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How Can Anybody Fix the ‘Time-Sucking, Money-Wasting, Soul-Crushing’ Mayoral Candidates Who Stand for Nothing?

“As societies grow decadent, the language grows decadent, too. Words are used to disguise, not to illuminate . . . Words are to confuse, so that at election time people will solemnly vote against their own interests. — Gore Vidal

The question at Thursday night’s televised mayoral debate from Rob Eshman, editor of the Jewish Journal, cut to the heart of everyone’s everyday experience in L.A. — “How are you going to fix the time-sucking, money-wasting, soul-crushing traffic in Los Angeles?”

The answers from Eric Garcetti and Wendy Greuel, stripped of the not-very-hot-air they spew were identical: They are going to do exactly what Antonio Villaraigosa is doing with Measure R’s subway-to-the-sea and more light rail for the Westside plus the increasingly popular multi-billion-dollar fantasy tunnel through the mountains between Westwood and Sherman Oaks.

Think about it: These two make the morally and intellectually bankrupt Villaraigosa look dynamic and innovative.


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  1. Wayne from Encino says Wendy looks like she's running for mayor of P'yong'yang! says:

    Wendy Cruela-Gruela, aka scumbag, aka useless sap, said on KABC’s Doug Mcinterd show that she’s “alot better looking” in person than on video like Kevin Jame’s bury the bodies ad. We’ll, I watched the debate Thursday and she dresses like Kim Jong Um in North Korea! Same type of haircut, same type of jacket and slacks. She’s afraid to dress like a WOMAN and show some style! How can a former huge Hollywood exec, who attended the Oscars, Emmys, etc. not know how to dress up to the 9′s for the biggest debate of her life? Cruela-Gruela looked as CRUEL as she is, which surprised me, and I was pleased about that.
    Meanwhile, I saw Prince Eric in that suit and tie, he looked like a kid uneasy with that tie! HOW ABOUT AN ARMANI SUIT NEXT TIME? He looked stiff and uneasy. But when you have to talk publicly about the BANKRUPT and CORRUPT City you’ve resided over, well, I’m sure that that’s got to be scarry!
    Garcetti played his role well—the nice guy vs. the mean old SCARY Hollywood executive/Union paid for hack. Garcetti will CRUISE to victory by 10 points in this now-over run-off.
    I feel sorry for Prince Eric. He’ll be the one signing L.A.’s Chapter 9 paperwork, firing all the cops and other fat and lazy salary-collectors, and of course raising taxes, fees, and utility rates. He’s signing up for DOOM! Actually, he is a nice guy but he won’t talk his way out of this mess for L.A.: He’s going have to be hatchet man. Wendy would gladly send the City into Bankruptcy—she’s kind of like a Mitt Romney with a North Korean style look. She’s a corporatist. But, she’s EVIL! Maybe if the economy pulls ahead (stock’s are up to record highs, unemployment is down, and housing prices are way way up so far this year—then the Nice Guy Mayor may have the additional bucks to fix those sidewalks without extra taxes and ripping off the homeowners.
    I’D LOVE to see a televised debate with Dumbtanich vs. Communist Feuer—NOW THAT WOULD BE A RATINGS HIT—these two really HATE EACH OTHER. Give Dumbo credit for having the GAUL for running for a 2nd term after that D.A. Disaster! I think Carmen will eeek out a victory of ONE VOTE! (That will be my vote, and hopefully he’ll do some good for the People for the next 4 years and REDEEM HIMSELF A LITTLE.)
    Zine and Halperin don’t need to debate—Everyone knows Dummy Zine can’t add, read, and write, thus a Controller he doesn’t make.
    PLEASE VOTE BY MAIL OR IN PERSON—people in this blog show a great deal of
    concern and knowledge of this City. Every vote will be gigantic–turnout will be record low dismal.

    • ex valley says:

      Unemployment is down in LA? For real?
      Interesting because quite a few people I know from my previous life there are still looking for a full time permanent job.

      Also the traffic is bound to get even worse once that “comprehensive” immigration reform happens. Hundreds of thousands of newly eligible for driver licenses and many driving from the valley to the westside and SM where they service the rich people.

      • LA Moderator says:

        That’s okay…with Compass 2% solution (courtesy SCAG per Sacramento) guiding “elegant growth” to the current Transit Oriented Districts (don’t worry Ron, you’re still showing “Medium to Low Denisty Residential”) and future ones (MagLev), cars will be phased out.

        Then, we’ll see if the used-car-lots that replaced the new-car-lots (such as those from as Sherman Way’s heydays as the old RedCar transit corridor) are upzoned to mixed use.

        • LA Moderator says:


          Alarmed at the typo, I checked, and it’s SCAG’s Compassblueprint pdf that spelled “Density” wrong. How ironic is that!

  2. anonymous says:

    Anyone who watched Thursday`s debate would agree that it was the mayor vs a girl scout. Listless girl trying to impress the teacher. Counted 11 times that she is “proud of..” She is done. 8 points

  3. ex valley says:

    Hey garcetti did not mention his “elegant density” concept ?

    This is density for you not for him. Ok maybe once Jerry brown completes his high speed train, you will get the tunnel. Ha – ha – ha

  4. teddy says:




  5. MissAnthrope says:

    As long as we’re airing pie-in-the-sky pipe dreams about a tunnel through a mountain, for few extra millions of dollars they can install a humongous fan at the Valley end to suck all the hot air out of our steaming desert.

    Right now all the sucking sounds we hear is the city’s giant vacuum cleaning out our wallets.

  6. teddy says:

    Miz Anne,
    You got that roght.
    Calabassas had a voter’s choice – join LA or try it on their own. Wonderful city. I am
    a neighbor and go there to eat and shop. Also, some great people – not ignoramuses
    like the ones we listened to on Thursday night.

    Thank you again, Ron…

  7. Commuter says:

    Stipulated: Both candidates are lightweights. But so is the media covering the campaign. Eshman’s question had one purpose: To get a laugh from the audience. He did that. But I would have turned the question back on him: “Rob, how many times a week do you commute alone from your oh-so-hip home in Venice to your newspaper offices in Koreatown? How many of your employees commute alone as well? What have you done as a business leader to encourage ridesharing, use of public transportation, staggered business hours, telecommuting, closer-in living to the workplace and other traffic mitigators? Traffic is a fact of life in every big city. It’s particularly acute in sprawling cities like this one. We can do a lot to mitigate that, and I have supported programs to do so, and will continue to do so as mayor. But really, Rob, if your time is being sucked, your money wasted and your soul crushed by the traffic in LA, then do something about it. Don’t just whine and throw out laugh-lines here….”

    • David Barron says:

      Agreed! And, for the two newspapers to ask each incumbent the important tell all question: what decisions at city council chambers brought delivered us to the edge of bankruptcy? Because, in order to fix a problem you must be able to identify the problem.

    • scott zwartz says:

      The solution to LA’s current traffic problem was first enunciated in 1915 as a warning of what NOT to do. As they say, people who do not know history are bound to repeat it. While everyone who cares about LA should take the time to read the 1915 “Study of Street Traffic Conditions in The City of Los Angeles,” all the pundits and pontificators refuse. I suggest people who care about facts and honest assessment of LA transportation problems should Google the study.

      Two major conclusions:

      (1) Subways are a horrible idea and should not be build in Los Angeles,

      (2) Transit Oriented Districts [TOD's] are likewise a horrible idea and show not be allowed. “Such a policy [TOD’s– which had not been named in 1915) would be nothing less than a deliberate exploitation of civic resources for the benefit of the limited number of property owners enjoying abnormal incomes from rental privileges” 1915 Transportation Study, page 38 of 153

      When one takes the time to study the math in the 1915 Study, one again appreciates that distance is a function of time. Downtown is not farther from Venice in 2013 than it was in 1970 in terms of miles, but it is much further when distance is measured in Time.

      Density causes more traffic. The absurd increase in Density, which has been allowed on the Westside over the last 20 years, has made travel times so long that many people feel trapped in their homes from 2:00 p.m. until 7:00 in the evening. More density is not the answer. Subways, as the 1915 Traffic Study shows, cause people to want to increase density. Subways are expensive to run and a residential city cannot afford a subway system unless it destroys its residential character and build massive mixed-use projects. Since the subway covers less than 5% of the City, everyone who lives in a TOD also needs a car — unless they wish to become an Urban Serf who is tied to his/her little plot of land — plus the 5% of LA that the subway serves.

      • LA Moderator says:

        Interesting…Besides GM and co-conspirators, one of the thing that killed grade-level Pacific Electric, was the downtowny automotive congestion that caused the districts transit to be anything but rapid.

  8. Carl Olson says:

    Here are the dismal facts that can be fixed:

    1. Most of highway fuel taxes, maybe 80%, go into operating mass transit
    systems, i.e. government worker pay. This should be in welfare budget for the
    benefit of the 5% of the population that uses mass transit.

    2. Only about 20% is available for highway construction and maintenance. No
    wonder there is such resistance to higher fuel taxes when most of the money does
    not go to help the motorists.

    3. There’s no requirement that highway funds be spent on the slowest freeways,
    i.e. the ones with the highest social time cost and wasted gasoline. No federal
    or state requirements as of yet. California has a rating system of A to F on
    freeway speed, but it is not used to prioritize building more freeway lane capacity.

    4. Often “diamond lanes” are built, but they benefit only a small fraction of
    motorists, rather than everybody who paid the taxes. The “Carmagedden” freeway
    I-405 project in L. A is spending $1 billion on such a diamond lane in the
    Sepulveda Pass and nothing else. And freeway speeds won’t improve.

    5. In L. A. County the 15-member Metropolitan Transportation Authority is
    inflicting this grievous harm to the motorists. It admits in its own Long-Range
    Transportation Plan that, after all its projects are built, the freeways will
    SLOW UP by about 10 mph. Get a copy.

    6. Freeway congestion at 50% of the freeway segments is a monumental failure.
    It should be at 5% or less.

    Major reform is needed. We need to match up the tax burden with benefits to
    the taxpayers!

  9. anonymous says:

    Ron–the Vidal quote sums up the campaign…as well as past campaigns, State campaigns, Presidential campaigns, etc.

  10. KS says:

    SFV Secession!!!!

    • anonymous says:

      Both the Valley and the reconfigured LA
      would be better cities had secession occurred;
      thank the false leaders, team players, who betrayed you.

  11. ex valley says:

    So your choice is between a complete airhead and totally corrupt greuel and equally corrupt but less stupid garcetti. Niiiiiice

  12. Answer to Question says:

    “How Can Anybody Fix the ‘Time-Sucking, Money-Wasting, Soul-Crushing’ Mayoral Candidates Who Stand for Nothing?”


  13. Answer to Question says:

    Oops! I meant to say–”No one can; not possible”

    • scott zwartz says:

      Actually, there is a solution — of sorts.

      As City Councilmember, Garcetti continued the corrupt city hall which Dick Riordan launched in 1993. Garcetti got there in 2001 and Tony V came along in 2005 and was just as bad as Garcetti. While Garcetti was on the council, over $1.5 Billion tax dollars went to CRA real estate developers, while Garcetti did not repair roads, did not repair sidewalks, did not make proper pension contributions, did not fix LAFD 911 service, partially defunded the paramedics and firemen, reduced the fire of fire stations, and caused 26,198 residents to flee Hollywood between 2005 and 2010. see Garcetti’s own beloved Hollywood Community Plan, FEIR p3.1

      Was Garcetti’s Hollywood plan wrong about how many people fled Hollywood?

      Yes, Garcetti fraudulently hyped the number of people in Hollywood in 2005 as 224,426 ppl when it was about 20,000 people less. He did this fraud in order to deceive people into believing that Hollywood would have a population of about 250,000 ppl by 2030. The purpose of the hype was to justify outlandish projects like The Millennium. Since Garcetti’s figure of 224,426 ppl for Hollywood’s 2005 population was a lie, when the 2010 US Census figures were released, everyone saw that Hollywood’s population was 198,228 ppl and it had never risen above 213,883 ppl. Nonetheless, Garcetti insisted that the City Council adopt his fraudulent Hollywood Community Plan to allow him to further densify Hollywood.

      Garcetti has been concealing for years the extreme harm his Densification Mania has caused Angelenos. Thus, the first step to solve traffic is Stop all the mixed-used projects and end of TOD’s. Mixed-use developments and TOD’s increase the population density, and bad traffic is a function of excessive population density. Extreme population density lowers residential property values.

      Eventually, however, we will enter the era of Virtual Presence (Cisco’s Telepresence), which will be a major form of transportation of the future. Way back in 1993, LA’s own Telecommuting Study found that telecommuting, based on 1992 technology, would reduce freeway and street traffic by 30%. If today’s LA traffic were 30% less congested than our traffic in 1993, no one would be complaining.

      Also, the City would not be functionally bankrupt as we would not have given over $2 Billion of tax dollars to real estate developers. The subways would be worthless since buses could ravel on surface streets at decent rates of speed.

      You do know that Bunker Hill and all of Garcetti’s beloved CRA projects do not pay one cent in incremental property taxes? If none of those high density projects had been built, we would have no traffic problem and the city would have no financial problems.

      No matter who is mayor, LA will continue to deteriorate and more residents and businesses will leave for less density areas — even other countries. That’s why Garcetti wants to build 30 years of projects in 10 years — within 10 years, people will understand Virtual Reality and no one will support extreme densification.

  14. anonymous says:

    I remember receiving a phone call from some transportation pollster group. They wanted to know if I would pay for toll lanes. I told them probably not?

  15. Wayne from Encino says:

    Calabasas is a very nice city since it broke away from King Herb I. and his clan Downtown. Hidden Hills did the same too, and Agoura Hills. These communities long ago realized it made no sense to Drive to Spring and 1rst to see City Hall—it should be IN YOUR OWN AREA WHERE YOU LIVE!
    King Herb I. killed the Van Nuys-Valley live T.V. feed and meetings for the Clowncil. He basically G0d-Damned the entire Valley by admitting the SFV is an ATM with no future or power on the Clowncil.
    Luckily, when the City goes into Chapter 9 Bankruptcy, a cessession of Venice (Westchester, Playa Del Rey included); West Los Angeles (Brentwood, Bel Aire, Pac. Palasades), and Encino (which will be the seat of the new Valley City) will break L.A. into 4 new and smaller Cities. This will have to be agreed to in the final exit from B.K.—ACCEPT NOTHING LESS!!! Then Downtown L.A. will truly be able to focus it’s corruption and graft on trains and other shit like that where it belongs and where it’s being used.
    The Orange Line on day 2 of Cessession would break ground on turning it into a light rail corridor! Who the hell had the nerve to make it a bus line, for Christ Sakes! The fools Downtown don’t see the true outcome of what it’s doing. L.A. will survive, and will even prosper once the criminal gang that runs the place down is neutered and curtailed in their dictatorial power trip.

  16. teddy says:

    Wayne – Thank you for understanding. Now I mustget the word out.

  17. Anonymous says:

    The debate format allows them to spew nonsense. Next debate should be half an hour each to explain their budget proposals.

  18. teddy says:

    Actually this election should be cancelled and let the
    city council run our city. Nothing positive has come from the
    mayor’s office in about 12 or more years.

    I wish we could refute this election by staying away from it
    entirely. I know that sounds weird, but we should not have
    to endure this kind of travesty. Not only that, the mayoral
    staff should join the majority of Angelenos who are out of work.

    Including no pensions. There is no more money – people need
    their own money to feed their families.

    • scott zwartz says:

      Overall, the City Council President has more power than the mayor. I doubt Garcetti would give up being Council President voluntarily, but term limits forced him to cease being Council President.

      While Garcetti was City Council President, it was run like Criminal Enterprise. Too bad RICO does not apply to City Councils. Penal Code 86 makes it criminal to buy or trade votes among city council members and the Brown Act requires that all deliberations and voting be conducted in public.

      Gacetti himself bragged that during his time as Council President, the council voted unanimously over 99% of the time. The only way to accomplish that statistic is to have a pre-arranged agreement among councilmembers to vote Yes. In brief, the evidence shows vote selling/trading among all councilmembers on thousands of votes. That voting pattern is a prima facie case of criminal behavior in violation of Penal Code 86. In fact, the city council vote tabulator automatically votes “Yes” even for councilmembers who have left the council chamber.

      Thus, I cannot agree with your idea that we let the city council run the City. The City council has been running the City. Tony Villababosa has been so bad because he walked lock step with Garcetti. Let’s remember Garcetti got on the council 4 years before Tony V was elected mayor.

      If Villababosa had wanted to be a decent mayor, his veto of council actions would always be overridden by a council that votes unanimously over 99% of the time.

      • ex valley says:

        You mean that excellent progressive politician garcetti is actually a crook? I wonder how did he keep himself in the city council all these years since he was/is just a corrupt crook.

        • Scott Zwartz says:

          If you need someone to explain to you how crooks and incompetents remain in office, I believe that you are so far out of “the know,” that I would not be able to bring you up to speed.

        • LA Moderator says:

          Garcetti had a decent challenger in 2009…East Hollywood NC guy, who had a respectable tally considering a small war chest and the fact that Garcetti dodged debates.

          ERIC GARCETTI 8,605 72.12%
          GARY SLOSSBERG 3,326 27.88%

  19. Wayne from Encino says Teddy's right. says:

    Let’s just DISMISS the Mayor, Controller, and City Attorney. No one needs these three offices. That way, saving ABOUT 150 MILLION BUCKS by getting RID of these three worthless offices, the 15 Clowns could then truly and OPENLY run the show as the dictators that they really are. No more “We must confer with the City Attorney and the Mayor” B.S. And King Herb I. should actually wear a crown and be CORONATED as the King of Los Angeles! Little Herb has come a long way from the days of eating out of garbage cans—America is the Land of Opportunity for misfits, carpetbaggers, and sell-outs. Long Live King Herb I.! And Good riddens to these crappy local elections. Then Sultan Big Head I. can be the next despot after Herb.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Garcetti has missed 10 of his last 12 Council meetings while campaigning for Mayor. Grueul has hardly done her Controller’s job the past 4 years. No one can say we didn’t have a choice this time. Kevin James was rejected in favor of these two parasites. Get ready to pay for new property tax measures these two will inflict. Hardly matters which scumbag will win.

  21. teddy says:

    Mr. Scott zwartz, We the people living in OUR CITY are the ones who
    should be making rules, not the ones who run for election so that they
    can make the rules to benefit themselves and their friends.

    Surely you see that.. That is why we should make our rules. People
    VOLUNTEER to take a turn at making sure we are in good shape. Then
    others step up and volunteer the same way to run for office, We then elect
    new people to take a turn.

    We have many, many honest and eligible people among us, but with today’s
    system they have to fight the incrowd to get elected. And yes, Kevin James
    volunteered to run for Mayor. He visited meetings, gave his history and why he
    felt he could help. Like fools, we did not vote for him. Now we are discussing
    thesde people, Garcetti and Greuel, and yet we know they should not be elected.

    Why do we do things to ourselves and then complain after? Care to explain
    why we let this happen? I, for one, would like to know.

    • Scott Zwartz says:

      I do not get your point. I voted for Kevin James and was very disappointed when he sold out by supporting Garcetti. Our problems were not going to be over in one election. Thus, there was no bone fide reason to support the one person who has been more responsible for L.A.’s becoming functionally bankrupt than Tony Villababosa. Kevin James sold out faster than Shabbati Zev.

      My complaint is that the elected officials do NOT follow the rules, but with a blind DA, a political pawn for US Attorney and a corrupt judiciary, there is no way to compel the corrupt officials to follow the rules. “You cannot have a corrupt city hall without a corrupt judiciary.”

      Why do Angelenos give themselves the choice between Corruption (Garcetti) and Incompetence (Greuel)? I don’t know, but that’s what we do.

      EXAMPLE: According the LA Times’ interactive voting map, in the last primary the people in the Hollywood Hills from The Dell, Beachwood Canyon, Highwoodland, The Oaks, and Los Feliz voted over 52% for Garcetti. At the same time, the biggest and loudest complaint of these same voters is that Hollywood traffic has become terrible in the last decade — Garcetti has been Hollywood’s councilman since 2001.

      While Garcetti has been on the council over $1.5 Billion dollars went to Garcetti’s developer friends to construct high density mixed-use projects, which pay $ Zero in incremental property tax dollars, and which caused the Hollywood’s traffic to become worse and worse. If Garcetti had used just some of the $1.5 Billion to repair roads, we would not have the worst streets in the nation. If Garcetti had not subsidized his buddies to build all the mixed-use projects, Hollywood traffic would not be so bad.

      In 2006, Garcetti downsized the new Regional fire station #82 by 75% and moved it farther away from the Hills to the intersection of Hollywood Blvd and the 101 Freeway. Garcetti did this one year after the May 2005 USA Today article which revealed that Angelenos were needlessly dying due to the slow response times by paramedics. Nonetheless, Garcetti did nothing to improve the LAFD 911, but he did move the paramedics farther from the Hills. Prior to the recent mayoral primary, the LA Times published that the paramedic response times to these Hills were among the worst in the City. [Garcetti claimed that other sites for FS 82 were too expensive, but the facts and figues proved that to be false. As Beachwood Voice reported in 2006, the original site for FS 82 was vetoed by Garcetti because the CRA wanted the land for a mixed-use project.

      In 2011 based on the false LAFD 1-12-2011 deployment report, Garcetti took another $200 Million from the LAPD. As council president, Garcetti had to know that the emergency response times were worst in 2011 than they were in 2005 when USA Today published its expose.

      If someone shoots a bullet into a passing bus and kills a passenger, that is murder because the behavior is reckless and wanton conduct. The shooter, however, may luck out and not hit anyone. When Garcetti gave over $1.5 Billion to his real estate buddies rather than up-grade the LAFD 911 system, when Garcetti downsized FS 82 by 75% and when Garcetti took an additional $200 Million away from the paramedics and firemen, he knew for a fact that some Angelenos, most likely in the Hills, would needlessly die. Just like the person who shoots into the bus, Garcetti did not the identity of his victims, but his behavior was reckless and wanton behavior. These decisions were not foolish or careless; they were deliberate, and like shooting into a bus, they were undertaken with a criminal state of mind.

      Nonetheless, the folks in the Hills voted over 52% for Garcetti. Why?

      • LA Moderator says:


        Being as my old GGPNC District had a corner in CD13 (N/W from Hollywood/Western) I’ve heard it all, and we still watch items from our continued focus on Hollywood overall in HCP and the Millenium.

        The first answer I’d say is that the demo(graphic)’s in the area were not not great for a Republican….

        But I’d be curious to know if your resource shows turnout percentage for that area…i.e, was that 52% of a 16-20% turnout per citywide?

  22. Ricardo says:

    Hey Scott,

    How much did Wendy Greuel’s campaign pay you to post the anti Garcetti rant? The fact is we will have a new mayor. All the people I know all over the City are going with Garcetti. At least he’s acknowledged there were issues and at least he’s not bought and paid for by the unions like Wendy. Her campaign has been such a mess no one knows what she supports or is against. Valley people are furious with her.

    • LA Moderator says:

      Scott shows a deep awareness of Garcetti’s dirty laundry that I’m familiar with from a Hollywood-specific perspective.

      I don’t know that Greuel’s campaign is organized enough to troll on this blog.

      The more we share intelligence, the better informed are the folks as to greater/lesser evils now, and how we might proceed in the future; whether 2017, or at some point sooner should drastic changes occur before then (i.e. Secession, Charter Reform, Borough’s, Recalls, Resignations, promotions to Governor or worse…)

  23. Anonymous says:

    “My complaint is that the elected officials do NOT follow the rules, but with a blind DA, a political pawn for US Attorney and a corrupt judiciary, there is no way to compel the corrupt officials to follow the rules. “You cannot have a corrupt city hall without a corrupt judiciary.” Damn right! They fill the jails with the small guys to show they are doing something. Alarcon will complete his term before the DA slugs do anything.

  24. teddy says:

    Scott, why are you saying that Kevin James sold out? I do not
    think so after the March 5, 2013 election when the turnout was
    so awful, he could possibly feel that this was not his year. I want him to try again.
    Meantime, we have the two most impossible candidates running.

    How is it going to be possible for me to vote for either Garcetti or Greuel.? I shall not.

  25. anonymous says:

    Scott get a life. I guess you have nothing else to do, otherwise you would not post such a long b s.

    • ex valley says:

      Yeah, he is definitely a gruel stooge.

      I’m just very amused seeing all that crap he piles on garcetti. But iF garcetti were running against a republican or a true independent, whoa he (and many of you) will trump over each other in your rush to support garcetti. As I said before – many of you are such hypocrites. Garcetti is exactly your type of a politician: same sex marriage, immigration, etc. so you are getting exactly what you deserve. He is like newsome. And newsome kept getting reelected easily.

    • Thanks Scott says:

      Scott’s April 7, 2013 commentary to Ron’s April 4, 2013 post
      entitled “Who is the Lesser of Two Evils”:
      “…Wendy went along with all the foul deeds so I am no fan of hers…
      The difference between Garcetti and Greuel is that he is the architect
      of disaster while she is just a tag along.”
      So, we are accurate in our assessment of the two evils:
      Garcetti is the imperfect, flawed “architect”;
      whereas Greuel, her union entanglements along with her mediocrity,
      no proof of intelligence, wisdom, courage, is what we do not need:
      Greuel, is the corrupt, cowardly “foul deeds…tag along”.

  26. anonymous says:

    Slimy Liar Villar Greuel is surrounded and advised by slimy characters such as C. Schatz , president of the CCA ,whose membership consists of every scumbag lobbyist and developer in the City. Of course they all take second seat to Boss D`Arcy who has spend $3mm so far to make sure our DWP rates skyrocket and he recoups his investment. The longer the public is exposed to this scumbag`s lies, the more they are drawn to Garcetti.

  27. Wayne from Encino says Kevin DID sell out--at my suggestion says:

    On July 1rst, Garcetti leaves the Royal Court of King Herb I. (the Clown prez who ousted Eric and demoted him in a Politcal Coup D’Etat to a mere Prince Eric vs. the Big Prez.) Kevin can then get one of those cushy six figure salaried “consultant” positions in the 200 plus man Mayor’s Office Staff. HA HA HA FUCKING HA HA! Notice how NO ONE ever brings up WHY we can’t downsize that 215 man staff of Mayor Villar, to, like 50 or less? We live in a PUPPET-TOCRACY—The media are scumbags, the newspapers are apologist-scumbags, and the 75 major campaign donors BUY all the local races. AM talk radio is DEAD and not saying a word about this race or conducting debates and call in interviews.
    Kevin might as well FILL HIS BANK ACCOUNT with that free six-figure $$$ for the next 8 years like his buddies Zine, (now Garcetti), and of Course Dumbtanich. To hell with the Valley, to hell with the Hollywood Hills, To hell with DWP ratepayers, To hell with the cracked and broken sidewalks, roads, sewers, and infrastructure.
    We have morons blowing up the Boston Marathon, We have Gold prices CRASHING, we have a Korean Lunatic getting ready to launch a bomb on Tokyo, and what do I hear on Radio, T.V. and the papers? KOBE, KARDASHIANS, AND THE MOVIE BOX OFFICE. That’s why were are ALL TOTALLY 110% SCREWED. No news 24/7 is what the motto should be locally.
    Kevin James can enjoy the view Downtown while the City crumbles underneath. No one is strong willed enough to go into office AND DO THE BUSINESS OF THE CITY and STOP THE DAMN GAMES! Walter Moore would of but in 2009 that was L.A. Last Stand. The sell-out by Dumbtanich completed the process.
    Garcetti CAN do the job—but I just don’t know if he WANTS to OR just use the Mayor’s office to run for higher office in a few years. Don’t be surprised if Garcetti jumps in next time for Lt. Governor (Gavin Newsom doesn’t want to run again, and Brown looks like he’s a lock for a 2nd term.) After all, JANIS CHICKEN-HEAD HAHN would of won if Newsom didn’t—Eric one step from Gov—Would make Daddy Garcetti really proud! Then after Brown leaves in 4 years—It’s GOVERNOR ERIC GARCETTI! A good call for Kevin to join the up and rising power of Prince Eric. Wendy and the Filthball from CD3 are the 2013 Titanics of Politics. Good riddence!
    Hopefully, after getting more billboards shut down this week, Dumbtanich will get a 2nd chance—(my one lousy vote will really count.) But, Jesus, what a Clown he became!

  28. anonymous says:

    Slime Times has become Slimy Liar Villar Greuel`s mouthpiece. How could they print today her b s budget cuts? Zahniser must be losing his touch.

  29. Wayne from Encino says Zahnheiser is old, tired, and threw in the towel long ago says:

    I met the guy a couple of times. He writes for the Communist Times, thus he needs to do less with less still! Nice Guy, however. He threw in the towel, as most know they are going to get fired (like Ron) or forced out of the paper biz, because the media is all about Kardashians, Kobe, and Bieber. No news is news for the Slimes. But in a City where a 4′ DWARF and a black 4′ DWARF run 2/3 of the City, we all know its time to just watch it go down the drain. Even if you leave, where do you go? Too many phony “conservatives” and too many Communist Politicos and their droves of scumbags to do anything correct by the Denizens here. Ex-Valley tells the truth—we all get what we produce. I went to a house today where the owner keeps a rooster in his yard! In the City yet! I could see the writing on the wall—Chickens produce eggs and chickenshit—Angelinos just produce the latter and aren’t fertile enough to make the former. Imagine—The Lowly Chicken has surpassed L.A. City Humans on the food chain! WHAT A GREAT CAMPAIGN SLOGAN!

  30. Rothore says:

    The primary’s turnout was 16% of the city. I’d love to personally punch the other 84% in their vaginas. What a bunch of homeless man’s unwashed peen barnacles.

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