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Ron Kaye is the former editor of the Los Angeles Daily News where he spent 23 years helping to make the newspaper the voice of the San Fernando Valley and fighting for a city government that serves the people and not special interests. Twice in recent years, Los Angeles Magazine listed Kaye among the city’s most influential people, specifically in the area of politics. Kaye has been variously described in the media as the “accidental anarchist,” “the Patrick Henry of the San Fernando Valley” and a “passionate populist.” He is now committed to carrying on his crusade for a greater Los Angeles as an ordinary citizen.
The illustration was done by retired Daily News graphic artist Jorge Irribarren.

2 Responses to About Ron

  1. Loren says:

    I read your article about Ari Swiller/City of Vernon/Onyx Ranch. I live have property near the area and we are fighting the placement of more wind towers along the Pacific Crest trail.

    I have some DWP docs you may be interested in. Also, the Kern County planning department recently denied any prior contact with the City of Vernon. We made a FOIA request and found vast amounts of proof of ongoing contacts since 2008.

    Please feel free to call or email me if you have any interest in this info.

    Thanks, Loren
    Ph. 661.716-7777

  2. David Zitch says:

    FYI–An email from Zev Yaroslovsky on BOS vote to consider a parcel tax on all properties in LACounty to clean runoff water.

    Dear Mr. Zitch: Thanks for your e-mail regarding the storm water runoff proposal that is being considered by the County for submittal to property owners for a vote next year. No final decision has been made on this proposal. Its purpose is to finance a multi-hundred million dollar program to comply with federal water quality regulations that limit or prevent certain pollutants from entering our storm drains, flood control channels and ultimately the Pacific Ocean. There are many questions that have been raised about this proposal that have yet to be answered. While I am completely committed to cleaning up our storm water runoff, I am insistent that questions relating to the tax proposal be answered in full. If they can’t be answered to my satisfaction, I will not support it. Nonetheless, we need to address the county and cities’ failure to meet certain federal laws and regulations or we will end up having huge financial obligations imposed on us.

    Zev Yaroslavsky

    —–Original Message—–
    From: David Zitch [mailto:dzhawaii@hotmail.com]
    Sent: Monday, November 26, 2012 3:34 PM
    To: Yaroslavsky, Zev
    Subject: Proposed Parcel Tax water runoff & debris

    Message body:
    Dear Supervisor Yaroslovkly:

    I called your office today regarding a story in Sunday’s Daily News on a proposed County Parcel Tax for March 2013 ballot. Surprisingly, the staff members I spoke to new nothing about it. See link:

    If the story is correct the the BOS is seeking public comment and won’t put it on ballot unless 50% of registerred county voters send a letter of opposition to the BOS. Do you on the BOS think this is funny? It’s an illusion. A fraction of that percentage vote in a County election.

    I AGREE with Sups Antonovich & Knobe that this is a sneaky way to raise property taxes. The BOS wants to propose something in runnoff water and debris, cut the budget to allow for it.

    You won’t do it, so I vote NO on the proposal to go on the ballot and NO if it makes the ballot.
    David Zitch
    Northridge 91325

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