka NC on this issue and the report on the County’s plan to mimic Metro in sequestering ‘revenues’ (“a Clean Water Fee… is not the same as a tax”) to fund ‘projects’, a colleague characterized the recent CPUC hearing on Smart Meters coming our way. A hundred or so folks were there to voice their very real concerns over the technologies…not just from health effects, and costs (particularly if you seek to opt out), but the whole idea of being monitored. They spoke to a camera, with a ‘Judge’ who would try her best to report to the CPUC itself, who would decide themselves how much they’d pay attention to this lip-service to a transparent process.
    Lo and behold, I just got my SmartGrid piece in the mail yesterday from dwp. All courtesy of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the gift that keeps on taking…
    Nazario should have had a crash course from his County counterpart…the Flood Controllers promised the same sort of oversight once they start floating pet projects over past the fee-payers of the dammed Water Quality funding buckets.
    Folks need to dig through their mail for the fine print sent out last year ( , but even if 1/1 million property owners reply in Protest before next week’s LA Supe’s meeting, maybe we can persuade them to at least slow the current trend by allowing a real vote before we all get pulled under.

  8. anonymous says:

    Hah!!! I see the “more rapid response” by emergency vehicles as a reason.
    Nice try Council. How about GPS, user friendly computers for paramedics, not being put on hold when calling 911, orchestrating which station is closest to the emergency location, etc.

    I hope this one doesn’t pass. Please folks, for those of you that voted for Prop 30, no on 32, yes on Obama and increasing taxes—enough is enough. Stop enabling the cause by pouring more money into it.

    • ex valley says:

      Sorry to pour salt on your wounds but you cannot stop this or future tax increases. There are so many low information voters that politicos can sell them anything. Plus many of these voters don’t have “skin in the game” (they dont own a house with the equity, get welfare and other goodies abd dont pay taxes anyways) so they don’t care.

      The machine is in place and short of a cataclysmic event, nothing will make LA voters to care.

      • anonymous says:

        I’m saddened to read your real world comment ex valley–because you are right. One would think the only folks who should vote for property taxes are the property owners and that won’t happen. It’s akin to the Valley secession vote that the politicos ensured the entire City got to chime in on. How sad and how sick.

      • Tyndon Clusters says:

        Well, the good thing is that most “low information” voters don’t vote, especially in a city election held in May during an off year in the voting cycle.

        Hopefully the angry homeowner will vote and since there seem to be more and more of them every year, I doubt this will pass with the 2/3 necessary.

        All is not lost…..

        • anonymous says:

          …if “low information” voters don’t vote…then are elections determined by the vote of “more informed” voters…?
          this would be troubling…because it would suggest the “more informed” voters have bad judgement…
          something is screwy ganz-verkacht…

  9. Very difficult to stop property tax increases when so many registered voters are either not homeowners or don’t care.

    Our elected officials feel confident they are dealing with a bunch of Honey Boo Boos.

  10. Anonymous says:

    To build up on Paul Hatfield’s comment, most city employees don’t live in LA & couldn’t care less about property taxes which residents have to pay to keep them employed with cadillac benefits. The politicians cannot win without union support and they couldn’t care less about their constituents and thus the vicious tax increase circle continues. Short of secession by areas of majority property owners, there appears to be no solution.

  11. anonymous says:

    So, the lavishly compensated bureaucrats and unionized employees
    live out of high-taxed city while “low-information” disinterested voters
    live within the city and only minority of residents must pay most taxes to
    support the system….this is ganz verkacht…no?

  12. El Quixotian says:


    Englander and Buscaino wanting more time to work with higher information voters?

    More likely just wanting to poison the well for the March Sales Tax hike vote….
    (Oh wait, poison wells is the county’s purview),0,6568457.story

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