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My Sunday Column: Get up and do something about the homeless — The LA River & The Passion of Robert the Walker

My connection with Robert the Walker started back in March with an emailed copy of his letter to Burbank officials about how much he loves the newly-opened Glendale Narrows portion of the Los Angeles Riverwalk and the sadness he feels … Continue reading

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Is Half A DWP-IBEW Deal Better Than A Real Deal? It’s up to Garcetti — and You

It was unusual, unprecedented, an historic event symbolizing City Hall’s commitment to transparency, to an open and honest public conversation on an issue of great importance: The outrageous high wages and benefits granted over the years to the Department of … Continue reading

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How Garcetti Sold Out Even Before He Was Sworn In

It took Antonio Villaraigosa all of six weeks after taking the oath of office in 2005 to destroy all hope for his time as mayor by approving raises of up to 6 percent a year for five years for the … Continue reading

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The Firing of Kathy Riordan: A Window into the Depths of Corruption at City Hall

The simmering controversy over how and why Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa fired long time Animal Services Commissioner Kathy Riordan finally boiled over into public view today — thanks to a comprehensive report in the blogosphere, not the mainstream media. The Daily … Continue reading

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Beat the Machine:Don’t Let Special Interests Force You to Pay Higher Taxes to Cover Up City Hall’s Fiscal Failure

MEASURE A — SALES TAX INCREASE YES $1.3 MILLION      NO ZERO 104 Special Interest Contributors’ Latest List los-angeles-2013-3-measure-a-funding_20130227   ].

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Hope Springs Eternal Around the World — Happy New Year!


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My Sunday Column: Trying to extend a 5-second spotlight, Glendale looks to Kim Kardashian for its Rose Parade Float

If you ever tried to spot the Glendale Rose Parade float on television on New Year’s Day, you know you had to stay glued to your set and never blink — you only get a passing glance. So what do … Continue reading

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See You Soon in Machu Picchu: On Vacation

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Here’s a Question to Ask TwoJobBob at his ‘Sidewalk Office’ Hours Thursday: Which Job, Bob — Council or Assembly?

  At taxpayer expense, TwoJobBob Blumenfield — author of four consecutive phony budgets  that have played havoc with our schools, punished the neediest people and jeopardized California’s future for everyone — sent out a mass mailing through the US Postal … Continue reading

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