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My Sunday Column: Is the Civil Grand Jury Relevant? Are Ordinary Citizens Any Better at Governance Than Politicians?

The Los Angeles County civil grand jury got a well-deserved thrashing last week from local officials for its dumbfounding end-of-the-year report on the financial health of the county’s 88 cities — a report that made Glendale, Burbank and Pasadena seem … Continue reading

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My Sunday Column: The Beauty and the Ugliness of Cities — Solve Problems Together or Suffer the Consequences

Everybody loves cops and firefighters who protect our lives and property so when you get a slate mailer in the middle of a heated election campaign that looks like these public servants are supporting candidates based on their personal merits, … Continue reading

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My Sunday Column: Empty Desks, a New Way of Life for Fiscally Responsible Cities

The email from Moody’s credit rating service that popped up on my computer screen boggled my mind: Glendale was among 40 California cities that were downgraded or are facing downgrades, but Los Angeles and San Francisco could get upgrades. I’m an old … Continue reading

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My Sunday Column: Restructuring a Municipal Utility — Will It Work for the Public’s Benefit?

Like dominoes tipping over, one after another, cities — first Vallejo, now San Bernardino, next Compton — are seeking relief from their fiscal incompetence and reckless irresponsibility by hiding behind bankruptcy laws that leave creditors and employees in the lurch, … Continue reading

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The ‘pothole’ theory of solving a city’s problems — My Sunday Column

On the day the redevelopment money machine died, the opening scene of “Saving Private Ryan” came to the mind of Glendale’s new city manager, Scott Ochoa. It was the scene where medics are frantically trying to stop the bleeding of a soldier wounded in … Continue reading

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