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Adios, Antonio, Fare Thee Well

You got to love Antonio; he would have it no other way.

The bane of his life back when he was first running for mayor in 2005, even well after he got elected, was the LA Times and others incessantly calling him “the first Latino mayor of Los Angeles in modern times.”

He often brought the subject up with me because at the Daily News we refused to belittle him as if he were some kind of token of affirmative action, a racial-ethnic category to be checked off so everybody was put in their proper box, the cohort that chained them to their genetic and demographic code.

So you had to laugh at the Times’ farewell to Antonio on Saturday where he is shown poignantly hugging chief of staff Gaye Williams in his empty City Hall suite of offices with a photo caption that says “he is proud that his status as ‘the Latino mayor’ is no longer the main focus of conversation about him.”

That phrase also serves to set up the first quote, the money quote, in the Times’ coverage: “Almost nobody in this town describes me as the Latin mayor. I love that.”

Some people never did. They chose to see something better in the punk from City Terrace who pulled himself up by his bootstraps with the seductive charm of his personality and inspired hope in the city, hope that we somehow could dream together and find the lost soul of this godless city, hope that he captured in his first inaugural address:

We come here to transcend our differences, to meet our collective challenges, and to define our mutual dreams, to take a stock of who we are and what we stand for, to remember where we came from, and to decide where we need to go.

Los Angeles is not only the one city that best embodies bold dreams. It is the destination of people’s imaginations, all around the world, whether or not they ever set foot here.

Fellow Angelenos, I’m asking you to dream with me, because our city not only represents America’s greatest hope. We also face many of its most daunting challenges.

Seen from the Hollywood Hills at night, L.A. spreads out like a field of diamonds. And it truly is. But we also know that this shimmering vision obscures a darker truth. We know that there’s a whole world of frustration lurking in the shadows between the lights, where too many parents fear for their children’s safety, where too many people are denied the opportunity to fully develop their God-given talents, and where too many families are swimming against the tide of a declining quality of life.

For so many who matter in L.A., the rhetoric in his speech about “thinking big” like the Chandlers and their pals and the big shots had for a 150 years were the words that resonated and turned out to be the words he meant.

But for me, the words the meant something to me were about dreams, hopes and ideals that could lead to a better city, a better world.

With a guy like Antonio, we latch onto the part we hope is real so what I took seriously was what I felt reflected the man I had come to know over the years, a flawed man like all of us, but one who understood what was wrong and what needed to be done to fix it.

The problems were big: There was a failure of leadership over a long period of time that had allowed the police to get away with murder literally and figuratively, allowed City Hall to become a self-service cafeteria for public servants and their friends, allowed the streets and sidewalks, the pipes and power lines to age and fall apart.

Most of all what was wrong was that LA was a great place but it still wasn’t a city. There was no transcendent vision that we could all embrace, a recognition that our lives are all bound together, that we could rise above efforts to divide us by our race and religion and neighborhood and class and sexual preferences and anything else that can be used to compartmentalize communities of interest and keep them from finding common ground.

“We need a new spirit of Los Angeles,” Dick Riordan called it often, suggesting there might once have been a unifying spirit to the city. But I doubted it.

Antonio was our last and best hope, I believed. We had reached the point of no return where over a quarter century “white flight” had become “middle-class flight,” where the needs of the soaring numbers of poor people had overwhelmed the schools and the services system — genuine community needs that were used to justify to justify the decisions that for deterioration of the quality of life in neighborhoods.

The tax base had eroded, leaving City Hall increasingly dependent on a begrudging  middle-class fed up with being stuck with the bills and getting worse services.

And then came Antonio — the man who captured the imagination of so many from all across the city, the man who could excite 50 staunch Republican ladies and gentlemen in the Valley lined up to shake his hand and wish him well in reaching out to every community with respect and open the doors and windows to a healthier public conversation and a greater city for everyone.

Those were the days, there early days.  

It took Antonio barely a month to make his choice on who he was — he signed off on a 6 percent a year for five years pay raise dealwith the DWP’s union, Brian D’Arcy’s IBEW. It was Jimmy Hahn’s dirty deal, not his, the start of putting politics over public policy.

And the politics dictated putting political stooges and men of questionable character in charge of the city’s most valuable resource, the DWP. They inevitably increased City Hall’s share of electricity revenue by 60 percent to nearly 20 percent of total bills. Then, the monthly garbage charge to homeowners (only) was tripled to play for police to protect the entire city but only a third of the money made it to the cops — the rest went down the drain of political, not policy, decisions.

Two years later, he had no choice but to keep the labor peace by giving 5 percent raises to other city unions to cement his power even as he was politicizing every department by brow-beating top bureaucrats into submission and demanding total obedience from citizen commissions.

The rest is history.

When the recession hit in 2008, the city’s payroll costs and obligations were far greater than its revenue streams. His answer was to squeeze the public even harder with hikes in rates and fees, to pull out all stops for a sales tax hike for the subway-to-sea, and other rail projects, a billion-dollar HOV lane through Sepulveda Pass.

What had been pay-to-play under his predecessor became an organized pandering to the interests of developers, contractors, consultants and labor unions with Eric Garcetti as City Council President making certain that no criticism was tolerated by demanding unanimity from his colleagues 99.4 percent of the time.

It is no more Antonio’s fault than the fault of every office holder, and the business, civic and labor elites, and the community leaders who accepted the flattery and petty favors as if they were peons grateful from the generosity of the lords of the manor.

It is the fault of all of us for our pathetic efforts at resistance, our myopic preoccupation with our own little interests without seeing the pattern of abuse and how it was hardening up into a headless political machine that was just as greedy as all those who exercised money and greedily amassed wealth throughout the city’s history.

Antonio Villaraigosa could have been somebody; he could have been a contender for bigger things. He could have been great.

The pundits and professors, the insiders and observers all agree he wasn’t as bad as mayor as his critics say or as good as his acolytes say.

They credit him with expanding rail lines, pressing for education reform, overcoming DWP and labor resistance to green energy, a bigger police force and blame him for his failure to show courage in the economic crisis, for failing to create jobs while handing millions in taxpayer subsidies to developers and the wealthy, for putting politics ahead of policy.

We didn’t hire Antonio to be a manager of the bureaucracy. He was unqualified for that job, lacking any managerial experience. He wasn’t even smart enough to pass the bar exam despite four tries. He was the 11 percent mayor who partied in public and in private at the expense of special interests.

No, the Antonio we elected was supposed to be a leader, somebody who could inspire us to “transcend our differences, to meet our collective challenges, and to define our mutual dreams,” somebody we could dream great dreams with, somebody we could help our city fulfill its destiny as “America’s greatest hope.”

Antonio Villaraigosa didn’t live up to the expectations he created but who could in a city where those who wield money and power now as always serve themselves and the millions of ordinary people are so easily divided and conquered.

The funny thing, the sad thing, about his story is he living like a king these last eight years in a mansion with servants and drivers and bodyguards and hundreds of people at his beck and call were enough to make him feel that he achieved success beyond his wildest dreams.

And he did. We just didn’t know that’s what he meant when he said “dream with me.”

So don’t cry for Antonio. Don’t for a second doubt that the laws of karma are as inexorable as ever.

Antonio’s punishment is that he still needs to live like a king and the only way he could rake in the dough to pay those kinds of bills is to spend his life in his official capacity as the “former first Latino mayor of Los Angeles.”

You watch he will be reinvented as America’s Latino Ambassador to the world of corporations and foundations who will pay him well to front for them so well just as he did for similar interests in his hometown.

He’s made friends all over the world in high places and in low places, people who understand the choices he made and why he made them.

So do I. I think he did a helluva job playing the part he created. The test of the man is what he does now that’s he’s just a has-been like so many of us. I wouldn’t under-estimate the genius of the man.

Adios, Antonio, fare thee well.

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29 Responses to Adios, Antonio, Fare Thee Well

  1. scott zwartz says:

    A few people did fight back against the joint Garcetti-Villaraigosa attempt to impose corruption and incompetence in every part of the city.

    HUNC for example, called for Federal Grand Jury into the slashing of $200 Million from the paramedics’ and fire fighters’ budget and today we have a County Grand Jury report admitting that the cuts were costing is lives.

    That is a step in the right direction, and hopefully, the County Grand jury is not the end. THe report said that the loss of life as foreseeable and they means there should be criminal charges for those who knowingly present the council with false data and then cut the budget by $200 Million.

    As Ron said, however, too many weak people who are too fearsome to stand up to corruption is the problem. At least one entity had the guts to speak for the people and that was HUNC.

  2. From Tony With Lust says:

    Dream with me said the man of greed.
    Dream with me so I can be
    all from you that I want to take.
    Of course we know that I’m a fake;
    but it’s my lifestyle that’s at stake

    I really enjoyed the wine;
    the ladies, the coke, it was all so fine.
    And now I must plan to continue my scam,
    to take from you-the working man

    So don’t say farewell too soon.
    The Governor’s office will be my next room.
    That way I can still take from you goons
    all that I need to continue to bloom,
    at the cost of a state destined to doom

    So dream with me said the man of greed.
    Give to me all that I need.
    For what’s a man like me to do
    but royally screw good people like you?

  3. Wayne from Encino says:

    I tried to drive up to Ventura and every road was jammed from the 10 to PCH and all the canyon roads to PCH were jammed. Interestingly, the roads on the way TO the Valley were all wide open. I decided to head back rather than die of heat IN traffic rather than trying to drive to avoid the heat. Wouldn’t you know it? Clouds and wind came on the horizon and the temperature dropped to 78 degrees! Amazing! The Valley was glad to get me back! My neighbor allowed his dog to swim in his small pool behind his 5000 sq ft McMansion. I finally have an Idea what these McMansion owners do at home at a weekend! He was embarrased I witnessed this Dog Day activity, but the dog seemed to enjoy the day of cooling off. Oh, speaking of Dogs….The new Clowncil members, Garstupid, and the Communist who replaced Nuch took their oathes of offices. The lone Human Being, Galperin, also was sworn in. Let’s see how this Ship of Fools (and Galperin) manage to screw things up even more.
    I say this about Nuch….BEST OF LUCK!

  4. John Walsh says:

    The Mega-Corporate Masters Antonio is so eager to shill for now while proudly wearing his First Latino LA Mayor’s Badge are showing some genuine reticence to be the first to hire him?
    Citizen Villaraigosa left office this AM un-employed, a status hardly of his own choosing!

    • anonymous says:

      Ah John, but it’s likely he will be given a promised consulting job (even if he never consults) from someone whose bidding he did as mayor–a favor for a favor, no doubt.

  5. anonymous says:

    please, spare us the fairy-tales-hopes-and-dreams sentimentality…
    don’t romanticize…you were suckered by a master-con-artist…okay…
    make this your final saccharine apology…it demeans you…and insults us…
    so, grow-up-wise-up…take courage… and thank you.

    • ex valley says:

      My thought exactly. The man had no qualifications, no experience, no competency, no morals. Just a typical grifter personality trying to live a neuveau riche life at the taxpayers expense.

      Unfortunately for you in CA he is not going away. A few years in some sinecure “job” (probably curtesy of Broad or maybe Bill Clinton) and head jump into a governors race.

    • I voted for Bob Hertzberg.

    • anonymous says:

      I voted for Joel Wachs…

  6. Anonymous says:

    I second the above sentiment. Just because the man employed highly-paid speech writers at tax payer expense doesn’t mean he understood a word of what he read. He had no character and all the good speeches were like throwing pearls in front of a swine.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Time to say goodbye to this scumbag with hopes he is buried forever & focus on the current Alibaba (Wesson) and his den of thieves (City council). We ain’t seen anything as foul as this recycled sack of Sacramento manure including the City Attorney Feuer. Wesson actually described our sane leader Humphreville as one who always sees the sky falling. This from an asshole who wants to raise our taxes so he and his corrupt colleagues and city employees can lead the lifestyle they are accustomed to. Time to move forward and do something about the horror that will befall LA.

  8. Wayne from Encino says:

    Re: Anonymous 7/1/13 @3:31: Excellent use of language and punctuation! The Daily news had to publish on Sat. the two queers kissing as Villa-ray-scumbag “solomnized” this so called “marriage.” The next step for the radical-queer movement—forcing all Churches, Temples, and mosques to allow these gay marriages (because if they refuse, then their tax exempt status gets pulled.) Then we’ll have the “full faith and credit clause” case where the queers get married here and move back to non-queer states. Do the Normal States have to recognize these phony marriages from California? The answer will be NO because the fools in the Supreme-Soviet Court know they’ve already overstepped and trampled the Constitution past the breaking point already. Texas will secede from the United States, followed by Utah, etc if this Queer Marriage thing takes a single step in their state lines! You the 2 time Obama Voters have destroyed this Country in 5 short years what it took 200 years to build up. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! Get off the drugs, sober up, take a break from the IPOD, and look at your City, your freeways, and then take a drive from the 10 freeway South on La Brea and then back up North on Crenshaw. Look at the place with open eyes. We can’t do this Liberal crap anymore—time to put the brakes on it, and go full reverse.
    Anonymous said it perfectly as far as King Herb I. and the Communist Feuer are concerned. YOU ELECTED A TROTSKYIST AS CITY ATTORNEY! Get a clue! If you can?

    • Rita-of-Sunland says:

      This is a quote from Villar’s gay marriage officiation: “Ahhh….ahh…I now porn-nounce you guys…. ahh, ah…FAIRIES—ahh, I mean, MARRIED…Any Spanish language TV stations here? Lookin’ good, baby—lookin’ REAL good…PARTY!!!”

    • Scott Zwartz says:

      Wayne, you’re an ignorant bigot. If you do not like the inalienable and constitutional right to Liberty, then go to Iran. They have no Gays there and no 5th Amendment rights.

      • ex valley says:

        Wayne was being sarcastic. Also nobody is advocating imprisoning and executing gays like irAn does. “Marriage” is different. But hey you truly think that Villar cares about the same sex marriage? Like he cared about a heterosexual marriage ? Like his own marriage? You don’t think Villar was just trying to ingratiate himself with the new special group so it will be helpful when he runs for governor. Speaking about bigots–you don’t think Villar’s membership in organizations like mecha or la raza qualifies him as a bigot? Favoring one’s race over others is not bigotry?

      • anonymous says:

        Wayne is neither ignorant nor a bigot.
        His commentary, often with sarcasm and satire,
        offers an alternative perspective of the unhappy
        realities of life in LA…philosophy with humor…
        a welcome relief from the hateful, bitter qvetching of a sour-puss.

  9. Amazed at the Corruption says:

    I have to say the election that I am most disgusted with is Feuer. He is a card carrying fellow traveler from the old school. When I was a kid my teachers used to tell me that Joe McCarthy was evil and exaggerated the red menace. Well Old Joe did exaggerate the red menace but he was talking about income redistributionists who want to disarm the population and install a totalitarian government that forces everyone to obey their wishes. This is the type of man Feuer is an extreme lefty Democrat. I can’t believe that a centrist Democrat Like Nuch lost to this guy. I just hope that this is Feuer’s last public job, because I am sure he wants to be Mayor in 8 years. I will contribute money to whomever is running against him, even John Perez.

    • Scott Zwartz says:

      The middle of the middle class in America has a smaller percentage of the nation’s wealth than the same class in Russia. In fact, the middle class in every European nation is ahead of the US middle class. In fact, in the US we have been undergoing a transfer of wealth from the middle class to the top 1%, especially to the top 1% of 1%.

      The income redistributionists are both GOP and DEM. In LA, Garcetti leads the income redistribution from the middle class to the top class. Phil Aarons who is building The millennium is a billionaire.

      The County Grand Jury just found that the taking of $200 Million from the LAFD has caused deaths — among people of your level. If you live in the Hills and have a heart attack you are more likely to die because Garcetti gave $52 M to Eli Broad for a garage. While Garcetti was on City Council over $1.5 BILLION went to these billionaires. That’s income redistribution that’s real and here in LA under your nose.

  10. Anonymous says:

    An excerpt from Joel Kotkins’ article in City Watch…

    “Bigger and somewhat economically stronger, Los Angeles may not soon go the way of San Bernardino, but its fiscal problems remain severe, with a projected $800 million deficit over the next four years and pensions that are underfunded by at least $15 billion. Clearly, these shortfalls will continue to undermine the city’s ability to keep its streets safe, roads paved and parks operating – until City Hall is willing to stand up to the public-sector lobby.

    The most recent citywide election was not too comforting in this regard, since both candidates for mayor were reliable allies of city worker unions. But, at least, it should be noted that the loser, Wendy Greuel, was, in part, defeated by revelations of her massive financial backing from those unions. It almost certainly hurt her standing with what should have been her base among more conservative, quasisuburban voters from her “hood” – the San Fernando Valley.

    Yet, even if incoming mayor Eric Garcetti can right the ship, residents of Los Angeles are likely to face a combination of rising taxes and fees for years to come to address soaring pension costs. Given the financial drag of pension and other employee benefit obligations, even traditional city services, such as street repair, will likely need to be funded by additional debt or fees on property owners”.

    • anonymous says:

      Well, hopefully city residents will stay strong and oppose additional taxes. The union campaign war chest will pour money into such city tax increase campaigns, backed by all council members. They’ll break out old video footage of civil disorder, fires and pestilence, convincing a gullible public that all hell will break loose if they oppose tax increases.
      My fear is, we won the last round because that tax was proposed during a mayoral campaign (with candidate opposing it) and just on the heels of prop 30 and the fiscal cliff increase. So, any future proposal may likely pass, much to my disgust.
      The only way to correct the pension issue is to allow the present downward spiral to hit bottom-much like an addict finally getting help to cure his/her addiction.

      • Scott Zwartz says:

        Try thinking ahead. The pensionbill is coming due and Garcetti stole the money, but you are still liable for the bill. If the City does not pay, then the unions will sue, and the court will order the City to pay.

        This past weekend the Grand Jury told the city to restore the LAFD budget. Thus, Garcetti is beginning to see that there’s more to it than simply stealing the money. His own Dad’s former office, the District Attorney, runs the County Grand Jury. You know Garcetti really screwed up when even the DA points the finger at him and blames him for needless deaths.

        Look at what happened when people got tried of paying for new prisons but not tired of sending people to prison. The court ordered the state government to release prisoners. (Of course, if we paid for better high schools and more junior colleges, then we would have had less crime and less need to build prisons.)

        We are stuck; we cannot refuse to pay. We signed a deal without reading the fine print: “The workers get a whopping pension even if Garcetti steals every last cent.” Well, Garcetti has left us taxpayers with a billion dollar debt, while proposing more Unions. Who do you think is going to operate all those subways.

    • Scott Zwartz says:

      Joel omitted that it was Garcetti who worked for the high Union pay and benefits and then it was Garcetti who made certain that the deals which he pushed through were not funded. That’s why we have such a huge problem now. Garcetti used the money that should have gone into the Pensions to give to his developer buddies.

      Garcetti and the other used one of Garcetti’s favorite tricks; fraud. They used an unbelievably high rate of return on investment and then calculated that the City contributions could be small as the rate of return was high. The rate was fraudulently high. Thus, each year the pensions were more and more underfunded and each year we came closer to the time we would have to start paying the pensions.

      Pensions are basically an insurance plan. Do you think you can take out a life insurance policy at age 20 and not make premium payments and still have $250,000 at age 65? No, your insurance would have lapsed long ago, but public pensions cannot lapse. The bill is born by the taxpayers.

      But all the Union bashing jerk-offs elected Garcetti mayor when he is the one who created the problems you hate.

      A corrupt government with an ignorant, bigoted public is not a good combination.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Did anyone watch Alibaba’s welcome to his thieves today, best summed up by the Chicago lyrics—-

    Ask any of the chickies in my pen
    They’ll tell you I’m the biggest mother hen
    I love ‘em all and all of them love me
    Because the system works
    The system called reciprocity…

    Got a little motto
    Always sees me through
    When you’re good to Mama
    Mama’s good to you.

    There’s a lot of favors
    I’m prepared to do
    You do one for Mama
    She’ll do one for you.

    They say that life is tit for tat
    And that’s the way I live
    So, I deserve a lot of tat
    For what I’ve got to give
    Don’t you know that this hand
    Washes that one too
    When you’re good to Mama
    Mama’s good to you!

    If you want my gravy
    Pepper my ragout
    Spice it up for Mama
    She’ll get hot for you

    When they pass that basket
    Folk contribut to
    You out in for Mama
    She’ll put out for you

    The folks atop the ladder
    Are the ones the world adores
    So boost me up my ladder, Kid
    And I’ll boost you up yours

    Let’s all stroke together
    Like the Princeton crew
    When you’re strokin’ Mama
    Mama’s strokin’ you

    So what’s the one conclusion
    I can bring this number to?
    When you’re good to Mama
    Mama’s good to you!

  12. Wayne from Encino welcomes back King Herb I. says:

    I travelled far and long to go to City Hall and tell the crooks that the day came for King Herb I. to abdicate his throne. I proposed a compromise: Sultan BigHead I (Koretz) would be the successor. However, Koretz jumped out of his seat, Look at His Majesty and told His Majesty: “Oh…Not me, I don’t want that job!”
    Sure enough, the House Of Corruption today newly seated 8 Clowns and had a 14-0 vote to re-install the most powerful despot in North America next to the Kenyan President and the now deceased Venezuelan Fool.
    Yes, now we have 2 more years of the termed out King! BigHead has not paved my street! But at least thousands of Valley Jews will ride on better paved roads in our Koretz-Occupied Territory. Encino had a great chance to take over power from Herb, but the BigHead was a tiny little RAT when it came to stand tall and say “Yes, Wayne, I will gladly take the Presidency!” No, we have the Man who by hostile maneuvers divided KoreaTown up between himself, and the DWP Puppet/Fool LaBonge. We have 22% Asian population AND NOT A SINGLE ASIAN SITS ON A CLOWNCIL OF 15!!!! The one Asian who had a chance sided with Krookorian and the Unions and was so damn bad of a candidate that CD13 elected Garcetti’s “boy” to the seat!
    When you go Eastbound on the 101 from Whiteoak, take a long look to the right—there is 1/2 mile of TAGGING all down the walls!!! BigHead won’t have the problem corrected! Encino is being overrun by tagging terrorists! This needs to be cleaned up so the lucky sellers of houses in the area can get more $$$ for their homes!!

  13. mujhadin says:

    Over the last 4 months, I researched the web on nicknames, titles, & phrases attributed to Antonio Villaraigosa. These were monickers laid upon him by reporters, bloggers, writers and article commentators. Initially I wanted to hit 100 monickers, then it went up to 200, then 300. I told myself I would stop June 30th when his term ended, and the count soared to 756.

    I tried not to include duplicates, and tried not to include outright profanity and name-calling (“F*****”, stupid). I limited the monickers that needed some level of creativity and thought.

    I included the good, the bad and the ugly. The bad & ugly monickers outweighed the good by leaps and bounds.

    Some were angry, some were funny. Disturbingly, some revealed major political bias and racial bigotry.

    Regardless, these monickers reflect the feelings and perceptions of how Antonio Villaraigosa was viewed . . . the names we called him. Enjoy:

    “All in favor say aye”. Aye Yaye Yaye..lets do that again…..
    “great hope latino”
    “my name jose jimenez”
    “nalga” this wannabe is
    “too big to fail”
    “wholesome family man”
    4-time Bar exam flunky
    a baffoon, an idiot and an imbecle
    a failed mayor
    a gangster and a lothario
    a Killing Joke
    a ladies man and will NEVER change
    a light skinned Obama
    a perfect Democrat, lives on the public dole for his time in office and now will end up living on the public dole
    a plain shit nigger pooped from God
    A practicing obama puppet
    a publiicity “ho who needs his own reality show”
    a ‘queso grande’ in the ACLU
    A simple Waste
    a very mucked-up Mayor
    absentee Mayor in the worst possible way, addicted to the media and has little or no morals or scrupples
    acne face
    Acrimony Tony
    Acting Mayor
    adulterer, grand-stander, self-important piece of fluff AND A RADICAL LEFTIST DEMOCRAT
    agent of Mexico
    ahh, umm, ehhh, stammer ahh when  he speaks off the cuff
    A-Hole Politician
    all about me mayor
    All Hat and No Cattle
    all-time buffoon
    almost destroyed the second largest City in the United States, he wants to destroy the State of California too (at least the parts Governor Moonbeam doesn’t destroy first)
    always in front of the camera, his push to fix potholes,  always in front of the camera, parking and bike lanes, always in front of the camera, and doing reporters behind the camera
    America’s Latino Ambassador to the world of corporations and foundations who will pay him well to front for them
    an empty suit that could barely formulate a sentence
    Another affirmative action thug
    another Democrat loser
    Another embarrassment to LA from the worst big city mayor in the US
    another failed lawyer and his failed lawyer wife
    Another lazy, worthless, thief, cater to the wetb@cks bottom feeding third world country wetb@ck
    Another Liberal joke
    Another liberal racist
    another limousine liberal who thinks other people owe him a living
    Another modern day Nero
    Another Obama Democrat
    another one for wasteful spending
    Another one on welfare
    another opium addict OPM= Other People’s Money
    Another pawn in Obamas causes
    Another piece of trash, might as well head to the White House
    another polical thug like Pelosi
    Another worthless wetb@ck
    anti-America MeCha member
    anti-American Marxist trash
    Anti-Asian, anti-nonMexican
    Antonio Last call for Alcohol
    Antonio Ramón Villar, Jr.
    Antonio the crook
    Antonio Villaraigosa
    Antonio Villaraigosa = Tammany Hall of the 21st Century
    Antonio VillarCoacha
    Antonio Villardashian
    arrogant elitist and a terrible mayor
    as big a narcissist as Obama
    asshole, back stabber, corrupt piece of shit
    avowed pro-illegal-alien invasion, pro-Mexico lying MEChA chump Antonio Villaraigosa
    AW AW Tony
    bag of douche
    Barack Obama’s Top Cheerleader
    bastard prick motherfucker
    believes his own press….and thinks the citizens of LA are stupid
    Best friend a tagger ever had
    beyond comprehension
    big show off and not a bucket to spit in
    Biggest buffoon ever
    biggest loser
    biggest loser Mayor LA has ever had
    biggest lowlife of the planet
    biggest media WH*RE there has been
    biggest publicity wh_re this city has ever had as mayor
    blabbering fool
    blanco pen d’ jo
    bona fide Mexican reconquista and subversive
    border line retard
    bright as a box of hair weave, he is devoid of morals and ethics
    buffoon of a mayor
    built a wall around his house to keep people out, but wants open borders
    bungling idiot who can’t produce a coherent thought if his life depended on it
    calculated politician using environmentalism as a way to enrich his developer and union BOSSES
    California’s first Hispanic Governor, Senator, etc.
    camera chaser
    camera whore
    career politician
    champion of mass rail, public transportation
    charismatic mayor
    chauffeured around L.A. in a city-provided auto
    cheating lecher going after Spanish station news reporters
    Citizen Villaraigosa
    clown prince Tony Villa LaRaza
    CLUELESS Mayor
    Colossal flop
    competent mayor
    complete doufus about managing money
    complete joke
    complete, total incompetent
    completely stump-stupid
    Comrade Villaraigosa
    congenital idiot
    consummate coalition builder
    corrupt BASTARD
    corrupt little twerp
    corrupt racist who is fully supported by La Raza, Mecha and Atzlan
    corrupt tool
    corrupt, anti-white, anti-America, arrogant, liberal prick
    Corrupt, corrupt corrupt
    could have been a great major
    CouncilMechista Villaraigosa
    court jester
    Cowardly Reconquista Villaraigosa
    Crackpot L.A. mayor
    crasy clown
    craven traitor and stooge for Mexico City
    criminal gang banger mayor
    crooked, spic, piece of garbage burn
    Curious George without a tail
    czar […] for the Department of Democratic Galactic Stupidity
    da mayor
    delusional poser
    democrat who is so in touch w/ the “working people” of the world, but lives like a king, at the TAXPAYER’S EXPENSE
    Democratic poster boy for fiscal responsibility
    DemonRat office holders
    deplorable traitor
    despicable dunce who failed the California Bar exam at least 3 times
    Diabolical Mexican reconquista
    dipshit mayor like Antonio Villaraigosa
    dirty filthy corrupt rat
    disgrace as a mayor
    dishonest cheat
    dishonest, stupid little scumbag
    do-nothing, smiling latino
    dreg of society like this MalDef, La Raza racist
    dumb monkey wet b……
    dumbass joke this mayor is
    dumbest politician to ever hold an office
    ego-maniac dirtbag
    Egoooooooo maniac
    eh, eh, eh, the adulterous loser eh, eh, eh
    El Antonio Villaraigosa
    El Mayor
    El Mayor La Raza
    El Principito
    el vergon cito
    El Villaraigosa
    embarasment to L.A.
    embarrassment to Lost Angeles
    empty suit cheesy cartoon character of a mayor
    empty suit, empty head
    enemy of those who earn their money
    Energizer Bunny
    Epic Fail
    epitomy [of] a dirt bag politician
    even more incompetent than Barrack Osama
    evil man
    evil, corrupt liar
    exclusive ambassador to Mexico
    Ex-gang-banger Villaraigosa
    Expelled from a Catholic high school, graduated HS with a GED, failed the bar exam 4 times, changed his name before finally passing it, has used 3 different AKA identities
    f**king midget
    failure at his job
    Failure of the Mayor
    falied mayor presiding over a failed state
    fetid t*rd with a sombrero
    financially broke
    financially retarded
    first American of Mexican descent to be mayor of Los Angeles in 133 years
    first Latino mayor of modern Los Angeles
    Fony Villalagrossa
    forgot to pay his bill at Cabo Wabo when chugging tequila with Charlie Sheen
    former Ambulance Chaser lawyer
    former East L.A. gangster
    former first Latino mayor of Los Angeles
    Former Gangster
    former UNION hack
    former union organizer and president
    Fraud Villar
    freakin’ pig
    Free Ticket Tony
    Freebie Raigosa
    friggin’ slimeball
    Gang Banger Mayor
    Gangbanger in a suit
    gangster Mayor
    Garbage in, garbage out
    gay disabled latino
    glad-handing, self-important ignoramus
    glib politician with a million dollar smile
    globetrotting 11% Mayor
    Godless, neo-communist drone
    Good old Tony Villar
    government degenerate that uses a diminutive name
    Governor Tony Villar is California’s worst nightmare
    Governor Villaraigosa
    greaseball Tony V
    greasy haired mobster
    greasy looking megalomaniac propped up by racist mexicans
    greasy pig
    Greasy Tony
    great mayor
    gross failure as a married man
    HACK Politician who only cared about the spot light than the city
    has the spirit of the Undocumented Worker: Come to America and get all kinds of great benefits
    helped ruin California so he should be perfect for Washington
    his Lord Mayor Villar
    Hispanic Democrap
    hispanic Jesse Jackson
    Hobo Mayor
    honored mayor
    horrible mayor
    horrid role model for decent Latins around the World
    hubcap-spinning, dancing taco
    Huge disappointment
    hypocrite Villaraigsass
    I, I, I am, the POTHOLE KING…
    ideal mascot for the Democrat party
    idiot commie spendocrat
    idiot Mayor
    idiot politician
    ignorant pig
    illegal alien lover
    Illegal alien, looking for a handout and a free ride
    illiterate parasite
    image minded Mayor
    impenitent MEChA-boy Villaraigosa
    Incompetent dirtbag
    incompetent fool
    incompetent idiot
    Incompetent L.A. Mayor Tony Villar
    incompetent, mentally impaired LOSER
    inept womanizer
    inflated ego
    jerk of a mayor
    job-seeking Villaraigosa
    joke for a man
    joke of a Mayor – with no taste
    joker is a communist
    Just another Democratic Communist
    just another self-entitled, big mouth transplant who was not a resident of this city before his term
    knucklehead Villaraigosa
    L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
    L.A.’s bumbling ‘MEChA-Boy’ mayor
    L.A.’s former gang member Mayor
    L.A.’s million dollar mayor   
    L.A.’s mumbling buffoon of a mayor
    L.A.’s philandering Mechista mayor
    L.A.’s trash Washington’s gold
    la eme
    La Raza
    La Raza tool into the mayor’s office
    LA’s power-mayor
    LA’s power-mayor
    labor genius
    lack of vision
    Lame Duck
    lame duck
    Lame duck LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
    lame excuse of a human being
    latino politician
    Latino President
    lazy good for nothing barrio narcissist democrat politico hack
    leader in a subversive group called MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan) at UCLA
    liberal boot licker
    liberal hypocrite
    liberal mayor was up to no good
    liberal politician
    liberal turd
    libtard like Villar
    Like a sixty year old male latino Kardashian
    like Blagojevich… Needs to be judged on two fronts – the job he did and the amount of corruption he waddled in doing the job
    like the varsity QB who lived life up his time in high school
    Lil T
    little brown cucaracha
    Little Emperor Nero of Los Angeles
    Little Tony
    Little Tony Villa
    Little Tony Villar
    little twerp
    lived “far better than Gov. Jerry Brown and far more flamboyantly than actual multi-millionaire mayor Richard Riordan.”
    loathsome traitor
    lobbyist for Mexico
    long-time lackey for the completely corrupt Mexican government
    loser moron
    lower than a snakes belly
    lying democrat
    lying disgusting, disgraced weasel
    lying POS
    m0nkey eared a$$faced be@ner
    M0nkey-eared Be@ner
    major Antonio
    managment skills are so low, he let LA spiral out of control by hiring about 7,500 employees before the crash of the real estate & stock markets
    Marco Rubio’s good buddy
    master of giving away other people’s money
    Mayor “Deporto”
    Mayor Antonio Never Miss A Photo Opportunity Villaraigosa
    Mayor failure Tony
    Mayor I-Love-Me
    Mayor Media-who*e
    mayor of Disney Land
    Mayor Papi Chulo
    Mayor Pedro
    Mayor Retardo
    Mayor Shoulderpads
    mayor suave
    Mayor V
    Mayor Villa Pendejo
    Mayor Villain…oh agrosa
    Mayor Villar
    Mayor Who Broke L.A.
    Mecha Boy
    ‘MEChA Boy’ Bar exam flunky
    MEChA Boy Tony
    Mecha Boy Villaraigosa and his traitorous anti-American antics
    MEChA leader
    MEChA-boy for mayor
    ‘MEChA-Boy’ Mayor
    Mechista stooge
    meddling MEChA Boy
    media whore
    member at UCLA of MEChA
    mental midget
    Mexican Mafia
    Mexican Mayor
    Mexican Midget
    Mexican National
    mexican pretending to be an american mayor is using public funds for his own benefit
    Mexican reconquista
    Mexican who isn’t prudent with his (our) money
    middleweight wannabee with an outsized ego
    Midget Mayor
    mini mayor
    Miniature swamp creature
    miserable left-wing, freeloading, philandering leech
    missing in action as a mayor
    more about style then substance
    more loyal to his raza than to the US Citizenry and the Constitution
    more than tripled LA’s trash collection fee from $11/month to $36/month
    moronic beast that is this narcissistic, sociopathic, pathological liar
    moronic maniac
    most clueless, crazy and dangerous politician
    most corrupt, duplicitous, traitorous, greasy, slimy, murderous, degenerate politician in modern times is Darth (Little Dick) Cheney
    most corrupt, worst and arrogantly incompetent mayor in the history of LA.
    most delusional man I have ever seen
    most disgusting, corrupt pig to sit in the mayor’s office since the 1930′s
    most incompetent moron in 50 years to serve as mayor
    most shallow, racist, and disgusting humans alive
    most successful mayor since Tom Bradley
    Mr. ACLU
    MR. Antonio-SHADY-raigosa
    Mr. Mayor
    Mr. Popular
    Mr. Tidy Bowl
    Mumbling idiot and philanderer
    mumbling moron if there ever was one
    narcissistic egomaniac
    national disgrace who embarrassed the city and could not even perform a ceremonial role at the DNC without exposing his incompetency to the world
    national joke
    no qualifications, no experience, no competency, no morals
    no stranger to the party scene
    no-good cheatin’ ho
    not a bad mayor, but disappointing
    Not Even Dumb Enough to Know He’s Dumb
    not very intelligent
    Obama surrogate who wants to turn us into a third world country and use more confiscatory taxes to pay for it
    Obama’s puppet
    old garbage
    ole Mexican Joe
    one of MECHA’s finest
    one of the best mayor the city of los angeles has ever had
    One of the most corrupt politicians in LA history
    One of the most corrurt latino politians there has ever been
    one of the most effective mayors in the city’s history
    one of the worst mayors in the history of the city
    one of the worst mayors Los Angeles has had to endure
    one very hated illigal
    one-time high school dropout with a troubled past
    only a puppet for the monied interests
    organized crime’s ideal front-man: vain, unprincipled, corruptible, power-crazed-low-life
    Our Dear 11% Mayor
    Our Flawed Mayor
    out to destroy the US as we know it through so called immigration reform
    Outgoing Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa
    Pancho is the joke of Mexico
    Pancho Villa[ragoisa] (nee Vilar)
    Papi Chulo
    part of the problem not the solution
    Party Boy Tony
    pathological and comulsive lyier and could benefit from some medication for OCD
    Patron of a Mayor
    perfect governor in Baja California
    Perfect guy to represent the Dems
    philandering Mayor
    philandering putz who makes a mess of everything he gets involved in
    philandering, corrupt liberal hack who uses the “Latino” race card to his advantage
    phony Latino
    Phony Tony
    Phony Tony Freeloaderaigosa
    phony, shallow, self-serving, low intellect & ADD riddled
    photo-op waiting for an election that can be gamed
    phucking moral degenerate
    piece of shit Mexican
    piece of shit scumbag
    Pinche Cabron
    Pinche Narcotraficante
    pinche no good, freeloading economy wrecking, blood sucking, democrud comunista mohado
    Pinko-Commie  Party Aparatchik
    political cockroach
    Poor boy Tony
    poor example for real american-mexicans
    Poor fella
    poor little rich mayor
    poor public speaker
    POS mayor
    POS Mayor of the Large Urban Cesspool grinning like Mad during the Democratic Convention
    POS tomato picking wetb@ck
    Poster Boy
    Poster boy for “this is your brain on weed”
    poster child for affirmative action
    poster child for the entire State and it’s financial plight
    potential sugar daddy
    Pot-hole filler
    pretty worthless hack politician
    professional politician
    progressive racist dirtbag
    Pro-invasion stooge “MEChA-Boy” Villaraigosa
    prototype liberal Democrat
    prototype liberal; living large off other people’s money and now looking for someone else to continue to support him
    proud MeCHA member
    pseudo Hispanic fool
    public servant
    publicity seeking monkey eared piece of burro sh!t
    pupeteer of the LAUSD board
    pure and utter gutter trash.
    Rabid Mexican reconquista
    rabid Mexican reconquista zealot
    race baiting jack#$%$
    racist bigot
    Racist piece of $h!t
    racist slime dog
    radical demoncRat
    radical, unAmerican
    real piece of work
    Reconquista Villaraigosa
    reputed former gangster
    retarded limousine liberal
    runt of a mayor
    scum bag, a liar, and a fraud
    scumbag politician who cheats on his wife for years, lies to the Council and regards the taxpayers as his personal cash cow
    scumbag who loves travelling on taxpayer’s money
    scummer in the same way as obama. He is garbage
    second-highest paid mayor in the United States
    self absorbed narcissist
    self serving opportunist
    self serving swamp creature
    selfish, greedy politician that I will NEVER vote for again
    Self-obsessed, publicity starved
    self-serving hypocrite
    self-serving, incompetent politician who rarely did the job he promised he would do
    semi-illiterate crook
    Senor Alcalde
    serial date rapist
    shakedown artist
    sick robber just like all of his LA City Employees
    signifying monkey
    simple puppet
    skilled democratic politician that has fooled the people just like those in Sacramento
    skirt chaser, pompous
    slap-dick clown this guy is
    Sleaziest sleaze that ever sleazed
    Sleazy Villaraigosa
    sleezeball smile
    slick, smiling liar
    slime ball
    slimeball mayor
    slimeball dumb fukking shhithole
    slime-ball politician
    slimey little weasily twerp
    Slimey pandering pig
    slimey slutty Tony Villar
    slimy taco vendor
    slope-headed, gang-banging, cheap-ass HOODLUM from East “ALLLL-LAY.”
    Smilin Tony
    smoke and mirrors
    smug doucheface
    smug gangster
    so bad Obama wouldn’t select him for dog catcher
    so dumb that he needed 200 staffers to carry out his agenda because on his own he is just a pendejo
    social parasite
    socialist-Marxist democrat
    soon-to-be ex-mayor
    spend today and let tomorrow take care of itself
    spent between 11 and 15 percent of his working day on city business
    stupid shit stain of a la Raz cunt
    stuttering jerk who cant complete a sentence intact. Eh Eh Eh
    stuttering stooge
    stuttering, stammering hack
    swamp creature Villa
    Taco Tony
    Terrible communicator
    terrible person
    The “mayor” is a pile of #$%$ and has done nothing for LA but flush it deeper down the drain
    the 11% Mayor
    the Alcalde, Greasy Tony, El Mayor La Raza y Thug Unionista
    The All About Me Mayor
    the Amy’s Baking Company of mayors
    the anti-Rubio
    the biggest FAILURE ever
    the biggest idiot
    the biggest pussy in the whole country
    The charlatan
    the crook Antonio
    the damn mayor of the second most populated city in the United States
    the darling of the national transportation community
    the dick that made us pay to use the freeway
    The diminutive one has a leg up on Barry when it comes to the ladies
    the emperor of Los Angeles
    the Hispanic Bill Clinton
    the icon of Hispanics
    The idiot Mayor of Los Angeles
    the Kardashian Mayor all flash no substance
    the king of players
    the Latin mayor
    the Latino mayor
    The least essential Mayor the world has ever seen
    the little man who could not pass the Bar Exam
    The Major of Los Angeles, MX
    The man is a joke
    the man of greed
    the man who captured the imagination of so many from all across the city
    the man who could excite 50 staunch Republican ladies and gentlemen in the Valley
    the Mayor of a bankrupt city running for Governor of a bankrupt State
    the Mayor Who Broke LA
    the mayor who didn’t graduate from high school and failed the bar exam three times and never tried again
    The Mega-Corporate Masters Antonio
    The Miniature Mayor
    the most corrupt Mayor in LA’s history
    the most corrupt politician in California
    the most unqualified and inexperienced Mayor in history
    the Nero of Los Angeles
    the new guy on the campaign trail
    the Nice Mexican LLLLLLabor Advocate without a LLLLLaw degree
    the one-term city wrecker
    The out-of-touch-phony Mayor
    The perfect vato
    The Pint Size Mayor
    The Pothole King
    the punk from City Terrace who pulled himself up by his bootstraps with the seductive charm of his personality and inspired hope in the city
    the real face of latino hispanic impotence
    the schmuck took the CA bar exam about 6 times and couldn’t pass
    the self-styled radical centrist mayor of Los Angeles
    The Slimy Liar Villar
    the spectacle of our mayor repeatedly shooting himself in the foot
    The Sperminator
    the Tony V trainwreck
    the Turd Villarigosa
    the underdog
    the useful idiot
    the Vendido
    the weakest and least effective L.A. mayor
    the worst mayor in the city of Los Angeles History
    the worst mayor in the history of LA, probably California, and just maybe the US
    the worst politics has to offer
    third rate Marxist who attended an unaccredited Communist Law School and couldn’t even pass the Bar after taking it 4 times is broke after living off other people’s money
    third Worst thing….next to Obama and warm dog #$%$!
    this dirtbag womanizer
    This ex-mayor is a paint chip eating moron
    this gay little mayor
    this grifter-parasite-gangster-thug
    this incompetent, womanizing oaf
    this little man
    this little prick
    this low-life A-Hole
    This metrosexual has never dirtied his nails
    This shameless Moron
    this slick head crook
    THIS so-called “mayor”
    this womanizer and thief of dreams
    thug in a suit
    Thug Unionistas
    toilet cleaner 
    Toilet Tony
    tomato picker
    Tony =)
    Tony Baloney
    Tony full of bologna
    Tony the jackass
    Tony the Turncoat
    Tony the wetb@ck
    Tony Tigerpants
    Tony V
    Tony V-dog
    Tony Viagra
    Tony Viagra
    Tony Villa La Raza
    Tony Villa-la-ROACHA
    Tony Villar
    Tony Villar – The Failure Mayor
    Tony Villar is a complete asshat
    Tony Villarreal
    Too brown to fail
    too incompetent to even save a dime
    Too much makeup
    too stupid to be corrupt and too corrupt to be honest
    total brokeass incompetence and total richass corruption
    total failure
    total POS and a dysfunctional blob of illegal alien loving protoplasm
    Totally useless and left a legacy of womanizing, partying, and self-aggrandizement
    Transportation Secretary?
    trough feeding job hopper
    typical aristocratic left-wing limousine liberal
    Typical Commie that ran out of other people’s money and is now broke
    Typical Democrat Slug
    Typical dumbocrat
    typical f*cking lib
    typical latino pollitician
    Typical leftist
    typical Liberal moron
    typical Mexican two bit politician, all Image , no competence
    Typical modern day DemoncRat spendthrift
    Typical politician …..arrogant
    Typical Rich Spic
    Typical socialist lib…lives off of others.Unable to provide for himself
    Typical worthless dimmKKKRAT stealing off of other people’s money
    Uber Loser
    ugly Mexican National
    uneducated cretin
    unethical free-loading jerk
    union controlled politician
    Union organizer
    Union tool
    Unmet potential
    unprincipled lowlife
    Useless bean bandit
    useless demo-crack progressive socialist party hack
    V Dog
    V for Governor
    V the California Dream
    V the People’s Choice
    V the Visionary
    Vehement MEChA Zealot Elected L.A. Mayor
    very good talker
    Vile Villy
    Villa la raza
    Villa Loser
    village idiot
    Villar = Failure
    Villar is such as parasite
    Villaragosa is a fifth-column for the Mexican government
    Villaraigoca MeCHA pocho
    Villaraigoca MeCHA pocho
    Villaraigosa=pro-Mexico propagandist
    Villaregosa: El Rey de los Payayos
    wannabe fake
    waste of a Mayor, he thought he was a movie star
    waste of skin
    Waste of space
    Weird accent
    wetb@ck for a mayor
    What a joke
    Window dressing
    without question the WORST mayor LA has ever had
    Worst Angeleno Of All Time
    Worst big city mayor in the US
    Worst Mayor Ever
    worst mayor in history
    Worst Mayor in the history of the United States
    Worst mayor in the United States
    worst mayor los angeles have ever had
    worst thing to happen to the city
    worst type of politician that exists
    Worthless La raza/mecha lap dog
    worthless mayor
    worthless POS Politician
    Worthless Sack of Shit
    zipper-challenged clown

  14. ex valley says:

    Well it did not take long for Villar to stay unemployed. Today’s daily news has an item about his job
    A bank ? Villar?
    A nice payola for a crook. All of you without jobs – ha!

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