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Ignore the Newspapers, Mailers and TV Ads — Vote for Kevin James or Jan Perry for Mayor If You Want to Turn L.A. Around

Politically, L.A. is “more like a kindergarten sandbox than a grown-up municipality,” writes esteemed Sacramento Bee political columnist Dan Walters, who sees the “a deeply troubled city, with a moribund economy, rising ethnic tensions and deep fiscal difficulties.”

At a time when the city “needs bold and courageous political leadership” for a change, it is faced with mayoral candidates, “especially” Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel, who have a “collective image … of political cowardice – refusing to endorse new taxes, calling for a tax cut, pandering to voters on taxes and unions on layoffs, and ducking questions on how the city’s immense budget deficit should be handled.”

“In other words, they want to be mayor of Los Angeles but don’t want the responsibilities that go along with the title – not unlike the man they hope to succeed, one might say.”

Tough and true talk from afar but close to home the Daily News chose to tepidly endorse Valley girl for no good reason. She and Garcetti are “too nice” for the job but Wendy gets the endorsement for “lightly pounding” the table during her interview to emphasize a point.

Kevin James actually captured the widespread discontent of the populace and Jan Perry offered blunt and honest talk and even newcomer Emanuel Pleitez was more appealing than Greuel and Garcetti but everybody knows they are going to make the runoff because they have the most dirty special interest money.

The LA Times didn’t shed any more light on the mayor’s race in its feeble endorsement over the weekend of Garceti to lead “an underachieving city led in recent decades by a succession of underachieving mayors — people who came in with big dreams or big talk but soon got bored with the day-to-day task of steering a municipality.”

Without a single decent candidate who is up to the job, the Times gives the nod to Garcetti because lightning might strike and inflame his weak and self-righteous soul and help him “rise to the occasion” although nothing in his 12 years on the Council, six as its president, suggests that claim is anything but a fantasy – or a lie to deceive the public.

Even in its limpid endorsement, the Times has to concede that more than most, he must “bear some responsibility for the city’s current fiscal problems, which were dramatically worsened when the council negotiated employee contracts that were unaffordable, leading to a budget too far out of balance, and leading, in turn, to deep cuts in services.

Greuel is dismissed because she is too “smart and ambitious” yet less “abrasive” and effective as Controller than Laura Chick was.

Jan Perry is made of sterner stuff and “is often right, but being right is not enough” because  courageously stood up to the dictatorial little labor union stooge Herb Wesson when he was abusing his power as Council President to turn redistricting into a politicized exercise in racial profiling and got punished for efforts.

Attorney and radio talk show host Kevin James is “interesting and his words are riveting” when he talks about the depths of corruption that put L.A. into its current troubled state.

But, the Times intones, “his critique is wrong.” The problem isn’t the overwhelming influence of special interests who own and control almost everyone in city offices – the problem is that “a lack of leadership, a lack of mission and discipline, have led to low-quality work being delivered by a high-quality workforce.”

Say what? Riordan, Hahn, Villaraigosa – when the Times ever hold their feet to the fire and demand they take command, provide leadership, mission, discipline?

Surely, all three of them exhibited more leadership in their careers than Greuel and Garcetti have.

Why would anyone expect any mayor of this troubled city with its kindergarten politics when the civic, business and journalistic leaders themselves stand for nothing and exhibit no courage at all.

Kevin James or Jan Perry would make better mayors of L.A. than Greuel or Garcetti. They both have demonstrated better understanding of what’s broken and the courage to tackle some of the big problems.

The odds are overwhelming that they won’t get a chance and this desultory campaign without hope for the future will move to a runoff.

Frankly, the political cowardice of the city’s politicians is easily matched by the political cowardice of what passes for an establishment and the sheeplike ignorance, apathy and defeatism of the small minority of voters who will even bother to cast ballots.

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27 Responses to Ignore the Newspapers, Mailers and TV Ads — Vote for Kevin James or Jan Perry for Mayor If You Want to Turn L.A. Around

  1. Teddy says:

    Thank you, Ron, for your appraisal of our Los Angeles situation.
    As I see it, motivation is the solution and now it is our main problem.

    A half-baked job is evident because of the poor results. (costs too high,
    bebfits very poor and personal responsibility rare.

    We the voters are to blame as well. We either stay home and do not vote
    or vote for people who do do not feel any responsibility for doing
    a good job.

    I like Kevin James especially because when he does a job, he does his best.
    And he is telling us what he believes a Mayor should be ressponsible for.
    I think Jan Perry has tried but did not get cooperation from the rest of
    the crew (city officials, city council, city employees and their unions.).

    I agree with her, they failed miserably. But she has already done cher job.
    Thank you, jAN.

  2. anonymous says:

    Well, we are not voting for LIAR Greuel. In LAT today she asked ” oral” opinion from City Attorney re her conflict. If we are to believe that then we deserve her. Wow! What a week for Hypocrite Greuel. Piling up and still 2 wks to go. May be we can get rid of her once and for all.

  3. ex valley says:

    “Surely, all three of them exhibited more leadership in their careers than Greuel and Garcetti have.”

    Ha? Riordan ok. But Hahn or especially Villar ? You got to be kidding.
    Just admit the truth. Stop sugarcoating and PC bs

  4. anonymous says:

    Anonymous 3:52pm, if James does as well as W. Moore , then for sure we`ll get rid of the fraud.

  5. Anonymous says:

    LA Times & for that matter the Daily News endorsements for two failed leaders was bizarre. In the real world, a CEO after non-performance for 12 years is fired. Only in La la land it is lauded and rewarded with another 8 years to destroy what is left. If 12 years is not enough to do a good job then it is time to give a new CEO a chance. At least Kevin James is untainted by City Hall corruption and bought and paid for by the self-serving, greedy unions. Are the two dailys telling us that it is preferable to cling to failure rather than giving someone else a chance. Could that new person be as awful as these two ie. wendy and garcetti. Don’t think so. Please vote for change for the better–vote for Kevin James for Mayor.

  6. anonymous says:

    Best line in tonite`s debate goes to James; DWP= Dpt of WENDY Power!!!!

  7. Kkanter says:

    As of Friday, only 7,000 people have voted. The best thing those who want la to go in a different direction is make sure people vote. I will guarantee you that the employees of the DWP will turn out in force.

  8. anonymous says:

    Is there any doubt that Greuel besides hypocrite she is a LIAR? Quoted in today`s LAT that she asked ” oral opinion” from City Attorney , regarding her obvious conflict of interest. Besides, is that a behavior of a CEO?

  9. Who can save the City of Los Angeles from bankruptcy? – YJ Draiman for Mayor of LA

    I am a firm believer that you can accomplish more with honey than with vinegar.
    The City of Los Angeles is on the brink of Municipal Bankruptcy. If that happens all of LA City employees will sustain a severe economic and financial blow, which cannot be rectified. The people who reside in the City of Los Angeles will sustain much hardship if this financial situation is not resolved amicably.
    I propose that all parties handling the city finances and all Union organizations and other organizations that service the city should put all the cards on the table. Show all expenses and liabilities, a conservative approach to projected revenues, no fudging of expenses or revenues.
    It is in the best interests of all parties to come to a compromise. Remember a piece of cake is better than no cake at all. Eventually the cow runs out of milk.
    Today’s economic and financial situation throughout Los Angeles and the rest of the country as a whole is the worst since the depression.
    The City of Los Angeles must aggressively help businesses in trouble survive and court other businesses to locate in the City of Los Angeles. Businesses create jobs and revenues. We must look at the “multiplier affect of thriving businesses”, which creates economic prosperity.

    YJ Draiman

  10. YJ Draiman says that voters deserve to hear from all Mayoral candidates on the ballot

    It is anti democratic to ignore candidates who have earned their place to be on the ballot.

    In the current political mood and the growing apathy by voters it is imperative that every candidate who is officially on the ballot to be heard by the public.

    Ignoring these candidates only reinforces to the voting public that money and not the most qualified candidate is given a chance to run for office with a level playing field.

    The deck is stacked against a candidate who is not willing to be swayed by money and political influence. This is a sad day for our Democracy.

    The Media and the various organizations who host a candidate forum – debate have a great responsibility to present unbiased information to the public, of all the candidates that appear on the ballot with a level playing field.

    To ignore some candidates is a distortion of our Democratic oath and they are practicing the very same unacceptable behavior that they are trying to correct in today’s political scene.

    By ignoring candidates who are on the ballot the voters are deprived of critical information and opinions of all the candidates on the ballot. It is a disservice to the community at large.

    Angelenos have the right to an open and balanced election process resting on the values of our democracy, which is open to all candidates.

    We have to show to the public how real democracy at work – by presenting all the candidates, not just the select few.

    The right to vote is the right that protects all other rights. That includes all official candidates.

    YJ Draiman for Mayor

  11. New Mayor Needs to Have Nothing to Hide says:

    The only person running for mayor who has nothing to hide is Kevin James. As a former Federal Prosecutor who also hosted a public affairs radio show, Kevin James bears no fault for any of LA’s ills, but he has the background to repair the broken city.

    Even Pleitez with his Goldman Sachs connections has hundreds of millions of corrupt dollars scammed from the City by his banker cronies to conceal and billions more tax dollars to direct their way if he were to become mayor. Why would any sane voter think of electing someone from Goldman Sachs to be mayor? Let’s not forget he also worked for Villababosa. Could there be a worse background?

    Corruption is vast in LA, but as with most corruption, it is greatest not with taking extra gasoline on a city credit card, but with the hundreds of millions which the banks have stolen with their fraudulent scams while financing LA’s gigantic debt. LA has over paid hundreds of millions of dollars to banks like Goldman Sachs, the people who helped crash the economy in 2008, and they are involved in the Corrupt Redevelopment Agency financing. When the State abolished the CRA/LA as to corrupt To Live on 2-1-2012, CRA/LA left LA with about $ 11 BILLION burden — much of which is owed to banks like Goldman Sachs.

    Perry’s involvements with AEG and CRA/LA make her unacceptable; just as Zine is unacceptable as controller. Their greed Broke LA.

    The only candidate who played no role in causing any city problem is Kevin James, and as a Federal Prosecutor, he understands the criminal frauds that have brought LA to the brink of bankruptcy. If you want LA to be solvent, we need to elect the one man who understands how criminal Accounting Control Fraud has stolen well over a billion dollars and how to help put the culprits in Folsom where they belong rather than perpetuate a cover-up.

  12. Anonymous says:

    For those who have not read the dismal SCAG forecast “Los Angeles County won’t recover fully from the Great Recession until 2018, two years later than SCAG economists had predicted, according to the report entitled “Accelerating Southern California’s Economic Recovery.” A worst case scenario pushes recovery back to 2020.

    L.A. County lost 400,000 jobs from 2008 to 2010, jobs that will not be replaced until 2020, [the report's presenter] said. Its unemployment rate is 10.2 percent”.

    Yet, each and every City Union is lined up for pay raises, which Gruel & Garcetti will gladly give. Remember this when you vote. The city’s entire budget is sucked up by these employees who earn more than most households. Vote for someone who has the guts to freeze their compensation for 10 years so we have some money left over to repair streets and sidewalks.

  13. Community Advocate says:

    James is a radio talk…talk…talk… and if elected mayor that is all we are going to get talk…talk…talk…and no action. Community, we had enough of talk…talk…talk. We do not need any more of James’ talk….talk…talk.

    Jan, feel dissapointed of seeing 2 kinds of deceiving mailers. I do not believe that is being smart. How is our community suppose to trust you?

  14. anonymous says:

    James better get aggressive and start engaging the Fraud Greuel , instead of pontificating. He likes, as all lawyers do , to hear himself. He is just more eloquent than Pleitez , who also is running against the corruption in City Hall. Just read Los Cerritos Weekly was denied by the Fraud access to records among Fraud/Shallman/D`Arcy. An opening for James in the next debates.

  15. anonymous says:

    Anonymous 10:09m, it seems James followed your advice. Good for him.

  16. Wayne the Garcetti voter says:

    Fraulein Fraud Gruel? HA HA HA!!! or is it “Frau Fraud?” GREAT STUFF!

  17. anonymous says:

    LAT revealed after reviewing Fraud Greuel`s calendar, she had more dinners w D`Arcy and his lieutenants in fancy restaurants than staying home. But, as Los Cerritos Community Weekly discovered Fraud Greuel is a 4% Controller.

  18. Sierra says:

    “Anybody but Garcetti” = Yes on Kevin James and No on A.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Wendy the airhead has done another flip flop. The other day she rightfully criticized Garcetti’s Hollywood Community Plan. After being yanked by developers she now loves the plan and wants similar density in the Valley.

  20. anonymous says:

    Wendy Fraud Liar Greuel got another middle name, Hypocrite .Read it in LAT and LAW today.

  21. anonymous says:

    Wendy released the arrest record of the reporter of Los Cerritos Weekly who has been feeding us the goods of this Fraud Greuel. Hey, wimps, and I`m referring to her opponents, when are you going to take down her chief advisor , the tax dodger? She just showed you all is a game. btw, you have one more week. Shallman will be history on March 6th

  22. anonymous says:

    Linda Sanchez endorsed Wendy Fraud Liar Hypocrite Greuel! hahahahahahahahaha
    What costume was she wearing when she did the endorsement? hahahahahahaha

  23. The Ethics of Governance – YJ Draiman for Mayor of Los Angeles

    When we have a set of principles, of values, which we have been learning for many years, we organize our life following this structure, and then we try to apply that frame of mind to practical situations in our life. But often, we find ourselves in a sort of uncomfortable position because the moment we try to apply our values to this very present practical issue, we feel that the situation is not as clear as we would like, that we can not tell very clearly which is the best possible alternative. Often, it is not a choice between good answers and bad answers, good and evil, but maybe between two good things or two bad things. We would like to be much surer about our decisions.
    When this happens in government, it is even worse because the whole society and beyond is affected by your decision. You are not dealing with your own life. You are dealing with many millions of lives at the same time. Maybe things will never be the same again in the future because of your decision. Hence, ethical decisions in government are; How do you apply your theoretical values to practical decisions where you do not have pure answers and when the whole life of your society or community will be affected?

    You have more or less the same system dealing with the problems in government. You need all the facts. The facts can be the symptoms or the problem. You never know which is it at the instant you start analyzing the problem. Thus, you get the facts, and afterwards you try to make some sense of them. You have some theories or hypothesis of what is causing the symptoms. In addition, you try to implement the course of action. Only after you have consulted with your advisers, you want to have as much input as possible.

    You also have to deal with the problem in ethical terms. The ethical approach is the Utilitarian. You have to balance how much good and how much evil you produce with your actions. If the good outweighs the evil, you should do it, as it is a sort of balance. The second is based on the concept of rights. There are some basic human rights that you have to respect. You are not allowed to affect those human rights in order to produce positive affect in your society. The third one is founded, on the concept of justice or fairness. We have at least three different concepts about justice. You can have distributive justice in which you try to distribute all the goods of the society according to the needs of the people. However, you can also have the concept of contribution. In this case, you are not receiving on the base of what you need but on the base of what you are contributing to society. In addition, you have the compensation concept. In this circumstance, you have the right for compensation if you have losses or harm done due to others. The fourth major ethical approach is a foundation on virtues. The question is not what I should do, but what kind of society would I like to have in the future. How are my actions going to contribute to that future? In addition, you have the common good, the concept in which you are doing things that are equally good for everybody in your community.
    The sun is an asset to everyone, we have to know how to harness its rays within us and warm the heart.
    Should the sun warm only the individual heart, to skip on others, on the community and the nation?

    It is predicated on the individual’s personality, the compassion, the treatment of his fellow person, to the community and the nation.

    YJ Draiman

  24. Who is the media hiding from the public? LA’s mayoral candidate YJ Draiman

    Mayoral candidate YJ Draiman who attended most of the Forums/Debates was denied a seat on the candidate panel, because he did not collect enough money in his campaign fund and not because he was not qualified.

    Draiman has over 4 decades of business experience with assorted and practical management. Such experience can be utilized to advance our city to financial and economic sustainability.

    Draiman’s vision to make Los Angeles the World Capital of Renewable Energy, Energy efficiency and Water conservation is only one of his proposals. If you read Draiman’s position paper, you would get a feel for his passion and dedication to public service as a servant of the people.

    If our founding fathers would see how money and influence is controlling elections today, they would turn over in their graves.

    Our current Democratic process in elections is all about money and not the need of the people as a whole.

    The time to rebuild our Democratic process the way it was designed to be, is long overdue. The people must unify and demand the return of our Democracy, full disclosure and presentations of all the candidates on the ballot. To do otherwise is a usurpation of our Democratic process.

    Do you believe the election process is fair?

    I do have to add that there are some very good candidates out there, but they do not have the financial backing and resources to win an election, even the media ignores them.
    It is the masses of voters who can change our government, by voting for the most qualified candidate, not the one with the most money. Money does not equate qualifications. Money in elections equates to special interest controlling the candidate. The interest of the people becomes secondary.
    This is still a democracy and we the people (the other 80% who are not the special interest groups), if we all vote, we can take back our government.
    We outnumber the special interests voters. After all, it is supposed to be a government by the people for the people – not the other way around.

    When an elected official performs his job honestly and properly, than there is no need for millions dollars to be elected for mayor of Los Angeles.

    YJ Draiman for Mayor of Los Angeles 2013 YouTube

    FCC posts YJ Draiman LA Mayoral Candidate comment: voters deserve to hear from all Mayoral candidates on the ballot.;jsessionid=4GLXRm0Z51Ghc4qXMtrTxNnQhKnv3BmzbtkzQ3qy9yhhyBTrqmpL!956499833!NONE?id=7022123424

  25. Mayoral Candidate YJ Draiman and City Council Candidates announce a Press Conference to be held on March 1, 2013 at 12 noon in South LA.

    Los Angeles Mayoral Candidate YJ Draiman and Six LA’s City Council Candidates to Make Major Announcement in a Joint Media Conference Regarding Tuesday’s March 5, 2013 LA’s Primary Election.

    Calling a joint press conference tomorrow morning at 12 noon, Mayoral Candidate Yehuda “YJ” Draiman and several City Council candidates will present a joint statement

    These Candidates holding different political views on other subjects can all agree on this unifying issue.

    For more information and to add your support contact: via email: or Tel. 818-366-6999.

    YJ Draiman for Mayor of Los Angeles 2013 YouTube

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