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Here’s my Sunday column for the Glendale-Burbank News-Press & Leader, followed by links to appearances on NBC’s “The Filter with Fred Roggin” and on Kevin James’ show on KRLA 870:

The Political System Only Serves Itself

Drive down any main
street and it is hard not to notice all the empty shops, the “Going Out Of
Business” and “For Lease” signs, the proliferation of 99-cent and dollar

Book stores and record shops have largely disappeared. Major electronics
retailers like Circuit City are long-gone, Fry’s greets customers with leaflets
declaring they’ll match any Internet price and now Best Buy plans to wall off a
quarter of its giant stores and rent the rest of the space to grocers, beauty
suppliers — anybody with a buck.


Is it any wonder
retailers are struggling?

Competing for precious tax dollars, cities have green-lighted just about every
type of shopping center project for years, over-building — much to the dismay
of small, local shopkeepers — as mammoth national chains take an ever greater
share of the market.

Even the chains now are being hit hard by the impact of the boom in online,
mostly tax-free business. Amazon and eBay may be the giants, but there are
hundreds, thousands of other websites offering free shipping, no sales tax and
low prices because they don’t carry the cost of stores and sales help.


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NBC’s “The Filter with Fred Roggin is back on the air at 6:30 p.m. on Friday nights on Time Warner Channel 225 as part of the network’s experimental statewide news programming. 
Last Friday, the topics for discussion at the opening of the show were the death penalty, drunk driving and public employee salaries with Burbank Internet talk show host Jose Hernandez and me as the debaters.


KRLA 870 talk show host Kevin James and I held our weekly chat, 

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about city politics, touching on a variety of issues and people including Janice Hahn, Herb Wesson and Assemblyman Mike Gatto.

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