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Greuel Says She Didn’t Mean It When She Promised Union Bosses — ‘I’m gonna stand with labor, not stand up to labor’

Oops, the lady in question doth protest too much, claiming she misspoke when she begged for and got the mayoral endorsement Tuesday of Maria Elena Durazo’s County Federation of Labor with the help of union boogeyman Brian D’Arcy.

LA Weekly’s Gene Maddaus reported at 5:15 p.m. that he got an audio recording of Wendy Greuel telling the unions: “I’m gonna stand with labor, not stand up to labor.”

At 6:30 p.m., Greuel called Maddaus to amend her remarks, claiming that her script prepared in advance read: “I’m gonna stand with labor, not stand up to labor by demonizing them.”

“That was what I had in my remarks. When I said them, I forgot that part of it,” Greuel said. “The way it was paraphrased was not how I meant it.”

Say what?

She’s gonna “stand with labor” but she’s not going to stand up to labor “by demonizing them.” So how is the lady who denounces her opponent, true blue liberal Democrat Eric Garcetti as if he were one of the Koch brothers going to “stand up to labor”?

The answer, of course, is she isn’t. She’s not going to stand up to unions — all of them coming up for new contracts — that are pouring millions of dollars into her campaign with the same expectation that so many in the business community are: Greuel is the sure bet to get spectacular returns on their investments while Eric Garcetti can’t be trusted because he has a mind of his own and sometimes changes it.

Labor is making her dream come true, and she will make their dreams come true even if it bankrupts the city and costs their members their jobs.

To this point,  she has not offered even a single specific about how she’s going to clean up the budget deficit, or pave the streets, or restore parks and library hours or pay for the 2,000 more cops she’s gonna hire.

Garcetti has done no better and his record as Council President for six years before and during the economic crisis was disastrous, one-time fixes to the budget, hot air and smoke concealing the failure to come to terms with reality and pious declarations that were idiotic like City Hall is a “temple of democracy” when it’s just a failing political machine.

The scene of Greuel’s unconsciously blurting out the truth about where stands came during the endorsement meeting with the Federation of Labor where DWP union boss D’Arcy was throwing around his ample weight in support of her just as he is spending millions to buy the election for her.

Pushed by Maddaus to answer questions about what voters might think, she said: “I do stand with labor, but we’re not always going to agree… I would say the same thing to the Chamber of Commerce.”

So the question is if she stands with labor and she stands with the Chamber, when and how can she stand with the city’s four million people, the vast majority of them not labor or the Chamber.

Could it be that Wendy actually stands for nothing, could it be that she really is the “easiest to manipulate” as so many of her prominent supporters describe her in defending their backing?

The clock is ticking and hopes for tomorrow being a better day for L.A. are fading.

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15 Responses to Greuel Says She Didn’t Mean It When She Promised Union Bosses — ‘I’m gonna stand with labor, not stand up to labor’

  1. El Quixotian says:

    “Temple of Democraticy” turns out to be more like a pyramid scheme for human sacrifice center than a worshipful synagogue…

    LA Weekly did a nice job discussing how even Garcetti’s legacy bearer (O’Farrell) is being thrown under the red-line by Durazo’s consensus buying. (including Gil Cedillo, Bob Blumenfield, Felipe Fuentes, Curren Price and Mike Bonin). Why settle for a demagogue, when you can have an oligarchy!

    No worries, just like the Right Republicans and Independents Centered to withstand the worse of two evils in 2008, enduring the worse case that would assuredly only render a better outcome in 2012.


    4 More Years?

    Long before all this our errata once mistyped the old proverb to read “Give a man enough ‘hope’ and a man will ‘hand’ himself”…seems downright prophetic, don’t it?

  2. I’ll add one more comment.

    There needs to be a debate moderator who will challenge Greuel with what she proposes to propose about compensation reform even if it requires a dozen follow-up questions. “Going to the table” is not an acceptable answer.

    • Scott Zwartz says:

      Here is how debates work in LA?

      Moderator: Candidate X, please tell us why you are so wonderful.

      I heard that the few candidates who showed up for the CD 13 “debate” at the Thai CDC forum were disturbed when the moderator, Ms. Kruse, asked questions and when the candidate ignored the questions, Ms. Kruse said, “That’s nice but you did answer the question which was ….”

      What we deserve as voters but which we will never get because we are too ignorant and too cowardly to demand is exactly what Paul Hatfield says — a pit bull to follow up with a 3rd degree cross examination.

    • James McCuen says:

      You are right. We need both candidates on video taking strong, SPECIFIC positions so that their feet can be held to the fire later when they break their promises or commitments.

  3. anonymous says:

    Any doubts in anyone`s mind, Wendy is a hypocrite and liar? She promises everything to everybody as long as she gets elected. She is becoming a laughing stock. Of course big daddy had to go and show his support. He has invested $2.5mm and planning to spend$3mm more. If she looses, then he is not worth a jack shit.

  4. Rita-of-Sunland says:

    A genuine “Greuelian Slip!”

  5. LA Moderator says:

    Faaaascinating call last night from some Las Vegas political market research phone room (out of state so they’re more impartial said the poll-taker…who didn’t know exactly who was paying their bill, which is actually a good sign…maybe it’s Loyola!)

    After the normal demographic formalities (including did you vote in March, do you plan to vote in May) they got down to mayoral nitty gritty. Gruel or Garcetti…since I may still consider null if a write-in would void my picks for the other run-offs, I’m officially ‘undecided’…though at a few points between rounds of poll questions, I had the choice to state whether I might be one of those “voters sometime change their mind…”, but I heard nothing to change mine from ‘undecided’.

    The questions were fabulously gruesome! First, the positive spin for both were pretty much quoted verbatim, from the talking points, mailers, and tv spots we’ve been subject to. “Not at all more likely” to vote for either candidate based on any of those.

    Next, were the mudder rounds…every negative point, statement, and allegation (proven or otherwise) that we’ve been sharing for months…years! How would these affect my likelihood of voting for Wendy (or Eric)?…”Not at all…” for just about all of them…except for a few “slightly” not’s.

    They covered the points about fabricated numbers for Gruel’s watchdog saviorings…and union backing. They covered Garcetti’s love for density, Hollywood diaspora of denizens from pre-redevelopment dwellings, and even rumors of his investments in oil and billboard companies that was actually new to me.

    None of it budges me…I’m a confirmed undecided!

    All of which means that, like the money Leiweke wasted buying city hall and capital goodwill, all the union dues misspent, Chamber’s commercials and billboard backers’ bucks will not only fall on deaf ears, but stiffen the backlash as people struggle to unite against common enemies.

    And I think Kevin James, should run, not walk, away from the temptation to endorse either of them. Let Perry jockey for future positions, and maybe we’ll learn if Pleitez was indeed one or another’s stooge for this errant comedy. Neither James nor we should be holding out for promises before we launch bash our champagne bottles to launch either of these voyages. Titanic, or Lusitania…either way, we’re headed for tragedy.

  6. Wayne from Encino who sees Kevin letting his payday with Garcetti slipping away says:

    The posts by Rita and Cat-In-The-Hat-Field are exactly right. I’LL VOLUNTEER TO BE THE MODERATOR (MORE LIKE PROSECUTOR) OF ONE OF THESE MAYOR RUN-OFF DEBATES! First, I’ll announce that both Cruela-Greula and Garslutti are sentenced to live the rest of their lives in CD9 and NEVER run for office again or collect their City pensions, SECOND, I’ll announce the GUILTY VERDICT, for bankrupting L.A. City, THIRD, I’ll read the charges. Then, I’ll give these FOOLS 10 minutes each to lie their way out of it. The one with the best set of lies and obfuscations wins the debate (which will be Eric.)
    Honesty in Politics===you only get it here on this blog!

  7. Rita-of-Sunland says:

    I heard a rumor that Wendy Greuel actually funded Pleitez’ official entry into the campaign, so he would split the Latino vote that Eric supposedly had a “lock” on. Hmmmm….very interesting……

    • LA Moderator says:

      I think that’s the gist of intelligence I’ve seen…don’t remember which articles to cite, but also serving a decoy for James and/or Perry as Wayne reminds us…

      I’ll be interesting to see that info to come out…better sooner than later!

    • LA Moderator says:

      Strike that…this just in:

      Pleitez showed up at a Team Garcetti confab, so if he was a Greuel plant, he’s either turning on her, or reeaally deep in cover!

  8. Wayne from Encino says Rita solved a huge riddle says:

    FINALLY!!!! Someone figured out the Pleitez’ mayoral run (Which in English, Pleitez means “Bullshit campaign” from the Latin “Plata” which means “Union Money.”) Villar who wants Wendy in and Eric out, recruited this Latino-Fool to run all over L.A. (literally) and not just steal votes from Prince Eric, but also to strip away Valley Latino votes from Kevin James and Hamburger Perry. It certainly worked!!!
    Good job Rita. Why didn’t KABC, KFI, KRLA, KABC, KNBC, FOX, La Slimes, L.A. Valley News-Joke Paper, etc. get this one?
    Gruela-Cruela is showing that even City Hall can sink lower than possibly imaginable. I’m meeting with a R.E. Company on Monday to put the house up for sale. I’ve had it with all this shit.

    • Rita-of-Sunland says:

      C’mon Wayne– Don’t leave L.A.! You, along with Antonia Ramirez, are always the highlight of any televised council meeting down at City Hell!

  9. YJ Draiman says:

    Which of the two LA Mayoral candidates deserves to be the mayor in 2013?

    The candidate that deserves to win is the one that has the people of Los Angeles interest at heart.
    The candidate that can unify the City in a common goal for transparency and sincerely promote the city to the business world.
    The candidate that can encompass the various factions within the city for a coalition government of all the parties, thereby representing all the people of Los Angeles.
    The candidate that instills hope and confidence in the voters that his administration will improve the city’s financial and economic condition.
    Do you think any of the run-off candidates has what it takes to do that?

    YJ Draiman

  10. Wayne from Encino fails to sell the Ranch again! says:

    We had “Da’ Meeting” today as the offers were to come in to look at. Problem is, we had another DEADBEAT list! The Agent wanted to list the property and all that chicken shit stuff! Real Estate Agents are BASTARDS! If you list, MAKE THE BUYER PAY 100% OF THE COMMISSIONS, FEES, AND ALL THAT SHIT. Demand, as the Seller WHAT THE TOTAL OF YOUR CHECK IS GOING TO BE AT CLOSE OF ESCROW. They give you all this mumbo-jumbo shit, such as “well, Wayne closing costs are generally 6-8% of the price accepted.” This is DEMOCRAT-PARTY BULLSHIT! These CROOKS need to stop playing games and lay it out in clear and simple English—how much will the property cost the Buyer total and how much does the seller get TOTAL out of the close of escrow.
    Right now, with listings SOOOOO LOW, Sellers can cut that miserable 5% commission cost down at least HALF down to NOTHING. LET THE SCHUCK BUYER PAY ALL CLOSING COSTS! The Seller must be left in peaceful bliss with AS MUCH $$$ AS POSSIBLE AT CLOSE OF ESCROW TO BUY FAR FAR AWAY FROM L.A. My fight for freedom and democracy will continue! Dammit!

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