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Poor Wendy, Shallman Hung Her Out to Dry and She’s Feeling So Bad

It’s like watching somebody jump out of an airplane and their parachute doesn’t open and you’re looking on in horror, wincing as you wait for the splat.

Poor Wendy, she’s got all these smart and important people around manipulating her this way and that and she doesn’t know which way to go so she jumps into the mayor’s race pretending she has the record of Laura Chick for aggressively digging into the gross mismanagement, financial incompetence and political corruption at City Hall.

She claims she identified all of $160 million in waste, fraud and abuse out of the $28 billion the city has squandered in the last four years – not counting the DWP, Harbor and Airport waste fraud and abuse – and her numbers don’t even come close to adding up.

That’s a big problem for the city’s financial controller who rests her entire case on her role as watch on the management of city departments and finances – yet never found anything broken that wasn’t already known in a government which botches just about everything.

You made have heard Wendy and arch-rival Eric Garcetti mumble and whisper how they oppose yet another sales tax slug that punishes the poor and working poor and the businesses that serve them – yet neither has the courage to denounce the outrage and admit it does nothing at all to fix the streets or sidewalks or reduced library and parks services.

You haven’t heard a word from them about how offensive it is for the Police Chief and Fire Chief going around town saying they are going to put our lives at risk if we don’t vote to tax ourselves to help the city meet its inflated payroll, pensions and benefit costs.

You know 500 fewer cops and slower paramedic and firefighter response teams.

And now Wendy — without batting an eye or engaging those claimes — comes out with a plan to hire 2,000 more cops and 1,000 firefighters and it won’t cost anyone a penny but city revenue is going to explode in the coming economic boom that will solve all our problems and make the quality of our lives second to none.

What’s the secret of Wendy’s specious promise? Union concessions!

“She’s gonna sit down at the table with the parties, open up the books, and shine a big light on it.” says her political consultant John Shallman, whose expertise in money matters comes from collecting 13 tax liens from the state and federal governments over the last six years.

It should be clear that Ms. Greuel has been taking a beating from all directions for quite some time now while Garcetti has been far shrewder by avoiding all controversy by saying absolutely nothing about anything – tough to beat someone who stands for nothing and never has.

I can only tell you that anyone who votes for anyone other than Jan Perry or Kevin James deserves to live in a city that can’t pay its bills or solve its problems and has a civic, business or political leadership with no sense of purpose that goes beyond its individual and collective egotism and greed.

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50 Responses to Poor Wendy, Shallman Hung Her Out to Dry and She’s Feeling So Bad

  1. teddy says:

    Ron, why would anyone vote for Jan Perry? She loves to spend our money making
    downtown bigger and better. I live in the far west end of the SFV and downtown
    is “OUT OF TOWN”.

  2. I’ve been harping about Greuel’s claim for a long time. She has shown nothing to substantiate it and can’t even explain the single largest item on the list without sounding like a moron.

  3. Damien says:

    Ron -

    You hit the nail on the head. Wendy’s lips say one thing and her actions say something completely different. How can we beleive she’s going to stop waste, fraud and abuse when her own top strategist owes the govt. over 1 million dollars in back taxes? Why does she do nothing to collect that money? It’s one phone call.

    She’s trying to sell a snow job to the public. I’ll admit, L.A. voters are stupid, but not that stupid.

  4. anonymous says:

    Hey, Paul, Wendy “…sounding like a moron” ? She IS a moron.

  5. Wayne the economic hostage of City Hall whose comments no longer await moderation says:

    I got my sample ballot today. Jesus, what a fucking crime it is to be a registered voter in this most corrupt and rotten-run municipalities in HUMAN HISTORY not just U.S. History! I’m living in a 4th WORLD craphole ran by a mafia of union thugs, developers, and City workers, none of whom even reside here in this City!
    I saw on Stupid-Bowl Sunday the two stoopidest interviews ever—one with Timmy Lie-Weekly and the Dodger’s Chicago Mob Boss who controls things over there in Chavez Ravine. Boy, what a bunch of CREEPY CREEPS! The fools at channel 2 couldn’t gush over these 2 sports-fools more than this! Here, the KINGS of 20 DOLLAR PARKING and 10 dollar BigMacs at these stadiums!
    I would of asked these clowns 2 basic questions (and one BONUS question if they would answer just one question)(which would of sent these thieves and whores back to their out of state homes:
    1/ Why (Mr. Lieweekly, Mr. Casten) do you have to rape, pillage, and bend over the PAYING SPORTS FANS with $20 a car parking in your privately owned lots before you spend a cent on a fucking hot dog for each and every game?
    2/ Why does a Big Mac or a McCrappy sandwich at your sporting events cost $10 fucking dollars AFTER you get the $20.00 to park your car AND pay tons of money on season tickets to your lackluster, dull-playing franchises?
    3/–BONUS QUESTION—can you billionaires create a SUPERFUND to allow us Angelinos to sell our houses in 10 days and move away from here, away from you crooks and the DWP?
    Yes, what a damn shame a real honest interview will ever be had in this Land of the Corrupt.

  6. ex valley says:

    Ron is trying to be PC and can’t bring himself to just endorse Kevin James.
    Perry is a whore for AEG and other special intents.

  7. Wendy and Eric are key players in City Hall’s plundering DWP for over $750 million per year: IBEW Labor Premium, the cost of dumping 1,600 City employees onto DWP along with $200 million of unfunded pension liabilities, the $250 million transfer fee to the City’s General Fund, and numerous other pet projects.

  8. Ron Johnson says:

    Paul Hatfield says…I’ve been harping about Greuel’s claim for a long time.

    He means he has been harping, that he has been harping, for a long time, about something that Helen Keller saw from 100 miles away. Keep harpin’, Paul. You are moving mountains!

  9. anonymous says:

    Audit the Controller’s Office.

  10. teddy says:

    An audit is a good idea. But not by those in office now.l

  11. anonymous says:

    Two polls to be released soon show Perry within striking distance from Greuel. It would be interesting how Shallman is going to handle it, with James increasing the pressure and before the expected attacks on Greuel. Shallman is over his head. S

  12. anonymous says:

    First LAT tore apart Greuel`s $160mm ” waste, fraud and abuse” b.s. Now the paper in her backyard, DN, is questioning her, sorry hugger Hertzberg`s, $400mm police/fire mirage. What a farce. Perry/Garcetti runoff, regardless how hard and conspicuously LAT tries to keep her alive.

  13. Ron Johnson says:

    ex-valley says….Ron is trying to be PC and can’t bring himself to just endorse Kevin James.

    No, Ron can’t bring himself to simply mention Perry, cause his bread and butter are the silly-hearts who would disown him, if he didn’t throw that bone. People need to watch the bar scene in, “A Beautiful Mind,” about a group of guys trying to pick up a group of women. (Like voter trying to pick from candidates.) That’s why Ron is mature enough to call the BIG picture choice to defeat Wendy. And, YES… that IS objective #1, even if Garcetti is also the ballot.

    • ex valley says:

      As I said before — it does not really matter who the next mayor is because of looming bankruptcy. Somebody like Perry will bring this sooner than Kevin James. Sure make her the next mayor.

      The BIG picture is not very pretty. You are not in the movies.

  14. Ron Johnson says:

    (the “bone” thrown being the mention of Kevin with Perry.)

  15. Anonymous says:

    “The top budget official at Los Angeles City Hall on Thursday warned that a failure to win passage of a sales tax hike on the March 5 ballot could lead to a wide array of budget cuts, including closures of city swimming pools, reductions in graffiti cleanup, elimination of crossing guards and 500 fewer police officers”.

    We need less police officers. LAPD shot two newspaper delivery women today showing their incompetence again and again. Wendy is insane to propose 2,000 more of these gun toting hazards to our lives. Let the tax measure fail. And, why do they have to shut down swimming pools. Fire those overpaid city employees. They won’t be missed.

  16. anonymous says:

    1:19pm, oooh, I knew Wendy as liar, hypocrite, panderer , and now insane. Great qualifications for a Mayor

  17. Anonymous says:

    As a former supporter of Gruel, her pandering to unions has been a turn-off. Garcetti is equally sick. As for Perry, she’ll sell our city to developers and light up our sky with thousands of digital billboards. She is the worst of the insiders. Vote for Kevin James, the cleanest of them all. Let’s put an end to corruption and take our city back from the self-serving union thugs and their puppets.

    • anonymous says:

      If thousands of digital billboards were the most urgent problem
      facing our quality of life with no other blight, social dysfunction, crime
      and organized corruption to deal with, well, that would almost be bliss.
      Neither billboards nor Perry should be blamed for LA’s descent into hell.
      P.S. I like James too.

  18. Anonymous says:

    @ ex valley “As I said before — it does not really matter who the next mayor is because of looming bankruptcy”. There will be no bankruptcy. The LA idiots will approve every tax measure & then some.

  19. Ricardo says:

    Jan Perry ? Really? She pretends to be against the big bad Brian D’Arcy idiot of DWP but voted for all those rate hikes. She’s the reason all the digital billboards went up without permits at AEG. She’s in the pocket of developers. She votes against public safety in council and her constituents have stated at meetings she’s done nothing for her own district. Ron, you wrote a huge hit piece on PERRY about the South Central Farmers remember how she under handly took the land from them?

  20. anonymous says:

    Perry has run the best campaign so far. I have not seen anything from Garcetti and Greuel keeps repeating on tv her $160mm ” waste , fraud and abuse ” malarkey.
    I live in the Valley and I was not familiar with Perry. Thru her consistent mailers she introduced herself and I feel comfortable to give her my vote. I got today the Greuel/Villaraigosa lovefest. One more reason , anybody but Greuel . I would not be surprised if she turn out to be a Judas .

    • anonymous says:

      Anonymous-Feb 7 @ 8:11 PM–It’s your choice, of course. My one request is that you ignore the mailers and research the voting record of an incumbent. Mailers are marketing strategies–voting records are who the person really is.
      In the private sector, false advertising can lead to various legal actions. It seems the same does not apply with false claims made in campaign mailers. I have not seen any of Perry’s mailers to suggest that is what she is doing. History proves that most candidates stretch the truth in mailers. So, to really know who your incumbent is, you need not look any further than their voting record. I went to the Council link of the new city website (not impressed) and typed in “rate increase” and was able to access votes.

      In this election, every vote will count.

    • anonymous says:

      We respect and admire Perry for challenging the corrupted
      redistricting commission last year…she proved her courage and integrity.
      If Perry makes it to run-off she gets our vote.

      • anonymous says:

        ‘Good to know about her stance on the redistricting commission. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve only checked the rate increases which was enough for me.

        As a person (meeting her in social settings) she was quite nice. I’m just not happy about her rate increase votes. I’ll look into her further. For now, I plan to vote for Kevin James.

  21. Anonymous says:

    “Perry has run the best campaign so far.” In which frickin world do you live or have lived the past 12 years? What does running the best campaign mean? Go ahead give this corrupt woman your vote but elucidate next time a little more about the people you vote for.

  22. Ricardo says:

    OMG sounds like the old timers of LANCC who are on another planet are chiming in. Two words that should never be used along with PERRY and that is integrity and courage. These posts are showing a lot of people how clueless they are. Those supporting Perry are most likely the same one who voted for VILLAR

  23. Omega says:

    Perry as redistricting heroine? What a pile of crock. She got on the wrong side of Herb Wesson and he thoroughly screwed her when he had her district redrawn. All she was doing after that was objecting to what Wesson did to her. Yes the redistricting process was corrupted by Wesson, but Perry’s complaints were totally self-serving.

    • anonymous says:

      Some can accommodate corruption; Perry spoke out against it.
      The point is the corrupt redistricting commission screwed the entire city.
      Everyone will suffer. The corrupt apparatus of mayor, council members,
      unions, developers et al were realigning their power, not the people’s power.
      It was the finest example of corruption in action and the people will suffer.

  24. Zuma Dogg says:

    Though terms like “NEIGHBORHOOD” Council are used, City of Los Angeles is a “municipal CORPORATION.” CORPORATIONS pick their CEOs. Like many CORPORATIONS, the White House/D.C.; State and local government have relationships with these CORPORATIONS (of which City of Los Angeles defines itself as); and the MACHINE has SELECTED their CEO, and it is Wendy Greuel. There’s a “show” put on for the little people, like the ones having discussions about the candidates, here on this blog. But the decision has CLEARLY been made; and Wendy Greuel is the next CEO of the Municipal Corporation operating under the moniker, “City of Los Angeles.” Now, go watch Jerry Springer or Rikki Lake and weigh in on that.

    BZD of the 213

  25. Anonymous says:

    “Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa has thrown his support behind a half-cent sales tax increase on the March 5 citywide ballot, ending weeks of silence on the topic”. DO NOT APPROVE THIS. DON’T FEED THE BEAST.

    • ex valley says:

      Of course Villar supports taxing you more. He needs to get $$$$ from somewhere to provide goodies to his crowd. Plus for some that mainly participate in the underground economy (like 30-40% of the population) the sales tax increase will be irrelevant. They don’t pay any sales tax but you will.
      Electing and re-electing Villar has consequences.

  26. Ricardo says:

    Vote NO on this sales tax. Villar and the clowns came out scaring the public using public safety with the TRASH FEE HIKE memba???? They promised it would be used for police and fire but we found out millions went into the General Fund. Don’t believe Villar again. Let this be another one of his failures as Mayor. He’s done nothing for our City but be a huge embarrassment.

  27. anonymous says:

    Sales tax is going down now that Antonio endorsed it . His endorsement is kiss of death . Just ask one of his best buddies, Wendy . She is turning on him now . No more lovefests.

  28. Silly Me says:

    Wow–what I dufus I am. The city sent out a survey on the budget. In the end it tells you how you faired–surplus or deficit. Unless you click on the tax one, your results will surely show a deficit. This appears more like a tax measure campaign ploy than the city wanting out opinion. Silly me.

    • anonymous says:

      I took the survey several times. You can cut everything in the options provided and will still be in the red unless you click on the tax increase option.
      It must have been set up so you can take it over and over again until you get the “right answer.” Sort of telling one month before an election.

      • anonymous says:

        I heard department heads were sending this out. If it’s a tax increase campaign tactic, can they do this on city time?

  29. anonymous says:

    Anytime you get your DWP bill, remember Wendy/D`Arcy.

  30. anonymous says:

    DN`s endorsement of hypocrite Greuel pales in comparison to Steve Lopez`s in the Sunday LAT…………….

  31. anonymous says:

    Greuel D`Arcy`s lap dog . $600k on her behalf and just got started.

  32. Ricardo says:

    You can always tell who the campaign workers for a candidate are by their posts. I like reading Simone Wilson of LA Weekly who has done a couple of stories on Perry. This one was of particular interest and should wake you people up!
    by Simone Wilson
    L.A. City Councilwoman Jan Perry Supports Tax Exemption For Billion-Dollar Developer To Erect Massive Supergraphic Towers On Wilshire

  33. anonymous says:

    I don`t remember, ever, a major newspaper to refer to a candidate`s center piece of his/her campaign as ” ridiculed”.
    We know Wendy is stupid and that explains that she is surrounded by equally stupid advisors.

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