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Elect Mike Feuer as City Attorney — Who Better Than a Crook as L.A.’s Chief Prosecutor and Law Enforcement Officer

Putting weaklings without courage like Greuel or Garcetti into the mayor’s office is a problem, a big problem.

Putting a two-faced scoundrel like Zine in the controller’s office as the public’s watchdog when he’s nothing but a yapping Chihuahua is a joke.

But even worse is the near certainty that you the electorate, lapdog to the rich and powerful, will elect a criminal suspect as this second-rate city’s chief prosecutor and law enforcement officer. It is no laughing matter.

Back in the days when he was a City Council member, Feuer made the radical leftist Jackie Goldberg look a Republican and showed so little respect for the law and public policy despite his Harvard law education that he thought it was smarter to pay millions of dollars a year to people injured in trip-and-fall accidents on the city’s crumbling sidewalks than to repair them.

Somehow he fumbled the 2001 City Attorney election, losing to Rocky Delgadillo but found a new calling as a state Assembly member where he supported the spending sprees that have jeopardized California’s future, and backed gutting the California Environmental Quality Act for the benefit of AEG’s now deceased Farmer’s Field project and to squelch community concerns about transit projects in L.A.

His crowning achievement was authoring AB109 to empty the prisons of supposedly non-violent, non-sexual, non-serious offenders without effective monitoring or support – a radical reform of the criminal justice system that has allowed the freed felons to engage in murder, mayhem and rape across the state.

But none of those acts are criminal – just disdainful of the public interest.

No, the crime of Mike Feuer is this:

City Ethics Ordinance, Section 49.7.28.C, “Requests for Matching Funds Payments,”“A candidate who makes a request for matching funds payment and knows or should know that the request is false…is guilty of a misdemeanor and shall return all matching funds received as a result of the request.  If the candidate holds or is elected to office, the false request constitutes a violation of official duties and, if it is deemed appropriate by a court under Charter Section 207 (C), shall be removed from office.” — City Ethics Ordinance, Section 49.7.28.C, “Requests for Matching Funds Payments,”

What Feuer did was conspire with his political consultant John Shallman to make a mockery of public financing of political campaigns.

Under the terms of their deal, Shallman — who is desperate for cash since he faces huge tax liens and debts after being robbed blind in the Kinde Durkee scandal – agreed to take $1 as payment starting in February 2012 through March 5 of this year with a $50,000 bonus if Feuer won outright in the primary. At least that’s what they claimed when questions started being asked.

The value of Shallman’s services over those 13 months was between $200,000 and $300,000 but Feuer did not report it as in-kind contributions at “fair market value” as state law requires, a deceit that allowed him to stay just under the spending limit to qualify for $300,000 in public matching funds for the primary and even more than that in the runoff.

Feuer has shown his legal skills are not all that great in changing his story and double-talking his way around this problem.

He claimed he got “verbal” non-binding approval from someone in the City Ethics staff for a scheme that somewhat parallels the crimes Councilman Martin Ludlow committed in winning election in 2005 before being forced out a year later as he faced felony charges in both state and federal court.

Because Shallman didn’t report his in-kind contributions and now has a contract of a sort with Feuer (for $15,000 a month since their finagling was exposed), they potentially both face felony conspiracy charges, not just misdemeanors – not that anyone in an official capacity has shown any interest in doing anything about this.

The see-no-evil Ethics Commission took a pass on responding to formal complaints about the Feuer scheme. City Attorney Carmen Trutanich in the runoff against Feuer on Tuesday had to recuse himself, leaving it to District Attorney Jackie Lacey who responded by announcing she was endorsing Feuer for City Attorney — not investigating him for criminality.

That left enforcement of the law to private citizen and long-time community activist Laura Lake.

A little known provision of the City Charter allows for the public to act as a “private attorney general,” which the Ethics Commission says provides for “an additional layer of oversight, public involvement and accountability” and allows private citizens to enforce the City’s ethics laws if the city fails to do so in a timely fashion, usually meaning 40 days.

Here are key provisions of the city ethics rules in the Charter:

(2) Civil Enforcement.

(A) Any person who intentionally or negligently violates any provision of this section shall be liable in a civil action brought by the City Attorney or by a person residing within the City. Where no specific civil penalty is provided, a person may be liable for an amount up to two thousand dollars ($2,000) for each violation.

(B) Any person who intentionally or negligently makes or receives a contribution, or makes expenditure, in violation of any provision of this section shall be liable in a civil action brought by the City Attorney or by a person residing within the City for an amount up to three times the amount of the unlawful contribution or expenditure.

Injunction. The City Attorney on behalf of the people of the City of Los Angeles or any person residing in the City of Los Angeles may sue for injunctive relief to enjoin violations or to compel compliance with the provisions of this section. The Court may award a plaintiff or defendant who prevails his or her costs of litigation, including reasonable attorney’s fees; provided, however, that no such award may be granted against the City of Los Angeles.

On Jan. 18, Lake filed a formal ethics complaint. Six weeks later, Shallman claimed in an LA Times interview he was being paid only $1 with a bonus to be determined later.

On March 20, Lake received a letter from the Ethics Commission stating there are no records showing written advice or opinions about Feuer’s contract with Shallman.

A week later, she filed a lawsuit, alleging Feuer violated the law. The next day Feuer announced he was “voluntarily” changing his contract with Shallman because he’s such a great consultant – not because of Lake’s lawsuit.

In subsequent days, Feuer’s story kept changing.

One day, he said he “didn’t think it was necessary” to get the ethics staff’s verbal approval in writing despite clear language in the law that informal advice is not binding. Another day he claimed there was the $50,000 bonus provision in the original contract.

What really matters is that city ethics laws were created to provide a level playing field for candidates and to provide full transparency for campaigns in the city.

For too long, the Ethics Commission has handed down little more than slap-on-the-wrist punishments for violations. If Feuer gets away with this, public financing of campaigns will be dead and ethics laws will be decimated.

Even when Ludlow was forced out of office and prosecuted, he got off with probation and was celebrated as a hero by many of the most powerful and influential people in the city who raised funds for his legal defense.

In Feuer’s case, the best hope is that voters will somehow wake up from their dream world and reject this self-styled advocate of clean and honest elections and supporter of a constitutional amendment to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling that opened the floodgates to unlimited campaign contributions.

If he wins as expected, he will have made a mockery of democracy and provided a fitting end to the pretense of the rule of law, not men.

Someday maybe Mike Feuer will be seen as the living embodiment of the triumph of the tyranny of the majority.

In the meantime, L.A. deserves to have a crook as their chief law enforcement officer, doesn’t it?

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23 Responses to Elect Mike Feuer as City Attorney — Who Better Than a Crook as L.A.’s Chief Prosecutor and Law Enforcement Officer

  1. anonymous says:

    LOL . The Mother of all Liars Greuel is asking her opponent not to spread lies!
    Let`s get rid of this garbage on TUE.

  2. teddy says:

    “In the meantime, L.A. deserves to have a crook as their chief law enforcement officer, doesn’t it?In the meantime, L.A. deserves to have a crook as their chief law enforcement officer, doesn’t it?

    It sure looks that way with the kind of people who try to win our votes at the polls.

    I am supporting Trutanich.

  3. david r2b says:

    It sure would be interesting if the Lawsuit did occur. I would imagine Mr. Feuer feels he didn’t do anything wrong. Let a Judge and Jury decide. The number of ethical questions that occur continuously throughout the City Government and our Politicians, on a regular basis, is just so disappointing. No wonder we only have a 15% voter turnout.

    If you want to watch reality TV you should watch the Slimbuckets, I mean the City Council, on Channel 35. What an embarrassment. The respect that is now given LA Citizens has totally disintegrated. From Mr. “Thank You Thank You” who doesn’t want you there on down.

    Sorry, back to Mr. Feuer: he’s just marking time until Waxman retires, so he can go East. Brentwood and Belair have to have a Puppet in Washington that will support the Brentwood Homeowners Association called VPC (Veterans Park Conservancy) (not a Veterans organization). The VPC has been doing everything possible to prevent Veterans from having a Home to Heal after War at the Westwood VA.

    If for some reason Waxman is still a congressman in 8 years (and that’s possible), Mr. Feuer will run for a third term as a City Councilman for the 5th District. Koretz will be termed out after his three terms and Mr. Feuer has only been a Councilman for two. He has one more to go.

    Miss Lake, don’t give up, please stay with the Lawsuit. Please.

  4. Mike says:

    It’s a shame. Feuer took this state down while at Sacramento and now LA.

    Not with my vote. I am voting Trutanich too

  5. I’m voting for Trutanich, and against the Cruel and Unusual Punishment of Greuel, The Fat Useless Fool, and that skinny Trotskyist. What a great post by Ron! Ha ha ha!!!! As for Sultan Bighead, yes he has 8 years to go as CD5 despot. Don’t be a bit surprised if HE runs for Waxman’s seat when that fool finally retires! Doug sounded nervous on his morning chat show. He really pissed off alot of people with his selling out like that. Then we have the sell out Republicans trying to pass an Amnesty. I’m thinking of getting my 2nd Passport. Should I go to Ireland or Germany? Discuss….

    • anonymous says:

      Ireland (south-stay away from the north) is beautiful. Muslims are moving to both countries (around 50, ooo in Ireland and 4.3 million in Germany).
      I’d do some reading on the two, however, since I think the ones in Ireland are mostly Shariah whereas Germany has the migrant Turk workers that are more mainstream. But I really don’t know how that translates into numbers.

      Aside from the major immigration shifts, I don’t know what elase has changed over the years. I was there around two decades ago. The Irish, as a whole, seem to be a lot friendlier than the Germans. Irish chocolate tastes better. So does their milk. And, of course, these things do matter.

      I think, for me, the place to go is where I get to keep more than 50 percent of my income. Does such a place exist anywhere?

  6. Rita-of-Sunland says:

    Mike Feuer is a Communist with a really BAD black mustache. (Hmm…Smells like “Stalin Spirit!”)

  7. valley says:

    Wayne, we ll probably join you, if LIAR Greuel wins. We won`t be able to afford the DWP bill.

  8. ex valley says:

    Correction, Ron , ethics laws were decimated a long time ago. You , Ron , had a hand in creating this lawless swamp that breeds creatures like feuer.
    Once you start pick and choose which laws you want to enforce, you get this.
    My general observation is that nobody obeys any laws in LA. It is like a banana republic.

    • Pick a side says:

      Gee, here I thought most people don’t murder, rob and rape. I guess nobody in LA obeys any laws and there is nothing but chaos. And, it is Ron’s fault.

      • ex valley says:

        There are plenty of murders, robberies and rapes in la.

        Every time I open the daily news site, there is another hit and run in the valley. And you don’t think la is the capital of fraud, no? Medical, insurance, mortgage, identity, etc. the city is full of grifters and scammers.

        • anonymous says:

          Ex Valley-Please expand on how Ron “had a hand in creating this lawless swamp that breeds creatures like feuer.”

          • ex valley says:

            Ron, when he still had his bully pulpit at the daily news, has he EVER spoken against the liberal politically correct politicians that drove away companies, made good paying jobs go somewhere else and imported 3rd world poverty? Has he ever pointed out dangers of the one-party rule in LA? That w/o checks and balances, corrupt thieving crooks will rule?

            You think feuer is unique? Villar, garcetti, greule, etc they all are the same. And Ron by his own admission did support Villar in 2005. Here you go.

  9. anonymous says:

    thank you for reminding us:
    both Feuer and Zine are duplicitous,
    unprincipled, unethical low-life-creeps.
    Still think your “whodunit series” written 2008-2009
    “Who’s killing my neighborhood” was your best yet…
    especially Chapter 4 July 6, 2008…Zine never forgave you for that one….

  10. LA Moderator says:

    Glad you mentioned the constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. We had the room packed at LANCC last month with the folks from the ‘Local’ for California Common Cause (see the national version, with support from Soros’ Open Society Institute), asking for endorsement for Proposition C.

    I congratulated them for the color (blue) of their matching t-shirts they were passing out like Kool-Aid, as opposed to the usual Red (UTLA et al) or SIEU Purple.

    I think Jack and I were the only one’s wondering if their intent to ‘relevel’ the playing field (before corporations=evil were considered to have the same 1st Amendment Rights as people) expressed an interest in limiting unions’ soft money as well; they said first things first.

    Now we hear that IRS’ increase workload wasn’t just profiling/picking on Tea Partiers and Conservatives (fiscal or social) on purpose…it was just a coincidence that those types of groups suddenly started seeking non-profit status, inconveniently leading up before a national election. Yes, the floodgates opened by CU didn’t just include corporations, but grass roots folks hoping to band together to offset government and large, already-exempted special interests.

    So…that Prop C we see? Asks the city to ask the congress to ask the country if we want to have a constitutional amendment…

  11. Damien says:

    Mike Feuer is a HUGE liar and now he;’s getting trapped in his web of deceit. Check out They have found documents that show that Feuer may have co-mingled his State campaign funds with his City Atty campaign funds. Is this a VIOLATION, or what?

    God help us.

  12. Anonymous says:

    That’ll be a first – LAs City Attorney in jail- but who’ll put him there? Why is the DA even endorsing anyone. Shouldn’t Jackie Lacey remain neutral.

  13. Fat Pig of CD3 went on the 9pm Tilden show on KABC and like the whole phone board lit up as callers wanted to ask ON THE AIR LIVE the Fat Useless Pig of CD3 why he’s so stoopid and still running for office in L.A. Tilden wouldn’t take the calls. YET Zine and Nuch are driving motorbikes in some kind of Ride for the Retarted over the weekend.
    Good quote on Feuer–he’s a COMMUNIST, But it seems he’s more to the Trotsky side vs. the Lenin Side. Doug let this weasel lie he didn’t allow prisoners EARLY RELEASES by his law he passed in Sacramento. Doug will have to work hard to redeem himself or he’s just another Fat Useless Tyrant in the West Valley.
    Good call on the Post re: Ireland–the South I visited long ago, and found it awesome. I didn’t know the Taliban was busy populating the Isle, however. The Turks have been in Germany since back before the Wall fell.

  14. Mark says:

    Mike Feuer is far from everyone’s perfect choice for City Attorney, but let’s be honest here, he has never lied about who he is and what he is. Like him or hate him, you know who he is. The same cannot be said about Carmen Trutanich. He won out trust and support by promising, not once, not twice, but on multiple occasions, that if elected, he would not seek higher office until he had served a full first term, and sought a second. But in November 2009, barely 6 months after winning the election, he started an ‘exploratory committee’ to run for DA. He pretended he had not made his mind up, but we all know he had. When we asked him “Nuch is it true?” he gave a smile, a wink and pretended like it was a case of “don’t ask, don’t tell.” When the going got tough, Tutanich started turning into a typical politician, supporting crazy-assed changes in the law just to get political endorsements; like giving driver licenses to illegal aliens, or stopping LAPD from impounding cars driven by illegal aliens, and then in 2012, he supported AB109 prison realignment just so he could get Gov. Moonbeam to endorse his DA campaign. He called AB109 “an opportunity to transform our correctional system,” and devoted an entire page of his “Blueprint for Justice manifesto” to singing the praises of a badly thought out and dangerous change in the way felons were punished.

    So far everyone here has decided to vote for Trutanich, probably not because they like him, but because they like Mike Feuer less. But consider this. If you reelect Trutanich, you are giving lying deceitful and misleading politicians a pass.

    We need to show these people that if they abuse our trust, we will kick them out. If Feuer proves to be the left-wing looney that he is feared to be, we can kick him out in 4 years. But if we reelect Trutanich, he will give away the one power that we have – the ballot box. So hold your noses and vote for Feuer and send a powerful message to City Hall; there is a price to be paid for betraying our trust. Reelecting Trutanich will be a huge mistake, he will not change, he will become worse. Don’t do it.

  15. Anonymous says:

    A vote for Feuer is a vote for corruption. Remember that you are part of corruption. Don’t complain later.

  16. scott zwartz says:

    Along with CityWatch, you are helping to perpetuate the worst line of corruption LA has known. It began in 1993 with Riordan, became a roaring engine with Garcetti as Council President, and as major Garcetti will be certain to continue to lobby for re-enactment of Kelo eminent domain, the revival of the CRA’s and the death of residential Prop 13. We currently have a $11 BILLION burden due to the CRA’s and all the loans for which the City “co-signed.” And, you want us to bring all this dreck back on ourselves.

    You speak of Feuer, for whom I do not care too much but who is not a psychopath like Trutanich, and corruption. Due to the multiple real estate frauds which Garcett has helped perpetuated, Garcetti merits a few terms in the State Pen. You yourself have written about the Cesspool on Vine. Garcetti’s years of criminality in violation of Penal Code 86, Garcetti has racked up over 3,600 cumulative years prison time.

    Garcetti’s fraudulent diversion of paramedic and fire fighter funds has resulted in more deaths — but that is hard to demonstrate since Garcetti makes certain the city does not keep track of the deaths. We know more people have died because we know that longer response times = more deaths. When Garcetti substantially lengthened response times for paramedics, we know that more people died due to slow medical treatment. As long as we can’t put faces the the needless deaths, I guess they don’t count. After all, we have some union bashing to do and nothing is more important than bashing the unions, right?

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