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The Right Choice Is The Only Choice: Eric Garcetti for Mayor

I don’t know how there can be any question about who is the best person to be mayor of LA, given the choice between easiest to manipulate and easiest to intimidate.

Maybe as supporters – it would be incorrect to refer to them as believers – say Wendy is made of sterner stuff than she has shown so far in her long public career and maybe Eric has the capacity to rise above what he has shown so far in his long public career.  Maybe as everybody knows Wendy stands for nothing and Eric’s word counts for nothing.

But the choice is ours and the consequences are great.

As a muckraker and troublemaker, the only question for me is whether the bitchers and moaners in every part of the city, rich and poor and all the rainbows of so-called race and so-called ethnicity, can capture the ear of the one person who can move the public conversation and wield political influence all on his or her own.

Wendy Greuel is a decent woman; a feather dancer of sorts who always makes sure every part of her being is well-concealed. In a phrase, she is a butt-coverer who never takes a risk and so the rich and powerful and smart and caring – I mean those singular individuals of such great important who are at once richpowerfulsmartcaring and any other virtues applicable to the elite – know with certainty Wendy will do what she is told.

Eric Garcetti is not like that.

Those richpowerfulsmartcaring etc men and women of such great influence don’t trust him. I hesitate to say why but you need to know: They think he doesn’t really know who he is because he is sexually confused. If he was outright LGBT it would be OK with them. But the think that he is sexually confused – as if anyone who has ever lived wasn’t – makes him untrustworthy.

I don’t know or care about any of that. What matters to me is that he is so vulnerable and open as a person – perhaps because he is actually in touch with and expressing his sense of self – that anyone can get to him.

You may have to create a row. You may have to throw fits and tantrums and storm the City Hall Kremlin.

But anybody has a chance to get to Eric Garcetti, to make him listen, to make him do something. He doesn’t have to rise to the occasion as the elitists in the ivory towers so narcissistically put it.

He just has to respond to the clarion call of the disenchanted at least as much as from the whispers of the enchanted.

Not even as much.

Just sometimes.

Wendy cannot respond at all. She is not in touch with her own confusion so the doors and windows to her being are closed shut to all who have not met the qualifications of a woman of high standards.

There may be little hope for LA. But there is no choice for mayor.

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31 Responses to The Right Choice Is The Only Choice: Eric Garcetti for Mayor

  1. Steve Presberg says:

    Very insightful, Ron. I agree. There’s no point to bemoaning the final choice, just making the best of it for now.

  2. teddy says:

    L.A. is in serious trouble. Accepting that I am voting for Eric Garcetti.
    He is also the choice for Ron Kaye and Kevin James. Wendy, thank you.

  3. I view this race as one about the potential of the candidates. Greuel’s base is completely controlled by others; less so for Garcetti, so he might have more operating room. He has also learned about the public unions’ dark side. They will turn on you in a heartbeat if you don’t 100% tow their line. He will be careful not to tie himself closely to them and instead build broader coalitions.

  4. Kristin Sabo says:

    The stench of D’Arcy cannot be masked.

    I voted for Eric.

  5. anonymous says:

    Kristin,I`m w you

  6. Pick a side says:

    Well said, Ron!!!!

  7. Pick a side says:

    Well said, Ron!!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Both Garcetti and Greuel are in a time warp when they should be in a future time machine. The only future Garcetti sees is to flood the city with density regardless of the infrastructure and Greuel can only relate to the same old Villargoisa union machine that gets you the power where the only beneficiaries are the unions. I don’t care who wins cause both are awful with no future vision. The city hall they seek to dominate needs a serious restructuring with systemic changes. Don’t think either of them will do it.

  9. teddy says:

    Yes, I agree. We need to sweep LA Clean. New people with limitations on service time – both for the job elected to do, and moving on to anothrer – that is not a career, it is a public service.

    • anonymous says:

      a clean sweep for LA…good, good…
      and how will we Purge LA bureaucracy
      of self-serving underlings, unethical imbeciles,
      corrupt officials and criminal politicians, and
      the foolish “leader…team player” enablers?
      a truthful voice is strangled, silenced…
      a virtuous mensch is ostracized, threatened…
      how do you confront and defeat such a monster?

  10. anonymous says:

    I suppose we are in the lesser of two evils mode. Time will tell how much less evil Eric is. On a good note, it’s nice to know the present jerk in office is finally what he called senior city workers: dead wood. I think we should just call him that from now on.

  11. More public union cash rolling into the Greuel campaign. Is she and her campaign staff too stupid to realize that these excessive contributions will help Garcetti?,0,1787936.story

  12. That was a perfect description of why Garcetti wins over Cruella-Greula! Garcetti will listen and Wendy will NEVER listen. That’s the slim chance of a better L.A. for you. I went to today’s clown meeting and gave my 2 minute speech why Zine must be RETIRED from getting TWO free City Paychecks PLUS a City Hall pension! Eric takes the race by 10 points. As for Trutanich, he’s only down by 70 points, a 20 point gain in just 2 days—so there’s a small hope. The Valley will make the difference in that race bigtime–and Kevin James’ is giving Carmen his only chance at a 2nd term. Ron seems to agree with me on all these 3 races—Eric, Carmen, and Ron. As for the run0ffs in the CDs, I’d go with CHOI for CD13 only because I’d like to see a Korean-American get on the Clownpanel and the other guy is a STAFFER for Eric; I’d like to see Cedillo get booted in CD1 because he’s so damn useless! As for CD6, it’ll be one of the Machine’s Latinas up for it. But it will be a very different Clowncil from the one we have now—9 new faces comming soon. But will the votes be any different?

  13. ex valley says:

    Since it seems that garcetti winning is a foregone conclusion, perhaps now it’s good time for some retrospection

    Just think: why did you end up with these two candidates as your 9
    only choices? Why are la voters so apathetic?
    Why so most of la voters just vote for one party on the state or national level?
    Do these politicians represent *your* interests?
    Are you going to re-elect the same congress critters next year? Why? Are they there in DC to represent *you*?
    And if garcetti does not work out and instead of working for you (reducing congestion, bringing businesses back to LA, keeping existing businesses, reigning in city pensions etc), instead he just makes feel good gestures, gives empty speeches (elegant density, green economy, etc) and such, are you going to give him another 4 years?
    Be honest here, you gave 4 more years to Villar. So what would it take for you to fire garcetti if he fails and try somebody new?

  14. Hollywood resident says:

    Sorry, Ron. People in Hollywood don’t agree with you. See:
    Wannabe Mayor Garcetti: ‘People Are Free to Move Out of Hollywood Because It Is Overly Dense’

    Garcetti is taking a gigantic poop all over Hollywood with his Hollywood Community Plan. The plan would allow for massive construction projects that would choke traffic passing through Hollywood to all parts of Los Angeles. Maybe you’ll take Manhattan but the residents of Hollywood won’t.

    • LA Moderator says:

      Garcetti and LaBonge will look like heroes when the never-really-expected-density/height-project gets cut in half to 29 stories. Word is the typical ploy of asking for an entitlement twice what you really need is at play here. This will give Eric a May surprise to thwart dissenters.

      My guess, is that’s why Greuel’s tv mailers cut right to the “In it for himself” chase.

  15. valley says:

    Paul, what a question is this? ” Is she( Liar Greuel) …too stupid……?.” That was established long time ago, when she became D`Arcy`s lap dog.

  16. Scott Johnson says:

    Wendy Greuel will become the “Blond Chris Essel” come Election Day. Thus, showing that PPL and IBEW are not students of recent political history.

  17. anonymous says:

    “as a muckraker and troublemaker” you
    must also surrender all aspirations to be
    “in with the in crowd”, or as they say, “a team player”.
    Liberate yourself. They will be powerless and fear you.

  18. Hollywood resident says:

    Sorry, Ron. People in Hollywood don’t agree with you. See:
    Wannabe Mayor Garcetti: ‘People Are Free to Move Out of Hollywood Because It Is Overly Dense’

    Garcetti has no respect for Hollywood residents. His Hollywood Community Plan would allow for massive construction projects that would choke traffic passing through Hollywood to all parts of Los Angeles. Maybe you’ll take Manhattan but the residents of Hollywood won’t.

  19. teddy says:

    Good questions from your comments. Since I prefer a positive pov, I will answer by saying Thank you to Ron and you all for educating us as to our problems and how
    we did it to ourselves. Now keep your resolutions and Vote this month. Then keep tuned in to any and all problems : who, what, why, when, how?????

    We have trusted people that they would do their jobs and we did not need to watch,
    but now we know better. We do, don’t me?

  20. Vote Ron Galperin in for Controller, and that’s a step above the crap pile we have at Spring St. Ex-Valley continues to set it straight–we do this to OURSELVES despite the fact I vote against all the incumbants with limited exceptions and don’t vote for Communists, such as Mike Trotsky-Feuer.
    The point on Essel is also well taken—Wendy put Essel in what seemed to be a shoo-in for HER counsel seat. But the IBEW didn’t get it when Chris didn’t run for votes in the north and East part of CD2. She simply relied on all that DWP $$$$ and those “consultants” to lie their way through ads and the like. Krookorian was well underfunded for that race, but he got in despite voters having good alternatives to Chris and him. In CD 12 we saw the same travesty occur with letting the Dwarf win that race over 3 or 4 excellent candidates! Voters don’t understand how much power these crooks on the Horseshoe wield and how much their lives are destroyed by it. How do we take a fat useless cow motorcyle cop writing those nonsense seat belt tickets all the way to 12 years of six figure salaries, free cars, trips, chicks, and then collecting another six figure pension at the same time? This is why were are kidding ourselves with these clowns—they’re dumber than DIRT to start with—then we mix in greed and vanity, and there you go. Zine got a house in the city of West Hollywood. Perhaps, he’ll run for the West Hollywood Clowncil and come out as gay? West Hollywood deserves the kind of leadership skills we have here in L.A., don’t ya think? On the other hand, so does North Korea!

  21. insider says:

    Who would had ever thought Garcetti running against D`Arcy. Greuel can only now watch and pray! First in history, a candidate who is not on the ballot. Any guesses?

  22. scott zwartz says:

    The idea that Garcetti listens to anyone is simply rubbish — unless that someone is a developer. As bad as LaBonge may be, I do not remember encountering anyone who did not believe that Tommy loves LA in general and Hollywood in particular.

    No one I know thinks Garcetti loves LA. In fact, Garcetti has told us that he hates LA as much as any New Yorker could. Garcetti sees nothing worthwhile about Hollywood which is why he is out to destroy Hollywood and turn it into Times Square West.

    Along with his pal Tony V, Garcetti detests LA residential areas and wants to convert Los Angeles into a mega-dense nightmare of TOD’s. The only thing that has tempered his destruction in Hollywood is that 26,198 people got so fed up with Garcetti’s mixed-use projects destroying neighborhoods, that they moved away. Garcetti was such a horrible councilman that CD 13 ceased to qualify as a council district and had to take parts of Koreatown and CD 4. In fact, since they were first started in 1925, I cannot find a single council district which did worse than CD 13 did under Eric Garcetti. Look at his own F EIR for his Hollywood Plan p3.1 Jujst between 2005 and 2010, Hollywood lost 26,198 people and it came from Garcetti’s part of Hollywood, not LaBonge’s.

    Garcetti has brought criminals into Hollywood and scum like Katersky and now we are beset with Aarons, not to mention Garcetti’s best buds at CIM Group. Lying, cheating and fraud are the three things that best describe Garcetti. He has yet to do anything about the appraisal frauds at 1601 N Vine — in which he was involved from the very beginning.

    We’d be fools to elect Garcetti. Since we have to chose between two bad people, I say let’s elect the Air Head. I would rather have Windy as mayor as she is inept and she won’t be able to be 1/2 as destructive Garcetti.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Garcetti is all about the nonsense called “smart growth” propagated by planners and architects who need jobs, developers who need money and politicians who owe them. There is nothing smart about more density, but as long as you can spew the words smart growth and TODs, the public thinks they are getting something wonderful and everyone other than the community wins.

  24. Anonymous says:

    P.S. Scott S—Wendy Greuel has supported the Hollywood Community Plan too. Just remember that while your obrium towards Garcetti may make you feel good, the alternative is not much better. The underlying principles that makes these folks act stupid lie much deeper. See the above.

  25. anonymous says:

    Oh, all that “smart growth and “elegant density”…
    like “state of the art” and “world class city”…
    all fuzzy euphemisms to ensure muddled thinking…It’s all BS…
    Really, most LA bureaucrats and officials are professional imbeciles…
    they cannot flush their own toilet, yet we, foolishly, continue to
    grant them limitless power and entrust them with our treasure…

  26. Anonymous says:

    Yeah! like the dumb Deputy Planning Director who justified dismantling the Zoning Code to help developers destroy neighborhoods as helping the “global economy”. Go figure this one.

  27. ex valley says:

    From today’s la slimes:

    “Eric has become a tremendous ally for the president,” the former White House advisor said, noting that Garcetti promoted Obama’s healthcare and immigration reform agenda around the country. He credited Garcetti with leading a revival of the Hollywood, Echo Park and Silver Lake communities. “The best record of job growth in L.A. city,” he said.

    Ha ha ha.

  28. Anonymous says:

    National politicians should remain out of local. They show us the idiots they are. They make a mess of everything else & now want to butt in areas mercifully out of their control, at least limited control.

  29. Donna Pearman says:

    Give Eric Garcetti a chance-lets see what he does-I don’t think Hollywood looks bad-It
    was a lot worse before Eric Garcetti came-I only disagreed about the CRA projects that the city clouncil did-and Eric Garcetti agreed to-

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