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The Cheaters Game: The New American Morality

We live in a nation where we would rather commit national suicide than work together to solve our common problems so it should be no surprise that righteous people defend greed and indifference to the needs of others, Harvard students cheat on exams and university officials hack the emails of deans to see who leaked word of the scandal.

That’s what America has become — just ask the parents of students who played the cheaters game to sneak their kids into Carpenter Community Charter in Studio City, one of the best schools in LAUSD, even though they don’t live in the neighborhood.

Officials discovered the scam — something so many have known about for so long — or at least finally decided to do something about when 190 kids were enrolled in kindergarten for next fall when there’s only room for 168.

It didn’t seem likely that affluent south of Ventura Boulevard residents had a breeding boom five years ago so officials hired a private firm to check out the addresses of their 1,000 students and found 120 — 12 percent of the students — could not be verified, according to the LA Times’ Stephen Caesar.

Across Los Angeles, families scramble to secure housing within the boundaries of high-performing schools. And it is no secret that some game the system by using the addresses of relatives who live near sought-after campuses or doctoring documents like utility bills and rental agreements.

“There have always been rumors of an element of fraud each year” at Carpenter, Principal Joseph Martinez said.

It appears that parents of as many as 50 students may have rented property briefly in the neighborhood to qualify their kids for Carpenter, exploiting a loophole in state law that allows students to remain in a neighborhood school even after the family moves away.

Removing the students whose parents lied to get them into Carpenter “presents educators with a moral quandary,” the Times reports, because “Through no fault of their own, those students would have childhood friendships and relationships with teachers severed. There also may be an emotional toll on friends left behind.”

“Their parents have put them in this predicament that will disrupt their education,” the principal said. “My heart goes go out to those kids. But I have to put the higher priority on people who have not broken the law.”

The irony in all this, of course, is that these parents so want their kids to get a good education, the best education, they would lie and cheat to get it for them even if it meant denying that education to children whose families actually live in the neighborhood.

Clearly, they are raising their children to lie and cheat and do whatever they want whenever they want to instead of teaching them honesty and respect for others — or is that no longer part of a “good education” for people of affluence?

If they had put the same time and energy into making the schools in their neighborhoods better and turned them into high-achieving schools like Carpenter, everyone would be better off, including their children and perhaps many of lesser means.

Is it any wonder this kind of thing is going on all the time when we bail out bankers who destroy our economy, elect people time and again who have betrayed the public trust, sit on our hands and look at the other way when we see wrongdoing?

It’s what America has become to me.

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6 Responses to The Cheaters Game: The New American Morality

  1. anonymous says:

    Cheaters Queen Greuel to County Fed in closed mtg. “I`m gonna stand with labor, not stand up to labor”. She is soooooooooo stupid did not know Zahniser would get the tape.

  2. ex valley says:

    “My heart goes go out to those kids. But I have to put the higher priority on people who have not broken the law.”

    Ha-ha-ha. How about enforcing other laws?
    How about higher priority on citizens versus others that have broken a law?
    Or *that* law does not count?

  3. tyndon clusters says:

    Ex valley – exactly correct…if those parents just say they are illegal aliens, their kids could go to UCLA or UC Berkeley and take the place of a “people who have not broken the law” because we are a total dysfunctional society right now.

    So in this sick, twisted saga, schools can kick out those students not in their boundary area, but we can’t kick those same illegal students out of UCLA or Cal State LA because of the stupidity of the Dream Act.

    As a liberal, my feeling is those illegals should at least pay out of state tuition, but NO they can now get financial aid money!!!

    Repubs are morons, but lets face it, the Dems are destroying California and LA.

  4. Anon says:

    What’s new about this? When I went to valley LAUSD schools in the 1950′s and ’60s, this was done routinely by parents looking to game the system. The parents of today are just emulating their boomer parents.

  5. Wayne from Encino says shut down Carpenter school district and send the Jews to Compton High! says:

    I’m tired of damn LAUSD and their extra fees and taxes they add to my property taxes.
    Just shut all these public schools down where the rich JEWS live, build condos on these parcels, and then BUS the RICH JEW KIDS to COMPTON schools to “learn” how to “learn.” Isn’t this damn thing over the fact that white homeowner-majority areas ARE JUST BETTER? Why are they better? Why is Compton a shithole, yet Studio City, Toluca Lake, Sherman Oaks, and the Crown Jewel Encino soooo damn much better? Why are the local schools better there? Aren’t the teachers members of the very same union and the schools from the very same LAUSD?
    This gaming of school districts is as old as crap is! If Carpenter needs more teachers and classrooms, then go get portable classrooms and import some teachers and teach the little fools something!
    There’s a law the Supreme Court made: Brown v. Board of Education. Thus, if LAUSD has this Carpenter school so much better, THEN LEGALLY LAUSD HAS TO DO THE SAME JOB WITH COMPTON IN IT’S JURISDICTION, DOESN’T IT?
    In my High School, they bussed in poor black kids, and my mother HAD A DAMN FIT! Then, we had a State Championship basketball and football team (guess who the star players were from?) Then, mom and everyone would go to the games and root for the “home team!” I liked the bussed-in kids we had: They had to have MININUM B averages AND do the sports things OR BACK TO YOUR LOCAL SCHOOLS. The Deans list was too long to mention.
    These local CHEATERS, however, KNOW they’re NOT WELCOME. The Bussed in kids we had APPLIED AND GOT ACCEPTED as great students, so they were equals mentally and socially.
    That’s what Ron misses here—these kids cheating the system ARE SORRY for it and will always remember it.

  6. anonymous says:

    ha ha what about enforcing other laws is right – add to false apps and addresses the land grabs on city easements, front yard fences over height causing streets to look like freeway tunnels. No one gets a permit anymore, they just fence to the curb, no pedestrians allowed on a curb area. Rolling gates at curbs, can’t see pulling out or back, beware the vehicle and pedestrian on the street, because there is no street safety., you have to watch out for the vehicle exiting their property because they can’t see you.

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