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59 Names That Should Live in Infamy: Special Interest Super-PAC Raised $620,200 to Sell Sales Tax Hike to Voters

When they talk about the entitlement class, put at the top of the list the unions, lawyers, lobbyists, businesses, real estate and billboard companies that contributed $620,200 to bamboozle the uninformed and gullible into voting for Proposition A, the sales tax hike on March 5.

They are the shame of the city, greed merchants who should have no place in civil society, pariahs who should be shamed everywhere they go since they have no sense of shame themselves.


Put AEG, beneficiary of $2 billion in entitlements from City Hall for the Farmer’s Field deal, at the top of the list with an initial $100,000 contribution — a small price to pay indeed.

Then, there’s the $231,000 tossed in by other real estate interests, the big boys like Alan Casden, Jim Thomas and JH Snyder and those who want to join them at the front of the line of developers, property managers and contractors getting rich from City Hall’s slavish award of entitlements to those who fund its corruption.

Throw in a more modest $91,750 from a wide range of businesses including a trash hauler hoping for a lucrative franchise, garment makers, a railroad, technology and entertainment companies, even a Warner Bros. executive, $35,300 from assorted lobbyists/lawyers and a puny $5,200 from financial firms.

Add $60,000 from billboard companies, including $25,000 from Clear Channel Outdoor which simultaneously served notice on the city of its intent to sue for $100 million — half the revenue from the tax it is backing — if officials dare to mess with its scofflaw attitude toward regulation of digital, illegal and other signage that makes LA such an ugly city.


But the real insult comes from the labor unions which are drooling at the prospect of padding their bloated paychecks if this regressive and destructive tax passes.

Unions and their immediate allies contributed $95,900 — including $850 from three of the harbor’s 15 port pilots who average close to $350,000 a year for a four-day work week with 27 days vacation plus all city holidays.

Since the end of the second reporting period, it appears the SEIU has joined the $100,000 contributor club, earning it shared credit with AEG for the Yes on A TV ad featuring Charlie Beck whose respect for the spirit and letter of ethics law is in evidence in his abusive use of his official title in the ad. He might as well as have worn his dress blues.

The first quarter million in spending mainly went for slate mailings with “Citizens for Waters,” as in Congresswoman Maxine Waters, netting $25,000.

Thousands more were spread around such fictitious entities as the “Independent Voters League” and “John F. Kennedy Alliance,” both located at 3700 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1050B, “Continuing the Republican Revolution” in Newport Beach, “Budget Watchdogs” in Torrance, “California Latino Voters’ Guide” and “Our Voice Latino Voter Guide,” which is located at 2350 Hidalgo Ave., also the home of the “Coalition for Senior Citizen Security” and the “Council of Concerned Women Voters” slate mailers.

The political machine’s pollster Fairbank, Maslin, Maulin netted $43,218; direct mailer Thomas Aaron of Chatsworth more than $50,000; Niko Consulting $31,815; the machine’s lawyer Stephen Kaufman a measly $8,184,85; even the Post Office and Paypal did alright.

That still left $404,141.68 with more flowing in if the pollster can fudge the numbers enough to discredit the USA-ABC poll showing 46 percent against the tax to 26 percent for.

Is there no decency in his places in this godforsaken city? Does Charlie Beck lack the courage to stand up to save even a small measure of respect for himself and the LAPD?

Will not the mayor and all the elected officials running for Mayor, Controller, City Attorney, City Council take a stand for honesty and integrity and denounce this ill-conceived campaign for personal and collective advantage at the expense of a populace struggling to pay the rent and put food on the table?

Of course not, because they have all lived high on the worsening cancer of City Hall corruption they don’t know or care about the difference between right and wrong. They are all hypocrites who denounced Super PACs, demand a constitutional amendment to ban them and live off the dirty money that flows from people, companies and organizations that expect handsome returns for their contributions.

And frankly if you the voters don’t hold them accountable, you are no better than they are.

One final note, city officials do not make any of the information about Super PACs available online or in any searchable form.

You have to ask the City Clerk’s office for the information as civic leader Jack Humphreville did in this case and it comes in a form that requires the information be typed into a spreadsheet as I did in this case.

Here are the reports from the City Clerk’s office: (YesonA_460_1.1.13_1.19.13-1)(YesOnA_460_2.22.13)

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33 Responses to 59 Names That Should Live in Infamy: Special Interest Super-PAC Raised $620,200 to Sell Sales Tax Hike to Voters

  1. anonymous says:

    I can see how the lobbyists, unions and lawyers would benefit from the tax. I don’t understand how businesses and real estate companies would. Could someone explain?

  2. A vicious circle.

    The contributors fund the campaign to push for the increase in the sales tax. The sales tax allows the city to pay higher salaries and benefits and fund the phenomenally generous pension plans. The union leadership is happy and they fund the campaigns of the elected officials. The elected officials then grant favors such as increased zoning, billboard rights, tax breaks, exclusive trash franchises, and all sorts of other goodies to those that contribute.

    And everybody at City Hall lives happily ever after while the working slobs of the world need slave away for the benefit of the occupiers of City Hall and all their cronies.

    • anonymous says:

      “…elected officials then grant favors…and…other goodies…” to contributors…
      so, who is Eli-billionaire feeding at the public trough-Broad supporting ?

  3. anonymous says:

    Sorry folks; disregard the above question.
    It’s pretty disgusting to see Warner contribute. But, then, they are exempt from paying prop 30 and Obama’s tax increase so no skin off their backs.

  4. kk says:

    I don’t understand the Waters connection. Can you explain further because I don’t get what is happening here.

  5. anonymous says:

    Guys don`t worry . It is going down. People are smart. They can figure it out when some crooks are trying to buy their vote. Like Liar Hypocrite Unprincipled Greuel. She going down sooner or later. Ratepayers will not allow D`Arcy`s lap dog to become Mayor.

  6. anonymous says:

    I`m quoting from the LAT …….D`Arcy`s millions spent on behalf of corrupt Greuel ” raises questions of influence-buying if she wins” Dah!!

  7. anonymous says:

    Zine is going down too. La Opinion endorsed Galperin and considering nobody knows what a Controller does, including Wendy, the Latinos will follow the paper`s endorsement. The same w LAT endorsement . Yes, Zine can plan his retirement on March 6th, even if he makes the run off. How lucky the City would be to get rid of Greuel and Zine.

    • Greuel and Zine going down would be an achievement worthy of itself.

      I have already cast my ballot for James. Win or lose, he has raised his profile and could be a key player in city politics or reform in the years to come.

    • anonymous says:

      No education, experience or expertise in finance + a Conflict of Interest =
      Zine is incapable of performing the fiduciary responsibilities of controller.

  8. Wayne the Ex-Garcetti voter says time for a Zine/Dumbtanich RETIREMENT PARTY says:

    Here is some info on the 2013 retirement celebration for some of our worst of the worst dirtbag incumbants:
    It is the Party of 2013, its free and open to all
    VOTE ON MARCH 5, 2013 for mr. Galperin or anyone but Zine on the Controller side and Noel Weiss for City Attorney (or anyone else for Carmen Gaga Dumbtanich.)
    Get them into a run off should do it, but having them each finish 3rd would do it perfectly.
    Because they’re SCUMBAGS.
    People who get elected to office, then lie and cheat themselves to more power and don’t give a damn about YOU.
    IN CD 3, you can retire this PUKE too, by voting for anyone but him. To vote in this election, you must reside in Reseda, Canoga Park, non-Jewish Woodland Hills, non-Jewish West Hills, Winnetka OR be a Dog, Cat, or Deceased voter.
    YOU SAID “NON-JEWISH” in certain areas, I’m Jewish, yet I reside in CD3, what does this do for Me?
    If you do reside in the NEW CD3, (see your voter card) and are JEWISH, then you are a LOOOOOSSSEER and need to move up to a better home.
    I’M A “LOOOOSSSEER” Jewish person, like you I.D’d, what can I do to cure this?
    I don’t know. See your financial adivsor or make friends with your RICH relatives about to die. Make sure you’re on the DEED (like Zine was on his Uncle’s home) otherwise your smarter, piece-of-shit relatives will cut you out. Then you can move one day to ENCINO, the Valhalla of all Jews world-wide.
    I CAN’T MOVE, I MUST STAY IN CD3, what can I do?
    NOTHING, just vote out the scumbags and life could get better!
    WHY DO PETS AND DECEASED get to vote in the CD3 election?
    Because, that’s the only “people” who would vote for these bastards. Voters who have a pulse would never. Thus to defeat the ballots of essentially the dead, brain dead, and Dogs and Cats, you and others like you have to vote in DROVES.
    Good luck! LISTEN TO RON—He’s on the case!

    • Sylvester says:

      “WHY DO PETS AND DECEASED get to vote in the CD3 election?
      Because, that’s the only “people” who would vote for these bastards”

      Sir, you insult me. I have not and will not vote for them. You owe me one can of tuna and a catnip toy.

  9. teddy says:

    Aw shucks, I love all of you. Teddy

  10. Mars says:

    I am in almost complete despair for this City.

    Every day I pray for Bankruptcy as the only way to reset a local government that is shameful in its dysfunction, corruption, and tolerance for incompetence and theft in office. This is exacerbated by a United States Attorney, FBI, District Attorney and Local Court System who, because of their Democratic Party ties and the influence of most of the same corrupt contributors, are without the integrity to enforce the anti-corruption laws that we have. Because there is no enforcement of these laws, arrogance and bold fraud in office flourishes.

    The District Attorney will go after little City of Bell officials who were less sophisticated in their thefts in office, but the District Attorney fails time and time again to devote meaningful resources to execute search warrants, obtain records, and get to the bottom of the pay-to-play disaster that is the City of Los Angeles.

    The Department of Water and Power and its disgusting Union of workers ought to warrant investigation and prosecution, yet the District Attorney stands silent while ratepayers are secretly taxed millions to prop up the incompetent boobs that run this City.

  11. anonymous says:

    Speaking of taxes, are city employees’ pensions taxed?

  12. Anonymous says:

    The pensions are taxed except for majority of police & fire who go on disability just before they retire. Keep working for them.

    • anonymous says:

      Interesting that they all get disability right before retiring. I doubt the soon to be Controller Zine will do an audit on that.

  13. annoyedinthevalley says:

    “Oh, what a web we weave when we try to deceive”..and how our City Council is trying to deceive us!! This tax was voted on by the Clowncil because the Real Estate honchos did not want there to be a transfer tax on property when they were there is a quid pro quo here. That is why they are supporting it with contributions.
    What I would like to know is where are the organized “VOTE NO on A” groups? I have looked and found nothing. Ron Kaye do you know where to find them and how we can support them? Please post the information on your site.

  14. “If you are bored and disgusted by politics and don’t bother to vote, you are in effect voting for the entrenched Establishments of the two major parties, who please rest assured are not dumb, and who are keenly aware that it is in their interests to keep you disgusted and bored and cynical and to give you every possible reason to stay at home doing one-hitters and watching MTV on primary day. By all means stay home if you want, but don’t bull… yourself that you’re not voting. In reality, there is no such thing as not voting: you either vote by voting, or you vote by staying home and tacitly doubling the value of some Diehard’s vote.”

  15. anonymous says:

    Mars , don t get your hopes high. The DA was the first woman elected in this position. So, she is not going to interfere in the corrupt, sold out , Wendy being elected as the first woman Mayor. What a disgrace for those women thinking alike!

  16. anonymous says:

    Wendy, corrupt, corrupt, corrupt! And if she gets elected, shame on ALL of us, whether we voted for her or not!! And please, no more whining after the election. Let`s accept D`Arcy as the City Boss. He would have earned it.

  17. anonymous says:

    Anonymous 5:02pm, make sure you vote for Wendy , so he `ll have more of our money.

  18. anonymous says:

    Liar Hypocrite Useless Greuel responded to the question why she released the arrest record of a reporter who exposed her mideeds ” she didn`t condone the behavior of her campaign”. Now we know the hypocrite is also stupid. I didn`t hear she fired anyone. She is always “tough” with the little guy. Is this the type of excuse she is going to give us, god forbid, when she is the CEO of the City, and the sharks around her pilfer taxpayers money?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Glendale mismanaged CRA funds like most cities. Have we forgotten the giveaways to the billionaire Carruso. It is an overdeveloped wretched city where employee wages and pensions will eventually bring it to its knees. Good riddance to CRA & fire the city manager if he can’t do without it.

  20. Wayne the Ex-Garcetti voter says time for Pets to vote for KEVIN JAMES says:

    re: Sylvester above: SORRY about that—I should have known many cats registered to vote in L.A. City would never vote for Fat Pigs Zine, Perry, and Dumbtanich!
    So for the Cats I say: MEOW, MEOW, WHRAAAHH!!!!! KEVIN JAMES! (Translation—Ok Ok, I won’t vote for City Hall insiders, I vote KEVIN JAMES.)
    For Dogs: wuf wuf, wuf wuff, wuf wuff wuff (translation: Denis Zine hates dogs.)
    I thank all voters who are and will vote against the clowns and for ANYONE ELSE.
    wuf wuf!

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