1. How precious Ron your beautiful grand-babies!! Looks like Bruno is having a feast. Enjoy the little ones as they grow up so fast. Let’s hope for a great 2014!!

    Happy New Year

  2. Predictions for 2014:
    Bruno will be put on the ballot for Congress vs. Brad Sherman and will win by 10%
    Auburn will will National Championship over Florida State.
    Kevin James will come out of the closet as a political sell-out and SUPPORT the STREETS AND SIDEWALK REPAIR TAX ON YOUR HOME!
    The Streets and Sidewalk Tax WILL FAIL at the balllot box 70% against vs. 30% for
    ending the political career of James, Garcetti, and Krookorian.
    Jim “Boner” Bohner will be booted as speaker of the House by 01/2015.
    Republicrats will capture Senate by 1 vote majority.
    CA. Dumbocrats will lose supermajority in Sacramento and non-dumbocrats will win a few seats.
    Jerry Brown will finally announce he’s NOT running for a record 4th term.
    Ron will buy a home in the Ventura Keys and become a boat enthusiast.
    Happy 2014.

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