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This Is Matrix City — Blue Pill or Red Pill: The Choice Is Yours


It really doesn’t matter how you vote today, whether you vote for a pixie like Wendy or a pixie like Eric, a user like Feuer or a mooch like Nuch, a swine like Zine or a right Ron named Galperin.

Or even if you don’t vote at all.

Because none of those people will be in charge come July 1. There has been a coup d’etat, bloodless and Invisible, at least to the naked eye.

The elite of the city, such as they are, are now fully in charge of the power and money and the political system.  There is no point of contention between them, no disruption from without that they cannot resolve satisfactorily for the furtherance of their vision and the enhancement of themselves.

What you think, feel, believe, want is no longer relevant. The cabalists have an agenda with all the answers.

City Hall may teeter on the brink of bankruptcy but the simple truth is that the leadership of the city has been bankrupt a long time.

This is a city divided, insiders and outsiders. The irony is those on the inside and those on the outside who are blind to the truth live in a dreamland indifferent to the crumbling the streets and sidewalks, the failure of our schools, the poor public services, the spreading poverty and lack of decent jobs – indifferent unless they can exploit the malaise to further themselves.

You are living in the “Matrix,” a world of delusion that has been pulled over your eyes or you can escape through the rabbit hole and embrace reality.

Red pill or blue pill — the choice is your.

You can remain oblivious to what is really happening around you or start to live .

You can choose the blue pill and wake up and believe whatever you want to believe, remain oblivious to what is really happening around you and never give a damn again about anyone or anything else, just like everybody else.

Or you can take the red pill and see things as they are, a wonderland of unlimited freedom and possibility where the tyranny of the majority holds no power over you.

The lie or the truth – the choice is yours.

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11 Responses to This Is Matrix City — Blue Pill or Red Pill: The Choice Is Yours

  1. anonymous says:

    So true Ron. Until campaign financing changes drastically, it will always be this way.

  2. teddy says:

    Ron, you are brilliant!!!! Perfect message for today. Thank you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It hardly matters who wins. Darcy, Durazo and the city unions will set the agenda for the city even as the dumb residents vote for new taxes for street repairs.

  4. ex valley says:

    Why so much angst? Your next mayor will be exactly the type of politician that you always go for — a liberal democrat. You vote the same on local, state, and national level. So what do you want? Ahhhh, you want a liberal democrat who is not beholden to special interests? Well this does not exist.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ex Valley–and the conservative Republicans are not beholden to special interests? This issue is not about liberal or conservatives but of morally deficient and ethically challenged politicians, an out-of-control-labor, and idiot residents who don’t care enough to judge or even vote.

    • ex valley says:

      This is exactly the issue since la voters are very liberal and *all* the city politicians are democrat. Ok, zine used to be a registered republican but this does not count as he votes same as democrats

      Ain’t one party system great?

  6. IT’S VOTE COUNTING TIME!!! Here are some exit poll #’s on the 5 major voting blocs:
    Deceased Voters: Greuel 80% Garcetti 20% / Feuer 100%/ Zine 113%
    Pet Voters: 77%- 23% Greuel leads. Feuer and Zine up 30 points
    Out of City Voters: Greuel 60-40% Feuer and Zine up 23 points
    Felons who voted anyway: 99% Greuel Feuer up 112% Zine 60%-35% (he was a cop)
    Eligible Voters who legally Vote: Garcetti 99.6% Greuel 0.4%; Nuch 66-34% leads;
    Galperin 88-12% leading
    It’s a close race—Eric by 3%!!!!!! Nuch by less than 1/100th percent, Galperin by 3
    All 3 pot props will FAIL with less than 50% (I voted no on all 3 dope-headed fool props.)
    The Clown races will all be so close, it will be a month till we know the winners…..

  7. anonymous says:

    Great categories Wayne!!

  8. ex valley says:

    So Ron and you all should be happy — your boychik won.

    Is it really only 100,000 votes for garcetti? Only this little to win? Amazing.

  9. I can smell the Sacramento Sleaze oozing into City Hall, led by former Assembly leader Herb Wesson who devised the red ink budgets that resulted in Gray Davis’ recall.

  10. YJ Draiman says:

    The fact is we have a new elected Mayor of Los Angeles “Eric Garcetti”.

    In view of LA’s current financial and economic condition, our new leader needs our support and I mean everybody’s support. Only as a unified city can we hope to overcome the City’s current difficulties.
    I urge everyone to give our new Elected Mayor “Eric Garcetti” all the support possible. We need to think of our city as a whole not in parts. The success of our city will benefit everyone.
    Thank you
    YJ Draiman, LA’s primary Mayoral Candidate for LA 2013

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