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VIDEO UPDATE: Jack Humphreville’s One Dozen Reasons Why Herb Wesson’s 9½% Sales Tax is BAD for LA

UPDATE: The Daily News joined the Times in opposing Proposition A, the permanent half-cent sales tax increase to temporarily bail out City Hall from its irresponsible fiscal policies.

By Jack Humphreville, community leader and author of NO on Prop. A

Here are a dozen excellent reasons why to vote NO on Proposition A

1.  Prop A was placed on the ballot in less than two weeks without any public hearings or input.

2. The Council did not consider the negative impact on retail sales, the economy, and jobs.

3. The budget can be balanced without any layoffs or service reductions.  But that does not stop the City Hall extortionists from threatening to lay off cops and endangering our safety.

4. The tripling of our trash tax was to pay for 10,000 cops.  Now the City wants more!

5. Since 2008, we have approved $850 million in new local taxes. Where has all the dough gone?

6. We do not need a PERMANENT tax to solve the City’s temporary shortage of revenue.  A temporary tax would have been less divisive and more acceptable for voters.

7. The increase in the already regressive sales tax will slam lower and middle income families, only to benefit City employees who earn over an average of over $100,000 a year.

8. This is not the last tax increase to pay for over the top pay raises.  The $200 million increase in sales tax revenues does not cover the $800 million growth in salaries, benefits, and pensions over the next four years. (Note: half of the City’s employees do not live in our City.)

9. The aggressive City unions have not agreed to new long term labor contracts.  Will they want another 35% raise over the next 8 years if Proposition A passes?

10. This increase in taxes is just another one off solution as the City does not have a long term financial or strategic plan.

11. The City has not implemented any meaningful budget, pension, or work place reform, despite bogus claims to the contrary.

12. This is the same Mayor and City Council that allows DWP and the Ratepayers to be ripped off for over $750 million a year.

And the bonus question: Do you trust City Hall and the union leaders to act in our best interests?

Demand budget, pension, and work place reform.

Vote NO on Proposition A.

9½ % is a real job killer that gouges hard working Angelenos.

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19 Responses to VIDEO UPDATE: Jack Humphreville’s One Dozen Reasons Why Herb Wesson’s 9½% Sales Tax is BAD for LA

  1. anonymous says:

    The city sent out a budget survey, pretending they wanted your input. The survey calculated whether your answers fiscally save or sink the city unless you clicked “yes” to the tax. This seemed like less of a survey and more like a campaign move for the tax, yet it was sent out by City email addresses on City time.

    For shame!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    “A proposed half-cent sales tax increase on the March 5 ballot is supported by just a quarter of likely voters, though just about as many people remain undecided on Measure A, according to an ABC 7 survey released Monday”. Must be the union hacks who support it.

  3. anonymous says:

    I’m curious about those undecided folks. Are they the ones that vote yes for measure just for the heck of it or vote for the mailer they receive the most of?

  4. This seemed like less of a survey and more like a campaign move for the tax, yet it was sent out by City email addresses on City time. [LOL! Haven't U heard the one, "Victor=spoils." Yes, that IS how it works. Politicians use public funds to advance their own personal agendas/careers. Very well done, City Hall.]

  5. David Vahedi says:

    Great job Jack! Thanks for leading the charge on this matter. And of course thanks to Ron for making this forum possible. I assume we can download the video and post on other sites and forward to our friends and neighbors?

  6. anonymous says:

    Anonymous 9:27, they are the 47s

  7. david r2b says:

    Mr. Vahedi -

    Sir, these last four years have brought so much disappointment in my Neighborhood. I voted for you, but many of my neighbors didn’t and now they are watching our hood get McMansionised. They didn’t vote for your name because they were not familiar with it. Well they are learning to hate the other name now: Mr. K___. Our Councilman submitted a year and a half ago a request to review the shenanigans going on with McMansions. The item is “still” on the shelf at the Planning Dept. M. K___ either doesn’t have the courage to fight to stop the craziness or he really enjoys the campaign funding from developers.
    The next time you’re in the Hood of LaCienega/Beverly/Melrose/Crescents Heights, you better drive through one last time. By the time Mr. K___ is termed out you won’t know the place. Mr. K___ will move back to West Hollywood and enjoy his City Pension with added Sacramento & West Hollywood Years. If he can finagle it, it should be about $150,000 per year.
    There are many folks that wish you had won four years ago, but then again you didn’t have on your side the City Clerk’s Office, the City Political Machine or Garcetti. How sad.

  8. Wayne the Garcetti voter but ALWAYS A VAHEDI SUPPORTER says:

    David tried 2 times to make it law to get the developers TO BUILD NEW FREE OR 2 OR 3 HOUR FREE PARKING GARAGES on Ventura Blvd AS THEY BUILD THINGS UP! Vahedi, like Moore and Noel Weiss, are true Angelinos—they’ll stay here and always try to do something right despite the zero chance of it. I went to Century City and Beverly Hills and there are parking spaces FREE for 2 or 3 hours FIRST. That way, the people can grab lunch, shop, or stop by without clogging up the streets hunting for a parking spot with time on the meter! David saw this and knows it would be great for L.A. BUT…Koretz got in because Vahedi’s plans would take away insider power and give it to small businesses and home owners.
    Koretz’s crew of supporters would say during the campaing “Vahedi ISN’T JEWISH ENOUGH!” And they won (along with thousands of misprinted sample ballots) by a few hundred votes in that runoff.
    As for the 9.5% tax, I went to a meeting last night in Reseda where the event was hidden in the middle of a near total dark high school in the pouring rain. When the people there got to ask questions the heat in the gym was cut off and the temperature fell to like 40 degrees! I still made my view to the panel: STOP LYING AND ADMIT THE TAX INCREASE IS A HORRIBLE IDEA.
    Last year, at the LAUSD HQ, I had to wait 3 hours in 105 degree heat to get into the meeting to oppose the PARCEL TAX. I got 3 cards and took 4 minutes to “introduce my ideas.” The next day the panel announced they TABLED THE TAX.
    This Prop A—VOTE NO. With a 9.5% sales tax vs. a 7.5% tax rate in Ventura County, we will be headed for a 15% unemployment rate this year!
    OFF YER BUTTS! VOTE THIS TIME, it will be very very very low turnout.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Here is another reason to not vote for Measure A. The city already has too much money to waste.

    “Calling Los Angeles the “new Ellis Island” of immigration, city officials took steps on Wednesday to reopen an Office of Immigration Affairs to provide help to local residents.

    Councilman Eric Garcetti, who is running for mayor, said the city needs to be prepared for any change in federal immigration laws to help residents work their way through any process developed as a pathway to citizenship.

    The city did have an Office of Immigration Affairs several years ago, but it was closed because of budgetary issues.

    Garcetti’s proposal asks for a report back on what would be needed to reopen the office and how it could be financed by diverting money from other sources”.

    • ex valley says:

      Hey as long as all the “new” immigrants settle in LA — I’m very cool with this idea. Make sure you provide sufficient funds for these new democrats, ahem new “citizens” to be cozy in LA so they don’t even think of moving onto other places like my new hometown.

    • anonymous says:

      LA power structure is corrupt and irrational:
      bureaucrats say immigration is a federal issue,
      so they will not co-operate regarding illegal migrants;
      bureaucrats say immigration is a city issue,
      so they must assist illegal migrants get through process.
      Ultimately, only corrupt bureaucracy and illegal migrants benefit.
      In many instances, LA power-apparatus is an enemy of the people.

    • anonymous says:

      always enjoy pompous pronouncements from the Council elders…
      for example, chameleon-Rhodes-scholar-duplicitious-dullard Garcetti…
      cannot comprehend the manifest differences between
      legal immigration and illegal migration…yet, he aspires to rule us…
      and Alarcon…consummate con-artist, the great pretender…
      only in LA could such an unworthy mediocrity be elected…
      soon, his dolce vita will end…then justice…and then punishment…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wendy, upset by Garcetti’s scoop has offered to hire the illegals as cops and firemen.

  11. Wayne the Ex-Garcetti voter says:

    Prince Eric returned to his old, dark, STOOPID days of alliances with the CD-7 Felony Defendant? I know he’s basically CORRUPT, but he had me going there for a minute that he was going to stick to Potholes, Trees, and Sidewalks. But nope.
    This is why it’s sooo important to vote ON ELECTION DAY, rather than EARLY. I bet everyone who voted by mail for Prince Eric (which he regained his Royal name under the control of King Herb I) would like to have it back. Prince Eric could of had his own throne, but he’ll be reduced to Court Jester for King Herb I.
    I’ll vote for Kevin James, and hopefully he won’t try to be King James III but instead keep his word on the issues (unlike Dumbtanich.)
    There won’t be any new Amnesty as the Washington Fools already know Obama and his gang had no border security in mind whatsoever. These old tyrant Democrats don’t like it when they look stooopider to the public than usual, which Obama’s Plan when revealed clearly shows there was no “consensus” but just a take it or leave it Amnesty for 30 million people.

  12. Kevin James a postive step foward -- says:

    The corruption and incompetence at L.A. City Hall defies comprehension. Rather than complain one again, I propose one way to thwart much of the corruption and incompetence – Vote for Kevin James.

    When Riordan destroyed former Mayor Bradley civil service system, Riordan laid the base for the current corruption and incompetence. Top level managers like Michael LoGrande are appointed by the mayor. When one has a crass political hatchet man like LoGrande, you get massive cooperation with the developers who have ripped off the City for Billions of Dollars. Yes, I mean Billions and not mere millions. LoGrande oversaw the Hollywood Community Plan for Garcetti, Villaraigosa, and the developers like CIM Group, The Millennium etc. According to LoGrand, Hollywood has 224,426 person in 2005. The 2010 US Census pegged Hollywood’s population at 198,228 people. That would be a loss of 26,000 people in five years which is a little over 5,000 fewer people per year.

    Based on this dramatic population loss for Hollywood betweeen 2005 and 2010, LoGrande said that Hollywood needs to prepare for 250,000 people by 2030. That is an addition of 52,000 people or increase of 2,600 persons per year. LoGrande never explains how a 5,000 per year loss will reverse itself and become a 2,600 annual increase.

    LoGrande cannot explain it, or anything else in the Hollywood Plan, because it is a pack of lies which only a political stooge could sanction. The entire plan exemplifies ‘Garbage in and Garbage out.” The Plan was written for one purpose — to allow billionaires to build anything they want without an oversight by anyone.

    Back to Kevin James — When the corrupt and incompetence department heads are gone and May James replaces with honest and competent persons, then the City’s cooperation with the crooks will end. With Mayor James, no more will we give $52 million to billionaire Eli Broad and then cut the LAFD budget by $200 Million to pay for the gift plus millions of dollars to CIM Group, et alia.

    When Mayor James stops the giving tax dollars to billionaire real estate speculators, then we can cut the City Sales Tax — that would be both citizen and business friendly.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The corrupt team of Bill Roschen, Planning Commissioner and Logrande have to go. Doubt if Garcetti or Gruel will remove them. Kevin James will. Vote for Kevin who is not beholden to developers or unions.

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