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My Sunday Column: RIP Blockbuster — and Human Connectivity: Who Needs People in a Virtual World

Dish Network, its shares up 50% since March, soared to new highs on Wednesday just hours before its Blockbuster employees were showing up for work in the middle of the night for the opening day of the liquidation sale of … Continue reading

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A Man for All Seasons, All Races, All Religions — or Is Eric Garcetti Just Confused About Who He Is?

The City Council on Friday — just before savaging the voting rights of African-Americans, Koreans and other Asian-Pacific Islanders along with just about everybody else — celebrated Nowruz, the  Persian New Year, and St. Patrick’s Day. The Nowruz event, strangely was led … Continue reading

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Cop Pranks, Paying for Jail, Lobbyist Dating — Foolishness That Only Gets Worse

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Naked City: Another DWP Scandal, Gatto’s Gutless Play

Your DWP at Work: They Drink, Go to Sex Clubs and Steal Your Money Shocked and amazed — that’s the official position of the Department of Water and Power over revelations that its employees are accused of running a six-year, … Continue reading

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Naked City: Alarcon’s Self-Defense Plan, A Hole in Hahn’s Boycott

Do you support the Alarcon Legal Defense Fund?Under grand jury investigation for voter fraud, Councilman Richard Alarcon has taken out insurance — a legal defense fund registered with the City Ethics Commission, which also is busy investigating the mayor for … Continue reading

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Bruno, the LA Watchdog: Psychoanlyzing Antonio

I might be naive, but I thought when Ron left the Daily News (we refer to his departure as a “retirement” around the house), he’d be spending a lot more time with me throwing balls, walking around the block scaring … Continue reading

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Naked City: Dirty Deals and

The Operators Behind MTA’s Rail Car Deal Beth Barrett in the LA Weekly goes behind the scenes of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s back room maneuvering to keep a $300 million deal for new rail cars in the hands of the Italian … Continue reading

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NAKED CITY: Same Old, Same Old . . . Worn-out Story of LA Public Policy Failures

FRIEND OF ANTONIO’S GOES BROKE, WHO GETS THE BILL?Antonio benefactor and profiteer Richard Meruelo is back in the news — it turns out even the $50 million payoff from the LAUSD board wasn’t enough to keep the downtown property owner … Continue reading

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Dept. of No Comment: Merry Xmas from Antonio & Britney

The event was called “light of the Angels,” and none other than Britney (She’s No Angel) Spears was there at L..A. Live’s Nokia Plaza to hold the candy cane switch with Councilwoman Jan Perry and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to turn … Continue reading

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NAKED CITY, a daily news report

LAUSD Whitewash: Girls molested,  principal charged, rules broken, mistakes made –no one’s to blame or held accountable One more reason to give LAUSD $7 billion more: No one is ever held accountable. The sordid story of what happened at Markham … Continue reading

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