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My Sunday Column: Facing the State’s Day of Reckoning — When Tyranny of the Super-Majority Has Its Day

Gov. Pete Wilson suffered a power outage over his Prop. 187 assault on illegal immigrants. Gov. Gray Davis self-destructed over runaway spending policies that hurt just about everybody. And the politically ambivalent Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s big ideas went up in the … Continue reading

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My Sunday Column: Outcry preserves the right to know for now — but it will take a lot more to restore democracy in California

Journalists, the good government crowd, even some ordinary people who believe in democracy, felt triumphant last week when the farce in Sacramento over what they called the “gutting … neutering … eviscerating” of California’s freedom of information law ended the … Continue reading

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My Sunday Column: There’s no justice in this system — when the punishment no longer fits the crime

Consequences — there must be consequences for our actions, or there will be hell to pay. The punishment must fit the crime. Without that, at least as a shared principle, what do we have? That’s what justice for all is … Continue reading

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Jerry Brown’s Parable of Elephants and Ants: Get out of Phil Anschutz and AEG’s Way or Get Trampled to Death

“When the elephants start pounding their hooves, the little ants get out of the way. That’s just part of the way life is.” — Gov. Jerry Brown on doing favors for billionaires. Looking down from on high where he rides … Continue reading

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Jerry Brown’s Ace in the Hole: Blackmailing the Public to Vote for His Tax Hike or Suffer the Consequences

It’s hard to believe a California governor could sink any lower than Gray Davis and Arnold Schwarzenegger did but Jerry Brown has achieved the impossible. It’s hard to believe that in this the fourth year of economic stagnation, the eighth … Continue reading

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Board of Supervisors Illegal Meetings with the Governor: The Transcripts of What Was Said Behind Closed Doors

Caught red-handed holding three illegal closed-door meetings — two with Gov. Jerry Brown, one on the phone and one in person — Los Angeles County’s Board of Supervisors begrudgingly surrendered last week. (Transcript 9_20) (Transcript 9_21 (1)) (Transcript 9_26 (1)) … Continue reading

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The Antonio Follies: Mocking Jerry with Fiscal Gibberish When ‘Vision, Determination and Political Will’ Are Needed

With his new-found celebrity as a tool of Barack Obama, Antonio Villaraigosa used a visit to Sacramento to mock Gov. Jerry Brown’s soak-the-rich plan to balance the state budget for the first time in more than a decade. “This isn’t … Continue reading

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The CRA Is Dead: Bonanza for Schools, Police, Fire, Cities and Counties

The Wicked Witch of Community Redevelopment Agencies is dead.  Thursday’s ruling bythe State Supreme Court is a huge victory for Gov. Jerry Brown, for schools, hospitals and other vital services but the absolute worst thing that could happen to the … Continue reading

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D-Day for CRAs: Court to Rule Thursday

The California Supreme Court will rule Thursday on the legality of the state’s move to grab $1.7 billion in redevelopment money to help close California’s budget shortfall, according to the San Jose Mercury-News. The state’s high court indicated on its … Continue reading

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Controller Candidate Brazeman Urges Gov. Brown to Veto AEG’s Environmental Law Exemption

SB 226 Will Worsen Traffic and Air Pollution Across California:                               Call the Governor’s Office to Urge a Veto While many were focused last week on bills in the legislature to exempt a finite number of development projects (including the proposed … Continue reading

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