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Beat the Machine:Don’t Let Special Interests Force You to Pay Higher Taxes to Cover Up City Hall’s Fiscal Failure



104 Special Interest Contributors’ Latest List



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12 Responses to Beat the Machine:Don’t Let Special Interests Force You to Pay Higher Taxes to Cover Up City Hall’s Fiscal Failure

  1. anonymous says:

    Ooooooh, Hypocrite Greuel is in trouble. James is closing on her and she is trying to peel off votes from Garcetti to survive . Watch for desperate moves in the next couple of days.

  2. anonymous says:

    The latest TV ad against Garcetti proves beyond a reasonable doubt that this low life Greuel is Hypocrite Hypocrite Hypocrite Hypocrite. Any one who votes for her is a stupid ass!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wayne from Encino makes the case for James for Mayor says:

    Fraulein Fraud Gruel will have to throw a hail marry: She’ll have to ADMIT where the bodies are burried—and this time GIVE GPS COORDINATES!!! Her campaign is a big fat ZERO! Garstupid is running an ad saying he grew up in the Valley and is a Naval Reserve, husband, and FATHER! If Garcetti were to provide DNA proof the kid is his, he might squeak into a runoff vs. the RAPPER JAMES!
    Kevin should pick up 1/2 the black vote with his Rapper credentials intact. Perry couldn’t wrap a ham sandwich correctly, much less make a rappa video!
    Where the hell is the GAY COMMUNITY FOR JAMES’ BID? Why isn’t Ellen and the rest of the Gay-extremists pushing hard (pun intended? naaah) for L.A. First Openly Gay Mayor?
    Is the Gay Rights Advocates just a Left Wing/Anti middle class crew just hiding behind their selection of bed partners? COME ON ELLEN—GET ON THE AIR AND GIVE KEVIN YOUR SUPPORT. HOW ABOUT CHER? WHERE’S COUNCIL CLOWN ROSENDUMB—WHY ISN’T HE PULLING ALL THE STOPS FOR THIS LANDMARK CANDIDATE?
    Finally how about the Latino Activists? KEVIN JAMES IS A MEXICAN-AMERICAN ACTIVIST TOO!
    He came out for support of L.A.’s Sanctuary City rule and stated he wants to see
    “hard working folks” be able to come to America and WORK!
    Who can be a better pick this year! VOTE FOR K.G. (FOR MAYOR) (VOTE KEVIN GARNETT FOR EVERTHING ELSE.) Yes I like the Celtics and the Clippers! peace!

  4. Wayne from the break-away independent Republic of Encino says:

    Encino should become its own City! We hereby move to establish our own City and depose the illigitimate Big Head Koretz from our “nation.” As for my earlier Kevin James post that was deleted Ron…IT’S STILL TRUE! You won’t let the People read it Ron, but you and I know about it!

  5. teddy says:

    Tuesday is E-Day. Be sure to go to the polls and vote. Mail-ins are not always counted. This is too important to take any chances, OK?

    Why would I say such a thing? We both knw that getting our own way is
    a very big motivator. Cheators are not always caught.

  6. ex valley says:

    Ha ha ha. Read the slime times. 53% support the tax.

    Pay up suckers. And you cannot do squat. Go back to see the latest on Linsey lohan. Really important stuff

  7. ex valley says:

    This article reminds me of LA voters. Dumb and ignorant

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just remember it takes only 51% to pass it and enough dumb people who’ll buy Beck’s lies.

  9. anonymous says:

    love the caustic-holier-than-thou-commentary…
    by the way, it’s not the “suckers” and “dumb people”…
    it’s the socialite-literati-lah-de-dah-pedigree-leaders who vote…
    and the semi-comatose-apathetic-registered-majority-non-voters…

  10. Chris says:

    I am not going to comment when people attack the candidates. But I believe in leaving their kids alone – they are out of bounds. I have seen Eric’s baby which I believe he and his wife adopted. He and his wife have also been foster parents in the past.

  11. anonymous says:

    I agree anonymous 4:34am. Eric has never brought up the fact that he and his wife fostered 4 children. But the slimy , unprincipled , ambitious Greuel never looses an opportunity to tell us she has a kid in public school. I`m certain it was a calculated decision early on.

  12. anonymous says:

    Sorry 4:34am. You are not anonymous . You are Chris!

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