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Farmer’s Field Is Dead, AEG Not for Sale, Leiweke Forced Out: Who Is Accountable, Who Will Pay the Bill?

UPDATE: The mayor, living in his own fantasies, responds to the news by suggesting they done him wrong: “For the past three years, the City has expedited our process and lived up to our end of a deal to bring the NFL to Los Angeles and create a world-class convention center. Now that AEG is no longer for sale and they have indicated that bringing an NFL team to L.A. remains a priority, I call on AEG to live up to its commitment by immediately sitting down with the NFL to reach an agreement.” He still wants the Convention Center rebuilt and promises that “we will continue to pursue the important work of making downtown L.A. a better place to work, live, visit and dine regardless of whether the NFL and AEG reach that agreement.”

Somebody is going to have to pay for this, right here on Earth before they go to Hell.

No NFL. No Farmer’s Field. No AEG Sale. No Convention Center Expansion. No Tim Leiweke.

No accountability for the mayor, the City Council and the bureaucrats who wasted the public’s time and money on deal that never made any sense at all, was the fantasy of a hustler who lavished them all with money and favors and flattery.

Truly, if there any honor among the self-serving boobs at City Hall they would do the right thing and fall on their swords. But we know there is no honor among these thieves.

They gave away the farm for nothing, filled the newspapers and airwaves with lies built on phony studies and ignored data, and then failed address legitimate and well-documented concerns.

Not a one of our professional politicians challenged the AEG stadium/Convention Center; our beloved mayor was confidently defending the deal back in September when the NFL made it clear that Farmers’ Field didn’t pencil out financially, just as the outside experts had been warning all along.

“Our contract is iron clad. (The new owners) are gonna have to continue moving ahead,” he said, clearly uninformed that deal was not a deal.

Neither did Clueless Valley Girl Wendy Greuel who said at the time: “I have every indication that AEG will make sure that whomever purchases it will live up to the expectations. I’m gonna make sure we pick up that phone and make sure they live up to the commitment to make sure the city is whole.”

And just three weeks ago, the man who guided the AEG deal through the Council, its President and mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti explained:

It would be great to bring football back to Los Angeles. While football is only 8 games a year, having a large indoor multi-use arena will help the city attract NCAA Final Fours and other large attractions that will draw more visitors to L.A. And the project would also improve the L.A. Convention Center, making it world-class and bringing conventions and business to Los Angeles. Improving our convention center while building a downtown stadium without any public subsidy would help us bring immediate jobs and long-term jobs to our economy.

Yes, professional football is a uniquely popular attraction that draws fans from across the region. Big games, like the Rose Bowl and Super Bowl, draw huge interest in our city and encourage talented individuals to move to L.A.

So Mr. Wannabe Mayor, what’s your plan to bring those millions of tourists flocking to downtown L.A. and to the Convention Center that is no bigger than the one we got, the one usually referred to as the White Elephant that eats a $50 million hole in the city budget year after year?

And what about all those construction jobs and the jobs serving beer and hot dogs and cleaning toilets and the massive migration of “talented individuals” like you and your friends who are going to come here and rejuvenate are aging and failing city.

I could go on and on for thousands and thousands of words for days on end. I could say I told you so from day one.

But the only thing worth saying is that somebody does have to pay: I got news for you suckers, that somebody is you.


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23 Responses to Farmer’s Field Is Dead, AEG Not for Sale, Leiweke Forced Out: Who Is Accountable, Who Will Pay the Bill?

  1. anonymous says:

    Oh Antonio and City Officials, you are all so funny…
    Every pronouncement, every proclamation….hilarious…
    LA the “world class city” with a “world class convention center”…
    There is a very classy special place in Hell just for you and your cohorts.

  2. Gregory says:

    Looking like the “Failure” Mayor cover of Los Angeles Magazine is gonna need to be expanded to include Wendy and Eric. God Almighty this folks are losers right up their eith Tony Villar.

  3. MissAnthrope says:

    O, woe is the City of Los Angeles!

    With Kevin James out of the running, when it comes to electing a new mayor there’s nowhere to go, nowhere to run.

    Speaking of James, both Garcetti & Greuel are vying for his endorsement. If James endorses either of them I will unforgive him for all the stupid rightwing-nut crap I forgave him for that he spewed while a radio host and never vote for him again if he ever runs again.

    In all good conscience, how can anyone who repeatedly pointed out that Greuel and Garcetti were among those who “broke the city,” possibly endorse either of these self-interest politicians who’ve been in office for far too long.

    • A sad end to Kevin James says:

      I heard Kevin on the radio talk about his endorsing either Garcetti or Greuel. It was pathetic. He sounded like the run of the mill political hack whose sole concern was to hold onto the illusion of political relevance.

      If we never hear this endorsement talk again, then maybe we can chalk it up to temporary insanity.

    • In order to get control of the city’s finances, there must be substantial compensation reform. Given the overwhelming support Wendy is receiving from the major public employee unions, her chances of delivering anything beyond some window dressing changes is zero.
      Garcetti, being rebuffed by the unions, might actually show some backbone (how much I do not know), but he is more likely to drive a better bargain than Greuel.
      It boils down to dollars and cents.
      If James can secure some commitment from Garcetti on this matter, then he should endorse him.
      Greuel’s election would mean total capitulation to the unions. We cannot allow that.

      • anonymous says:

        Mr. Hatfield,
        agree with the financial control and reform, however,
        asking for “backbone” or “commitment”, that is too much.
        Sorry, both Garcetti and Greuel are duplicitous grovelers.

  4. Pick a side says:

    Whining over spilled milk doesn’t put the milk back in the bottle. We all have to pick between 2 bad alternatives. But they are the only choice. Subjecting James to ideological nihilism doesn’t accomplish anything except splinter the support he needs to play a major role in getting the best we can. Or, we can just stay home like 84% of other Angelenos and then complain about the result

    • The wisdom of 84% says:

      Of the people who voted, 80% voted for one of the councilmembers. At least the 84% who stayed home did not for for Eric, Wendy, or Jan or Dennis.

      The GOP did not want a GAY GOP mayor in Los Angeles and they financially starved Kevin James. Thus, most voters knew almost nothing about him.

      Also, whoever advised Kevin that Nebbish was a good personality to attract voters did him a big disservice.

    • anonymous says:

      Just an opinion…
      Withholding a vote for both G #1 and G #2 will be a powerful message:
      the people reject both creeps and declare “none of the above”.
      However, remember the positions Controller and City Attorney:
      want 4 to 8 more nightmarish years of Dennis Zine and Mike Feuer?
      So, withhold a vote for creeps but vote where it makes a difference.

      • Pick a side says:

        And the powerful message will be less voters voting for the mayor to worry about. I am certain that the public employee unions and developers will vote for one or the other. which message do you think will resonate louder?

  5. ex valley says:

    Your guys misery is just too delicious not to enjoy. What do you think – consistently voting one party and thus establishing one party rule would have no consequences?

    You helped to build this machine that rules the city and state. The machine decides who gets elected to what. At this point you can’t change squat.
    And Kevin James has no chance in hell for any state office. If he could not wake up the dummies in la, you think he will be able to go against any of the machine candidates? Ha.

  6. ks says:

    Yay Ron! Go get ‘em!

  7. Scott Zwartz says:

    Let’s slow down here about the future of AEG. It is not as if the right wing homophobe Asshutz was no longer in the picture. I wonder if anyone knows what’s going on behind closed doors.

    Garcetti is not stupid, but his priorities are all harmful to LA. His main claim to fame is to funnel as much tax money to his real estate buddies as possible leaving the City functionally bankrupt. It will cost LA taxpayers about $1 Billion to get an NFL team to Los Angeles, but we are already functionally bankrupt.

    As City Council President, Garcetti has brought us the worse roads in the nation. Acording to Garcetti’s own Hollywood Community Plan, Garcetti drove out 26,198 persons from Hollywood in the 5 short years between 2005 and 2010 (He calls that “revitalization.”) He increased the time it takes paramedics to get to your home and that increases the needless death rate. The cost of back-logged sidewalk repairs is over $1.5 Billion.

    Garcetti wants to be LA mayor for 8 years before moving on to higher political office, but all the “theft of tax payer dollars” during his 12 years as CD 13 councilman has already caught up to the City. Where will Garcetti find the $1 Billion for AEG’s NFL team while cutting Union benefits?

    Let’s remember, Wendy has been Controller since 2009 and that’s a very long time for her to gather up all the facts for criminal prosecutions of city councilmembers due to their extensive involvement in Accounting Control Fraud.

    If Garcetti wants to cut a deal with AEG for an NFL team, he also has to pay the Unions what they want and LA lacks the funds to do either

  8. LA Moderator says:

    Nothing worse then drawing up the plans for a White Elephant enclosure, with millions of dollars in prep, hearing, back-room negotians, and Ganesha knows what else, then finding out that the deal is off! Gee, how will this damage the credibility of the proponents?

    In all my glee over the Leiweke departure, I’m waiting for his sneaker to drop in the ring with Broad and Beutner to pick up the Times for quarters on the dollar…after all, if you’re going to make it a non-profit, he’s certainly shown how to pencil out black ink on the Farmer/Convention boondoggle.

    If only we had another bidder, savvy in newprint…a Jack-of-all-Traders who can Recycle the good old days when there was non-real estate classified revenue. A man who could Target the current management and editorial hacks who have turned Times Mirror Square into Chicago West….

  9. Bemis Weatherby says:

    Rename it: Latroit.

  10. Wayne from Encino told YA ALL LIE-WEEKLY was a LIGHTWEIGHT DOUCHE-BAG says:

    I knew from several sources that the NFL commissioner’s office had one reason for not putting a team in L.A: L.A.’S CITY HALL MAFIA-MACHINE! When Field Marshall Koretz (the illegimate Komissar of the Free Republic of Encino) proposed A SURTAX ON ALL “EVENT-TICKETS SOLD IN LOS ANGELES” the NFL could see that the L.A Downtown IDIOTs (including the Un-Fab 5 of the Stupid-visors) would GUARANTEE a BANKRUPT L.A. and a BANKRUPT NFL FRANCHISE down the long road of the Raiders. AEG purchased all the politicians, bought off Sacramento for the Farmer’s Field EIR, and scored huge tax breaks for its 2 hotels. EVEN THAT wasn’t enough.
    The NFL wanted Chavez Ravine to become a new football stadium with shopping and a hotel center, then the Dodgers would be moved where L.A. Live is and a new BASEBALL STADIUM was to be build. But FUCKING LIE-WEEKLY and AEG built up all that property so that this option was eliminated (unless the Dodgers move back to Brooklyn, which I think COULD HAPPEN.) Staples and the new Dodger Stadium would have been together with a huge boost to the area around it. The Football stadium IN Chavez Ravine GUARANTEED 2 NFL franchises and billions in superbowls, events, and BCS championship games.
    Why did the Dodgers go for 2 billion bucks? Think about this: HOW ABOUT MAGIC JOHNSON MOVING THE DODGERS BACK TO BROOKLYN, setting up a new SPORTS CABLE NETWORK FOR THE TEAM, then SELLING CHAVEZ RAVINE TO DEVELOPERS? That deal would net the new Dodger’s Owner 1-3 BILLION PROFIT.
    Or maybe Clippers owner Don Sterling buys Chavez Ravine, Builds “Clipper’s Stadium” and develops the rest of it for Condos?
    NYC would give ANYTHING for the Dodgers to return. It’s time for that. And It’s time for the rest of us to pack up and move away from this corrupt City.

  11. James McCuen says:

    The thing to watch out for now is any Convention Center deal especially one which would be an exclusive, non-competitive agreement with AEG.

    Right now the Mayor and City Council have asked the CAO to work with “City Consultants” to look at a new deal for the Convention Center. Are those the same consultants that worked on the AEG Stadium deal? Won’t they have a biased toward a plan that includes AEG-owned assets?

  12. James McCuen says:

    The problem with Garcetti besides being the one those who created the current financial state of affairs for Los Angeles is that he will not keep his word or commitments. Those in CD-13 already have experienced this.

    Just read “Does Eric Garcetti keep his word? Accounts vary”,0,5224483.story

    “Perez and his neighbors felt blindsided. “He said one thing and then he did another,” Perez said. One of his neighbors fired off an angry message via Twitter: “Eric Garcetti went back on his word.” ”

    So asking Garcetti to give any commitment for an endorsement would be foolish.

    That’s what some call, “pulling a Garcetti” Just look how he flip-flopped over the DWP Rate Payer’s advocate.

  13. Pick a side says:

    So, I guess you are saying Garcetti isn’t a perfect candidate. I’m shocked! Shocked! I think we can all agree that we don’t have good choices here. We can choose between someone who will be completely beholden to public employee unions or someone who won’t necessarily keep his commitments. While this feels like the seven circle of hell, which candidate sucks less?

    • LA Moderator says:

      Or…which candidate is most likely to take their margin of victory as a mandate: would a 5000 vote victory be more exploited as 3% of a 10% turnout, or 1% of a 20% turnout?

  14. Wayne from Encino that sits within Nuevo Detroit, aka L.A. says:

    AEG should sue the City of L.A. for a refund of all the campaign donations it’s given since 1996 to our City Hall idiots! Yes, here in good Ol’ Nuevo Detroit where no one should start a family in, the answer will lie in just leaving the place to die an economic death upon itself, like Old Detroit, not to be confused with L.A., now known as Nuevo Detroit. Even that moron Anschutz can finally see this!

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